The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1405: Evil Jade

In this regard, Qin Yi simply smiled and said nothing.

He knew very well that Tian Yu was telling the truth, and that those who could be ranked ninth in the ranks of the Divine Guardian were absolutely geniuses among geniuses, and naturally stepped at the feet of countless strong people.

“But you just tore me apart, but you can't kill me. Since you can't kill me, then, you're the one who dies. ”

Tian Yu's slightly vulture's eyes have been filled with intense killing intentions, coldly said.

Since this fifth floor, he has been eating since crossing hands with Qin Yi. In this eastern prairie, the first time he officially confronted Qin Yi, he followed Qin Yi's path, and was attacked on both sides by them. He also slapped him in the position of eating shit, and finally, he was able to escape with dragon flame.

Then, as a result of the seizure of the dragon flame, three people were buried in the dust.

Now confronted with Qin Yi, he was showcased by him in a ruthless ancient martial arts, and tore himself apart.

When I think of the scene of formal confrontation with Qin Yi, Tian Yu was reluctant to break Qin Yi's corpse into pieces, especially when Qin Yi ravaged himself into an old dog. Even the pieces of Qin Yi's corpse into pieces were hard to understand hatred!

“By the way, don't you have a bronze mattress? Take it out. Let me see how powerful it is. ”

If the power of the bronze mother is really quite dominant, after killing Qin Yi, compete for it, plus the hundreds of thousands of drops of Emperor's liquid on Qin Yi, it can make up for the trauma caused to Qin Yi's mind before.

Tian Yu is in my heart, so reckoned.

Yes, he, at this moment, can't wait to see the power of the bronze mattress.

“Cut the crap, fight or get lost! ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. He still hadn't taken out Shennong Ding. He just grabbed the Yan Yun long gun in his hand. He single-handed Xu Xu Yangqi, pointing remotely at Tian Yu.

“Boy, you think you can kill me with a fucking gun? This is ridiculous! ”

Tian Yu sneered: "Since you don't want me to see your bronze mother, go to hell! ”

The blue jade in his hand, once again surged to dozens of lengths, a magnificent piece of magnificent pressure.

The next moment, he held the jade cock and rapidly swept towards Qin Yi. However, in the course of the ravage, the jade cock was suddenly sounded a loud bang.

Obviously, it was because he was raging, and the wind was pouring into the jade, and it was blown out, I have to say, it was fantastic.

It really didn't occur to me that Tian Yu still had this technique.

With the sound of that bang, a powerful force of confinement imprisoned Qin Yi at once. Qin Yidong was like in a swamp at times, and it was difficult to move.


In the eyes of Tian Yu, it was obvious to pass the slaughter intent and roll out the word in his throat.

He called the jade cock in his hand very quickly. He stabbed him hard. He hit Qin Yi's throat very hard. He ended up being extremely spicy.


A huge golden moon suddenly broke through the long sky, and between winks, it was chopped over the jade of the rain, “Ding” a loud noise, the rain of the field held the jade arm, suddenly numbness, the pounding air wave, suddenly lifted him out.

This swordsman, is Yang Shiqi, the Golden Sword has been held by him in his hand for some time, on a delicate little face, killer.

“Kill Tian Yu! ”

She suddenly had a delicate drink.

However, before waiting for everyone to embrace it, Tian Yu had already taken a big look, his arms were indefinitely extended, and Qin Yi was caught in the hand.

“Ha-ha-ha, trying to kill me? It's not that easy! ”

Tian Yu unfolded at great speed, capturing Qin Yi into a very faint shadow. That one disappeared into the eyes of everyone, leaving only a string of raging laughter, echoing in the sky.

Hijacking Qin Yi, this was planned from the beginning!

“Qin Yi! ”

Yang Shiqi shouted delicately, carrying the Golden Sword of War, he was going to chase it, while Dongzhi next to him was grasping his coat, shaking his head, shaking a shallow smile: “Shiqi, don't panic, Qin Yi is not an ignorant person, when he would fight with Tian Yu, he must have the certainty to defeat Tian Yu, let Tian Yu hold him. ”

“Exactly. ”

Fei Fei, dressed in red robes, also lightened her head. "Obviously, Tian Yu had a plan to hold Qin Yi for a long time. Only then can he break the game, and Qin Yi, naturally, can also think of this, but he still fights with Tian Yu, indicating that he has no fear of Tian Yu's holding. Don't forget, Qin Yi's bronze mother, he also took it out. ”

When both of them say that, they think slightly and feel rational, they all feel completely relieved.

“We don't care about Qin Yi and Tian Yu's bird man for now. So, next, let's see me play with these two yellow towels. ”

Dragon flames beside him, turning his hand and taking out the silver gun, he turned to look at the two yellow towels not far away. In those eyes, an obvious amount of war had been ignited.

