The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1411: Thoughts of the King of Childhood

Does the emergence of the Qing Emperor have anything to do with the rapid rise of Qin Yi?

Kid Ming raised his eyebrows in the dark. I don't know why, he had an intuition in his mind, which seemed to be completely irrelevant. I was afraid that there was some kind of uncognitive connection in the dark.

“If Qin Yi is assisted by the Qing Emperor in secret, Qin Yi naturally can rise quickly... If Qin Yi is truly assisted by the Qing Emperor in secret, then there is undoubtedly only one purpose to assist Qin Yi, which is...”

King Bo Ming did not continue to think, looked at the memory of the Emperor around him, and looked into the sky. Huang Emperor and Qing Emperor's shadow fought hard, exhaling lightly: “This… is only a situation arranged by Qing Emperor. ”

A game set up by the Green Emperor?

Rumor has it that Huang Fushang's memory, as well as other top ecclesiastical ecclesiastics in Kyushu, is somewhat surprised to look to the King of Chiang Ming.

Ignoring everyone's eyes, King Xiaoming continued to look at Xu Xu and said: “From the moment Huang Di met the Qing Emperor, he fought hard, which seems to further prove my guess. ”

“What kind of game is it? ”

The old white beard in the grey robe, wondering.

The memory of the Emperor and the other high ecclesiastical ecclesiastics will also confuse the eyebrows.

“Can't say. ”

King Bo Ming shook his head and then looked deeply into the memory of the Emperor: “Shang Ming, you really received a good disciple. ”

Rumor has it, Wang Fushang remembered the divine color on his face, and suddenly became more and more confused. He was made unable to touch the head by the second monk.

“Let no one speculate. Although we are at the top of the Holy See in Kyushu, in the eyes of the world we are a group of people, like God, but in front of the big picture we are still nothing but dust, small and immense. ”

Wang Xiaoming smiled lightly.

Though not the strongest of the top ecclesiastical ecclesiastics, King Chiang Ming is the only super alchemist of the Kyushu Holy See, with a superb identity, in the minds of all people, but with a great weight.

In fact, the King of the Children's Ming standing here now is just a mirror image. The real King of the Children's Ming, like the Qing Emperor, left the Holy See in Kyushu after the outrageous war between the two sides in the ancient period, and nobody knew his whereabouts.


The Yellow Emperor is still fighting the shadow of the Blue Emperor.

It has to be said that, as the current Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, his strength is inconceivable. His body has risen to hundreds of heights long ago, as if he were a giant spiritual god. This is his true body, not his original patriarchal record, illusioned by the art of yin and yang.

His weapon, a more common blood knife.

At this time, the blood knife also surged to a hundred lengths, the blood fluttered, the intense and powerful breath emitted out, making it within the range of tens of thousands of lengths, all as if falling into hell, the killing intent horizontal, the shade of cold, to get the blood in the human body, a little coagulation, the hair on the body, unwittingly erected.

Over that bloody knife, a bloody image, constantly appeared and disappeared, causing numbness in the scalp.

These images, which are actually memories of the Blood Knife, describe the bloody battle that this Blood Knife went through.

“Blue Emperor, you die! ”

In the roar, Huang Di's hundreds of tall body, rushed to speed, holding Geshi's blood knife in both hands, standing down, a huge blood knife, tearing through the long sky, like a heavenly knife cut from the upper realm, severely slashed into the shadow of the Qing Emperor, killing intent.

But unfortunately, the shadow of the Qing Emperor suddenly split into two parts from the center and moved to both sides at great speed.


The vast bloody sword fell from the sky and cut off a mountain range directly below it.

This is so powerful!

The high echelons of the Kyushu Holy See, who watched the war from afar, were all staring at each other, and their faces were full of horror.

One knife would cut off a mountain range, and such a scenario would be as untrue as a dream.

“Never seen the Huang Emperor do it. Turns out he's strong enough to do it! ”

After a while, people came back to God, and some sighed.

Children Ming Wang and others, also profoundly nodded, this knife of the Yellow Emperor truly shocked them, in the invisible, the image of the Yellow Emperor, in their hearts has become infinitely tall.

On the fierce battlefield.

In the next moment, the split blue emperor shadow, once again, suddenly merged to form a complete shadow.

Qing Emperor's shadow stood still there, looking at Huang Emperor far away, his face was very calm, he could not see any emotional fluctuations, Xu Xu Xu said: “Nice, Huang Emperor, over the years, your cultivation, seems to have improved a lot, it is much stronger than it was in the ancient times, especially your ghost king blood knife, the power seems to have improved by a third more than it was in the ancient times. ”

Yellow Emperor's blood knife, in fact, has a great potential, it is a weapon left behind by the immortal ghost king. In too ancient times, under the auspices of the Yellow Emperor, he accidentally acquired this weapon, because the years are too long ago, although most of the killing intentions have dissipated, it still possesses unparalleled power.

