The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1418: Kill Her

“Kill her! ”

Everyone around, emotionally agitated, in the distance, a lot of people still heard the movement, rushed here quickly, caught in the queue of smashing egg vegetables.

At this time, Yan Zhuxin had long lost his soul and stood there, crystalline jade cheeks, full of sad tears, even the delicate body trembled irresistibly.

At this moment, she's in the mood, imaginable.

“Where is this witch? Pull him out, break him up! ”

An angry drink, coming from afar.

The next moment, there was only one ray of wind, and from all sides, winking eyes swept here, parked in the air, on one body, all with a fierce imperial strength, with a bright, swinging weapon in his hand.

Obviously, these are masters!

Don't forget, there are a lot of cultivators in this Yan tribe. There is even a famous battlefield here. Qin Yi and Yan Feiniang entered that battlefield and earned a lot of Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi.

“Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, let's kill this witch! ”

A big puppet-shaped man shouted.

“Brother, can I explain something? ”

Qin Yi and others, naturally impossible to move away, still tightly protect the bamboo, Qin Yi smiled bitterly at the big man.

“Explain your farts. You won't let go, will you? Fine, kill them all. Do it! ”

The big man drank furiously and said he would do it. He had a black war knife in his hand. He chopped his head off from the sky without a face. A huge pitch-black knife, with an awesome whistling sound, cut Qin Yi and others downstairs at once.

Qin Yi dared not be slightly lazy and rushed to the sky to face the huge black knife.


That huge pitch-black knife slashed on Qin Yi.

Qin Yi tattooed silk, clothes hunting, dark hair all over his head, no wind automatic, no marks on his body.

At his present height, no expert in the Yan tribe can hurt him at all.


Throughout the scene, there was sudden silence and almost a drop in the needle.

Those people who threw eggs and vegetables wildly, they didn't throw them away, one by one, and they blinked incredibly, and their chins shattered the ground.

What the hell? The knife of the big man just now didn't leave a scratch on Qin Yi. Such a scene is as unreal as a dream.

After a while, the big man with the knife, from the extreme shock, came back to God, strong chest, a fierce rise and fall, face color, anger and shock halfway: “Qin Yi, it hasn't been many years, I can't believe that you have grown to such heights in that demonic garden, I believe that your friends, too, are absolutely more powerful than we mortals, can imagine...

“But do you think you're strong enough to protect this witch? Let me tell you, this time, even if all our Yan tribes are dead, we will kill this witch! ”

“Even if we die, we will kill this witch! ”

“Kill her, smash her to pieces! ”

“ …… ”

The surrounding Yan tribesmen, emotionally unusually excited, a stirring arm, unrest, leaping to try to rush up.

“Yes, I am a thousand ancient sinners. If I hadn't taken the totem from the Temple of the Blood Witch, our tribe would not have brought disaster! ”

Looking at the people around her who were angry and filled with tears, Xin Yan Zhu had long been in tears and grief. Her arms blocked Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi from her side, step-by-step walking out of the protective circle of everyone.

“Jasmine Bamboo, what are you doing? ”

Qin Yi was surprised and shouted hastily.

Yang Shiqi, Yanmei, Dongzhi, etc., are also nervous faces.

Yet Yan Zhuxin turned around and shook his head with a terrible smile to Qin Yi and others: "This is between me and the tribe. If I were not dead, these people would not be willing. ”

In the talking room, behind her, a blue half-moon curved knife suddenly appeared without a sign, and the sound slashed towards her neck.

This all happened too quickly, don't say that the people around, namely Qin Yi and others, can't even look back.

“Jasmine Bamboo, don't mess around! ”

Still the fastest response from Dongzhi, yelling, the silver longgun, appeared in her hand, towards the blue half-moon curved knife, and hit it hard.

But unfortunately, her hand was still a little slow, and the blue half-moon curved knife flashed in front of her, which was slashed on the snow-white neck of Bamboo Heather.


At this time, Qin Yi just returned to God and suddenly tore his heart out and screamed.

Everyone in the place was staring at the scene, no one had expected that Xin Yan Zhu would suddenly go out and thank himself for his sins.

However, just as the sharp blade of the blue half-moon curved knife touched Bamboo's skin, the knife was suddenly weird and slightly stagnant.


Half moon machete was so slightly delayed, Dongzhi's silver gun, but it had already shot over, knocking the half moon machete out at once.

Qin Yi had already rushed out with an arrow step and held Xin Zhu in his arms: “Xin Zhu, what are you doing? Don't be so reckless, okay? ”

Bamboo climbed into Qin Yi's arms, her eyes lightly lightened, tears had already flowed in her face, and her delicate body shivered due to extreme pain.

