The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1377: Dog Abuse

There seemed to be an invisible line above the jade, towing these beasts.


The huge fierce beast of density and numbness, under the command of the rain of the field, formed a huge arrow shape. It was harshly plugged in. Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang were all inundated by countless fierce beasts at once.

“Ping-pong! ”

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang can only wave the weapon war.

However, before they had returned to God, the distant rain of the fields drank out loud: “Move your wings up and surround them! ”

He had two half-circles in his hand, cut up and down in the air.

With his stroke, the accustomed beast at both ends of the arrow quickly moved up, forming two huge half-circle, suddenly surrounded the group of three people in front of him, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang.

“The innermost, against these three, launched the fiercest attack! ”

“Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

Surrounding the innermost layer of the beast, one head spreading several meters of Morgan fangs, frantically rushed towards Qin Yi three people.

Qin Yi, Yan Meiyi and Yang Shiqi dared not be a bit lazy and rushed to fight with their weapons.

It was just a fight, the formation of the fierce herd, changed again.

“Copper walls, iron walls! ”

“Split the three shares, separate them, and kill them one by one! ”

“ …… ”

Tian Yu stood proudly there, holding a jade cock, constantly commanding these fierce beasts in front of him, and changed into various formations, attacking Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yan Meiniang.

The Sorcerer of the Beast, to say the least, is to control the soul of the Beast, turn the Beast into his own puppet, arch his own control, and attack the enemy.

Now, there is no doubt that Tian Yu is the master of these fierce beasts, manipulating the dense and numb herd of beasts in front of him with a jade cock.

“This time, believing these three people, there can be no more skin-hopping. Look at this scenario. They already have only the power to fight. If they continue like this, in a few hours, they will be trampled by these vicious beasts. ”

Looking at the battle scene in front of him for a moment, Shi Yangyun softened his head with satisfaction.

The terrestrial wind and the three Taoist masters beside each other were also expressing excitement. The terrestrial wind heeded and said excitedly: “I seem to have seen a dense and numb emperor's liquid, flying fast towards us. ”

All he remembered was the emperor's liquid.

Of course, this is understandable. Now Qin Yi has hundreds of thousands of drops of imperial fluid on their bodies. In the face of such a large amount of imperial fluid, any practitioner will go mad.

“Hmm, this Qin Yi is strong, but to fight me, obviously he is a little younger. ”

Tian Yu snorted coldly. His miserable white face was cold, and he didn't see any expression. Xu Xu said: “Didn't I just say that? For him, I was a reaper, a reaper who broke his heart! ”

“Qin Yi, you are strong, but in the face of me, you can still only be fooled in the palm of your hand. Tell me aloud, how do you feel now? ”

Tian Yu suddenly yelled at Qin Yi far away.

“Feel you're paralyzed! ”

Qin Yi, who was at war with the fierce herd of beasts, glanced at Tian Yu from afar and suddenly flashed his right hand. A golden palm stamp clustered with his palms, suddenly appeared over Tian Yu and others' heads, suddenly caught them all.

Later, Qin Yi manipulated Jin Guang Huge Palm Print and threw several of them directly into the sky.

“Bastard! ”

Tian Yu several people rushed back, including Tian Yu, one of them was miserable, the gray head dusty face rushed back.

Jiuzhou Holy See divine guard list, the ninth divine guard in the Hall of Fame, was caught by a chicken at a glance, he tossed it out hard, Tian Yu was even going to blow up his lungs, his chest rose and landed dramatically.

This move by Qin Yi is an insult to him!

“Qin Yi, you do this, it's just going to make you die faster! ”

Tian Yu growled and waved his hand: “All of you, I don't want to play with them anymore, kill them directly! ”

He shouted and took the lead, like a big eagle, rapidly slaughtered Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yanmei, who were fighting ferociously with the beast.

Shi Yangyun, Lu Feng, three Taoist masters and two Yellow Towel Leeds also dared not be slightly lazy, hurriedly walking behind the rain and rushing to the sky.

The heartbreaking scene, however, took place at this very moment.

The crowd just flew up, above the sky, the golden flash, a golden palm print, the wind rolled up and suddenly shot it.

“Jeppen! ”

The earth trembled violently.

Tian Yu, Shiyang Yun, Lu Feng, three Taoist masters, and two Yellow Towel Leeds were all photographed on the ground by the golden palm and climbed into a dog-eating position.

