The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1396: Sneak Attacks

Yet another while later, two young men, white and black, were already all scales. Qin Yi could not have any compassion for those who were wearing the emperor's liquid on him. His killing heart was thick and his eyes were cold.


At some point.

Qin Yi glanced at the young man in the black robe when he attacked, slightly broken, a cold drink, dozens of lengths of smoke cloud long gun in his hand, crossed the long sky, drew a silver light, and stabbed the young man in the black robe at great speed. That one stabbed the young man in front of the black robe, the gun “buzzing” trembling room, with a terrible killing intent.

The heart of the young man in the black robe suddenly burst with endless chills, just felt a strong breath of death, instantly covered him, if he was struck by lightning, his body trembled, for a moment, he was stunned there, only felt the handsome young man with the gun stabbed in front of him, like a god slain from hell.

“Brother! ”

Seeing this scene, the young man in the white robe, still hundreds of feet away, suddenly tore his heart and lungs, trying to save it was too late, he could only watch Qin Yi's long gun of smoke cloud, and quickly stabbed the young man in the chest of the black robe.


Right now.

A dozen long jade cock suddenly appeared in the sky, hit Qin Yi hard, with an awesome whistling sound.

“Damn it! ”

Qin Yi was shocked and looked at the long gun pierced by the young man in the black robe. It was worth suddenly harvesting. He swept hard at the jade cock that went straight to him.


Long guns collide hard with jade cocks.

Qin Yi's arm was numb, even the mouth of the tiger was directly cracked, and the flesh and blood were blurred.

And the gushing air wave hit his chest so hard that it swept through his chest and blood, the whole man flew out.

As he was flying, he pushed his rifle towards the ground, grabbed the rifle and turned a circle, stopping his flying figure.

He glanced and saw only the rain of the field wearing a red and blue coat of animal skin, which had already appeared here, holding his blue jade in his hand.

“The attack didn't succeed. ”

Looking far away at Qin Yi, Tian Yu's miserable white face appeared slightly regrettable.

He has been watching the battle between Qin Yi and waiting for the moment to kill Qin Yi one by one.

And the moment when Qin Yi tried to kill the young man in the black robe, obviously, was also the best time to kill him, because at this time, Qin Yi made a full attack, all his thoughts were killing the young man in the black robe with one move, and he would not notice anything else.

He was even more unlikely to think that he would seize the moment and do it to him.

It can be said that this is the best time to kill Qin Yi. However, what slightly broke Tian Yu's heart was that he still failed to kill Qin Yi.

“It's ridiculous that the ninth best guard on the Divine Guard list could have used such an indiscriminate method! ”

Qin Yi's handsome face still kills and looks at Tian Yu coldly.

At this moment, his heart is undoubtedly full of confusion. How can this Tian Yu be so sure of the timing? He was just about to kill the young man in the black robe. Luckily, he was good enough to be a cop. Otherwise, even if he is not dead, he has been severely traumatized by Tian Yu.

That blow just now, Tian Yu absolutely did his best, even his tiger mouth, was directly cracked.

“What's so funny? Don't forget, it's my mission to kill you, and I don't care what means to kill you. ”

Tian Yu held a blue jade cock and walked to Qin Yi step by step. The steps were very heavy. Without a step, the earth shook for a moment.

Although the blow just now did not go as he wished, since it has already appeared, he does not intend to let Qin Yi go.

In the distance, two young men, black and white, could see the sudden appearance of rain and rain, all of whom had a long and relaxed breath, especially the young man in the black robe, who had a sense of rebirth.

The gun that Qin Yi just gave him one foot, he had already stepped into the ghost gate shut, it was the sudden appearance of Tian Yu that saved one of his own.

After they looked at each other, they did not make any further delays. When the pairs rose and disappeared into the sky, they almost died, and now they stay here and do not leave, that is simply looking for death.

Tian Yu ignored the departure of the two young men, some vultures eyes, constantly stared at Qin Yi, walking towards Qin Yi step by step, he would stay on the fifth floor of this magical mausoleum, the purpose is to kill Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi, obviously, now you can't escape. Before I drove the ferocious herd, I couldn't kill you, but you are going to die. ”

Tian Yuxue said, looking at Qin Yi as if looking at a dead person. Although Qin Yi is strong, he still has absolute confidence to kill Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi, I wonder, how much emperor fluid did you collect before you split up so many imperial tombs? ”

Tian Yu's pale face revealed a fanatical color.

“What kind of bird are you? Why should I tell you? ”

Touched his nose and looked down at the rain and smiled.

