The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1358: Bugang Extinction

Bugang's body, dressed in silver armor, trembled suddenly, his face became a little pale, he knew very well that he only had a dead ending today, and the gap between them was clear.

But he's upset!

“It's not that easy to kill me! ”

Roaring down, Bu has just broken out the Seven Kills Type 2, the whole person jumped high, his hands held the big old spear, the sky slashed down hard, the air was compressed to the naked eye, suddenly split to both sides.

Cloud trick!

Qin Yi's figure, however, suddenly floated, gently soft, like a ghost, the ghost is unpredictable.


Qin Yi easily avoided Bugang's second kill. Bugang's wild spear split to the ground. In a loud noise, the earth directly cracked a huge crack of dozens of lengths.

Qin Yi's ghostly figure suddenly must have stopped in the air. Looking at the huge crack on the ground, he whispered: “The power is also good, but the skill is insufficient. ”

“Kid, you want to die, is this the martial arts of the ancient Holy See, and it's your turn to judge here? ”

Burgundy's lungs exploded and his chest rose and fell sharply.

The boy avoided, but didn't take the call. Obviously, he looked down on him and was too lazy to fight him.

As a martial artist, this is the greatest disgrace and more painful than killing him directly.

He rushed to Qin Yi quickly, his manoeuvres were constantly changing, his intentions were dramatic, and he was eager to chop Qin Yi to death. Above the wild spear, a faint figure appeared.

The man's shadow was unusually tall and revealed a hint of ancient mystery, apparently the original owner of this wild spear.

With the emergence of this figure, the power of the wilderness spear is also multiplied, random movement, bring up the surrounding space, followed by the surge, has been completely integrated into the natural avenue.

However, in the face of the ancient spear of greatly increasing power, Qin Yi still had no intention of hard war, and constantly carried out cloud tricks to avoid them.

Not long ago, Bugang's Shitty Seven Kills had all been carried out. However, what broke his heart was that the Seven Kills had been completed, but even Qin Yi's clothes had not been flanked.

“Have you finished your martial arts lesson? ”

Qin Yi stood proudly there, faint in color, clothes and dark hair slowly floating in the wind, unspeakable and floating.

“Paralysis, Qin Yi Xiao, don't you pretend to die? ”

Bugang's heart had long been broken into pieces, and that was a handsome face, which became a little hazy because of extreme shame.

“Pretending? ”

Qin Yi shook his head gently: “I didn't mean to push it, it's just that I was born with it. ”

“Go to hell! ”

My strongest martial arts, even this kid's shirt didn't touch, Bu had gone completely insane a long time ago and lost his last bit of reason.

He roared, holding dozens of lengths of wild spears, and rushed to Qin Yi, like a wounded beast, fierce.

“So restless, you want a climate too? ”

Looking at Bugang, who was rapidly stabbed with a spear, Qin Yi sighed helplessly and lifted his legs to the sky. He turned into a very faint fiction and stormed out.


The big spear of Bugang pierced the sky, directly stabbed the air, suddenly bursting open.

In the next moment, however, a tremendous slaughter, like a giant wave, came from behind.

Bu Gang shocked and quickly turned around. He only saw Qin Yi. He was holding a long gun with a smoke cloud in one hand. The whole person held a straight line with the long gun. From a thousand highs away, he stabbed himself at great speed.

He doesn't want to play anymore!


With the prick coming out of his gun, the space at the front end of the gun was rolling around like a wave.

And the dozens of lengths of smoke cloud guns are bright and dazzling, like a bright sun.

“Strong attack! ”

Feeling the strength of this gun, Bugang gazed, his soul couldn't help but tremble suddenly, the next moment, he turned back to God, hurriedly shaking his body, rapidly plundering out.


Qin Yi's long gun of smoke clouds stabbed past his collar.

Just one line away, stab him right in the face!

“It's dangerous! ”

The cloth just shook a cold sweat and a chilling piece on the spine.

This is the first time in his life he's seen such a bully shot.

Qin Yi is the ultimate spirit in the Three Shots of Despair.

One shot disappeared, Qin Yi's motion did not stop, the gun turned its head, and then quickly turned to the far side of the cloth gang, stabbing out.

With the gun stabbed out, he was also suddenly divided into 64 whole shadows, a big piece of dense numbness.

Each shadow, with dozens of lengths of smoke cloud guns, rapidly punctured Bugang.

This gun is the extinction of Desperate Three!

“This is…”

Looking at the shadow of Qin Yi, who was stabbed rapidly with a gun, the cloth just felt confused and the whole person was completely stupid.

The 64 shadows of Qin Yi, the stabbing gun was too fast, between the blinks, it was stabbed inside Bugang's hundred fathers, and then the 64 shadows suddenly merged into one.