This suddenly feared, shooting Tian Yu and others directly, lying there, buzzing in his ears.

“Tian Yu, tell me aloud, how do you feel now? ”

Qin Yi was caught up in the fierce herd of beasts. While fighting the fierce herd of beasts, he exchanged words for what Tian Yufang had just yelled at himself.

These ferocious beasts, although their fighting power has increased considerably, are unlikely to kill them at their present height. Therefore, Qin Yi was able to release his hand and carry out the "extermination of the world" when fighting these ferocious beasts.

Not far away, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang, who are in a fierce battle with the fierce herd of beasts, are busy, look far away, see the rain and others, climb all the way to the ground into dog eating posture, can not help but “puff” a smile and shout.

Tian Yu and others, lay down on the ground for a while before returning to God, suddenly all angry, they can enter the fifth floor of the Devil's Mausoleum, on the Kyushu mainland of the Hung Dynasty, is definitely a peak existence.

Especially in Tian Yu, in such a genius force as the Holy See of Kyushu, he is extremely lean forward, ranked 12th on the Divine Guardian list, saying that he is not too proud of the world.

Now, however, Qin Yi suddenly punched a messy golden palm print, directly into a dog eating shit, which was a disgrace and a disgrace to him, more painful than killing him directly.

Since entering the cultivation world, including the Kyushu Holy See, he has put most of his peers under his feet, his peers have only looked up to him and worshipped him. When has he ever been so insulted?

After returning to God, he suddenly burst into flames, his tall body burst from the ground and slammed to Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, I'm going to tear you apart! ”

Shi Yangyun, Lu Feng and others were similarly angry, only heard Lu Feng angry and drank: “Paralyzed, what posture is bad, must be a dog eating shit posture, angry me, kill this kid. ”

“Straight up this kid's bones! ”


Shiyang Yun and Lu Feng and others, also with tremendous anger, rushed to Qin Yi, who still fought the fierce herd of beasts.


They just rushed out of the ground...

“Jeppen! ”

Shake the mountain!

That huge golden palm print, again, was winded up and slammed from the sky.

Still shooting Tian Yu and others... dog eating shit!

Even the location is the original one!

Though the countless fierce beasts are still running wild, at this moment, the whole world seems to be completely quiet and smelly.

Qin Yi shot more than 10 vicious beasts around him and swept away dozens of others, turning away to smile slightly at Tian Yu and others: “See clearly? For you, I am the Reaper, the Reaper that broke your heart, and right now, is your heart broken pieces by pieces? ”

This time, Tian Yu and others, though, soon came back from that hazy state, and all of them were about to vomit blood.

“You want to die! ”

Tian Yu growled and led the crowd again, rushing from the ground to slay Qin Yi.

It's just a pity, Qin Yi has long been familiar with the light road for abusing his opponents with the hands of "the world of annihilation”. How could he give Tian Yu a chance to rush over?

If you want to abuse your enemies, you must abuse them thoroughly so that they will never forget!

Except he was busy, and he slapped his hand.

“Jeppen! ”

The golden glow, like a giant palm imprint cast in gold, slapped them headless again, still photographed them as... heartbreaking dog eating shit!

Seeing Qin Yi repeatedly photographed Tian Yu and others in an elegant position of eating shit, Yang Shiqi and Feiniang's movements not far away had to slow down and look at this side with great pleasure.

As a result, they moved slowly and instantly flew out from the top of the beast, falling to the ground. Good thing, their physical defense was strong enough, and there was no major obstacle.

“Hee-hee, such a scenario is as unreal as a dream. ”

Yang Shiqi climbed up with a gray face, ignoring the dust on her body, and kept her mouth shut with her bare hands. She smiled.

“Oh, this is not the first time Qin Yi has used this messy golden palm to imprint people. This golden palm imprint is clearly not powerful enough at this time, it is unlikely to kill enemies, but it is still very useful to abuse people. ”

The flaming lady beside her is also a delightful smile.

They are now caught in a herd of ferocious beasts, and naturally it is impossible to stop and enjoy this delightful picture, but after a short pause, they are again carrying their weapons and fighting with the herd of ferocious beasts.

And these hordes of beasts, losing control of the rains, making a big mess of feet, moving back and forth without any more rules, under the madness of Yang Shiqi and Feiniang, blinking, they cut dozens of heads under the sword of war.