The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1357: Chopping Bugang

His gaze reached the extreme, as if a sudden general had come here to kill the gods, but for a moment, the original 130 ghost tigers had been killed by him almost half.

Seeing such Qin Yi, Bugang's soul, is a trembling chestnut that cannot be contained.

Haven't waited for him to come back.

“Blood! ”

Qin Yi, who was fighting the ghost blood tiger group, suddenly drank a loud sigh, a long gun, and stabbed at him again. The tens of lengths of long guns, the intent to kill, made the blood in Bu Gang's body seem to clot instantly.

One ghost and blood tiger constantly rushed up to resist the impact of Qin Yi.

Yet Qin Yi's long gun seemed to be able to shatter everything in the heavens and the earth. In the “buzzing” tremor, one ghost blood tiger was directly stirred into a cluster of blood fog.

“Blood Kill” is one of the three Shots of Despair, powerful enough to smash a hard stone into pieces.

These ghostly bodies are naturally incomparable with hard stones.


When the last ghost shadowed the blood tiger, it was shattered by Qin Yi's gunshot, this side of the heavens and the earth, already bloody fog, difficult to dissipate.

Intensely bloody, choking almost vomiting.

“Exactly 130 ghostly bloodhounds were killed like this. ”

Looking at the bloody mist in front of me, the cloth just completely stunned, all of this, as if it were a dream untrue.

These 130 ghostly bloodhounds, he worked so hard to train them, he was proud of them, and yet, just for a moment, he killed no one left.

“Tap!” “Tap! ”

Heavy footsteps, as if treading on the earth's veins, the entire earth, with this footstep, constantly shaking, even the pulse of man, are strangely led by this footstep.

Qin Yi, with a long gun of smoke cloud, slowly came out of the puffy blood mist, like the reaper who had rushed out of hell.

He was covered in red blood, even on his hair, dripping blood down the tickle.

Qin Yi lifted his hand and touched a piece of blood. A sign smile appeared on his face. He had a long gun in his hand, pointing remotely at Bugang: "Those ghost blood tigers, did you train them? Is that all you got? Looks like you're a rainy dog, too. ”

130 head of ghost and blood tiger, so Qin Yi killed them all, didn't even do Qin Yi any harm.

At the same time as Bugang's heart ached, he was even more shocked and angry. Now he finally understands why Tian Yu attached so much importance to the divine guardian of the Holy See in Kyushu.

Bu Gang stared dead at the Kyushu Holy See in front of him. In trance, he felt that the young man standing in front of him, full of blood, was not human at all!

He's a god!

Must look up, worship!


The next moment, Bugang turned into a silver flash, and left quickly, without any love heart at all.

Kill 130 ghost blood tigers, not hurt a bit, you are not his opponent at all. If you stay here and don't leave, you are simply looking for death!

“Now that you're here, what's the point of letting you escape? ”

Looking at the shadow of Bu's rapid departure, Qin Yi smiled coldly and split his hands apart: “Lingfeng! ”

A dense gray palm print of numbness, as he chopped off his palm, it was directly on Bugang's back, there was no chopping process at all.


Bu Gang had difficulty fighting this power, and the whole person was instantly cut out of a hundred feet and fell to the ground.

After breaking through to the top of the Imperial Five Realms, Qin Yi's Lingfeng Palm also made a number of breakthroughs. Now, he chopped out his palm and can directly break 50,000 spaces.

In other words, he chopped out the wind and was able to directly hit an enemy 50,000 feet away from him.

And on the strength, there is also a lot of improvement, the practitioner below the four realms of Emperor Dao, one slap, will definitely die directly.

Qin Yi shook his figure, unfolding in a flash, appeared directly next to Bugang. The long gun pointed to Bugang's heart: “Today, you can't leave alive. Tell me, where is the settlement of Tian Yu? What kind of practitioner do you have? Speak up, and you'll die a lot happier. ”

His heart was killing, his color was cold, and his words were cold enough to freeze the blood in his body.

Boog is one of Tian Yu's men, he will never be merciful.

Looking at that sharp gun pointed directly at his chest, Bu Gang was so desperate, Qin Yi's powerful, far more than he imagined, only the first time he met him, he fell hard on his hands.

Bugang's heart is filled with anger and unwillingness!


Right now.


At high altitude, there was a sudden whistle.

Qin Yi glanced up, but saw a huge green light, and the meteor swept through the sky.

That thing was fast, but Qin Yi still saw what it looked like, and it was a green eagle.

“This should also be a special eagle cultivated by the rain! ”

Qin Yi instantly made this judgment.

Tian Yu is an excellent beast soulman, cultivating some strange beasts, should be easy to do.


