The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1395: Heavy Warfare

“Not to be careless. ”

Femme Yan shook her head gently. Xu Xu said: “Don't forget, Tian Yu also has a helper and two Yellow Scarf Leeds. I can feel the strength of his two Yellow Scarf Leeds, he is extremely strong, and this escape, we are in the dark again, he is difficult to deal with. ”

“That's true. ”

Wearing a red armored Oriental, he said profoundly and waved: “Let's go, we must be careful. ”

Without further delay, they rose to the sky and continued to plunder.

They do not know that the spiritual power of the rain has covered them. In this situation, any care they take is useless. The rain can be used against them at any time. The reason why he did not do it is because Meizu and others have been together for so long that he cannot find a single chance.


A fierce beast with an unusually large body suddenly burst apart, and the rain of the field swept out of the fierce beast's body and stood still.

“Femme and others, who do have quite extraordinary fighting power, are fortunate that I escaped quickly. Otherwise, this time, I'm afraid there's really just a little trouble. ”

Tian Yu exhaled lightly, his eyes seemed a little gloomy.

Earlier, Dongzhi's speculation was correct, and Tian Yu went from the body of one vicious beast to the body of the other, and then the group of vicious beasts took cover and left.

He spreads his spiritual power, covering a radius of about 100,000 feet, covering most of the practitioners here, keeping an eye on all their movements.

The practitioners of this miracle have been completely mutilated, and the scene is very tragic.

“It's time for Qin Yi's boy to go. ”

In Tian Yu's eyes, he slowly passed the slaughter intent. In his spiritual power cover, Qin Yi was constantly storming forward, while the bronze mother ding was constantly suspended in front of him, and was constantly refined and chemical by the purple flame of refining emitted in his left hand.

“His bronze mother, seemingly peculiar, has been refined by him for so long that he has not yet refined it. ”

Tian Yumei, slightly raised his eyebrows, showed a slight interest in Qin Yi's bronze mattress. He felt it. Qin Yi's purple refined flame released in his left hand was unusually strong. If he replaced it with a common bronze mattress, he would only have smelted it into air.

“After the boy is slaughtered, the bronze mattress must also come, presumably a treasure. ”

On Tian Yu's miserable white face, a little fanaticism appeared, and his heart became happy. This trip, he seemed to be able to harvest a great deal. The great emperor inherited, a lot of emperor's liquid, bronze mattress and so on, obviously, will eventually become outside his bag.

“The boy will be slaughtered first, and as for Maiden and others, slowly tidy up, and as for the tomb of the emperor, wait for all the practitioners here to be slaughtered clean, then look slowly for them. ”

With this in mind, Tian Yu started the speeds and took Qin Yi straight away. However, he had just left, but his figure was another one, because he found that there were already other practitioners, found the traces of Qin Yi, and was rushing towards him.

“Obviously, it was the wind emitted by Shiyang Yun, and it worked. The two practitioners rushed to Qin Yi's emperor's liquid. ”

Tian Yu smiled lightly: “OK, let you kill first, see how strong this kid Qin Yi is. ”

Two young men, one wearing a white robe, one wearing a black robe, one white and one black, stood there motionless, both with some scars, apparently having experienced intense fighting before their arrival.

With their knives single-handedly pointing straight ahead, they were filled with trembling imperial forces, and the space around them was oppressed, like running water, constantly distorted.

In front of them, Qin Yi stood quietly there. At this time, he had taken the bronze mother ding into the Na Qing ring, with a long smoke cloud gun in his hand and a black human weapon in his hand.

“I hear you have a lot of imperial fluid, at least 100,000 drops, and if you give it to me on your own initiative, we'll leave you a whole body. ”

The young man in the white robe was very straightforward and clearly stated his intentions, while the young man in the black robe was silent, just staring at Qin Yi without moving. In his eyes, there was obvious fanaticism.

“Looks like that bastard Tian Yu is messing around again. ”

Looking far ahead at the two people, Qin Yi smiled with a faint smile: “If you leave this miracle now, you can still live. With time and strength, there is still a strange chance of getting out of this cage. However, if you insist on staying here, your chances of survival will undoubtedly be extremely slim. ”

“That's a lot of bullshit! ”

The young man in the white robe, with his eyebrows and imperial strength from his body, doubled his strength and waved at the man in the black robe beside him: "Do it! ”

They immediately held their respective battle knives, one left and one right toward Qin Yi, rapidly plundered, in the course of the storm, the two pairs strived to split the battle knives apart, two huge white swords, cut out a terrible whistling sound, with a terrible killing intent, and severely split to Qin Yi.

