The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1381: Land Wind Defeats North

“It goes without saying that at the next few levels, you don't know exactly how crazy the dragon flame is. ”

Dongzhi on one side smiled slightly: “The peak master on the second level, he basically challenged all over, the peak master on the third level, he also challenged most of them, after going up to the fourth level, he also challenged hundreds of peak strong people, can such a crazy challenge not become strong? ”

That's insane!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yan Meiwen both had to be stunned and open their mouths. In the world, it is not likely to find a second person as crazy as Dragon Flame.

Not far away, Dusty and other Taoists are the three masters, but one with a face like water, looking cold ahead, dragon flame and land wind wild battle.

Now the three of them, staying here with Qin Yi and the others, can't say what it feels like, escape, is impossible. Qin Yi's hand in “the annihilation of all beings”, they have seen it, afraid that if they just left, they will be caught back by Qin Yi. If they fight, the three of them, it is even more unlikely that they will be rivals of Qin Yi.

At a certain moment, the eyes of one of the Taoist masters did not shine slightly without marks, then the mouth moved a few times, and the eyes of the other two Taoist masters also lightened up gently.

Apparently, they've just made a sound call, clustered the sound into a line, passed it into each other's ears, and agreed on a strategy.

Far away.

On the fierce battlefield.

The fierce battle between dragon flame and land wind is still under way. The weapons in the hands of the two men are transformed into a silver, red and two giant rays. In constant entanglement, the two men's weapons continue to collide between them. The pounding air waves, like the sea of the ocean, continue to sweep out and rush into the ground, destroying the ground.

At first, it was possible to distinguish who they were, but over time, it was completely indistinguishable, and the sound of the weapon's collision disappeared completely.

The whole scene of the fight, it seemed a little weird, but it didn't make a sound.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand, elicited spiritual power, and covered the battle between the two. Suddenly, all the movements of the two were in Qin Yi's sight, which more than doubled slowly, so that it could be seen clearly.

After a moment of observation, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “The strength of Lu Feng is somewhat lacking for Fei Feng. Naturally, it cannot be the rival of Dragon Flame, a mad warrior. Now, Dragon Flame has not even been developed, so he has hidden the upper wind. As long as he will show off his schooling, Lu Feng will soon defeat. ”

Dragon Flame: The Eight Types of War Dragons.

If you don't fight the Seven Types of Ten Fangs of Hell, Qin Yi and the power of Dragon Flame should be irrelevant, but it is slightly better than the Feminine Flame.

Don't forget, Qin Yi and Dragon Flame are both reborn by the immortal Emperor against heaven. They have their advantages, such as Dragon Flame. There is a Dragon of War lineage in their bodies, while Qin Yi has the Left Hand of the Heavenly Demon.

The next situation, as Qin Yi expected.

At some point.

“Dragon of War Reproduction - Hidden Dragon! ”

Dragon flame suddenly drank, silver gun in hand, as if it directly smashed one side of space, stabbed from a thousand feet away, between the eyes, was stabbed in front of the land wind.

The land wind distinguished the sharp gun head, only to see it in the “buzzing” tremor, emitting tremendous warfare.

His heart suddenly and unstoppably bred a chill, panicked, rushed to escape, yet heartbreakingly, however he avoided, he could not escape.

He just felt the silver glow in front of him, as if it were a silver sun, reflecting a flower in his eyes.

Before he returned to God, it was only in the middle of the big silver ray, the silver gun of the dragon flame came out and instantly lit on the throat of the land wind.

Feel the throat, the sharp gun head emitted a little cold, the land wind swept, stood there in a daze, for a moment, face like ashes, a chill in the heart.

“Lu Feng, you defeated the North, Tsk, that's all strength, and I don't know how you got into the 24th place in the Divine Guardian list. ”

Dragonflame snorted and put the silver gun away: “For the sake of the Kyushu Holy See at the same time, this time, I will not kill you. Go away. If I ever meet you again, the long gun in my hand will definitely pierce your throat. ”

Lu Feng relieved his breath. This time, he finally recovered a life. The last shot from the dragon flame made him smell a strong death breath.

After a cold glance at the dragon flame, the land wind was silent, flushing directly into the sky, plundering away, a few blinks, disappearing into the sky.

Dragon flames can't believe they're letting the land wind blow.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Dongzhi and others who watched the war from afar all blinked quite unexpectedly. According to the nature of dragon flame, the throat hole of the land wind should be pierced with a single shot.

I didn't expect him to be merciful this time!

“Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm a warrior, but I'm not a bloodthirsty. ”

Dragon flame far away towards Qin Yi and others, grinning, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, giving people a very sunny feeling.

Later, he raised the silver gun with one hand again slowly, pointing remotely at the three masters of the Taoist family, in his eyes, again slowly burned the fierce will: “As I said, Lu Feng is just an appetizer, what I really want to challenge is the three of you, come out, let me lead the Taoist, how powerful is it? ”

Obviously, in the current situation, the three Taoists have no second option but to confront each other.

The three Taoist masters looked at each other and without saying a word, they were shaken and disappeared directly in place.

The next moment, they had come to the side of the dragon flame and stood in three directions, surrounding the dragon flame in the middle.

Later, the three of them each slowly pulled out the peach wooden sword on their backs, pointing remotely at the dragon flame, and the sword body of the peach wooden sword rose to about three lengths.

At the same time, a giant yin and yang map emerged from under their feet, slowly spinning, and the diameter of the yin and yang map was hundreds of feet.

In this way, the dragon flame stands at the center of the yin and yang diagram, while the three Taoists stand beside the yin and yang diagram, respectively.

Obviously, this yin and yang diagram, in a certain way, is also a law array, a law array that belongs to the Qi Qi Qing Dynasty. As the three Taoist masters enter the battle state, this law array also emerges automatically.

“It is true that the Taoist family is breathtaking. ”

Seeing that suddenly emerged huge yin and yang picture, Qin Yi in the distance, the mind was clear. In the past, on the third floor, he unlocked the body of the second blue and yang son of Tenfang Hell. At the time of the slaughter of the public pine, under the phantom feet of those three blue and yang sons, such a yin and yang array also emerged.

“Nice, some doorways, but the stronger you are, the more exciting my desire to fight. ”

Stepping in the center of the yin and yang array, the dragon flame smiled, full of silver hair, no wind automatic, silver robe on the body hunting and sounding, in the chest, a time burned tremendous warfare.

“Let's do it! ”

Dragonflame silver gun finger, the silver gun suddenly surged dozens of lengths again, hidden a tremendous amount of pressure, the surrounding air, the surrounding air, all pressed floating.


The three Taoist masters, dust dust dust, smoke and tunnel, have always been silent. If they weren't dressed as Taoists, they would hardly have attracted any attention and had no presence at all.

At this moment, they didn't say a word more. The three of them held about three peach wooden swords and, at the same time, stabbed towards the dragon flame in the center of the yin and yang diagram.

With these three simultaneous swords, a huge sword power, and so on, even Qin Yi and others standing thousands of feet away can feel the sharpness of the sword power, even the cheeks, by the invisible sword, scratched hidden pain.

Don't look at their swords, they are made of peach wood, but they have been soaked with a special medicine solution, and they have been quenched by the Taoist special method, definitely not weaker than the superior sacred objects.

As soon as the three Taoist masters made a sword, their shapes also became instantly sudden. They were like ghosts and uncertain. For a moment, there were countless Taoist disciples, traveling around the dragon flame, dense numbness and confusion.


The sound of the Peach Wood Sword piercing the air kept coming and going.

The peach wooden sword of a handle is a dramatic killing intent. Each sword is not separated from the dragon flame, which suddenly leaves Dragon Flame in a perilous circle.

“Is this the famous Daoist Qing Qing? Very strong indeed! ”

In the distance, wearing red armor and a blue shawl, Oriental Lawn, the tempting red mouth opened slightly and sighed.

“It's really strong, for a moment and a half, and dragon flames just can't handle it. ”

Xuanlan next to her, that beautiful little face, also appeared in horror.

“Oh, these three Taoist masters, jointly struck out the air, although strong and horizontal, there are always some flaws, they are the three people jointly practiced out, how can there be one person to carry out the air, three clean and perfect? Never reach the unbroken realm, in my view, they are a little worse than the second disciple of our ancestors. ”

Around Qin Yi, the bamboo dressed in a white robe was heartwarming, but he turned his nose on the show. He hummed softly and was somewhat uncomfortable.

Hearing her say this, Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, Xia Jiuyu and the three of them all had some tears to laugh at.

The Blood Witch, in the hearts and minds of the Bamboo Heart, is the presence of God. Naturally, it is the second disciple of the Blood Witch, Qingyang Son, who will do his best to preserve it.

However, he is telling the truth, the three Taoist masters in front of him are really not up to the height of Qingyangzi. If you look closely, you can still find that the three Taoist masters occasionally reveal some slight blemishes when cooperating.