The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1399: See Also Dragon Flame

“It's enough to slaughter such a fat sheep in your life! ”

Tian Yu smiled faintly, spread the speed, and chased Qin Yi.

Beyond 80,000.

Maiden Yang, Shiqi Yang, Dongzhi and others are still fighting with the two Yellow Scarfs and Shiyang Yun.

Ten minutes later, Shi Yangyun had been killed by Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu, almost losing his ability to fight back. He couldn't resist it at all. Xin Zhu and Xia Jiuyu attacked together.

However, the two Yellow Scarf Leeds were more courageous in Vietnam. To this day, they are still intact. Although Yang Shiqi and Dongzhi thought of the two Yellow Scarf Leeds, there must have been a breakdown, helplessness for a moment and a half, but they could not find their exact location.

“Ha ha, so you're all here. I finally found you. ”

A laugh suddenly came from the sky.

The next moment, only a silver flash came and instantly swept over the fierce battle, slowly landing, truly the long-lived dragon flame.

Dragonflame held a silver gun, which was pulled on the body, the breath emitted, there was a lot of obvious sharpness, a handsome face, and a strong sense of war.

Seeing the sudden appearance of dragon flame here, Maiden Yang, Shiqi Yang, Dongzhi and others are all happy, Maiden Yan asked: “Dragon flame, before I passed Lingwu, I found you fighting dozens of fierce beasts. How are you? ”

“Sure. Okay, no. Can I come here? ”

Dragonflame grinned: "Anything I encounter, man or beast, will eventually become my stepping stone. ”

“So, the three former Taoist masters were also slaughtered by you, not escaped from them? ”

Femme Yan asks about Dragon Flame as she asks with Oriental Chi War Yellow Scarf Leeds.

“Ha ha, Meizu Yan, you're kidding. When did you see me as a deserter? ”

The dragon flame stretched its chest gently and a little arrogant color appeared on its face: “The theme of my dragon flame, only fighting, never fighting before, those three Taoist masters, obviously, the ultimate fate, can only be my stepping stone, there cannot be a second kind of situation. ”

Seeing him like this, Yang Shiqi and others, all had to go to Deguan Er.

“What, dusty three people, you killed them? ”

In the distance, Xin Zhu and Xia Jiu Yang Yun, who were in a frenzied battle, heard, but suddenly suddenly, his heart was horrified and difficult to attach.

He knew exactly how strong the three Taoist disciples were, and yet they were killed by the man in front of them.

As a result, he snapped, and the white Yin Yang Xuan Moon of Bamboo Heartbreak struck him at once, directly chopping him out hundreds of lengths, falling to the ground, and the wolf was overwhelmed.

“What's so strange about killing three Taoist disciples? ”

Dragonflame shrugged his shoulder, then slowly lifted the long gun in his hand, pointing remotely at the master Yangyun: “Obviously, you, and these two yellow towels, will also be my footstone. ”

His tone was faint, but the people on the scene heard that the effect was no different than that of Tian Lei Guang Ear. For a moment, even Yang Shiqi and others were stunned. He blinked incredibly there and stopped fighting.

“Dragonflame, you mean, you're going to pick these two Yellow Scarf Leeds alone, and Master Yang Yun? ”

Yang Shiqi's glassy eyes twinkled gently and asked carefully.

“Sure, what's the problem? ”

Dragon flames hey, hands up to touch the chin, there was a rush of imperial strength on his body.


Pick two yellow towels each, Liz and Yangyun!

Everyone here, their chins are shattered. The world is crazy!

“I know that you had a lot to gain before you entered this miracle, and if I don't try any harder, you can get rid of me. ”

Dragonflame stood there smiling faintly, silver hair full of windless automatic, bursting with fierce warfare in the chest.

“Boy, you're insulting us! ”

Yellow scarf leech, also has a certain thought, just far less than people. One of the yellow scarf leech immediately growled, waving his fist hard towards the dragon inflammation, fast to the limit, that one hit the front of the dragon flame.

“A little strong, but the stronger you are, the more I like it. ”

Dragon flame heed, his body suddenly burst into the sky like a shell, easily snatched the punch, the back toe on the head of the yellow towel Liz, the silver gun in his hand instantly surged to a hundred feet, in the air into a silver flush, and speedily stabbed another yellow towel Liz's chest.


Dragonflame's silver gun stabbed the yellow scarf's chest, making a sharp loud noise that almost punctured the human eardrum.

The pounding air wave swept away, shocked the dragon flame so hard that it flew out. The huge body of the yellow scarf Liz also flew out dozens of feet and fell to the ground, smashing the mountain shaking.

