The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1372: Rest in Peace

Seeing him like this, Dongzhi smiled helplessly and shook his beautiful head: “Not in a hurry, now Tian Yu they have not yet acted personally, only to provoke the ferocious beast, to attack Qin Yi and the three of them. The number of ferocious beasts, though very astonishing, with the fighting power of Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang, it will not be very difficult to cope. ”

Listening to her, Yan Zhuxin and others, also completely let go of their hearts.

Indeed, with the strength of Qin Yi and their common ferocious beasts, there is nothing they can do. Even a large number of them are useless. They are merely adding corpses to the apprenticeship, and will not cause them much harm.

“So we wait here now? ”

Bamboo frowned and asked Dongzhi.

“Exactly. ”

Dongzhi nodded, "Now, Tian Yu they are about 100,000 husbands away from Qin Yi, standing quietly there, they didn't do it, they didn't do it, we didn't do it, don't forget, our strategy to deal with Tian Yu this time is to clamp both sides, let them be fought back and forth. ”

Now, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiwen are surrounded by tens of thousands of counted ferocious beasts, and Tian Yu will not attack them, and naturally they will not be able to form a two-sided clamp against them.

They clamped down on Tian Yu on both sides and killed Tian Yu with one move. This was actually what Qin Yi had in mind.

It has to be said that their plot, in which the two sides have been absent from each other, can be so tacitly accomplished, thanks to the seven spiritual beings.

It was those seven spiritual whales that allowed them to see the whole situation clearly and, depending on the situation, adopted a tactic against the rains on both sides of them.

After a pause, Dongzhi continued: “Yes, now I know that Tian Yu's tool for controlling the beast, turns out to be a jade. That's strange with Yushao. However, since Tian Yu can be ranked ninth in the ranks with the Divine Guardian, besides being able to drive a large number of fierce beasts, his own strength is absolutely very strong. We cannot ignore this, otherwise, when confronted, he will inevitably fight. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, Zhu Xin, Xia Jiuyu, Xuanlan, Dragon Flame all nodded.


All of a sudden, a loud bang, coming from the sky, clearly enters the ear.

Hearing this whisper, the people present were forced to stare at each other.

“What do you mean, it's raining? Is he going to do it? ”

The dragon flame was brilliant, and the war spirit appeared on his face again.

And the eyes of the three people, Xia Jiuyu and Xuanlan, also became sharp.

Xuanlan's weapon is a bright long sword. Above that sword body, the brilliant flashes slowly, causing people to chill.

She is a genius of the Shenzhen family. In the past, she entered the Holy See in Kyushu entirely on her own strength. Later, she was easily promoted to Divine Defense. She was highly qualified and imaginable.

Now she is half a mile taller than Qin Yi. She has stepped into the six realms of Imperial Dao, but in strength, she is afraid to be just a little worse than Qin Yi. After all, Qin Yi not only possesses the left hand of the celestial demon, the seeds of the four elements, but also a lot of hegemonic martial arts.

“Take it easy. ”

Dongzhi pressed his hand slightly. “If Tian Yu did it, he would not blow again. If he blows now, it's just that he hasn't done it yet. ”

Listen to her, the faces of the people present are slightly slower, yes, if he really did it, he couldn't have blown his hands out again.

Oriental Chi frowned, listened carefully to the honking sound for a while, sighing: “Good evil honking, Yu is only external, but the howling sound of the beast is actually sealed inside the honking sound of the beast, the one that can drive the beast is not the honking sound, but the howling sound of the beast sealed in the honking sound. ”

Rumor has it, all four people are in favor of nodding their heads.


On the fierce battlefield.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang were still caught up in the fierce herd of animals, and were frantically killed.

By this time, all three of them had been numbed, and thousands of beasts had been killed by them.

Fortunately, none of them are ordinary practitioners. Otherwise, in the face of so many ferocious beasts, even if they will not be killed by ferocious beasts, they will be tired to death.


Tian Yu's boom, coming from the sky again.

The three Qin Yi people who were frantically killing each other, listening to this voice, all had to be puzzled and their faces revealed confusion.

“Boom boom...”

And those massive beasts around them, after hearing this sound, actually renounced the attack on the three Qin Yi people, ran around them, and for a moment, rocked the mountain.

Countless monstrous beasts tread on the ground, as if Chunlei were deaf, the momentum swept down the mountain, almost shaking the human heart out of his heart.