However, while Qin Yi was stunned, Bugang suddenly shook his figure and disappeared in the original place. It was a direct expansion of the instantaneous shift.

Next moment.

He has appeared outside of 50,000.

“Finally, Qin Yi avoided the killing god. ”

Bu Gang glanced around quickly, did not find Qin Yi's figure, breathed out a long breath and simply sat down his ass: “That bastard Qin Yi, this is so sick, 130 head of ghost and blood tiger, he killed them all before two hours! ”

To go to the 130 ghost shadow tiger, Bugang couldn't help but have a heartache, that's how much harder it took him to train, more fierce than a million male lions.

Who thinks, in front of Qin Yi, it is so hard to strike.

“This man's cultivation is only the culmination of the Emperor's Five Realms, but strength, how can it be so horrible, truly amazing. ”

The cloth just sighed.

Fifty grand outside.

Qin Yi stood still there, the spiritual power was elicited, covering the area of ​ ​ 80,000 square feet, while Bugang's figure, in the form of a picture, was directly reflected in his mind.

“This man thought he had gotten rid of me, but he did not know that I possessed strong spirituality. ”

Looking at Bugang, who was sitting on the ground talking to himself, Qin Yi smiled slightly, and his back was shaken and disappeared in place.

He wasn't going to let Buggan go.

“How did you... catch up with me so quickly? ”

Seeing that Qin Yi suddenly appeared outside of Hundred Heights with a long smoke cloud gun, Bu Gang's chin broke the ground, when he was really angry to the extreme.

“As I said, you rain-walking dog, now that you've shown up, will never have a chance to go back to your master. ”

Qin Yi stepped in slowly.

Every step of the way, the earth trembles, and the breath that emanates from it is intense.

At present, the space around him has been slowly distorted by the pressure emanating from him as he travels within 100 feet of the cloth.

“I don't think I'm dropping it today. ”

Now that Bu has understood what this is all about, Qin Yi can instantly find himself, there is only one explanation, that he possesses an unusually powerful spiritual power and has locked himself in with spiritual power.

As long as he can't escape Qin Yi's spiritual power enclosure, he will never escape.

With this in mind, when Bu Gang reached the point of despair, he suddenly stood up, turned his hand and took out the great ancient spear, and drank loudly: “Boy, I don't believe you can kill me today! ”

“Quinquin Spear! ”

Bugang's giant spear suddenly surged to dozens of lengths, his legs split apart, suddenly waved the giant spear, wanting to shatter this side of the heavens and earth, the human spear united, forming a wave of hands.


Big spears hit hard in the air, directly shooting the air out loud, the space was volatile, as if it were going to break apart.

This great spear, which is an ancient sacred instrument, was passed down by an ancient saint. I don't know how many cultivators have been killed. After it was passed on to Bugang, he also used it to kill many cultivators and countless ferocious beasts. The killing intentions contained in the great spear are intensely different.

As soon as the spear came out, the surrounding area became cold and awesome, as if instantly trapped in an ancient killing ground.

“Goddamn it! ”

Bugang has exhibited his strongest martial arts, called the Broken Sky, a total of 13. It is the martial arts inherent in the Big Spear itself. Of course, the Big Spear itself will not have any martial arts. It was sealed in by the original owner of this Big Spear. Once practiced, it can break the mountain river and penetrate the clouds.

It's just a pity that Bugang only got the Seven Kings of Heaven, and he will call himself "Seven Kings of Heaven", so it can only be considered a cruel martial arts, and it is impossible to use its true power.

Of course, even the handicapped martial arts, by a master like Bugang, is quite frightening.

A spear was taken, immediately forming a huge white light screen, pressed down from the sky.

Qin Yi couldn't escape, and came up with a gun to face the enormous light screen.

His two-element seeds of gold fire in the Dantian field burned wildly, allowing his power to more than double directly. He grabbed them with his hands and split them towards the huge light screen.

“Boom! ”

In the loud noise, the huge light split into two pieces, and then it collapsed into pieces and went straight to nothing.

Boog just stared and seemed to hear his heart break.

I am proud of my martial arts. In front of Qin Yi, I still can't believe that it is a blow. Just a common gun-shapping, it will easily solve the first kill of the Seven Kings of Heaven.

“You have more than the momentum, but you have less power. ”

Qin Yi stood in the air, pointing the snatch at Bugang, and smiled slightly: “There is only one end to you today, that is, death, there can be no second situation! ”

Qin Yi's words, like the judgment of Death!

He can't have any mercy on his enemies. Anyway, his ending with Tian Yu is long doomed. Either you die or I die, so he doesn't want any mercy on Tian Yu.