The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1388: Transforming Yellow Towel Leeds

While refining Emperor Liquid, Yanmei constantly brings Lingwu back to grasp everything in this eastern prairie.

Through the seven spiritual whales, they learned that there were already many drifters, from the original western realm, who entered the eastern prairie, and they had no idea where the news had come from, apparently towards that miracle.

Clearly, the entire eastern prairie has become volatile with the entry of these drifters.

It's just that they're very likely to come with a bloodbath, and it turns out to be empty, because what's in that miracle is the wood seed.

Wood element seeds, obtained by ordinary practitioners, did not spill much, merely doubled the air and blood in the body, but for Qin Yi, it is a priceless treasure. Only by collecting the five elements seeds can the Kyushu magic knife be reconstituted.

Of course, there are other babies in that miracle, maybe.

“Three people, Dusty Twilight, Dusty Smoke and Dusty Lane, have been killed. ”

On a hillside, dressed in a blue red and open coat of animal hide, he stood there motionless, holding a ghost eagle in his palm, his face sinking like water.

With 36 haunted eagles, he is perfectly capable of capturing the situation in the east.

The Master Yangyun, dressed in grey robes, and the two Yellow Scarf Leeds, stood behind the rain.

When I heard Tian Yu's words, Shi Yang Yun was stunned, and his face appeared with horror.

The two Yellow Scarf Leeds were indifferent and still stood faceless.

Master Yangyun walked up and respectfully asked Yu: “Gravemaster, what are we going to do? Are we going to find Qin Yi and get revenge for the three masters of the family? ”

At the time, several of them fled together, but unfortunately, Qin Yi struck a messy golden palm print and captured the three of them back.

With the strength of Qin Yi and others, Dudust and Twilight are sure to be hard to escape, but now that we hear this news, Shi Yangyun is still very shocked.

“Dusty three people, not Qin Yi they killed, but Dusty they abducted a man and were killed back by the captive. Did you notice a young man in a silver robe with a silver gun? That's him, Dragon Flame, the divine guardian of our Kyushu Holy See. ”

Tian Yu sighed softly: “At that time, I really didn't see it. The dragon flame was so strong that it killed all three of them. As for vengeance for the three of them, there is no need. When I solicited them, I also saw that the three of them were breathtaking. Some might, to be honest, were mutually beneficial relationships. ”

“Exactly. ”

Shi Yangyun nodded: “In that case, we don't have to ignore it. Now that the eastern prairie is already in turmoil, and many drifters are here, let's now plan the next move. ”

Shiyang Yunyun frowned and pondered bitterly for a while. "At present, there are only two things we need to do. One is to kill Qin Yi and Feiniang. This is the tomb master's task, you cannot escape. Secondly, find the miracle. I'm trying to figure out, can these two things be done as one thing? ”

“Two things as one thing to do? ”

Rumor has it, Tian Yu's gaze cannot help but shine slightly, looking to the master Yangyun: “Tell me about it, how do you complete it? ”

“It's simple, when that miracle is found, many people will flock to it, and Qin Yi and they, naturally, are no exception, and then we will take advantage of the chaos and kill them. ”

Shi Yangyun said.

Tian Yu shrugged slightly, "At present, that's the only way. They are now overcrowded, and all of them have been cultivated to be extraordinary. If we kill the past like this, we will surely lose a lot. ”

And he put the haunted eagle in his hand back into the air, and the haunted eagle blinked, and it became a hundred feet, and the wide wing flashed, and turned into a dark shadow, like a ghost, and blinked, and vanished into the sky.

“So where are Qin Yi's positions? ”

Shi Yangyun asked respectfully.

He is a plotter of the rain, and many things are plotted by him.

“A few of them, for days, have been gathering on a bluestone slab, quietly refining the Emperor's Liquid, hmm! This time, the amount of emperor's liquid they obtained will never be small, and it is all in Qin Yi's Na Qing, and later killed him, and the people of Emperor's liquid will become us. ”

Tian Yu snorted coldly. On his miserable white face, he appeared a fanatical color. Although he was a veterinary soulmaster, unlike the fourth level of the progenitor's record, the progenitor's record was to strengthen himself with the soul of Yin and Yang, but Tian Yu, like the usual practitioner, could refine emperor's liquid to improve his cultivation.

With 36 haunted eagles, he knew all the movements of the entire eastern prairie, and Qin Yi and others' whereabouts were clear.

