The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1401: Leave Now

In the air, there is an intense and ancient atmosphere that makes people feel like they have fallen into an ancient age.

“Wooden seeds must exist in a graveyard, and we'll find them one by one. ”

Standing in front of a graveyard, Dongzhi said to everyone: “I remind you once again that in the search process, you must not be separated. I have a feeling that finding the wood seed will not go so smoothly. ”

Everyone nodded.

Oriental Chi is right, before and after coming to these wrecked graveyards, their hearts are unstoppable to breed a chill, and their skin feels cool.

Without delay, they walked into the first tomb room and swept it up and found that the face of the tomb was positive but empty.

Several of them had just entered the first tomb room, above the tomb of the emperor, the shadow of the rain, appeared. The fierce beasts saw him appear, immediately gave way, and the appearance became complimentary. In this scenario, the rain of the field seemed like a king of hundreds of beasts.

At this point, it can be seen that the control of the fierce beast by Tian Yu has reached what height. The good news is that the fierce beast is ultimately a fierce beast with limited wisdom. In any case, it cannot grow to the height of the practitioner. Otherwise, this Tian Yu is truly invincible.

Tian Yu's eyes swept on the eight banners below him, while the corner of his mouth slightly raised: “Such a low-level law array can actually hold hands, when it is ridiculous. ”

He suddenly waved the blue jade in his hand: "Break it! ”

After Yan Bi, he himself was shaken, stood aside, looked cold, and those souls had been manipulated by him, in fact, had become his puppet's fierce beast, all with a strong head, hard to hit the Emperor's tomb below.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ” ……

In the fierce impact of these beasts, the imperial tomb below constantly trembles violently, as if it were going to collapse at any time, but it never collapsed, because the imperial tomb contains the method of formation, even if too many years have passed, but it finally has some effect, and the tomb surrounding this imperial tomb will not collapse.

On the broken walls, the eight flags in eight places, the loud work, the area is constantly decreasing. Although the eight flags have been upgraded by Oriental Lawn, it is obviously unlikely to resist so many large and fierce beasts.

But for a moment, the eight banners were less than a meter wide, and the defense they contained was no longer able to withstand the impact of these hordes of beasts, and suddenly they were broken, and the tide poured into the imperial tomb.

“You all stay here and stop other practitioners from coming in. ”

Tian Yu drank heavily. At this moment, the fierce beasts became unusually good. They roared and looked respectful. Their souls were already controlled by Tian Yu. Tian Yu wanted them to do what they wanted, and there would be no resistance.

“Finally came into this imperial tomb. ”

Tian Yu glanced and swept towards the broken graveyard in the distance. On his miserable white face, he appeared fanatical. He held his fist tightly, so that he would no longer delay, rushing to those graveyards and quickly fell into them.

He had just disappeared, and a few shadows had swept from the sky, shooting the air out of the subtle whistle, and instantly he had entered the Emperor's tomb.

There were four of them, three middle-aged men and one elderly whitewasher, and obviously they were the only remaining practitioners who entered the miracle this time, apart from Qin Yi and several others in the field and rain.

“So many vicious beasts, kill them, be sure to inherit the great emperor! ”

The old white beard drank a loud shout and waved at three middle-aged men. The four of them immediately slaughtered the beasts. They had entered the Emperor's tomb and were only one step away from taking the legendary heirloom from the Emperor. Naturally, they would do their best.

Yet they do not yet seem to know that the beasts in front of them, driven by the rain, have entered the tomb of the emperor.

The four men were able to reach the fifth floor, and the fighting power was natural. The beasts, though numerous in number, were obviously unable to do anything about them. More than a decade later, they had already killed most of them.

Yet, just at this moment...


A loud voice suddenly came from the sky, like Hongzhong Dalu, shaking people's hearts, allowing the blood in the human body to cool down quickly and instantly.

The four practitioners in the Emperor's tomb who were being killed with the fierce herd, looked up and had to be stopped.

Only at high altitude, a golden, brilliant, huge fist, glaring, smashed down hard, hit one of the middle-aged men all at once.


In the loud noise, the middle-aged man only felt as if it was a huge mountain and hit himself hard. The moment his body was all over that fist, it cracked open.

And that huge impact, even more, knocked him out, but he heard a "roar”, a vicious beast in the distance opened his blood-bottom mouth, biting the practitioner.