Dragon flame has erupted on one side, a blue half-moon curved knife with a flaming bamboo flame, grabbed it in the hand, came back to give it to Bamboo flame, grinned: “Hey, I said, Bamboo flame is famous for recklessness, but now, how can you be reckless than me? ”

Yan Bi, he had taken out the silver gun and kept it tightly behind him. In those eyes, he had already set abhorrent intentions on fire. He looked at the surrounding Yan tribesmen and laughed: “I dragon flame, I only like to do one thing in my life, which is fight, whatever the Yan tribe you are, all I know is that Zhu Xin is my friend of Dragonflame, my brother's lover, who dares to push her to death, this silver gun in my hand will definitely pierce your heart without hesitation! ”

Dragonflame's belligerent battle is famous. Now the people of the Yan clan are actually trying to force his friends to die. It is precisely when he shows his hand.

“These people are strong, but I still don't believe them. They dare to slaughter all our tribes. Together, this witch must die today! ”

Among the crowd, there was a loud drink.

“Kill the witch! ”


The surrounding Yan tribesmen actually began to push over. The people had even picked up wooden sticks, broomsticks, hoes, spatulas and other tools, and those practitioners were also a gripping weapon. There was a fierce light in their eyes, and today they were flying to kill Yan Bamboo.

At this moment...

“Stop it! ”

A loud drink came from afar.

With this loud drink, a white light suddenly descended from the sky and landed in the center of the scene.

At first glance, Huo Lan was the grandfather Yao in the pity dream. He wore a white robe, a crane hair and a child's face, just like a tall man.

Seeing the appearance of this person, Qin Yi and Yanmei in the crowd immediately thought of one thing, only when the bamboo sword waved itself, why did the blue half-moon curved knife suddenly stagnate weirdly, turns out he operated in the dark.

Don't forget, he is a master of spatial stripes, in space, there is no shallow construction, he just needs to do some hands and feet in space, it is easy to make bamboo sweet half moon curved knife, not smoothly chopped.

Yao Yao in this Yan tribe is highly regarded by virtue of his own virtue, and the last disaster was when he used the timeline to save most Yan tribesmen from slaughter, so Yao now, in the heart of Yan tribesmen, is like a god.

With his appearance, the surrounding Yan tribesmen, immediately ceased to sweep, a face showing respect: “Mr. Yao! ”

“Grandpa! ”

Pity dreams in the crowd, seeing Yao appear here, immediately happy, screaming out of the crowd, into Yao's arms.

Yao Yao rubbed the hair of Yan Pity Dream, his face full of charity: “How's business today? ”

“Not bad, so far I've sold five space rings and thirteen space-time lines. ”

Pity dreams and happy answers.

“It's really good. ”

It is said that the face of Yao Yao also immediately emerges a strong and delightful color.

“I have seen Senior Yao Yao. After so many years now, the years have not left a trace on Mr. Yao Yao. It is really old and strong! ”

Qin Yi and Yan Meiwen both came behind Yao. Yan Meiwen respectfully said: “Senior Yao, I wonder if you can remember both of us? ”

Yao let go of the flaming dreams in his arms. Xu slowly turned around and his face had become a little gloomy. He looked coldly at Qin Yi and Fei Mei: “How can you not remember? Yanmei and Qin Yi, back then, I not only sold you a lot of space rings, I even passed on Yin and Yang maps to you. ”

“Exactly! ”

Qin Yi smiled with Fei Mei.

“But you know what? When I taught you the Yin and Yang maps, I was hoping that you would increase your strength and kill them with less fire, because I had already been informed that they would enter the Garden of the Devil's Landscape and grind, and you two had the best potential and the best hope of killing them with less fire. ”

Yao Guangguang glanced cold and swept the bamboo not far away, then said: "Yet now you are walking with the less fiery man. What about the less fiery and the more fierce demon Yan Yongde? Is it now hiding in the dark, suddenly killing out, slaughtering the entire Yan clan, to strengthen the demon of Yongde? ”

Qin Yi hasn't said anything yet, the flaming woman around him has bowed slightly to Yao Yao, and smiled lightly: “Senior Yao, you said so, but it's serious, you will only save Bamboo Xin, just to show that your heart is also very confused about this matter, you don't want things to be clear, so you can't clean it up. Now, this kind of scene, you can't say anything clearly, can you let these people disperse first, we can sit down and talk? ”