The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1364: Many Emperor's Tombs

“What are you still waiting for? Go collect Emperor Liquid! ”

Qin Yi smiled at the two of them, then suddenly fluctuated the Xuan Qi in the body, and swept towards the right. A few blinks disappeared into the sky.

Yang Shiqi and Yanmei returned to their senses and looked at each other. Both faces appeared intensely delighted. They hurried to Qin Yi's back dust and rushed forward.

But for a moment.

Qin Yi said that the stone mountain has appeared in their sight, the stone mountain is still not much bigger, the shape looks a bit strange, more like a closed yes castle, the whole stone mountain has a hint of ancient smell, obviously there are endless years.

“Oh, it's still up to me to rip this rocky mountain open! ”

Successively encountered two imperial tombs, Yang Shiqi was delighted, both sides of the crystalline jade cheeks, excited and red, the appearance looked extraordinarily touching and cute.

Spin it without saying a word, the jade palm flickered, the golden flash, the golden sword, already held by her hand, the sound, the whole man rushed to high altitude.

Seeing as she was about to do it, with her last experience, Qin Yi and Fei Mai quickly withdrew from thousands of places to open, lest the pond fish be affected.

Through Xuan Qi, the golden sword in Yang Shiqi's hand rose again to dozens of lengths, the air around her, and the clouds in the sky, spinning up again, giving a feeling of spinning back to the dragon management.

The heavens and the earth are golden by the sword.

Energetic and swordy.


Yang Shiqi's sword broke out, the hundreds of lengths of golden golden golden mang, divided the stone mountain in front of him directly into two parts.

The three of them rushed over and found the scene inside this stone mountain, which, like the previous stone mountain, had been carved into a small circular tomb, surrounded by twelve stone lions and several golden bones in the center.

And beneath those golden bones is an emperor's concentrated liquid.

After removing the bones of the great emperors and worshipping them sincerely for a few weeks, Qin Yi put the emperor's liquid into the abstinence.

“This time, how many? ”

Yang Shiqi raised her little face slightly and asked happily.

“This time, just over 5,000 drops. ”

Qin Yi replied.

“Nice. ”

The flaming woman beside her smiled shallow, her cheeks were also a little red, obviously a little excited: “The tombs of the two emperors gave us more than 10,000 drops of imperial fluid, which is a good harvest. ”

After adding the Emperor's liquid present in the Emperor's tomb to the precept, the three Qin Yi continued their journey east without delay.

The fifth floor of this mausoleum is incredibly vast and seems to never reach its end.

At some point.


Qin Yi's ravaged figure, stunned again, the whole person completely stunned there.

“What's the matter? ”

Yang Shiqi and Yan Mei Mai followed her to a halt. Yan Mei Mai frowned slightly. "You're not going to find the Emperor's tomb again? ”


From the extreme shock, Qin Yi returned to God and breathed out a long breath. Junyi's face was overwhelmed with a strong rave of fanaticism: “Obviously, you were right, I did find an imperial tomb, and it existed in a position with about 70,000 people in front of us. ”


Again... an imperial tomb has appeared!

Yang Shiqi and Feiniang were like five thunder blasts, stunned there, unable to move, the two attractive red and moist mouths, stunned open, chin shattered the ground.

After a while, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang returned from the extreme shock.

“Oh, my God, is this true? I'm so happy, huh! ”

Yang Shiqi is so excited that she can't find the North.

Femme Femme is still calm and habitually touched her beautiful forehead: “It is surprising that three imperial tombs have been encountered in succession. You say that this is not the reason Feng Shui is particularly good. ”

Feng Shui?

Qin Yi couldn't help but look around and sweep the grassland. “Regarding feng shui science, I won't move, but I don't think there is any feng shui here. Feng shui feng shui, you have to have peaks and water to form feng shui. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, Feng Mei Mai and Yang Shiqi are both profoundly nodded. Although they do not know feng shui, the most basic reason, can still be thought of.

“Isn't the fifth floor of this mausoleum a legend of miracles? Is it related to that miracle? ”

Yang Shiqi's charming glassy eyes twinkled gently, looking at Qin Yi and Fei Fei, respectively.

According to her, the eyes of Qin Yi and Fei Fei Feng were all forced to shine lightly. The two faces appeared fanatical.

