The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1345: Knowing Previous Life

It said nothing in its mouth, but reacted, but it had already explained everything!

At this moment, Qin Yi's heart, when there really was a huge wave, the whole person was completely stunned there.

For a long time, he has been thinking about his past life, which Immortal Emperor is it? During that magical journey of the past year, he met the Immortal Emperor. He thought about it all over again, but didn't think of the Kyushu King!

Of course, this is mainly the fame of the Kyushu King. It was too big during the fairy years to think about him.

Who would have thought that he would be the great god who led the immortal gods to launch the Second World War!

Killing yourself all the way here, turns out, is fulfilling your mission!

This feeling, like a big circle, ended up back to me!

“This is really like going through an illusion! ”

Returning to Qin Yi, he sighed: “Who would have thought that I was the reincarnation of the King of Kyushu? In that magical journey back in the day, I met my own past life! ”

At this time, the mood of White Tiger also slightly levelled back, exhaled slightly, and said loudly: “In fact, when I saw you from the first sight, I had guessed that you might be the reincarnation of the King of Kyushu, and then I felt a hint of demon from you, so I confirmed this even more. ”

“But the King of Kyushu is not a demon. How can you tell from the smell of a demon from me that I was reincarnated? ”

Habitual to touch his nose, Qin Yi will look at the white tiger in confusion.

“You don't understand. ”

White Tiger shook his head and sang for a moment. “What can I say about this? Well, to be exact, you weren't reincarnated. ”


Isn't the reincarnation of the King of Kyushu?

Qin Yi Meiyu's face became more confused.

“During the Fairy Ancient Years, many powerful men knew that the King of Kyushu had cultivated two lifetimes, that is, in previous life, in this life. And now it seems that not only did he cultivate this life in his previous life, but he also cultivated the afterlife, the previous life, this life, the next life, the third generation in one, is an infinite circle, breaking through life and death, to reach true immortality. ”

Since Qin Yi has guessed his birth, White Tiger will no longer retain it. Sosex will say everything he knows: “And you, the future of the King of Kyushu, the future King of Kyushu. ”

After a pause, White Tiger continued, “But you know who was the last of the Kyushu kings? That's the rumor that once there were millions of miles of demons slaughtered in the Kyushu mainland during the Immortal Age, it's no secret. And that's why I was able to determine that you were the next of Kyushu kings on you, in that magic. ”

Turns out... the ancient demon is also the king of Kyushu!

Qin Yi's heart rolled up again, terrifying waves, very uneasy.

In other words, I am not only the immortal King of Kyushu, but also the ancient demon!

Until now, everything has finally been explained, why the Left Hand of the Celestial Devil can be fully integrated with his Left Hand, turns out to be his Left Hand!

Why in the middle of the underworld, you can collect all of the Seven Styles of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, so that's your martial arts!

Why is King Bo Ming and Luo Feng reluctant to reveal their identity, because they are Kyushu King!

He suddenly remembered a small detail revealed by the King of Kyushu on his magical journey back in the day, when he nodded to his satisfaction and said he was growing up well!

In fact, everything is obvious, it's just me, I just don't think of anything.

“No, I, Qin Yi, am Qin Yi, the king of Kyushu is the king of Kyushu, and the devil is the devil, this is the third generation of different people! ”

After returning to Qin Yi, he shook his head and sighed helplessly: “What a big game, this one, the King of Kyushu, no, it was the devil who had started planning during the ancient years. It spanned the ancient, immortal and Hongmeng eras. ”

The ancient era, the immortal period and the Hongmeng period, appeared in the celestial demon, the king of Kyushu, and Qin Yi, respectively. These three people are three different people, but they are the same person!

A man, who has gone through three centuries, this kind of thing, it's like a dream.

“It's a big enough game! ”

White tiger also sighed: “During the ancient years, the fall of the demons was actually to cultivate the body of the king of Kyushu. During the immortal years, the king of Kyushu would launch the Second World War of annihilation, so as to cultivate his future body, that is to say, you, only the previous generation will die, the next generation will come out, and stay in your world, it will be the third in one, indestructible! ”

This is truly an extremely tragic and huge game, an absolute Vancouver!

And who would have thought that the sun and the heavens and the ancient silence were under the control of someone else?

And this man, is currently lying in Qin Yi's left hand.

