The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1369: 3,000 kilometres

“Go, we continue to hunt down Qin Yi and the three of them. ”

Tian Yu will wave.

Obviously, the few of them, at this moment, are all full of energy, getting a lot of emperor fluid, and possibly even that legendary miracle, just to think, is exciting.

After the departure of Tian Yu and several others for two hours, Dongzhi led four people, Xia Jiuyu, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan, who also came to the edge of this cliff. Several people looked up at the Oriental sky.

“This situation is very much like a mantis trapping a cicada lark behind it, but that's not what we're playing with. ”

Dongzhishang smiled, then she reached out her hand and recalled a Ling Wu. After a while, she put Ling Wu back into the air with her knowledge. “At present, the people and horses of Tian Yu are not far from Qin Yi. If I am correct, within three days, Tian Yu will attack Qin Yi, and now we will hurry. ”

Bamboo, Xia Jiuyu, Dragon Flame and Xuanlan are all divine colors.

The wisdom of Dongzhi, they are clear, so they also have a great deal of trust in it, and they generally do not object to what Dongzhi suggests.

After a pause, Dongzhi continued: “Also, Qin Yi seems to have collected a lot of Emperor's Liquid in the east of the fifth floor, this time, we are rich. ”

Femme Yan handed Dongzhi's four Lingwu, Dongzhi didn't just use them to track down a few people in Tian Yu, but also let them keep an eye on Qin Yi's movements.

Qin Yi, have they collected a lot of Emperor Liquid?

Hearing this from Dongzhi, the three of them are all in good spirits.

Only dragon inflammation, just a lack of interest to skip the mouth.

Emperor Liquid, for him, is shit!

A shitload of golden shit!

Previously in the West, dragon inflammation was constantly challenging practitioners everywhere, giving him strength, and there were a number of breakthroughs. The Dragon of War lineage in the body activated a lot.

The dragon ball Qin Yi gave him at that time, had been hit by dragon flame into the Dantian, to nourish it with a war dragon Xuan qi.

Dragon balls exist too long ago, energy has lost a lot in the years, and then Dragon flame activated its own warrior dragon lineage, energy almost exhausted, it must be nourished well before energy can recover.

When the Dragon Ball's energy is restored, use it to activate the Dragon of War bloodline in the Dragon Inflammation, it will be half as powerful.

If it is not possible to activate the Dragon of War lineage in the body, it will never be possible for Dragon inflammation to return to the state where the Emperor of the Great Dragon is not present in Sengu, and Dragon inflammation itself has long realized that it is not possible to combine the Dragon of War lineage in the body by fighting alone.

Unlike what is commonly known as the Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball at Dantian is the essence of the Dragon Tuna Sun and Moon, which gradually accumulates.

Dragon flame possesses dragon balls, but during the immortal years, no great dragon emperor before the meteor, gathered with the blood of the dragon.

Only Dragon's blood serum can completely activate the Dragon of War lineage in Dragon inflammation.

Only by activating all the Dragon blood in the body can Dragon inflammation get the essence of martial arts learned by Emperor Dalong in his life, and restore it to the peak state of the Immortal Age.

The martial arts learned by Emperor Dalong's life is actually Dragonflame's own martial arts. It's just that when he died, his soul almost broke apart and his martial arts disappeared, everything can only be started from the beginning!

There was no delay, Oriental Shiba led the crowd and chased them to full speed.

They must arrive at the scene when the rain and the Qin Yi confront them, otherwise their operation will have no significance.

Tian Yu was too powerful, and no one dared to take it lightly in the face of such a powerful enemy as him.

Behind Dongzhi et al., there are also more than a dozen remnants, coming to the east, extremely fast, almost instantaneous, not much different.

These more than a dozen shadows, undoubtedly the drifters who had previously been operating in the west, when they learned of the Western miracle, but only a lie, these drifters became angry with shame and rushed to the east to hunt down Qin Yi.

Moreover, Qin Yi several people went east, which also caused them to generate a lot of speculation, and felt that there was a lot of articles in it.

Obviously, the eastern part of the fifth floor of this mausoleum is already full of wind and rain!

At this moment, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang are still not slow to move forward. Qin Yi refined the bronze mother ding while eliciting spiritual power and searching the imperial tomb.

On the other hand, the feminine beauty of the wind is constantly summoning Ling Wu, watching for the rain behind them and the movement of Dongzhi and others behind them.

