The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1342: Breaking Through

And Gongxi singing feathers, lonely doors, Yucheng and the cultivation of three people, naturally, have quite a welcome breakthrough.

Everyone washed up from the rock pond and came to the top.

Two years have passed, and here, it's still a mist of sadness, and there's a faint smell of blood in the air.

Two years ago, the great battle was too harsh. Hundreds of practitioners fell, and thousands of mutant beasts were killed.

As people refined the Emperor's liquid in Heavenly Blessing Cave, the Gathering Spirit Array in front of them was also completely destroyed and ceased to exist.

“As originally planned, we're going to break into the central ladder and go to the fifth floor, so let's not go over it. ”

Qin Yi glanced at the lonely door, Gongxi singing feathers, Yucheng and the three faces, slowly sweeping away, smiling.


Gongxi Sing Feather nodded and paused: “The practitioner of the fifth floor is obviously one level higher than the practitioner present in this fourth floor. I hope that after you reach the fifth floor, everything will be careful and don't lose Jingzhou. ”

Looking at the face of Gongxi Song Yu, that color of concern, Qin Yi's hearts were all slightly flowing through a warmth.

“Brother Gong Xi, don't worry, we will save money. ”

Qin Yi nodded with a smile.

After entering the fifth level, the enemy they will face is Tian Yu, a powerful veterinarian, ranked ninth on the Divine Guardian list, do they dare not be cautious?

Worse still, every time the Holy Spirit of Kyushu enters the higher level, the higher echelons of the Holy Spirit of Kyushu are preached to the other Holy Spirit of Kyushu.

In other words, as soon as they enter the fifth floor, the rainfield will know.

However, Qin Yi several people could not retreat as a result. How powerful the rain in the field is, they must all rise to the blade and cannot escape.

“Well, goodbye! ”

Gongxi singing feathers, lonely doors, Yucheng and three people, who are not mother-in-law people, no longer delayed. After Qin Yi several people arched their hands, they rose into the sky. A few blinks, they disappeared into the sky.

On the field, only Qin Yi, Yanmei, Yanzhu Xin and Xia Jiuyu were left.

“Well, let's go to the central ladder. ”

Femme Yan's eyes flowed and smiled shallow at the three of Qin Yi.

“The fifth floor, already the last floor of this mausoleum, can be trapped out of this cage by passing through that last floor. ”

A long breath of flaming bamboo, on that delicate little face, full of aspirations.

They've been stuck in this mausoleum for too long, in the Yan tribe, and her relatives, and she wants to see her relatives too much.

Most importantly, the totem of the Yan tribe, still on her, a tribe's totem, is the tribe's township treasure. If it leaves the tribe too long, it will definitely bring some change in the tribe, light will make the tribe wind irregular, heavy will even bring disaster to the tribe.

In the beginning, Yan Zhuxin came into this magical mausoleum with Few Flames, Blood Ghosts, etc., and brought in more than 100 dead men.

Today, there is only one person left.

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi pet drowned and rubbed the hair of Bamboo Heather: “Bamboo Heather, it's really hard for you. ”

His words contained too much. His heartfelt eyes were all a heat. He shook his head lightly: “Fewer flames and Uncle Wind, wanting to make a wave in this magical mausoleum, is to think of the sky, not knowing the thickness of the heavens and the earth, with their arrogance, will eventually die here. Fortunately, I followed you, otherwise, I would have died. ”

“Well, let's go. ”

Femme waved.

Without further delay, several people suddenly burst into the air and burst towards the center of the fourth floor of this mausoleum.

They are currently located at the southern end of this fourth floor, hundreds of thousands of kilometres from the central ladder of the central zone, and it will take more than a dozen days for them to reach even at the extreme speed.

This day.

“Jiuzhou Holy See Shen Wei Dongzhi, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Xuanlan, has entered the fourth floor. ”

A deep and loud voice suddenly echoed in Qin Yi's and Fei's mind.

Master Yang, they're coming up!

Listening to this voice, Qin Yi and Yanmei were bursting. Their shapes all burst into flashes. Qin Yi's face showed a delightful slight smile.

He hasn't seen Yang Shiqi in a long time. It feels like centuries apart.

“What's the matter? ”

Seeing Qin Yi and Yanmei, they all suddenly stopped. Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu will both look at them confused.

“Someone's old lover came up to the fourth floor. You can tell by the look on someone's face. ”

Femme's eyes fluttered, and the ghost glanced at Qin Yi around her.

Qin Yi's old lover?