This bloody battle knife used by the Phantom King is quite peculiar, because it has memories, and every battle scene, it automatically remembers, and the more battle memories it has, the stronger and more powerful its intentions will be.

“It's just a pity that an extinct weapon falls into your hands and fails to demonstrate his worth. ”

The Qing Emperor shook his head with regret: “The weapon is not used to kill, but to save. If another person had this ghost king's blood knife, its value would be a hundred times stronger than yours. Remember, if you're just killing with this ghost king's blood knife, or even killing someone you shouldn't, one day I'll take it from you! ”

After all, the shadow of the Qing Emperor gradually faded away.

“Damn, you threatened to take my knife. Look, I'll kill you now! ”

Huang Emperor growled, went mad to slay the past, his 100-length ghost king blood knife in his hand, fully chopped down, the knife was crossed, the space in all directions, violently twisted, seems to be about to break apart.

However, the shadow of the Qing Emperor disappeared suddenly in place, and no one knew where it had gone.

“Blue Emperor, you get out of here, I'm going to war with you 300 times! Get out!”

Huang Di was trembling with a hundred-length haunted king's blood knife, wandering wildly up and down, trying to find the Qing Emperor, only unfortunately, the Qing Emperor had apparently left the place completely, with no response.

Dead and silent, only the yellow emperor roared and deafened.

In the distance, including the memories of King Chiang Ming and Wang Fushang, the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See were all stunned and stunned.

Everyone's heart is compelled to whisper the same: at this moment, the Huang Emperor does not have the image of the Holy See at half a dozen points, but is like a madman who is free from life...

After a while, Huang Dynasty's mad roar slowly subsided. However, his face was still terribly blue and his chest rose and fell sharply.

Apparently, he still held his stomach fire.

Later, his figure swung and turned into a silver stream towards the vast mountain, blasting away, winking, and returning to the mountain.

The war between the Qing Emperor and the Huang Emperor ended, leaving behind a wrecked emperor.

Only until the end of this war, the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See, still a fog, they did not understand why the Yellow Emperor and the Blue Emperor suddenly fought hard.

They don't understand. They disappeared. Why did the Emperor come back?

“The Emperor's memory. ”

Suddenly, on the mountain, a loud voice came.

All present, all turned around and saw the yellow emperor who attacked the silver robe, standing still, far away from the Emperor's memory.

Despite the distance, the eyes of the Yellow Emperor were clear, and the ice was unusually cold.

Especially when the Emperor remembered himself, he felt that the two eyes of the Huang Emperor were like two swords of essence, even causing a slight pain deep in her soul.

“Seen the Pope! ”

Emperor Fushang's memory was far away from the Huang Emperor, and Shi Lan arched his hand.

“If I remember correctly, Qin Yi should be your disciple, right? ”

The words of the Huang Emperor were passed down and no emotional fluctuations were heard: "In the past, you were promoted to the upper echelon of the Holy See because Qin Yi was successfully promoted from a Tingwei to a Divine Wei, right? ”

“Exactly. ”

Huang Fushang answered truthfully.

“Nice, you got a good disciple. ”

The words of the Huang Emperor sounded positive, but the cold abnormality made people cold.

Yan Bi, the figure of the Yellow Emperor, disappeared in place.

What's that supposed to mean?

Huang Fushang's memory stood there, attractive red mouth, stunned open, the color on his face, confused to the extreme.

Just now, King Bo Ming said the same thing to himself, and now the Huang Emperor is saying the same thing to himself.

Other high ecclesiastical ecclesiastics have returned to the mountains of the Divine Mountains, leaving only the memory of the Emperor and the King of the Children.

“Bo Ming Wang, don't you think this is all weird? First, why did the Blue Emperor suddenly return? Second, why did the Yellow Emperor fight the Blue Emperor so hard? Third, why did the Yellow Emperor suddenly ask about my disciples? ”

Wang Fushang's memory looked to the child king beside him, and the divine color was confused to the extreme.

All this, in her opinion, was too weird to make her misty.

King Xiaoming stared at the place where the figure of the Huang Emperor disappeared for a while and exhaled softly: “In this case, my guess is correct. ”

“Guess? ”

Wang Fushang's memory frowned slightly: “Is Huang Emperor's war with the Qing Emperor related to my disciple Qin Yi? ”

Wang Ming nodded: “I wasn't sure before, but now I can basically be sure that this battle between the Huang Emperor and the Qing Emperor is really related to Qin Yi. ”

The Emperor's memory was silent, just his eyes. He looked at the King of Children in a blink and waited for him to continue.