The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1400: Entering the Emperor's Tomb

After a thought, Qin Yi has analyzed the whole thing.

“Yang Shiqi, there are five of them. Tian Yunai can't help them. Moreover, Shi Yangyun and the two yellow towels are obviously not beside Tian Yu. Otherwise, the previous attack on me should not be Tian Yu, but the two yellow towels Li. ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi completely relieved herself. Now Tian Yu renounced his pursuit, he also became more relaxed: “Otherwise, just focus on refining the bronze mother. ”

Qin Yi swept his eyes and found a stone not far away. He came to the stone and sat down on the tray leg. After fixing his mind, he turned his palms and took out the bronze mattress, and then confined him to a position about half a length away with his inner strength.


As he fluttered the Xuan Qi in his left hand, a purple flame of refining, it was from the palm of his left hand, as he swept out, wrapped the bronze mother tightly, constantly refining.

This bronze mattress has been intermittently refined by Qin Yi since she obtained it from the fourth floor. Now after such a long time, it is already close to the end, only a small fraction of it has not been refined.

Qin Yi elicited a touch of spirituality, penetrated the inside of the bronze mattress, carefully watched, and found that there was a faint layer of gold in it, and that these gold rays were constantly twisting, forming a variety of symbols, the scene by scene past, that looked very strange.

These symbols are hidden in the deepest depths of this bronze mattress, and if they weren't refined in a layer, they wouldn't even exist.

“What do these symbols stand for? ”

Qin Yi was confused and carefully browsed the golden characters, but he found that the golden characters were not as hard to understand as the characters on the surface of the bronze mattress. They were just some ancient words.

For the ancient text, Qin Yi, although not very familiar with the ancient text, but a significant part of it, still knew it, had to carefully browse the golden text that appeared on those scenes.

“The people of the world suffer constantly, they do not hide their clothes, they do not eat their bellies, and they suffer from various diseases. In order to save the people of time from suffering, the Lord Shennong travels all year round, searching for all kinds of medicines, breeding all kinds of food seeds...”

Qin Yi stopped and blinked hard. On his face, an ecstasy gradually appeared.

These golden symbols in front of us have illustrated everything. The previous assumptions were correct. The bronze mattress in front of us is indeed the divine nonetheless used by the Divine Nong Emperor in the very distant past to make their own medicines and to cultivate various food seeds.

At this moment, Qin Yi even felt that there was even a hidden scent of dirt in the peasant dining in front of him.

Shennong Ding, that was one of the more than a dozen artifacts of the ancient times, but now it has become something in its own pocket.

Qin Yi's mood could not calm down for a long time. Although he had long guessed that this bronze mattress could be Shennong Ding, when he truly knew this, he still felt that all this was as unreal as a dream.

Shennong Ding, originally just an ordinary bronze Ding, but after years of use, Shennong gradually gathered the finesse of the heavens and the earth contained in the grain.

The grain of grain is fundamental to life, and it brings the essence of heaven and earth to itself. At the same time, Shennong Emperor often uses Shennong Ding to make medicines, which concentrate the essence of their medicines.

Legend has it that in that very distant past, some sick people, many times just need to take a bath in Shennong Ding, and the disease on their bodies will be eliminated. In the eyes of the world at the time, this phenomenon was divine, in fact, due to the essence of all kinds of medicines gathered in Shennong Ding.


From the extreme excitement, Qin Yi long sighed and sighed: “I really don't know how he got Shennong Ding in the first place, but it's alright, Shennong Ding is extremely difficult to refine. Otherwise, if he refined it, I, Mei Mai, Zhuxin, Jiuyu and four people now, I'm afraid there is no longer a world, and lonely doors will definitely be involved. ”

After shaking his head, Qin Yi threw away these confused thoughts and focused on refining Shennong Ding.

Now, it has been determined that this bronze mother-in-law is one of the top ten artifacts in the ancient world. Qin Yi will not believe it. After thoroughly refining it, he will not be able to dry out a field rain in the district?

At the current height of the rain, it is obvious that it is not enough to confront Shennong Ding.

Shh, shh, shh...

On the count of the slightly broken voices, coming from above the head, Qin Yi looked up and could only see the counting to the flurry, paddling over the long sky and sweeping towards the east.