“This seems to be a good situation, too. Let's back off and give Dragon Flame a chance to grind it up and let him pick these three alone. ”

Seeing that the dragon flame has already started with two yellow towels, Dongzhi will wave his hand and greet everyone to step back, stand thousands of feet away and watch the battle far away.

“Ping-pong! ”

Suddenly, the dragon flame was fought with two Yellow Scarf Leeds, as well as the division Yang Yun.

Dragon inflammation was the fairy ancient year, no great dragon Emperor was reborn, now his system of warrior dragon, activated two-thirds of the way, plus the grinding of the road, how powerful Dragon inflammation currently is, it can be imagined, he is one enemy, three, for a time, there is no wind.

“Dragon flame is a lot stronger than it was on the fourth floor. ”

Xuanlan, dressed in a light green robe, looked forward to sighing at the dragon flames in a fierce battle with the two yellow towel leprechauns and the division Yang Yun. The light eyebrows were still worried: “But can he really beat the two yellow towel leprechauns? ”

Those two golden leeches are too perverted, they are immortal. Even Yang Shiqi's golden sword can only leave a very small mouth on them, and the weapons of the others, let alone cut them at all.


Dongzhi shook his head: "However, Dragonflame needs to fight and constantly challenge to break through the chains of his body, but it is also impossible for these two Yellow Scarfs to kill him. ”


Xuan Lange Dao.

Yang Shiqi and others beside him will also look at the Oriental Lawn in confusion.

“Oh, dragon flame wouldn't have existed in this world if it had been so easy to kill. ”

The flaming woman in the red robe smiled shallow: “Think about it. When was the enemy of Dragon Flame much stronger than him? But in the end, didn't he chop them all off? So, what Dragon Flame needs is a much stronger opponent, on the line between life and death, to truly break through. ”

Rumor has it, folks.

After a pause, Femme continued: "However, it is obviously not possible for Dragon Flame to kill these two Yellow Scarf Leeds this time. Let them fight here. Let's continue to the Emperor's Tomb. ”

Maiden waved her delicate hands at the people and took the lead in sweeping the sky forward.

Yang Shiqi, Dongzhi, Xuanlan and others also left without further delay, walking in the aftermath of the flaming lady.

In addition to 80,000 fathers, Qin Yi's Tian Yu is being hunted. Everything that happens here is truly perceived.

“What do you mean? ”

Fengmei sensed that she had taken the crowd away, did not follow him in this direction, but went east in diameter to storm, the shape of the rain, had to pause, some white face, revealed confusion.

The thought of this rain is also extremely acute, just a moment of contemplation, just to understand the reason: “They found the Emperor's tomb, this is to rush to the Emperor's tomb, damn, let the Dragonflame kid hold the Master Yang Yun and the two Yellow Towel Leeds alone, a few of them took the Emperor's tomb straight, good plan! ”

Tian Yuzu scolded him. He dared not be slightly lazy. He abandoned his pursuit of Qin Yi and turned to rush to the east.

On the fifth floor of this mausoleum, there is a long legend about the inheritance of the Great. This time, in any case, he must inherit the Great and compete for it.

As long as we inherit the Great Emperor and compete, Tian Yu believes in his strength, he will take a whole new step, rank on the Divine Guardian list. There should be nothing wrong with being in the top five. At that time, killing Qin Yi and Yanmei will be even less important.

Also, he naturally knows about the Great World of Xuan Huang, the top 30 people on the list of Divine Guards will be eligible to enter the Great World of Xuan Huang, but he is clear that the Great World of Xuan Huang is absolutely not simple, there has always been circulation among Divine Guards, the Great World of Xuan Fantasy, is a world of exile, in exile, are some too ancient strong people, are some too ancient people who do not forgive, if strength is not enough, then entering can only be a dead end.

He estimated that by now, the Great World of Xuanhuang should have been opened. He also wanted to go out of here and enter the Great World of Xuanhuang to break through and grind himself. With his current strength, entering the Great World of Xuanhuang would undoubtedly be extremely dangerous, so he must improve his strength.

With this in mind, the white face of Tian Yu has also emerged a fanaticism: the great emperor inherited, in any case, must compete for it!

At this moment, Qin Yi is still refining the bronze mattress, while rapidly storming forward.

After a while, Qin Yi plundered his body and had to pause. He showed confusion on his face: “No, Tian Yu's spiritual power clearly covered me, but he never took another shot at me. Why? Has he given up on my pursuit? ”

“If he does give up his pursuit of me, then there is only one reason he has gone to the tomb of the Emperor. ”

Qin Yi tried to think: “Before, he obviously didn't know the exact location of the imperial tomb, but now he suddenly knows. There is only one possibility that Sister Yang has already rushed to the imperial tomb. They want to take the wood element seeds that exist with the imperial tomb while the rain of the field chases me. ”