Originally, the practitioner who was able to enter the fifth level was extremely difficult to swallow by the fierce beast, but this man was severely injured by a punch. For a moment, the whole person was beaten, so he had not yet waited for his reaction. The fierce beast that bit him was already chewed quickly, and soon he ate it, and the scene was extremely bloody.

Four practitioners, blinking, became three.

At high altitude, a giant, dozens of feet high, covered in golden casting, suddenly landed, wide ankles slammed on the ground, the entire tomb of the emperor, following a fierce tremor, Horan is a yellow towel leech.

With the emergence of this golden leprechaun, the dragon flame and the figure of another golden leprechaun also quickly appeared here, but did not see Shiyang Yun.

This situation, don't think about it, Shi Yangyun has been slaughtered by Dragon Flame.

Shi Yangyun is strong, but in the face of the dragon flame of the reincarnation of Emperor Dalong, naturally there will be no chance of victory. There will only be one end. By the way, the strength of Shi Yangyun is less than that of the previous three Taoist disciples.

“Damn it, kill them! ”

In a blink of an eye, one person died, and the remaining two middle-aged men, as well as the old whitewasher, immediately drank a sigh of anger and rushed to the two yellow towels at all costs.

Even though they knew that these two golden leprechauns were strong and surrounded by a large number of fierce beasts, they still had no fear at all because they were crazy.

Every practitioner trapped in the Garden of the Devil is insane.

“Wait a minute! ”

In a loud drink, he saw only a long silver gun, and suddenly stabbed it in front of them. The silver gun was trembling with tremendous killing intentions.

Obviously, the shooter is Dragon Flame.

“You are not rivals of these two Yellow Scarf Leeds, if you are hard, you are simply dead! ”

Dragonflame stands there with a gun, arrogantly wearing a silver robe, hunting sounds, full of silver hair without wind and automatic, Xu Xu said: "Whether or not there is an inheritance of the Emperor in this tomb is an unknown number, and in addition to these vicious beasts, and these two golden leeches, there are other powerful people here, even if there is a real inheritance of the Emperor, with the power of the three of you to fight for the inheritance of the Emperor, the chances are zero! ”

The rhetoric of Dragonflame is cruel, but it is true.

These three practitioners are unlikely to have the slightest chance to compete for the inheritance of the Great.

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!”

Dragon flame talking room, a large number of fierce beasts, wide mouth of blood basin, spreading several meters of Morulan fangs, has rushed towards him.

The dragon flame stood still, the silver gun in his hand instantly surged to a hundred feet, sweeping hard, a huge silver ray, just like the silver moon sprinkled at night, leaked out, rushed towards those beasts, suddenly swept them all out, fell to the ground, smashed the mountain shaking.

So strong!

Seeing these vicious beasts, so overwhelming in front of the dragon flame, the old whitewasher and the two middle-aged men were all staring at each other with an unstoppable chill in their hearts.

“So I advise you to leave immediately and give up the so-called heirloom of the Emperor, or you will never survive this tomb today. ”

Dragonflame smiled lightly and continued.

After a random shooting, he completely settled the old whitewasher and the two middle-aged men, and they finally calmed down and, for a moment, stood there staring at each other.

They speculated quickly in their hearts that the three of them, together, were probably not rivals of the silver-haired youth, a situation in which if they stayed here, they would really have had to die.

“Let's go! ”

I was decisive and waved at the two middle-aged men around me.

Without any delay, each of the three men suddenly fluctuated and rose, disappearing into the sky.

With the departure of one of the three of them, the situation became completely clear, and now there is only dragon flame left in this imperial tomb, their side of the horse, and Tian Yu and others.

The two families are dead, finally in this imperial tomb, completely fucked.

“Yang Shiqi, they seem to have entered here, and Tian Yu, the bastard, seems to have entered, Tian Yu is stronger, there is no way to beat Yang Shiqi several of them. ”

Dragonflame glanced at the graveyard and grinned, then slowly lifted the silver gun in his hand, pointing remotely at the two yellow towels: “Obviously, our battle is not over. ”

Previously, he fought the two Golden Legends, and the Master Yang Yun, killing the Master Yang Yun, but the physical defense and strength of the two Yellow Scarf Legends in front of him was too perverted to kill them, but instead the Dragon Flame himself escaped three to five times.

But what Dragon Flame needs is an escape from the dead, and that's the only way he can keep breaking through the physical bondage.