The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1341: The Wrath of the Yellow Emperor

In a few conversation rooms, the seven people with bamboo fiber core have already used their respective ring rings, loaded their emperor's liquid, rushed up from below, and after saying goodbye to Qin Yi and others, they rose into the sky. A few blinks disappeared into the sight of Qin Yi and others.

Obviously, once they have refined the Emperor's liquid from their ring, they are also afraid that they will soon have the strength to enter the fifth level.

There were only seven left in Qin Yi.

Femme's gaze, retrieved from the sky, turned to look down, the emperor's liquid in the stone pool: “Actually, I've been thinking to myself about a question, the one who arranged this gathering of spiritual warfare, gathering the emperor's refined spirit, too ancient strong, what is the purpose of this move? It's just a pity I can't speculate. ”

“It does seem doubtful to say that the strong man who is too ancient to set up such a gathering array is really only for the benefit of future generations and to create a great opportunity for the beneficial cultivator. ”

Qin Yi Meiyu squeezed tightly and exhaled softly: “Why doesn't he refine and improve his strength by himself? ”

“Yeah, the thing is, it's incredible. ”

Gongshi Songfeather also nodded profoundly.

But they didn't know that inside this mountain, there was a cave, the great collapse of the ancestral record, and this peak was ripped along that cave.

The cave is so deep that it leads all the way from the entrance to the heart of this mountain, and then there is a stone pond, this stone pond, the support point of this Gathering Spirit Formation.

And this already broken cave actually has a name, "God bless the cave."

By all means, the man who created Tianyu Cave is the second generation of the Pope Qing Emperor of Kyushu Holy See!

In the past, the Qing Emperor built this Heavenly Blessing Cave without any other purpose, is to benefit future generations, at his height, obviously has long disdained the refining of Emperor Liquid.

And this godforsaken cave, which caused this outrageous war, is certainly not what he expected.

“What are you speculating about? With so much emperor fluid in front of us, I didn't refine it properly. ”

Xia Jiu smiled delightfully, then the light spirit jumped, “Putong” sounded, jumped into the stone pool.

Without further delay, they jumped into the stone pool and bathed the whole person directly in the emperor's liquid.

If other practitioners were to see such a scenario, they would simply spit blood directly. A drop of imperial fluid is usually extremely precious, and now they are bathing directly with imperial fluid!

As the body soaked into Emperor's liquid, every pore in the body suddenly opened up, like a hungry demon, absorbing the essence present in Emperor's liquid into the body.

In the liquid state imperial fluid, it is not possible to be all essence, there is a certain moisture in it, and the imperial liquid, which has become solid, has been completely evaporated and the essence has solidified.

After these emperor liquors are absorbed into the body, people refine them, and Qin Yi's body, there are nine curves, so the speed of refining emperor liquor is exactly nine times faster than a few others!

However, this time, Qin Yi has converged a lot, and did not purify it completely. Otherwise, most of the Emperor's liquid here will be purified by him alone. The other six people add up the purification speed, without him fast!

In the case of the frantic refining of Emperor Liquid, people can even clearly feel that their bones, muscles, and major meridian veins are constantly becoming stronger and stronger at a very pleasant rate, and the inner qi of the body is also constantly climbing higher levels of hope.


The Holy See of Kyushu.

On the mountain of the immense god, where the high ground lives.

Yellow Emperor in a silver robe came under the huge divine guard list again, looked up, stared at the position of the top 12, his face was shady to the extreme.

In the position of 12, the name of the original ancestral record has disappeared. In its place, it is Qin Yi's name.

At this moment, he just feels the word "Qin Yi”, extremely dazzling.

“This kid actually recorded the ancestors of the Yin and Yang Master from the Xuan Sect world, all killed, it's much scarier than I expected, how on earth did he do it? ”

Huang Emperor's breasts, a fierce rise and fall.

The Bible of the Patriarch of the Holy See of Kyushu can be ranked in 12 places. It is perfectly conceivable how powerful he is, even in the line of Yin Yang Master in the world of Xuanzheng.

However, such a presence is still killed by Qin Yi!

After taking several deep breaths, the mood of the Huang Emperor finally recovered. The word "country” appeared on its face, and the colour of confusion appeared: “Which immortal emperor was reincarnated? He would be so strong, and the Qing Emperor would be so protective in the dark. ”

“An immortal king you must worship! ”

In the air, it was suddenly a deep, old voice.

Huang Emperor's tall body, suddenly shocked, quickly turned around, only to see the sky, a pale blue shadow, sometime, has already stood there, looking at him quietly, truly is the Qing Emperor.

To be precise, it was the shadow cast here by the Qing Emperor.

“Blue Emperor, have you found the boy in the Xuanzheng world? ”

Huang Di asked coldly and his heart was very restless.