Seeing these two people do it without saying anything, Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly and stopped talking nonsense. His left hand suddenly threw the skull weapon out, spinning towards one of the knives, and he himself, with a long gun with a smoke cloud, quickly faced the other.

“Knock!” “Knock! ”

Two giant white swordsmen broke open and vanished.

After crushing the knife, the skeleton weapon instantly returned to Qin Yi's hands. Qin Yi threw it again, and the skeleton weapon again killed the young man in the black robe very quickly, with a terrible killing intent.

Feeling the exceptional nature of this skeleton weapon, the young man in the black robe dared not be slightly lazy and hurried to raise the knife in his hand.

“When”, the skeleton weapon was cut on the black robe man's white battle knife, a bright spark was cut out, the black robe man's arms were numb, and he had to make a huge step back.


At this time, Qin Yi herself held a long gun with a smoke cloud, headed toward the young man in the white robe, and rushed to the limit of speed. That one stabbed the young man in the chest of the white robe, and the target was still a shot in the "Three Shots of Despair".

The young man in the white robe did not his sharp, bodily wave, disappeared directly in place, allowing Qin Yi's gun to stab him in the air.

In the next moment, he appeared over Qin Yi's head, holding the battle knife in his hands, severely chopped down from the sky, seemed to want to divide this heaven and earth, the white battle knife has not yet been chopped, a terrible pressure, is like a mountain, crushing down.

Praise Father Boo!

Qin Yi didn't even look at it. Lifting his legs, he stepped aside. The whole person turned into a very faint fiction and swept away at great speed.


A giant white knife flap, attached to his jacket, smashed down, leaving a huge crack over a dozen lengths deep on the ground, the pounding air wave, swept away, impacted all directions, a piece of flying sand walking stone.

Qin Yi, however, took advantage of this air wave and rushed to the young man in the black robe. He took a big look and grabbed the skeleton weapon that happened to fly back into his hand.

He stepped out empty-handed, squeezed space directly into inches, and blinked in front of the young man in the black robe. Without saying a word, the skull weapon in his hand split headless into the young man in the black robe.

The black robe youth had no idea that Qin Yi's attack would be so fast. In shock, it was too late to hide, and he could only lift a battle knife and work hard.


A loud bang!

The skeleton weapon was cut over the knife of war.

The tiger mouth of the black robe young man's hands, directly cracked, flesh and blood blurred, the pound of impact shocked him hundreds of miles away.


After the skeleton split the young man in the black robe, he didn't even look at him, and then a long gun burst into the young man in the white robe with a knife of war.

The long gun has not been stabbed yet, the young man in the white robe's chest is a little bitter pain, as if he had already been stabbed by the long gun. The young man in the white robe did not dare to be lazy at all, his figure flashed again, disappeared in place, leaving Qin Yi's gun, again stabbed empty.

“This man is so strong! ”

The young man in the black robe who was split by a skeleton of Qin Yi was horrified in his heart. The action in his hand did not stop. The battle knife was a little sharp on the ground, stopping the flickered figure, the toe was a little on the ground, and he came up with a battle knife: “Kid, I don't believe you. What can we do about you? ”

“Try it!”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

“Ping-pong! ”

The three of them fought together, pounding the air waves, as the weapons continued to collide and swoop away, everything within the circle was directly smashed into pieces, and the earth was struck out of a huge crack and broken.

Qin Yi, with one enemy and two, not only did not fall, but the more courageous the Vietnam War, his four elements in Dantian seeds, burning wildly, let his speed, strength and physical defense reach the peak.

He held a long gun in his hand and a skull weapon in his hand. He opened his arms and was unstoppable.

However, the two people in front of them, too, actually even Qin Yi's "Three Shots of Despair" avoided, did not hurt them in any way. This phenomenon is the first time Qin Yi has encountered it.

To that end, he was also aware that, while the Three Shots of Despair were powerful and were made by combining the essence of the Three Shots, their rank was lower at last, killing ordinary practitioners was still good, but there were few threats ahead of the truly strong.

Fortunately, in addition to "Three Shots of Despair," Qin Yi has other martial arts, and is basically a hegemonic martial arts inherited from some ancient times.

Combined with the possession of gold, water, fire, earthly seeds, and the Left Hand of the Celestial Demon, Qin Yi, although one enemy and two, still quickly took the upper hand, killing two young men in black and white and defeating the festivities.