The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1365: Trail Discovery


There are a lot of beasts coming this way?

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were forced to flash, standing there staring at each other.

“Obviously, it was the rain that found us, and he drove the hordes of animals after us. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “In the past so long, he should also discover our whereabouts, and he should also gradually realize that about the miracle event in the West, it could be both an Oolong event, able to be in the ninth place on the Divine Guard list, only strength, is absolutely not enough, it also needs some intelligence, so many drifters floating to the West, looking for so long, as long as a person with normal thinking, will start to doubt. ”

“Qin Yi, Tian Yuming has already killed you, why are you still so accommodating? ”

Looking at Qin Yi, whose face was light and cloudy, Yang Shiqi blinked incredibly gently.

Ever since I met Qin Yi, I have never seen this guy panic. Whatever the enemy, his divine colour is consistent, as usual, he pretends to be forced.

Fortunately, he is not his enemy, otherwise, he will die of anger.

“Shiki, didn't you hear this guy say he had a great plan to kill Tian Yu? ”

Seeing Qin Yi's consistent disguise, the flaming woman beside him also couldn't help but cover her mouth. “Pfft” smiled and sounded. Qin Yi glanced.

Seeing the look of Maiden, Qin Yi would come over with pleasure. Some helplessly touched her nose and sighed: “This is all because she looks so handsome. In fact, I didn't pretend to be forced at all. It's just natural. ”

He shook his head slightly and raised his face slightly, appearing slightly arrogant.

Seeing as how he smells beautiful and unwanted, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang are both happy flowers, laughing a branch of flowers trembling, full of the temptation or power of life.

At the same time, the heart of the two breeds a thick sweetness. This guy is handsome and comical. It's all right and he likes to pretend. It's so much fun.

So much for a husband and wife.

I couldn't stop smiling. Femme Yan looked straight at me and said: "Qin Yi, what is your plan? ”

Yang Shiqi beside him, also Glass eyes constantly flashed, very curious looking towards Qin Yi.

“It's hard to say yet, depending on whether things will eventually go as I expected. ”

Touching his nose, Qin Yi said: “This is a passive ploy, not even a ploy, but a prediction. ”

“Well, let's keep on running and get ready for battle, let's go. ”

Qin Yi waved his hand at Yang Shiqi and Feiniang without further delay. He suddenly fluctuated and rose to the sky. He continued to omit towards the east, and still did not expand in a flash.

Seeing that he was always unwilling to reveal this matter, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang similarly glanced at each other, helplessly smiled, and could only flutter their inner qi, walking behind Qin Yi and plundering away.

During the escape, Qin Yi always pulled out his spiritual power, covering the area of about 80,000 square feet, and noticed all the movement within this range.

About half an hour passed.

“Boom boom...”

The earthquake shook up like a mountain falling into the sea.

“Looks like this horde of beasts has quite a few, so many beasts to deal with me. This rainfall really looks good on me. ”

Qin Yi sighed slightly helplessly, smiling slightly. In his eyes, Xu slowly combusted a battle spirit.

Now these vicious beasts have not yet appeared within his power perception, in other words, they are still 80,000 feet away, yet the noise is so vast that there is so much to see.

Qin Yi turned his face and looked at Yang Shiqi and Fei Fei Mai, who had only met two good people. They had not said anything. On her delicate little face, she was stirring up a stirring war will. She had already entered the state of battle.

Yet another few minutes later, Qin Yi's power sensing range, suddenly poured into a large number of fierce beasts, like a tidal wave, rushing towards the three of them, dense and numb, there were thousands of heads, in the distance, as if it were a cloud, rushing towards them.

Any kind of vicious beast in this group of vicious beasts, it is obvious that the rain in the field somewhere far away, with the superior beast removal technique, the vicious beasts that exist around the three of Qin Yi have all been driven over.

“Boom boom! ”

The mountains swayed and deafened.

These ferocious beasts came very fast, but soon, they appeared in the sight of the three Qin Yi people. When they were still around 10,000 feet away, these ferocious beasts separated to the left, coming towards the three of them to wrap and fuck, and soon surrounded their group.