Yan Zhuxin and Xia Jiuyu were forced to stand still. They had been together for so long, but had never heard of Yang Shiqi.

“Qin Yi used to have a master sister of green plum bamboo horse called Yang Shiqi at the local junior gate. Later, they entered the Kyushu Holy See together. ”

Maiden explained.

“Oh, I see...”

The flames of vinegar have become evident in the air, he said.

Xia Jiuyu's performance is even more direct, red eyelashes, constantly blinking, put Qin Yi all over himself, and measured it all over: “Shit, don't you look handsome? Why is it so unscientific for a beautiful woman to spin around you? ”

Listening to Xia Jiuyu's words, Qin Yi could only touch his nose, grinning an embarrassing laugh, and a helpless sigh in his heart. This situation was really quite unscientific, because he was so handsome before, he didn't know how much trouble he had caused.

“Pfft! ”

Seeing him like this, Femme Flame and Xin Bamboo were hands covering their mouths, couldn't help but smile and make a noise, the heart is breeding an unknown pleasure, it's really rare to see this guy eat, huh...

Stop laughing and Meizi looks right in the face: “Now that the four of them have reached the fourth floor, shall we continue to the central ladder, or change our plans, find them here and then break into the central ladder together? ”

She has seven Lingwu. It is not very difficult to find the whereabouts of Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame, Dongzhi and Xuanlan on this fourth floor.

Slightly, Qin Yi said: "The plan remains unchanged, let's break into the central ladder first. After entering the fifth floor, we will wait for them on the fifth floor. They have just broken through the central ladder and do not know if there are any injuries. It is not right for them to break into the central ladder immediately following us into the fifth floor. ”

“You're right, if they don't have the strength to break into the fifth level of the central ladder, they're in trouble. ”

Fei Mei nodded: “Anyway, the fifth floor is the last floor of this magical mausoleum. After entering the fifth floor, we will wait for them to come, and after the rendezvous, we will act. We have been here for so many years, and we do not care to wait for them more. ”

So it's settled, they're going to step into the fifth floor, and then they're going to wait for Yang Shiqi on the fifth floor.

The fifth floor, that's where they meet.

Qin Yi will plan this way, and there is another layer of meaning, that is, there are practitioners with the fifth level, which is definitely the peak strength of today's Hongmeng Era. In case of time, after Yang Shiqi entered the fifth level, Qin Yi feared that something would happen to them, which is why he decided to wait until the fifth level before you all joined together to act.

More than a dozen days later, the magnificent, quaint, mysterious central ladder has appeared in their sight.

And they were somewhat surprised that the large square in front of the central ladder was empty.

However, this is normal. There are fewer practitioners on this fourth floor than there are on the lower floors, and after climbing to the top of the central ladder, the White Tiger must take the full 12 slabs to be eligible to enter the fifth floor.

Those who do not have enough confidence in themselves will naturally not be able to try it easily.

Qin Yi's figure crossed the long sky, winking, and came over the huge square in front of the central ladder. After that, they each suddenly harvested their natural qi and slowly descended from the sky.

“Just the four of us, breaking into this central ladder, has saved us the fight for the first three places. ”

The soles of the feet slipped into the solid earth, the eyes of the flaming woman spinning, sweeping a few eyes in an empty square: “We just don't know. When was the last time we broke into the central ladder, how long were we waiting here? ”

However, her voice had just fallen, a loud voice, but it came down from above the central ladder, through a laziness: “Finally, someone broke through the central ladder, and I've been napping here for three years. ”

For three years, no practitioner broke into this central ladder!

Rumor has it, all four of Qin Yi had to be stunned by mistake. He blinked incredibly there.

Obviously, the 12 palms of the White Tiger are to be replaced, and this rule has left many practitioners here afraid to move lightly.

At this time, above the central ladder, the white tiger's head appeared, with a pair of sleepy giant tiger eyes, lazy looking down.

When his eyes touched several people in Qin Yi, Bai Tiger had to stand still again: “Ha ha, kill God, I can't believe it was you guys again, it's nice! ”

It speaks of killing gods, naturally Qin Yi.

In this regard, Qin Yi could only touch his nose and smile helplessly.

Before that, Qin Yi had pleaded with Baihu several times to tell himself that Baihu was helpless.

White tiger speech turned: “This fifth floor was supposed to break through the central ladder every six months, but now that all three people have passed, no practitioners have come to break through. This rule is also invalidated. Any practitioner who comes can break through at any time. Are you guys ready? If you're ready, start breaking! ”