Qin Yi nodded: “Although we do not know what the miracle is, it is unusual that three emperor tombs appear in succession here. Perhaps there really is some connection to that miracle. ”

“If that's the case, it's fun. Now the western realm is hot, and a lot of drifters are gathered there, trying to find miracles. I don't know, miracles are in the east! ”

Feminine smiled delightfully.

“Now, we don't know if that miracle is in the east, it's just our assumptions. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose.

When Xia Jiuyi let out a random wind, he pitted most of the practitioners here, even the rain in the field.

“Discussing this makes no sense. I think we should go now and collect the emperor's liquid from the tomb. ”

Yang Shiqi waved her delicate hands towards Qin Yi and Feiniang: “Let's go! ”

Without further delay, the three men stormed forward, before and after the Emperor's tomb, or the stone mountain was split open by Yang Shiqi's sword.

This time, they got over 4,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid.


“There is an emperor's tomb on our right about 70,000 feet, and we used to. ”


Yang Shiqi split the stone mountain with a sword.

“More than 5,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid, that's good! ”

“There is an emperor's tomb on our left, about 60,000 feet, where we used to be. ”


Yang Shiqi split the stone mountain with a sword.

“More than 4,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid! ”

“There is an emperor's tomb situated about 50,000 feet in front of us, and we go there. ”


Yang Shiqi split the stone mountain with a sword.

“More than 6,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid! ”

“There is an emperor's tomb on our left about 40,000 feet, and we go. ”


Yang Shiqi split the stone mountain with a sword.

“More than 5,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid! ”


A few days later, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiyi three people have found seventy-eight as imperial tombs and obtained the quantity of imperial fluid. There are already tens of thousands of drops.

The eastern part of this fifth floor, which is the gathering place of the tomb of the Emperor, a tomb of the Emperor, appears here, and we don't know exactly how many.

Qin Yi and the three of them were all excited to the extreme. This is a fairy land for them. They previously expected the number of this fifth imperial tomb to be more than the lower four floors, but did not expect it to be so dense and numb.

In fact, before entering the east, Yanmei had seen one or two occasional imperial tombs here through seven Lingwu, but she didn't really think that it was just an ordinary stone mountain.

Knowing the interior of these rocky mountains, they all existed to make a cemetery, and she would have led the crowd here.

Speaking of which, they would break into this imperial tomb, and thank God for the rain, which forced them to flee to the east before entering the imperial tomb.

More than a dozen days later, they had found more than twenty Emperor's Tombs here, and they had gained hundreds of thousands of drops of Emperor's Liquid, before they even dared to think about it, except for Tianyoudong, which was encountered on the fourth floor, where they would have found such a large amount of Emperor's Liquid.

“Oh, more than 100,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid, even if the seven of us divide it equally, one person can divide nearly 20,000 drops of Emperor's Liquid, enough to make us fix it and make a big cut. ”

Yang Shiqi said that the jade cheeks on both sides, always a red flutter, appeared unusually touching.

“Go on, let's keep looking. There may be an imperial tomb in the east. For the average practitioner, it's all treasure, and I don't want any lost beads. ”

Femme waved her delicate hand and said excitedly.

The three men, without delay, continued to search here for the tomb of the Emperor.

A few days later, the amount of emperor fluid they had collected had exceeded 30,000 drops.

Such a huge amount of Emperor's fluid, if you throw it out, you really don't know how much of a sensation it will cause.

The eastern part of this fifth floor, though vast and infinite, does not know how vast it is, but Qin Yi's spiritual power has led him to reach 80,000 feet, no matter how sporadic these imperial tombs scattered, he can find them.

Then one day, they'll dig up the tomb, dig it all up, and collect the emperor's fluid.

While the three men are trying to find the imperial tomb, Maiden will sometimes recall the remaining three spiritual whales and keep an eye on all movements in this fifth layer.

On this day, Maiden Yan will recall Lingwu, and the light eyebrows will fade away after the captured images have been viewed.

“Something wrong? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

Yang Shiqi beside him, also Glass eyes gently twinkled, confused looking towards the flaming woman.

Habitual touched the beautiful forehead, on the delicate little face, his face became a little heavy, "There are many fierce beasts coming towards us. ”