“Obviously, the other practitioners who entered here also noticed movement in the east and rushed there. ”

Qin Yi sighed. These practitioners have been searching for the Emperor's tomb. They want to get the inheritance of the Emperor in the tomb of the Emperor. The sense of smell is extremely acute.

It's just a pity that what exists in the tomb of the emperor is a wood element seed, and whether or not there is an inheritance of the great emperor, it's an unknown number.

“In the tomb of the Emperor, there will soon be a showdown between life and death. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly. Even if there was only a glimmer of hope, these practitioners would do their best to compete, and Tian Yu was no exception.

Miracle East.

A huge imperial tomb has appeared in the sight of Femme and others. The imperial tomb stands alone and can be seen from afar. The walls around it have collapsed in many places.

While the imperial tomb appeared in sight, there was also a faint and ancient airflow in the air.

Obviously, there is a Falun Front in this imperial tomb, but it has largely failed because the years are too far apart.

“The tomb of the Emperor appeared, we used to. ”

Looking at the Emperor's tomb in the sky, Yang Shiqi waved excitedly, and everyone else, too, showed their fanaticism, quickly swept over the Emperor's tomb, and then harvested the air from the body, slowly descended from the sky, falling into the center of the Emperor's tomb.

And a hint of ancient breath followed.

“Nine Phantoms, go and plug this defensive formation into the eight positions of the city wall. ”

As soon as the soles of the feet stepped on the solid ground, Oriental Lawn turned its palms and took the eight colored flags out of the ring and handed them over to Xia Jiuyu.


Xia Jiuyi picked up eight small flags and quickly split them in eight directions and inserted them on the wall.

“Wow! ”

Eight small flags, instantly see the wind rise, and between winks, it soars to more than a dozen lengths wide, windsweeping.

This move by Dongzhi, obviously, is to keep other practitioners out of the graveyard and keep them out of it.

“These eight flags, though I've upgraded them before, have increased their defenses several times, but it's obviously a dream to block the pace of this fifth level of practitioners, hoping they can only delay those practitioners for as long as possible. ”

Dongfang Zhi glanced at Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, you have been with Qin Yi for the longest time, do you know what the shape of the elemental seed is? ”

Yang Shiqi and other people, will also look at the curiosity and look at the flaming lady.

“Don't know. ”

Maiden shook her head and paused: “I heard Qin Yi say that once the five elements seeds are collected, it will be possible to re-condense the Kyushu magic knife. So extraordinary, there must be something special about it. Go. We will look carefully and find it. ”


However, her voice had just fallen and a loud bang had come from afar.

The tone is very strange, it enters the ear, lets the blood in the human body, the unstoppable slowness boils, the chest gradually breeds the idea of killing.

“Tian Yu's move, so fast! ”

Hearing this whisper, the people present were forced to hold on, staring at each other.

They can't get acquainted with this tone.

“Quickly, look for that wood element seed, and this imperial tomb species, no one knows if there is danger, so try not to disperse when looking for it. ”

Dongzhi was very decisive when his hand was about to wave.


And immediately, each one of them began to sweep very fast toward the ruined buildings in front of them.

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!”

Those beasts came too fast, they had just started, and they saw a giant beast with an unusually large head, spreading from all sides of this tomb town, rushing here at great speed, with a big mouth with a blood basin open, and a few meters of mortal fangs.

In the blink of an eye, that head rushed over the tomb of the emperor, a cloaking day, even the light, dimmed instantly.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ” ……

These beasts just rushed over the Emperor's tomb, and the air in front of them, like the water, swept away, one head of the beast, suddenly burst away, but the next moment, they hit again, and the whole tomb of the Emperor, it was a violent shake.

“Wow! ”

Above the walls, eight flags out of eight, shaking violently, as if they were going to crumble directly at any moment.

Yang Shiqi et al., below, watched for a while, without any delay, continued to rush forward to the shattering building. If possible, they hoped to help Qin Yi find the seeds of wood elements that did not exist here before these fierce beasts broke this defensive law formation, and then quickly evacuated here.

In that building, it was divided into several graveyards, row by row, like a maze, and those graveyards were all so broken that they seemed likely to collapse at any moment, but it was clear that, because of the relationship between the Falun Front, they would not collapse unless they were deliberately destroyed by man-made means.