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang were surrounded by a fierce beast running like crazy. The faces of the three showed confusion.

The three of them quickly approached each other, and for a while, they stood there staring at each other.

Femme's eyes, cold as a blade, swept constantly towards the fierce beast running around her, customarily touching her forehead: “This seems to be a formation, the rain of the field is honking, driving these animal formations. ”

“It is indeed a formation. ”

Yang Shiqi next to him nodded profoundly: “And I felt that as soon as this array was arranged, the difficulty of killing, suddenly rose to a level. That Tian Yu is a really good means of controlling these vicious beast formations with a whistle when people are not there. ”


Without saying anything, Qin Yi directly pushed his left hand, elicited spiritual power, and covered all the fierce beasts running around him.

Suddenly, the distribution of these vicious beasts was directly in the form of a picture, which was reflected in Qin Yi's mind.

Only these vicious beasts are seen, in constant madness, but they are very orderly, forming a huge circle, which is divided in half, like two fish chasing each other constantly.

“This is clearly a yin and yang array. ”

Qin Yi was horrified.

Far from 100,000 people, Tian Yu is able to control these beasts with sound, form a yin and yang array, its control of the beast is intelligent, when it is really hard to imagine, these beasts in his hands, like mud, can pinch as much as you want.

Moreover, Qin Yi also found that the arrangement between these vicious beasts is very doorway, the most powerful, such as the six-armed giant ape, snow lion, and giant tooth tiger, is in the innermost layer of the yin and yang array, the weaker the strength, the more it is in the outer layer.

So many fierce beasts run wild, let alone fight, just look, it's confusing, scalp numb.


The sound of the rain, uninterrupted, always coming from the sky, slowly.

This tone sounds soaring, but it is actually very evil. After hearing it for a long time, it will unwittingly fall into a violent state. It is intelligent, the chest is filled with killing thoughts, even on the body, it will be like a beast, and unwittingly, it will emit a strong and violent atmosphere.

Fortunately, Qin Yi possesses the left hand of the demon and enters directly into the state of the sky and is not disturbed by this evil chorus.

Yeung Shiqi's body, the sealed "power of the sword", also seemed to keep her awake at all times.

Femme Femme, however, is more troublesome. As this tone continues to come, her eyes are so beautiful that they gradually become red.

Her breathing turned a little heavy, with two large seats on her chest, a sharp rise and fall, and a rather seductive ripple.

Only at this time, Qin Yi naturally could not have thought. He went to admire the wonderful ripples. He saw the red eyes of Femme Flame. He had some horror in his heart and hurried to reach out and pat him on his delicate shoulder: “Femme, wake up, shut up and listen. Don't be affected by this tone. ”

With this beating, the reddish red in the eyes of the Femme Flame show immediately faded away like a tide.

However, she shook her head slightly: “It doesn't matter if it was affected by this tone. Sometimes people are filled with killing thoughts, not necessarily a bad thing. It only makes people more combative and powerful. My heart is filled with killing thoughts. As long as I recognize you, I won't attack you. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi's eyes are all compelled to shine, profoundly nodded.

“Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho! ” ……


Nine-headed six-armed giant monkeys of dozens of lengths, rushed from the constantly running hordes of fierce beasts, fast to the limit, in the air turned into nine huge shadows, between blinking eyes, rushed into the eyes of Qin Yi three people.

After that, the six-armed monkey suddenly scored three points, killing Qin Yi three people.

Three heads each.


Qin Yi had a long gun and stabbed one of the six-armed giant monkeys hard. The gun's head was "buzzing” and it emitted a terrible killing intent.

The six-armed giant ape, though huge in shape, was extremely flexible. He shook Qin Yi's body. He actually shook Qin Yi's gun. The long gun adhered to its huge body, stabbed it out, stabbed the air, and made a sharp thud.

Qin Yi held a gun with one hand and swept outward.


The smoke cloud gun swept the six-armed giant ape, sweeping it upright. The power emitted on the long gun was worth billions of millions of dollars. The six-armed giant ape was simply unable to fight it. The huge body was swept to the sky, falling to the ground, and the earth was blown up suddenly and trembling.

However, Qin Yi's long gun had not yet been recovered. The other two six-armed monkeys had already been attacked. Both pairs of Yu Ruo Gyros were spinning rapidly. The space around them was all heavily distorted, as if they were about to collapse at any moment.