Tian Yu suddenly, the corner of his mouth obviously smoked lightly, and he shrugged his shoulder. “Looks like your bones are tougher than I thought. I thought you were going to tell me frankly for the sake of the whole corpse. I didn't expect you to be a little stubborn, but what does it matter? When I kill you, take your ring and you'll know the count. ”

In the talking room, he had come to Qin Yi's hundred brothers, his face was still faint, he had a chest with Chengbamboo confidence, but his body clearly emerged a killing intent.

“Know you're paralyzed! ”

Qin Yi suddenly drank cold, his palms flipped, a bronze mother pounded out, and that burst to more than a dozen places of sight, spreading tremendous pressure, and went straight to the field rain to print hard.

“Jeppen! ”

The bronze mother suddenly appeared, and suddenly stamped Tian Yu directly into the ground for dozens of lengths.

One strike, Qin Yi didn't care if he was dead or alive. He harvested the bronze mother and rose to the sky. In between, it disappeared into the sky.

He felt that the rains were strong and that even the display of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons did not necessarily kill him. After all, the ranking of Tian Yu on the Divine Guardian list was there.


The earth burst apart, the rain rushed out of the ground, gray, dirty face, and the blue and red coat on his body was dirty.

However, not only was he not a little angry, but he had some miserable white face. Instead, he filled himself with fanaticism and bounced the dust off his body with his hands. He said: “The bronze mattress is quite remarkable. One blow actually punched me into the ground more than ten degrees deep. ”

He counted quickly in his heart. If he killed Qin Yi, he could cross over to Qian Qiu Shui. He could get a huge reward from Qian Qiu Shui. He could get a huge amount of Emperor's liquid, and he could get a bronze mother.

Beyond that, the inheritance of the Emperor in this miracle before him will eventually become part of his bag, and he believes that as long as Qin Yi's group is removed, the practitioners here will no longer have any practitioners, but will be his opponents.

This reckoning, the color of fanaticism on Tian Yu's face, is a bit thick again.

“Kid Qin Yi, you can't escape my hand. ”

Tian Yu grabbed the gripper and smiled slightly. His spiritual power was elicited. The range covered was 100,000 square feet. Even now, Qin Yi is still in the range covered by his spiritual power.

At this moment, Qin Yi is sitting on a stone, his eyebrows tight, and he is in contemplation: “Just when I am going to kill the young man in the black robe, Tian Yu will appear. If you want to kill me while you can, it will never be such a coincidence...

“So, in other words, he's been watching us fight quietly, but why haven't I noticed? Not at all. ”

Qin Yi's mind was confused to the extreme. After entering into this miracle, because of the influence of the seeds of wood elements, the spiritual power could not be elicited, but Qin Yi was confident that if Tian Yu was nearby, he would still be able to easily discover him at the time of the frantic battle with those two people.

“He couldn't have been anywhere near, he should have been far away, but if he was still far away, then why could he have killed him all at once and seized the moment so precisely? ”

Qin Yi's eyes lighted up gently, and thought of a possibility: “He, like me, possesses powerful spiritual power, drawing out spiritual power, able to cover a certain range. ”

With this in mind, Qin Yi's heart suddenly pulled out a chill, his face became very ugly. He used to be such a person, fully aware of the powerful spiritual power. For other practitioners, it was a terrible thing. Everyone else's actions were in their own hands. When they wanted to appear in front of him, they could appear in front of him whenever.

“Goddamn it, this time, it's really troublesome. If Tian Yu really has an extraordinarily powerful spiritual power, then I'm only afraid to move within his spiritual perception. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly bitterly: “Moreover, it is not yet known how wide a range can be covered by the spiritual power of listening to the rain. If it reaches more than 80,000 people, I will never escape his tracking. ”

He's now a transient, 80,000.

In other words, even if he moves instantly, he cannot escape the sensation of the power of the rain.

“Yes, he is an animal spiritualist. How can an animal spiritualist dispel an animal without a powerful soul? And the stronger the soul, the stronger the spiritual power, the spiritual power of the rain, the coverage is absolutely no weaker than mine. ”

Qin Yi made such a judgment. He had previously taught the rain-driven herd of beasts. That was just what he wanted to do.

Such a situation is undoubtedly quite bad, and it can even be said that in this miracle, the rain of the field, as if it were God, looks over here and sees everything there is.

Qin Yi frowned for a while and couldn't even think of a fart strategy: “If I joined forces with Sister Yang to kill Tian Yu, there would certainly be no problem. But the problem is that Tian Yu is not a fool and won't stand there and let us kill him. Now, we can only rely on Bronze Mother Ding to kill him. It is only the mother of bronze today, obviously not enough to slaughter the rain in the field, and it must be completely refined. ”