The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1373: Enemy Seduction

Feeling behind him, suddenly rushing to death, Qin Yi didn't even look at it, the whole person suddenly rushed to the sky, and the motion on his hand didn't stop, sweeping back hard.

“Pong!” “Pong! ”

Two loud noises!

Smoke cloud guns swept on two six-armed monkeys, an unparalleled force that swept two six-armed monkeys straight out of the hundreds.


The void of a long gun in Qin Yi's hand.

He was already a one-handed man, and the whole man was in a straight line with the longgun, heading towards one of the six-armed monkeys and stabbing him.

The air around the longgun was pressured by the pressure from the longgun mountain, and it floated.

The six-armed giant ape had just climbed up from the ground. Qin Yi's long gun had arrived, "Huh!” The six-armed monkey had passed through his chest.

As he stirred up the rifle, a big hole appeared in the chest of the six-armed monkey, and his heart was stirred to pieces.

This situation, even the fairies, will not survive.

“Kill one! ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly.

At this moment, the light suddenly darkened. Qin Yi looked up and found out that the remaining two six-armed monkeys had attacked. Only a six-armed monkey was seen with a big hand open like a puffin fan. He shot it with no head and no face.

The giant palm has not yet been photographed, a pound of pressure, has been pressed down like Mount Juratai.

Praise Father Boo!

Qin Yi lifted his leg to the side, and the whole person turned into an extremely faint shadow, rushing towards the side.

“Jeppen! ”

The six-armed giant ape Napufan-like big hand, attached to Qin Yi's coat flap slammed down, shot directly on the ground a huge palm print of five feet deep. Around that palm print, the tortoise cracked many huge cracks, constantly extending forward.

It is perfectly conceivable how powerful the six-armed giant ape is, that practitioners below the five realms of Imperial Dao will fall directly upon it.

Qin Yi had just avoided this palm of the six-armed giant ape, and the other six-armed giant ape had come clapping face to face with a sharp whistling sound.

Qin Yi's body swung suddenly in the air. He would similarly take this palm and easily avoid it. The whole person rose like a shell and then suddenly reversed, holding a gun to the bottom of it, a six-armed giant ape stabbed him down.

In the flash of the blue flash, the smoke cloud gun was like a blue lightning bolt that fell straight from the sky.


A sharp instrument pierces the bones of the muscles, so clear and delightful in the rush of this shaky herd of beasts.

Only Qin Yi's long gun was seen. From the head of the six-armed monkey, it burst out of its crotch, Qin Yi's long gun stirred up, and then threw it out hard.


The six-armed monkey was thrown out of his way and landed on the ground. He was already dead.

“There's the last six-armed monkey! ”

Qin Yi killed Zheng Zheng, without even looking at the body of the six-armed giant monkey, he was a longgun, turned into a shadow, rapidly rushing towards the third six-armed giant monkey.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yi shot and killed two six-armed monkeys. The rest of his mouth growled constantly, and he went mad to Qin Yi.

Its broad foot stamped the ground, immediately stamped the ground, stamped like a spider web tortoise cracked apart, through this stamping force, the six-armed giant monkey's full height body, suddenly rushed up to the sky, slaughtered to Qin Yi.

Its six arms simultaneously grabbed Qin Yisheng. The action was simple and straightforward. There was no fancy at all, and he was eager to tear Qin Yisheng apart.

Faced with the fierce six-armed giant monkey, Qin Yi played the praise of his father to the extreme. His figure swung and disappeared directly in place. The six-armed giant monkey's six arms grabbed an empty space.

However, after all, the animal was the animal. As soon as he grabbed it, he could see that Qin Yi had disappeared directly. The six-armed giant ape stunned in his place.

At this moment, on the spinal beam of the six-armed giant ape, a little sharp pain suddenly appeared. It was terribly discolored and hurried to turn around, but Qin Yi was found already carrying a long gun with a smoke cloud. He stabbed him hard and was fast past the meteor.

The six-armed giant ape has not yet had time to react. Qin Yi's long gun has been stabbed in front of him. The sharp gun head easily put his chest hole.

As the long gun stirred, a big hole appeared in the chest of the six-armed monkey.

The six-armed giant ape glanced nitrously and stopped all movement. The body was more than 10 feet tall and fell slowly behind her.


Qin Yi exhaled lightly. Qin Yi put away his long gun and turned to look at Yang Shiqi and Fei Fei not far away, and found them both. He also happened to kill the last six-armed giant ape.