“Okay, you fight them well, we'll split up and give them an empty spot. ”

Dongzhi will be delicate and wave at everyone. They have nothing to say. When they burst out thousands of highs, they leave open space for Dragon Flame and two Yellow Wipes. How well Dragon Flame fought, they are naturally clear.

And only in crazy battles can he break through.

“It's our turn. Come on! ”

Dragonflame raised the silver gun slowly, pointing remotely at the two yellow towels.

“Kid, fuck you! ”

The two yellow scarves were themselves tasted with the blood of the fierce beast. Naturally, they were also extremely ferocious and belligerent. Immediately, they drank loudly, turned into two huge golden rays, crossed the long sky, waved a golden and brilliant giant fist, and struck hard at the dragon flame in front of them. The space in front of that fist was compressed by the pounding air wave, and a circle of naked eyes was visible.

“Ping-pong! ”

In an instant, the three were at war.

On a broken ground, Qin Yi and Tian Yu stood there, and Yao Yao looked at it.

In fact, the force of confinement exerted on Tian Yuyu's jade is not very horrible. After being held hostage by Tian Yu for a while, he broke free.

After all, the main function of Yu's jade is to summon the fierce beast. The power of confinement can only be said to be an additional function.

“Qin Yi, Yan Mei Mai, they didn't come after me, but the two yellow towels of Liz who were fighting me. Obviously, in such a situation, you only have to die, there can be no second situation. ”

Tian Yu raised his cock, Xu Xu said.

His spiritual power is emitted, and the range covered is 100,000 square feet. The current scene of dragon flame and two yellow scarf leeches is naturally within his spiritual power.

“Really? How did I see a big ‘dead’ word in your face? ”

Touched the nose ancestor, Qin Yi smiled slightly.

“I know you're strong, but now that you're alone with me, I really don't know where you come from, say that? Don't forget, I'm ranked on the Divine Guardian list, number nine! ”

Tian Yu put his chest on, obviously light and tender, and on that miserable white face, appeared a little arrogant.

Obviously, the current state of affairs, in accordance with his plan, now he has captured Qin Yi. By then, even Maiden Yan found the Emperor's inheritance in the Emperor's tomb, it will be useless. By then, all he has to do is blackmail them with Qin Yi, and they will naturally hand over the Emperor.

So all he has to do now is completely subdue Qin Yi!

“Take out your bronze mother-in-law and fight me and let me see its power! ”

Tian Yu drank cold while holding the jade cock and quickly hit Qin Yi.

“Woo woo...”

In the course of the attack, there was still a sudden rumbling on the jade, but this time, the rumbling was not soaring, but rather exasperating, listening to Qin Yi's blood, flipping, as if the whole person was going to burst open.

“What an evil cock! ”

Qin Yi was surprised. In this tone, there was clearly a very evil force.

He was so shocked, but Tian Yu's jade cock had already been attacked. He turned to Qin Yi's eyebrows and went hard. The jade cock was still outside the counting table. In Qin Yi's eyebrows, it was a little sore, as if it had been worn by the jade cock.

Qin Yi did not dare to be slightly lazy. He hurried to expand the speed and swept to one side. He hid from the jade that came from the rain. At the same time, he swept hard into the rain and swept out a great deal of green.

Tian Yu's jade suddenly went down a little, point on the long gun swept by Qin Yi, with the help of this point force, his whole person instantly swept up, shaking shape, standing outside the hundred feet open.

“Woo woo...”

The jade in his hand was still ringing in the wind, playing the devious song.

“Qin Yi, how are you feeling? ”

Tian Yu looked at Qin Yi far away and smiled: “This song is called Soul Takeover. Now, do you feel the blood in your body, constantly flipping? I tell you, the more you fight me, the more powerful the blood in your body will be, the more you will die without me killing you! Ha-ha-ha. Do you think this scene is fantastic? ”

Qin Yi stood quietly there, and his heart was shaken so hard to attach.

Indeed, as Tian Yu said, as soon as he did it, the blood in his body would swell and become more powerful. In this way, in no time, he would really blow up the whole body and die suddenly.


Qin Yi exhaled softly. He was well aware of his situation. In this scenario, the only way to quickly resolve was to kill Tian Yu before killing himself. There was no second option.

He had to admit that the ninth best guardian on the Divine Guard list was terrible.

“Since you want to see the power of the Bronze Mother Ding, do as you wish. ”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi turned his hand and took out Shennong Ding.

Now, he can't even use Shennong Ding without killing Tian Yu. Otherwise, he has already blew himself up.