The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1363: Swordsmanship

It was a stone mountain that appeared in their sight, not much bigger, but a bit strange in shape.

And, on Stone Mountain, there is a distinct hint of antiquity.

Feel the ancient smell of this stone mountain. Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiyi are all exposed to fanaticism.

“There are some doors to it, it seems that this is really an imperial tomb. ”

Qin Yi shouted, turning his hand from Na Ling and taking out the black skeleton: “Now is the time to verify the skeleton power of this money rain letter. ”

“Wait, let me do it. ”

Yeung Shiqi beside him was holding Qin Yi's hand.

Qin Yi turned to smile at Yang Shiqi: “Fine, let us see the power of the Golden Sword of the Immortal Sword Emperor. ”

The flaming lady next to Qin Yi didn't say anything, and her face also showed a glimmer of anticipation.

Now Yang Shiqi's weapon, is the Golden Sword of the Immortal Sword Emperor. How powerful is it? It is very exciting.


Yang Shiqi nodded his head, his little face appeared confident, and he stopped saying anything. He turned his hand and took out the Golden Sword.

As she passed Xuan Qi through the Yellow Sword sword, the Yellow Sword sword also instantly surged to dozens of lengths, a golden sword, brilliant, this is a real gold, cast sword.

A pounding sword is also emitted from the golden sword body, while the cheeks of Qin Yi and Fei Mei are surrounded by a sudden and spicy raw pain.

They rubbed their hands on their faces and suddenly touched a piece of blood, all horrified and rushed away.

Now, Qin Yi and Yanmei's physique are not necessarily strong and transcendent. However, the sword emitted by the Yellow Sword Warfare Sword of the Sword Emperor directly cut their cheeks.

It's a true sword of the Immortal Sword Emperor. With such an overbearing sword, practitioners below the four realms of Emperor Dao are afraid to be torn to pieces by this sword.

Looking out at thousands of places, that immortal girl with dozens of golden swords, Qin Yi and Fei Fei were shocked so hard to attach.

“Now, the ‘power of the sword' in Yang Shiqi's body, only two-thirds of it has been released, so it has been healed. If it all breaks through that to the seal, I can't imagine, how much will it be healed? ”

Yanmei's beautiful face was full of horrors. She turned to Qin Yi: “Didn't you encounter the Sword Emperor during your magical journey in the past? Tell me, how strong was she? ”

“On that journey, to be honest, I didn't see the Swordmaster do it, and she was arguing, spreading a vast and sophisticated swordplay around the world. ”

Qin Yi said.

With regard to the Sword King's argument, he still remembers it clearly after so many years.

Kendo, is a type of martial arts. To maximize the power of swords, you must understand Kendo, and integrate Kendo into the sword method, it is able to achieve true human swords in one, and the sword moves freely.

Tao, is a more advanced existence than martial arts. Although Qin Yi has broken through the imperial half-step six realms, he is still somewhat obscure about the path, and still unable to reach the true drip of the path.

Thousands of feet ahead.

Dressed in a white robe, Yang Shiqi wore out the wind, with his tens of lengths of golden swords on his back, has rushed from the ground to the air, fixed there, white clothes floating, blue silk dancing.

As she poured the air inside her, the air around her was also centered around her, rapidly spinning, forming a huge swivel, a flying sandstone.

Then she slowly lifted the dozens of long gold swords, slowly lifted them up, the tip of the sword to the sky, on the tip of the sword, a golden ray straight into the sky, that huge sword power, stirred the clouds in the sky, also slowly spinning, the golden rays on the clouds, reflected down, put the heavens and the earth, all reflected into a golden color.

The whole great emperor, energetic, swordy.


In a delicious sigh, Yang Shiqi held the Golden Sword in his hands and struck down towards the rocky mountain in front of him.

With the splitting of her sword, a golden sword of hundreds of lengths emanated from the sword blade of the golden sword, ripping through the sky and dividing the heavens and the earth into two parts.


In the loud noise, the mountains sway.

The hundreds of lengths of golden swordshadow struck hard on the rocky mountain, from the top of the rocky mountain to the root of the mountain.

“Boom boom...”

Two and a half stone mountains, slowly split apart towards both sides.

This rocky mountain clearly contains some form of law formation. Although endless years have passed, the power of law formation has been wiped out by the years, but it still possesses some power of confinement.

Even so, Yang Shiqi divided this stone mountain into two parts with one sword.

What a powerful sword!

Qin Yi and Feiniang, who were thousands of feet away, saw that the stone mountain had split to both sides, all stayed completely, chin broken ground, very uneasy heart.