Three men killed three six-armed monkeys almost at the same time!

It's only two minutes before you kill all three giants!

In theory, the power of Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi should be at the same level. Although Qin Yi possesses the left hand of the celestial demon and the seeds of the four elements, Yang Shiqi possesses the power of a sword. The power of that sword, obviously, is the power of the sword emperor during the immortal years.

Moreover, Yang Shiqi is also a genius of swords. He has long since become a divine practitioner of swordsmanship.

Relatively to the two of them, Femme Femme's power was weaker, but she was stirred up by the sound of the rain. The whole person was like a mad leopard, with a strong violent atmosphere, which allowed her to fight and improve a lot.

Tian Yu's tone, originally driven by the fierce beast, launched an attack on Qin Yi three people, but now it happens to be awkward. Instead, Yanmei uses it to improve her fighting power.

After killing all of the nine-headed six-armed giant apes, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yanmei gathered together quickly.

“Mai Mai, how are you? ”

Looking at Maiden like a beast with red eyes, she asked with concern.

The surrounding Yang Shiqi, also glassy eyes gently twinkled, to focus attention on Femme Flame.

“I'm fine. ”

Despite the intense and violent atmosphere, she was unusually sober and shook her head lightly.

Her red-eyed eyes swept away at the hordes of fiends still running at great speed. "Obviously, Tian Yu is consuming us, waiting to exhaust us, appearing in a glorious place, killing us with one stroke, so that he is decent. ”

“Makes sense. ”

Qin Yi nodded and frowned. “What do you mean, Mai? ”

“Seduce enemies. ”

Femme Yan habitually touched the beautiful forehead and smiled lightly: “Next battle, let's not show our true strength and make a hard struggle. When Tian Yu finds this point, he will definitely think we have reached the end of the strong crossbow, so he can rush to kill us...

“At this time, I believe that Dongzhi and others are closely watching Tianyu and all their actions. Once Tianyu and they rush over, with Dongzhi's talent, they will definitely lead Zhuxin and the four of them immediately. Then, the situation of double sided clamping is formed. ”

“Good plan! ”

Yang Shiqi patted the delicate hand with pleasure and smiled with pleasure: “When Tian Yu rushed over, it was only discovered that we were still strong. This is simply a big net waiting quietly for him to swim in, just because he would spit blood, huh! ”

“Ho!” “Ho! ”

Yang Shiqi's voice had just fallen. More than ten heads of huge snow lions rushed over. He spread his teeth three meters long and quickly bit Qin Yi three people.


“Ping-pong! ”

In an instant, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yanmei were at war with more than a dozen snow lions.

Snow lions are slightly weaker than six-armed monkeys, but this time, there are exactly fifteen, so overall strength is not weaker than the previous six-armed monkeys.

According to the previous plan, Qin Yi three deliberately suppressed some of their strength. They fought fifteen snow lions for ten minutes and “finally” killed fifteen snow lions.

Yet before they could catch their breath, the wild flock of animals around them rushed out more than twenty snow lions in an instant, killing like three Qin Yi.

This time, it took Qin Yi three people more than twenty minutes to “fight hard” before killing more than twenty snow lions.

As before, Qin Yi had just killed more than twenty snow lions, rushed out of twenty giant tooth tigers, and was frantically with them.

This situation clearly shows that everything is as expected by Maiden, Tian Yu created such a fierce beast Yin Yang Array, and then constantly manipulated the powerful fierce beast to fight Qin Yi three people, the purpose is to slowly drain Qin Yi them to death.

However, unfortunately, he obviously missed the calculation. Qin Yi had long ago practiced the martial arts of "The Arts of Return to Life". He practiced infinitely close to a great success. His strength continued to flow, and he would not be exhausted.

Yang Shiqi's body, with the power of a sword, seemed to support her all the way through the battle.

And Mai Fei, although she didn't have the ability to do so, her endurance also rose to a higher level after she was stirred up by the sound of the rain.

Since it was not a full-blown battle, she was also able to fight while darkening herself and regaining strength.

The next scenario, it can already be imagined, Tian Yu is outside the 100,000 chapter, constantly manipulating waves of fierce beasts to fight Qin Yi three people.


More than fifty giant tooth tigers rushed over, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang fell into the siege of giant tooth tigers at once.

This time, with deliberate control, they took nearly half an hour to “kill" more than 50 giant tooth tigers.

When more than 50 giant tooth tigers died, they instantly rushed out hundreds of young wolves and fought with the three of Qin Yi.