“Oh, this Oriental Chi, the talent is really good, she has led Zhuxin et al., chased Tian Yu and them at full speed. ”

Femme put the ghost back in the air, customarily touching her forehead, and smiled shallow: “Obviously, she is fully aware of our intentions and is fully cooperating with us. ”

“She was the master of the second tier, and her intelligence naturally didn't go anywhere. ”

Yang Shiqi nodded profoundly. From the second level, she stayed with Dongzhi. Naturally, she knew much more about Dongzhi than Qin Yi and Feiniang.

Day two.

“The rain is only about 30,000 kilometers away from us. ”

Through Lingwu, Fei Yan reported to Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi.

In this regard, both Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi just smiled slightly, and did not pay too much attention to it.

The net has been spilled for a long time, waiting for the big fish in the rain to enter the net. Once the rain has entered the net, they will fight to defeat this powerful enemy and then get out of here. They have been trapped in this cage long enough.

Of course, before they get out of here, if there's a chance, they want to see the miracle on this fifth floor. What is it?

As soon as they get out of here, they will enter the Great World of Xuanhuang.

Now, both Yang Shiqi and Long Yan have been ranked in the top 30 rankings of the Shen Wei list, and have been qualified to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang.

However, as for Dongzhi, Bamboo Heaven and Xuanlan, they did not intend to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang, so they did not value their ranking on the Divine Guardian list.

Also on this day, Qin Yi, through spiritual power, found another imperial tomb and collected more than 4,000 drops of imperial fluid.

By now, they had collected more than 80,000 drops of emperor fluid, exceeding their original expectations.

Another day passed.

“The rains are only about 20,000 kilometres away from us, and we should be ready to fight. ”

Fei Mai put a Lingwu back into the air, touched the beautiful forehead, and turned her face to Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi.

“It's only 20,000 kilometres away, no rush. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, sweeping the flame of purple refining before her eyes, wrapped in the constantly refining bronze mother, and sighed at herself: I wanted to fight Tian Yu with it, now it seems obviously impossible.

Next, Maiden Yan continuously reports back to Qin Yi and Siqi Yang through the images captured by Lingwu.

“Now, Tian Yu and them, we're only 10,000 kilometers away. ”

“Now, Tian Yu and them, we're only 8,000 kilometers away. ”

“Now, Tian Yu and them, we're only 5,000 kilometers away. ”

“Now, Tian Yu and them, we're only 3,000 kilometers away. ”

“ …… ”


Qin Yi exhaled softly, and the Xuan Qi in the left hand of the demon took away. The purple purple refining flame wrapped around the bronze mattress was suddenly extinguished. Then the palm of the hand flipped, retrieving the bronze mattress in the ring, and removing the long gun of smoke cloud.

Although the figure weapon refined from the Skull of Yuxin Qin is not weak, Qin Yi still uses the Yanyun long gun relatively smoothly.

The long gun held tight in his hand, Qin Yi's chest, is an unstoppable rolling up a fierce war will, and his whole human rhythm, also instantly changed greatly, like a sheathed sword, standing between the heavens and the earth.

At this time, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang, both of them took out their own weapons. Both of their swords of war are hidden in a cold sword, making people's hearts uncontrollable to develop a chill.

Especially Yang Shiqi's golden sword, she did nothing but hold it in her hand, the golden flash, that sharp sword, is to scratch people's cheeks, hidden pain.

“So, Dongzhi, how's it going over there? ”

Qin Yi turned his face and asked Feiniang Yan.

“Dongzhi led them, they are very close to Tianyun, but now Tianyun they have focused their attention on us, do not seem to find Dongzhi and others behind them. ”

"And the dozen drifters behind Dongzhi are a distance away from Dongzhi, and it takes some time to get here. ”

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi ran away.

As the war approached, an invisible atmosphere of tension spread unconsciously.

About 3,000 kilometers from here.

A stone mountain, split in half by a sword of Yang Shiqi, on the top of half of the stone mountain, dressed in a rotten red and open coat of animal skin, stood there quietly, that deep eyes, emitting eagle-like vultures eyes.

The Master Yangyun, Lu Feng, the three Taoist strong, and the two Golden Leeds stood respectfully by the rain.

Tian Yuguang glanced at the lower two and a half stone mountains. Xu Xu said: “Did you see that? This rocky mountain was indeed a tomb of emperors, and those golden bones were the bones of the Great Immortal King. ”

“Qin Yi found so many imperial tombs in the east, and the harvest was absolutely amazing. Although I had never met him, I had to thank him for collecting so much imperial fluid for us. ”

Master Yangyun smiled lightly.