The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1351: Feminine Strength

Next moment.

A figure in a black robe suddenly appeared about 500 feet in front of them.

The visitor had a long body and held a strangely shaped bloody warrior knife. Step-by-step, he walked towards Qin Yi and Feiniang, all over his body and without any breath.

This man is so strong!

Qin Yi and Fei Fei's eyes were all slightly condensed, staring at the visitor.

This person, although not breathing a single breath, but the murderous intent, they are outside of the hundred, can be clearly felt.

The man in the black robe has reached a position about 100 feet away from them. He stood still and slowly lifted the strangely shaped bloody battle knife in his hand, pointing far away at Qin Yi and Yanmei: “The one in the red robe is Yanmei, then the one next to him is definitely Qin Yi, Qin Yi, not bad, your name, is now at the level of the Holy See in Kyushu, has spread wildly, there are many divine guards who want to challenge you, such as me, want to challenge you now. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yanmei were both forced to look at each other. They all appeared a little surprised on each other's faces.

In front of him, he knew that they were the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, even the name of Meizu Yan.

“Are you also the guardian of the Kyushu Holy See? ”

Mai Mai frowned: “What's your name? ”

“Ground wind. ”

The man in the black robe bluntly said that the bloody battle knife in his hand was always pointing away at Qin Yi and Fei Fei.

This person's face is thin, his eyes are cold, he stands still, there is no breath, even the words are unusually cold, giving people a ghostly feeling.

“How's that?”

Fei Fei turned to look at Qin Yi around.

Qin Yi pulled the Shen Wei list out of his mind, quickly browsed through it and nodded: "There is indeed this person on the Shen Wei list, ranked 23 places, which is a lot lower than the fourth level of the public ancestral record. ”

Speaking, he took a step back and smiled slightly at Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, you are now ranked in the Divine Guard list, currently 35 places, you have not yet met the requirements to enter the Great World of Xuan Huang. If you want to enter the Great World of Xuan Huang, beat the Divine Guard in front of you. ”

On the fourth floor, Qin Yi's ranking on the Shen Wei list rose to 12 after killing the male ancestors by means of the Ten Fang Hell, without any further competition for rank.

“I was going to challenge Qin Yi, Yanmei, but you took the opportunity to challenge me? ”

Lu Feng eyebrows, slightly flashed, for a moment, the divine color grew colder.


Femme nodded her head, her face was delicate, and a delightful light smile appeared. She flipped her jade palm and the blue flash flashed. The blue slender sword was held in her hand.

As Femme flames breathe in, the blue elongated sword, instantly rising to dozens of lengths, the blue swordman wins, with a tremendous sword.

Feeling this tremendous killing, Lu Feng slightly nodded: “Not bad, only unfortunately, I'm not interested in you, what I want to challenge is Qin Yi. ”

Lu Feng glanced at Qin Yi, the cold voice, Xu Xutou: “I heard that you killed the original ancestral record on the Shen Wei list, replacing his original 12th ranking on the Shen Wei list. I am interested to know, how powerful is the rear of the Kyushu Holy See, you can actually kill all the ancestral books. ”

“Your own ranking on the Divine Guardian list, which is only 23 places, is far less than the ancestral record, and it is obviously illogical to say this now. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly: “Mai Ma, don't bullshit him. Go ahead. ”


Femme nodded softly and said nothing. Nachana's moving delicate body wandered away in place. The next moment, it appeared directly in front of the land wind. The blue flash prevailed in front of her, as if it were a blue sun.

In the center of that glittering sword, a sharp sword came out and pounded out, with a tremendous slaughter, straight into the heart of the land wind.

The tip of the sword has not been stabbed yet. In the heart of the land wind, there is a severe pain, as if it had been stabbed by the sword.

Feeling that glorious killing intent, Lu Feng was shocked and angry, and he drank angrily: “Yanmei, if you want to die, I will be you! ”

He didn't dare to be careless and shaken. The whole person was like a black ghost, rapidly translating out, while the flaming blue sword was stuck to his collar and stabbed past.

Just one line away, stabbing the ground wind in the face.

Yanmei did it without saying a word. Lu Feng obviously also moved his true anger. He stood outside the hundred passengers and pointed his knife at Yanmei remotely. The shade on her miserable face reached the extreme cold.

In the next moment, the singularly shaped blood knife in his hand, prompted by his Xuan Qi, also instantly surged to dozens of places, the blood constantly pouring, like a death blood knife sacrificed with the blood of all beings, makes the hearts of people unstoppable to breed a chill.