Qin Yi's inner sight, staring into his left hand, quietly floating there in the demonic body of the heavens, for a moment, his heart was emotional, he could not have dreamed. This person, even if he died, still had the means to control the heavens and the earth.

And what makes him feel weird is that this man, to be exact, is himself, but it can also be said that he is not himself, just his past life!

“Now that you have guessed who you are, I advise you to keep this secret alive. Once it gets out, the whole three worlds will be stirred up and confused, and you, even more, will encounter unexpected problems. ”

Bai Tiger glanced at Qin Yi and warned him.

“I'm naturally saving it. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

At the time, Ming Wang and Luo Feng were always reluctant to reveal their origins to themselves, which is naturally also a concern.

“Well, now that you've taken my twelve slaps, you're eligible to enter the fifth floor, get out. ”

White tiger said.

Qin Yi stopped saying so much, stood up and walked forward with a very complex mood.

And when he walked out of the distance of the white tiger thirty, the figure of the three women appeared in his sight.

Looking back, the white tiger was like a mountain body, not far behind.

“Qin Yi, how are you? Got White Tiger's twelve hands? ”

Seeing that Qin Yi suddenly appeared in front of him, the eyes of the three flaming ladies were all luminous, flaming lady asked.

His neighbors, Xia Jiuyu and Xia Jiuyu, are also the eyes he looks forward to.

“Next up. ”

Qin Yi nodded with a smile.

“That's good! ”

Rumor has it, the three flaming maidens, all of them darkly relieved breath, look at each other, the three of them on their delicate little faces, emerged a thick color of delight.

“According to regulations, the central ladder from the fourth floor to the fifth floor, whoever follows me, will be able to carry no more than one practitioner to the fifth floor. Congratulations to all four of you on being qualified to enter the fifth floor. ”

Bai Hu's eyes are like a basket of tigers. On Qin Yi's four, Xu Xu swept: “After entering the fifth floor, the four of you will be separated, only two people will be together. ”

Rumor has it, all four of Qin Yi are naturally.

Although the four of them had not previously discussed who was in the group with whom, according to the rules, they were in the two groups, between the groups, and would not be transmitted together.

“Ready? I'm transferring. Good luck. ”

White tiger no longer delayed, when about one forefoot swung out, a huge white light, appeared in the sky, covering Qin Yi, Yanmei, Bamboo Xin and Xia Jiuyu four people.

With White Mang covered, Qin Yi four people also followed into a fantastic state. Time seemed to stand still, and as if endless years had all passed in an instant.

They seemed to enter a space-time tunnel, the sun and moon stars, in front of them, raising their hands, like dreams, a half-dream and a half awake state.


As if he had gone through endless years, and as if it were a moment, Qin Yi returned from that wonderful state and exhaled softly.

Turning his face, he saw that he was dressed in the traditional clothes of the Yan tribe. He was born to stand beside himself. He was a little tranced. Obviously, he had not yet fully recovered from that wonderful state.

“Wake up. ”

Lifting a finger, Qin Yi smiled slightly as he scratched his nose on the john, which was quite impressive.

Xin Yan Zhuxin just looked back and grabbed some itchy nose beams made by Qin Yi: “White tiger is to divide us into one group, Sister Mai and Nine Psalms are in one group. ”

In the talking room, her eyes swept down and found that the fifth floor, like the fourth floor below, was still a mountain, reckless, in the air, with a hint of ancient smell.

And where they are now, they are at the top of a mountain peak.

The five magical monumental gardens that exist in the Kyushu mainland are five great miracles. To this day, Qin Yi has entered four. Of these four magical monumental gardens that have been visited, they are all five continents. No one can know how they are formed.

As for the fifth mausoleum, at the feet of the Holy See in Kyushu, it is the Great World of Xuanhuang.

And the Great World of Xuan Huang is out of the hands of the Emperor of Time and Space.

“So what do we do next? Stay where you are. Wait for Mei Sister to find us? ”

She raised her beautiful little face slightly and asked Qin Yi.


Qin Yi nodded: “Mai Mai has seven spiritual whales. It is not difficult to find us. Wait for them to find us before carrying out other actions. ”

The enemy that exists on this fifth level is the 9th ranked Tian Yu on the Divine Guard list. This person is too strong to act with caution.

Moreover, the current rains, which do not know where they are, have been informed that they have entered the fifth floor and may even have begun to plan how to kill them.