With one sword, a stone mountain, this scenario is as unreal as a hallucination.

At this moment, they have hidden in Yang Shiqi that during the immortal years, the sword emperor's wind, tall, great shore, can only worship, cannot climb!

After a sword split the stone mountain in half, Yang Shiqi has slowly landed from the sky like nine days of immortality, and the gold sword in his hand has returned to normal.

“Well, my sword, isn't it powerful? ”

Yang Shiqi turned back and smiled happily at Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai. Then he raised the pointed small chin of the snow white slightly, with a slight arrogance on his face.

Qin Yi and Feiniang Yan returned to God and smiled at each other. Qin Yi spoiled and rubbed Yang Shiqi's hair: “The Sword Emperor is the Sword Emperor. I must say, we were indeed stunned by your sword. ”

“All I want is to amaze you with the effect, hum! ”

Yang Shiqi was not humble at all. She was quite sophisticated. She snorted softly. The smudge on her face was a bit thick again. Seeing her like this, Qin Yi almost laughed.

Their previous judgment was clearly correct, and the stone mountain in front, which was split in half by Yang Shiqi's sword, was a golden ray, coming from the bottom of it.

Seeing this golden moon, Qin Yi three people were happy and rushed to the past. He saw only the interior of this stone mountain, which was artificially chiseled into a graveyard. However, this graveyard has been split apart by Yang Shiqi's sword with the stone mountain, and followed by one in two.

Inside the tomb room, like the imperial tomb Qin Yi had previously found, there were twelve stone lions placed around it, while in the central location of the tomb room, there were several golden bones, beneath the bones, were large pieces of imperial fluid.

Looking beneath the golden bone, a large amount of emperor's liquid, Qin Yi's three faces, all showed a strong color of joy. Without saying a word, he moved those golden bones away. After a few weeks of pious worship, he unnecessarily put away the large portion of emperor's liquid, and didn't drop a drop.

“How many emperors are there? ”

Maiden Yang and Shiqi Yang are all eagerly looking at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi reached out his left hand and slowly touched the Emperor's liquid. He immediately learned the quantity of Emperor's liquid: “There are more than 6,000 drops in total. ”

“More than 6,000 drops, this number, though not ideal, is good, huh! ”

Yang Shiqi was also well aware and smiled delightfully shallow: “You know, we can get this imperial fluid in flight now, that's an extra harvest. ”

“Collect these emperor liquors first, wait for the rounds with Zhu Xin and then divide them evenly. Now everyone is tied together on the same boat to devote resources to cultivating, it is impossible to say. ”

Femme Habitual touched her forehead and said.

“That's what I meant. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

More than 6,000 drops of Emperor's liquid, temporarily kept by Qin Yi, were all taken into Na Qing, and a golden hill was piled up in Na Qing.

However, more than 6,000 drops of Emperor's liquid were fed into the ring, yet they did not occupy a tenth of the ring's space.

Na Ring is a very peculiar existence, on the surface is a ring made of green jade, but there is a lot of space inside.

In fact, the Na Rings they are wearing today are still low, and they are said to be high enough to take a mountain or even a pool in.

However, they only carry some items with a nano ring, which is low enough to be worn without any need to wear a higher nano ring.

Of course, even if they wanted a higher ring, it was impossible, because there was no higher ring in the lower realm, and the tattooers in the lower realm could not carve a enough ring to include a city pool.

Higher Naruto, legend only exists in the upper realm.

After adding more than 6,000 drops of Emperor's liquid to the ring, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiyi three people were no longer delayed. They continued their journey and looked to the east to flee.

Although they were fleeing, their speed was not so fast and they were idle. This fifth layer was vast. Even if the rain could pass through the haunted eagles, it would not be easy to track them down as they knew it.

Moreover, Qin Yi also has his own plan. If Tian Yu has been unable to catch up with several of his own people, how can he kill them?

The three men did not make a transient flight, but flew in the Mighty Air.


At some point.

Qin Yi plundered his body and stunned again.

“What's the matter? ”

Yang Shiqi and Feiniang stopped, all looking at Qin Yi with curiosity.

Qin Yi's handsome face gently appeared a raging color: “On the right, about 50,000 feet from us, another stone mountain appeared. The shape of that stone mountain is somewhat similar to that of the previous stone mountain, and seems to be another imperial tomb. ”


Rumor has it, Yang Shiqi and Yan Mei Mai were both stunned. They blinked incredibly there:

… yet another tomb of emperors!