“Ma'am, you're dead! ”

An angry land wind, a cold drink, holding that tens of long blood knife, rapidly murdered the fantastic woman.

“Ping-pong! ”

For a moment, Maiden was at war with the land winds.

In order not to be affected by the pond fish, Qin Yi was also in a shaky shape, and directly plundered thousands of fathers out to watch the war from afar.


He prompted the demon's left hand to enter the state of the sky and carefully watched the battle between the flaming woman and the land wind.

The shape of the two men, interwoven constantly, from the ground to the air, and from the air to the ground, quickly became unclear who they were.

The weapons of both men are bright and glowing, reflecting the sky in red and blue, full of fantastic sensations.

A wave of energy, like the ocean, swept away, and all the flowers and trees within a thousand feet were smashed to pieces.

That energy wave hit the ground. The ground snapped! ”“ Knock! ”There was a huge crack in the impact, but soon, the entire earth was devastated by the impact.

Qin Yi stood thousands of feet apart, on that cheek, all by the powerful sword and knife, scratched hidden pain.

After carefully watching the battle between the two, Qin Yi exhaled softly and completely relieved himself.

Lu Feng is ranked 23rd in the Divine Guard list, how powerful and imaginable it is, but Femme Femme seems to be slightly stronger than him.

Over time, Maiden gradually took the upper wind and suppressed the land wind a little bit.

And the blue sword sword sword in his hand, is also getting bigger and bigger, stabbing Qin Yi's eyes, are all some flowers, while the sword sword of the land wind is getting weaker and weaker. Finally, it is completely suppressed, becoming a little dim.

At some point.

The two men were constantly entangled in their shapes and suddenly scored, before descending slowly from the air.

On the chest of the land wind, there was already a small sword hole, red blood, constantly pouring out, quickly dyed his coat, appeared to be a bit harsh.

“Sorry, you lost, you are ranked 23rd on the Divine Guard list and will be replaced by me from now on. ”

Femme Yan put the sword away, and a delightful shallow smile appeared on her delicate little face.


Lu Feng's nose hummed heavily, looking cold at the flaming woman, her breasts rose and landed sharply, and the color of the face grew more and more tragic.

“I hope you both live a hundred years! ”

After the cold dropped the sentence, the land wind wobbled and disappeared directly in place.

When he heard his last words, Qin Yi and Feiniang were all slightly stunned and opened their mouths and raised a slight feeling of goodness in their hearts.

She shook her head and Qin Yi came to Yanmei's side. She smiled slightly at Yanmei: “Congratulations, Mai Mai, you have been qualified to enter the great world of Xuanhuang. ”

After defeating the land wind, tickets to enter the great world of Xuanhuang are also firmly tampered with.

Femme Yan breathed out a long breath and lifted the clean and transparent curtain gently. She glanced at Qin Yi and smiled like a flower on her face: “Well, I was also very curious about the great world of Xuanhuang, so I wanted to go in and take a look. ”

Of course, she would rather stay with Qin Yi!

“Humph, I wouldn't say anything about wanting to stay with this kid. That's disgraceful. ”

Femme Yunnan's eyes fluttered. She glanced at Qin Yi again. Her heart was so sweet that she had to ask for it.

“By the way, Qin Yi, do you think this land wind looks a little weird? ”

Pressing those sweet thoughts down, Femme Flame corrected her face, clear her eyebrows, slightly raised her eyes and asked Qin Yi.

“That's true. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “You have not met before, but he knows your name. This is one, and second, why does he know that I killed the Duke Journal and that the ranking on the Divine Guardian list has risen to 12th place? Thirdly, he was far from my ranking, but at first challenged me, knowing that there were tigers in the mountains and preferred to walk in the mountains. ”

Habit touched the beautiful forehead, Femme sighed: “He had not seen me before, but knew my name, because Chiaki had told Tian Yu, my appearance characteristics, but Chiaki told him again, don't forget, I was one of Chiaki's men. As to why he knows you killed the grandfather's book, there should be a special connection between the grandfather's book and Tian Yu, one of whom died and the other could immediately feel it. ”

"As for the third point, he didn't want to kill you at all, and he knew he didn't have the strength to kill you. He was just ordered by the rain to come and look at your true strength. He just didn't expect it, but he finally lost it under my sword. ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi's eyes were soberly bright and her heart had to admire Meizu's mind again.