“These fierce beasts, who actually know the tactics of baggage, are obviously manipulated by the rain. ”

Femme Yunnan's eyes swept away the fierce beasts around her and sighed: “This rainfall, well deserved by the Divine Guardian, ranked 9th existence, is really scary. ”

“That's true. ”

Femme Yan nodded profoundly, in the talking room, her delicate jade hand flipped, already held her golden sword in her hand, as she penetrated Xuan Qi, the whole golden sword, instantly surged to dozens of lengths, sword strength horizontal, sword magnificent, like a glaring golden sun.

At this time, Qin Yi and Feiniang, naturally, also took out their weapons and held them tight in their hands.

A fierce beast with an unusually large head, with a very intense and violent atmosphere, the meteor turned towards the three of them, rushed to madness, and blinked, it rushed into hundreds of husbands.


There was no extra bullshit, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang, instantly one point suddenly, each in three directions, rushed away, blinking between the eyes, rushed into the herd of beasts.

With the current strength of the three of them, the effect is undoubtedly like three heavy bombs dropped in a herd of beasts, suddenly blowing up, even when there are dozens of vicious beasts, rushing into the sky, falling to the ground, death is very tragic.

Trapped in a horde of fierce beasts, his chest was wary, his eyes were sharp as a blade, his hand had dozens of long smoke clouds, constantly stabbing, chopping, picking, chopping, sweeping, and every time he attacked, one of the fierce beasts died under the gun.

However, the number of these beasts, too many, with their fangs over two metres long on one side, blinked, buried her completely.

Qin Yi's eyes were filled with Sensen's fangs. He was constantly shaking. He could not help but see the mess in his eyes.

“Drive me! ”

In the roar, he made dozens of lengths of smoke cloud long guns, worked hard to pull out the mountain river gas Geshi, and the shadow of the dense numbness was centered on him, and the tide rushed around him.

“Ping-pong! ”

Suddenly, all the beasts around them were swept out.

Qin Yi raised his hand and rubbed a piece of animal blood on his face. He looked back at Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiwen separately and saw only two of them. Each of them was trapped in a herd of animals. The sword in his hand opened wide, and fought with a fierce beast on one side.

Both attackers were unusually sharp, basically killing a beast with a sword.

The eyes of both of them were sharp as a blade, and Hannah's moving delicate body gave off a powerful and spectacular aura, pressing the space around her as if it were a wave.

At this moment, these two extinct women actually give the impression of a wild beast with two hair, but instead, there is a different kind of exciting beauty.


It is more than 100,000 kilometers away from the fierce battlefield between the three of Qin Yi and the Wesen.

Dressed in blue and red, he stood on a mountain peak with a black eagle in his palm, gently touching the eagle's feathers.

Behind him stands the landing wind, the Master Yang Yun, and a ten-year-old yellow towel Liz.

In addition, there are three men carrying wooden swords, who are of ordinary stature and dressed in robes and look very similar.

Don't look at them similarly, just think they're twin brothers, no, because they practiced a special method of martyrdom.

After practicing this easy-to-marrow technique, the bones of the cultivated person become very similar, which is a strange technique.

And from the way the three of them dress, you can see that they come from the Taoists.

“Gravemaster, how's it going? ”

Shi Yangyun was a plotter of Tian Yu, and said respectfully.

Lu Feng and the three strong Taoists will also look at the rain.

Only those two Yellow Scarf Leeds stood there quietly, indifferent to everything.

In fact, once they have been quenched by the blood of the fierce beast into the Golden Lexus, they are no longer normal human beings, and naturally lack the minds of normal human beings.

To be perfectly clear, they're no different from the dead, but they're a lot more advanced than the dead, and the dead are just walking corpses, pure murder tools.

Goldilocks, on the other hand, still has simple thoughts, emotions, anger, once angry, will be stronger in battle, in fact, it is close to the nature of the beast.

“Rest assured, I have 36 ghost eagles, Qin Yi and Feiniang, who cannot escape from my palm of hand, and now they are heading east with another woman, should be fleeing. The woman in the white robe must also be the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, and since she is able to reach the fifth floor, it means that she is not weak. ”

After that, he threw the ghost eagle in his hand into the air, which disappeared into the sky as it slammed the wide wing, winking for a few minutes.

The haunted eagle did not make a sound of a punching wings, to go blind, like a ghost.

Tian Yuxue said: “I have driven the fierce beasts around them and rushed to kill them. ”

“Running east? ”

Shiyang Yunyu frowned and Xu Xu said: “The drifters all went to the west to look for miracles, but they fled to the east. There are articles. ”