“They split up so many Imperial tombs before, and I estimate that the amount of Imperial fluid they have now is just 100,000 drops. ”

Shi Yangyun's face also appeared a fanatical color: “In this case, this Qin Yi should die even more. ”

“It's nature, even if he doesn't have Emperor's Liquid, he must die, otherwise how can I explain it to Chiaki? ”

Tian Yu slowly raised his head and looked away. Some of the vultures' eyes became a little deeper and sighed herself: “However, now that Qin Yi is around, there are so many masters, then find a chance to do it to him. If there are only Qin Yi and Feiniang, I am confident that I still have the strength to kill them, but now so many masters...”

Tian Yu had a headache.

“Gravemaster, this is a matter of timing, of impatience, but now we have their whereabouts under control. Just keep an eye on them and you'll find a chance to do it. ”

Master Yangyun, dressed in a grey robe, said respectfully.

Tian Yu nodded his head and retracted his gaze from the sky, turning to the two yellow scarves beside him. He turned his palm and flicked his hand. The two blue jade bottles appeared on his palm.

Looking at the two blue jade bottles in his hand, the two yellow scarf leeches had a stubborn gaze, he suddenly became flexible and turned a fanatical color.

“These are the last two bottles of the Big Bang. Take them. Obviously, the next battle is the last battle we will have in this mausoleum. If we win, we will all gain huge profits. As soon as we fly out of this cage, we will be buried here. ”

Tian Yuxue said, throw the two blue jade bottles on your hands at will to the two yellow towel Leeds, two Golden Leeds to celebrate. Hurry to catch the two jade bottles. If you get the treasure, the pairs compliment Tian Yu: “Thank you tomb owner! ”

“Take it. ”

Tian Yu waved at them.

Two Goldilocks grabbed the jade bottle and hurried to the side.

“Gravemaster. ”

Shi Yangyun looked at Tian Yu and sighed: “When you asked me to hand over the bottle of 'Big Machete' to the two Yellow Scarf Leeds, you said it was easy for you to refine, I thought there was only one bottle. ”

“At that time, I refined three bottles. Before I thought they didn't need to be taken out, but now it seems that Qin Yi's strength far exceeded our expectations. ”

Tian Yu slowly said, turning his head to the two golden leprechauns in the distance.

Far away.

Both yellow napkins, some can't wait to pull the bottle plug off the blue jade bottle, then lean back at the neck and pour all the medicine inside into the mouth.

“Pfft, pfft...! ”

As the medicine was swallowed into the abdomen, the two yellow scarf leeches suddenly heard a wave of bone transformation, and their original body, more than ten heights, followed the surge again, and continued to surge for dozens of lengths before stopping.

A gleaming golden ray, rising from their feet, quickly drowned their tens of tall bodies, leaving them as golden as they were cast.

And at that moment when the golden moon completely submerged them, the sound of a "flutter" burst into flames and quenched them constantly.

“Good bullying pills. ”

Looking forward, the bear burned with flames of yellow towel Liz, Master Yang Yun's face shocked, incredibly stunned mouth.

When the two yellow towelists took the bottle, he did not see the two yellow towelists take it with his own eyes. Now, at first glance, he realizes that the scene is so eye-catching, the two yellow towelists actually burned directly.

“The quenching liquid, 'Big Mac', was specially developed based on the physique of these two yellow towelists. If taken by a regular practitioner, it would be like drinking a little sparkling water without any effect. ”

Tian Yu's gaze stared at the two yellow towels in the distance, Xu Xu said: "But for the two golden ones, it has the effect of a phoenix bath fire rebirth. ”

Shi Yangyun nodded and showed admiration on his face.

After a while, the flames on the two Goldilocks were finally extinguished. Apparently, those two bottles were completely quenched.

After the quenching of these two bottles, the bodies of the two golden leprechauns, from their original tens of lengths, broke into dozens of lengths and stood there like two hills, and the skin on them was also like a layer of golden water, golden glow, just to see that there was an unparalleled physical defense.

The two golden leprechauns returned to Tian Yu and Shi Yangyun, kneeling on one leg to the ground, complimented Tian Yu with two pairs of compliments: "Thanks to the Gravemaster for giving us strength and taking a whole new step. ”

“Get up. ”

Hearing the rain wave at them: "Next, there will be an evil battle, and you two, the two swords in my hand, are bad swords, how to kill enemies? ”