A sound that pierces the muscle tissue immediately, so crisp and delightful in this suddenly quiet world.

When Bugang was still standing still, Qin Yi's long gun had already been stabbed. He easily broke the silver armor on his body and pierced him directly.

The long gun suddenly stirred, the cloth in front of the chest, a large hole directly appeared and the heart broke.

Boog lowered his head, looked at the big hole in his chest, and the corner of his mouth smoked: “How is this possible? ”

This scene, to him, is as untrue as a dream.

“The facts are in front of you, nothing is impossible. As I said, your end today is death, there will be no second situation! ”

Qin Yi put away his long gun, Xu Xu turned around and stopped looking at Bu Gang.

“Impossible, it's absolutely impossible, tell me it's not true. ”

Looking at the big hole in his chest, the cloth just shook his head incredibly gently.

Qin Yi was silent and was too lazy to ignore him.

“Ah, little Qin Yi, I'm going to kill you! ”

Bu Gang growled and rushed to Qin Yi like crazy.

Just halfway through, he fell to the ground with a thump, and there was no more bullet, which was already dead right.

The silver armor he passed on was made from fire. It had a pretty good defense. It was not easy to break the ordinary elegant artifact, and the medium artifact was able to leave a mark on it.

When the rains in the field would have taken him under his hands, most of the reason was also to see his defense from the armor of fire, but his true strength, in fact, was not very strong.

Whoever thinks that Bu Gang is proud of the armor, in front of Qin Yi, is so hard to hit, with one shot, it directly stirred up a big hole.

“Now that Boog has been killed by me, Tian Yu can easily imagine that I did it, then will there be a stormy response from him? ”

With a faint glance at Bugang's body, Qin Yi exhaled softly: “Before we met, Tian Yu had already lost a lot, not only Bugang, but also 130 ghost blood tigers. He was afraid that it would be difficult to remain calm. ”

Qin Yi and Tian Yu, in the end, Ben is that you die and I live, so no matter how Tian Yu reacts next, he won't care.

Without further delay, Qin Yi rose and quickly returned.

Two days later, Qin Yi had returned to the tomb city.

Tomb Castle.

Siqi Yang, Meizu Yang, Dragon Flame, Oriental Lawn, Xin Zhu, Xia Jiuyu, Xuanlan and 7 others are here.

“Qin Yi, you're back. How's it going? ”

Looking at Qin Yi's safe return, Yang Shiqi Xixi walked past and naturally held Qin Yi's arm, and with her move, you developed two wonderful seats in front of your chest, and slowly pressed Qin Yi's arm, pressing Qin Yi's heart into a daze.

Maiden Yan, Long Yan, Dongzhi and others are also the eyes of concern for Qin Yi.

“Fine. ”

Qin Yi nicely scratched Yang Shiqi's nose: "I was just getting the emperor's liquid. Just, I met one of Tian Yu's men, and there was a battle. I killed that one of his men and killed 130 ghost blood tigers. ”


Rumor has it, everyone in this room has had to make a mistake.

“Ha ha, that was awesome. I knew there was a chance to kill Tian Yu's men. I should have gone with you in the first place. ”

The mad warrior dragon flames, laughing loudly, filled with regrets.

“Qin Yi, let's go to the main hall, tell us more, what is going on? ”

The flaming woman beside her bent the shallow eyebrows, but slightly raised them.

A few people came to the hall and sat down.

“So, when I came up from the Emperor's tomb, I met Rain's man, with 130 ghost shadow tigers, and waited there for me...”

Qin Yi explained the whole thing in detail.

Listen, people are standing there staring at each other.

"Obviously, Tian Yu discovered your trail," said Fengwen, "and they would kill you as they had intended, and then plunder you with the emperor's liquid that you acquired before coming to kill you with 130 ghost tigers. Obviously, they took you seriously, but unfortunately, they underestimated your strength. ”

After a pause, Maiden continued, “It's just, how did they find your trail? ”

Others in this room are also confused.

“Yes. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose: “When I was fighting with Rain Tian's men, I flew over a blood eagle at high altitude. I estimate that blood eagle, like Meizu, your spiritual whale, is a tool for spying on intelligence. ”

“Makes sense. ”

The sight of Femme Flame and all those present cannot fail to shine.

“Tian Yu also has the tools to spy on intelligence, which is not good news for us, and he will always find us here. ”

There has been no squeaking Oriental Chi, Xu Xu said: “So we should be ready to fight them at any time, but luckily, we have eight defensive flags, and the Nine Ghosts are also releasing the fake message of the miracle successfully. At this time, Tian Yu is estimated to be turning the fake message around, even if he knows our tomb town, he will not be able to free up against us. This is our time to prepare. ”