“Heaven has no heart! ”

The shadow of the Qing Emperor nodded: “However, it was not found in the Xuan Sect world, but in the underworld. ”

“The Underworld? ”

Huang Di stunned and asked, “So who is he? ”

“You don't need to know who he is, you just need to know, you just have to worship him. ”

The shadow of Qingtian faintly said: “Any Immortal Emperor, you can only worship because you will never reach their height. ”


Rumor has it, Huang Ditin was so angry: "Qing Emperor, why are you always underestimating me? When I hold the throne of the Holy See in Kyushu, but find better candidates in the dark, I tell you, I am the best candidate for the throne of the Holy See in Kyushu! Just give me time, I will surpass the immortal Emperor! ”

It was so angry that the pope of Kyushu, as a church, was so despised.

Faced with the raging yellow emperor, the shadow of the blue emperor appeared very calm, looking at the yellow emperor shaking his head: “Impossible, even if I gave you 100,000 years, you will not be able to surpass the immortal emperor. Your qualifications are okay, but your heart is narrow, you have a lot of thoughts, and you have wasted your good qualifications for nothing. ”

“Fuck you! ”

Huang Emperor growled, suddenly a palm split apart, a huge palm printed with a massive clustered palm, out of the sky, rolling a wind, and out.

Even at a distance of 10,000 feet, the giant palm imprint was instantly split on the shadow of the Qing Emperor.


A loud bang.

The shadow of the Qing Emperor suddenly burst apart, turning into nothing.

“Feeling restless, it's hard to make the climate. ”

The words of the Qing Emperor came from the sky: "Huang Emperor, I once gave you a chance, you have too many thoughts in your own heart, you papal position, must be abolished! ”

Your Holiness, must it be abolished?

When he heard this, Huang Di was going to blow up his lungs, his tall body swayed, turned into a silver flash, blinked, rushed to the sky, and drank angrily: "Qing Di, dare you fight me? ”

But unfortunately, the Qing Emperor no longer had a voice, and obviously no longer focused on the Huang Emperor.

The two appearances of the Qing Emperor were merely shadows, and the real person did not appear.

Huang Emperor took a few deep breaths and calmed his mood slightly. The eyebrows were slightly quenched again: “The last time he opened the Great World of Xuan Huang, Qing Emperor appeared, he was obviously still in the Xuan Zongjie world. Now, he says he has found out Qin Yi's past life and naturally left the Xuan Zongjie world, so where is he now? ”

Obviously, the Huang Emperor was unable to obtain this answer. During the ancient years, the war between the two worlds was a tragic victory. The Qing Emperor passed the throne of the Holy See of Kyushu to the Huang Emperor, and left the Holy See of Kyushu alone to hunt down the original ancestors of the vagina gate. It was only this pursuit that he never came back.

At first, the Huang Emperor thought that the Qing Emperor had been killed by the original ancestors of the vagina gate. Later on, he thought it was impossible to kill the Qing Emperor. At that time, the original ancestors of the vagina gate had already been severely wounded, with less than half their strength remaining, it was impossible to kill the Qing Emperor.

In that distant war, the Huang Emperor was only a divine guardian of the Holy See in Kyushu. At that time, the Huang Emperor joined forces with the Blue Emperor to fight the original ancestors of the vagina gate. The Huang Emperor took advantage of the inadequacy of the original ancestors of the vagina gate and devastated them with a sword.

It is also because of this sword that the Qing Emperor was moved. After the end of the Great War, the throne of the Holy See of Kyushu was passed on to the Huang Emperor, while the Qing Emperor himself went after the original ancestors of the vagina gate.

In fact, even at the peak of the period, even the origins of the vagina gate may not be able to kill the Blue Emperor.

It was not until later that he learned that after the Qing Emperor had hunted down the Yin Gate, he went to the Xuanzheng world to discover the news of a fallen Immortal King.


Magic Mausoleum, 4th floor.

Qin Yi, Yin Mei Mai, Yan Zhu Xin and others, quietly immersed in imperial liquid, purify the essence in imperial liquid.

Time runs out unconsciously.

Between the fingers, two years passed.

For an entire two years, the imperial liquid essence in this stone pool has been refined and purified by seven people in Qin Yi, leaving only some fresh water in the stone pool.

With the refining of these imperial liquid essences, Qin Yi's cultivation, also by the original imperial four realms, broke directly into the late five realms of imperial.

Mae Fei, is breaking through the Empire Road Six.

Xia Jiuyu, the peak of the Imperial Five Realms.

Heartwarming, the Emperor's Five Realms of the Mid Term.

Because Qin Yi is the Jiuqu Ling Body, even when refining Emperor Liquid, he tried to converge, but refining speed is still a lot faster than them.