The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1423: Top Ten Masters in the Seal of God

Everyone in the place's eyes, all fell on the beautiful body of Yan Zhuxin, all completely dumb, stunned open mouth, chin shattered the ground.

Such a strong man has only appeared in their fantasies before!

And Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Yan Meiyi, Dongzhi and others in the crowd watched this scene silently. At the height of Yan Zhixin now, it is not a problem for a person to slaughter the entire Yan tribe, but to be the chief here, it is not possible to have the power of war only against the sky, it is necessary to get people's hearts and minds, and to comply with people's hearts.

In this Yan tribe in the past, Yan Zhu Xin could be said to have committed a heinous sin. Next, let's see how she can reverse this situation.

After a while...

“Uh... my God, Mother, have I lost my eyesight? ”

In the crowd, a little girl, about five or six years old, looking white and fat, blinked her naive eyes a few times, whispered, turning to ask a young woman with good looks.

“Without eyes, baby, everything you see is true. ”

Young mothers, from the extreme shock, returned to God and told their children softly.

“Oh, that sister is so handsome, the baby adores her so much! ”

The little girl screamed excitedly and patted the little white hand hard.

That's so... childish!

Young mother, almost fainted.

“Damn, this time, it really shocked me! ”

“As soon as he dumped the black man, he dumped him hundreds of miles away, and the black man was unharmed. This scene is just as unreal as a dream! ”

“In the years of the Mausoleum of the Divine Demons, has Yan Zhu Xin grown to the height of the Immortal King? ”

“Paralyzed, it's not true, it must be a hallucination! ”

“ …… ”

Throughout the dojo, the pan suddenly blew up and shouted, and this ambush did not subside for a long time.

Obviously, the first hand of Yan Zhu Xin is that all the people on the field have been completely amazed, they never dreamed of it. In the years of Shen Zhu Ling Garden, Yan Zhu Xin has grown to this height.

Even Yao Yao and Yan Pity Dream who stayed with Qin Yi, their faces were filled with horror. They knew that Yan Zhixin was now very strong, but they didn't expect it. Yan Zhixin had actually grown to such heights.

“Senior Yao Yao, who exists in the Northern Wilderness of the Devil's Landscape, may not understand. ”

Wearing a red armor, Oriental Shiba, who looked at his face with horror, and smiled lightly: "There are five floors in the mausoleum, easy to get in, but to come out, you have to kill it one by one, and at the last level, you have to defeat the guardian beast of the mausoleum in order to qualify, otherwise, you can only seal it in eternity. ”

After a pause, Dongzhi continued: “In other words, Zhu Xin is now able to stand here, that is, she has defeated the guardian beast of the Mausoleum. ”

- What? - What?

Xin Yan Zhu has defeated the beast!

Yao Yao and Yan pity dreams the horrible color on the face, is a few points thicker, the breasts of both, is a fierce rise and fall.

No one in the entire lower realm knows about the four great ancient beasts.

After a while, Yao Yao has returned to God, and has become extremely excited: “After our blood witch ancestors, our Yan clan actually came out with such an extraordinary figure. It is so wonderful. This is the luck of our Yan clan. If Zhuxin exists like this, he is not qualified to sit in the rank of elder, ask who else can sit? ”

“Humph, I'm in a hurry with whoever doesn't give Sheikh Takeshi the seat of chief. ”

Pity dreams are also exciting and red cheeks, looks quite moving.

“Hmm. Strong. So what? After all, Yan Zhu Xin is a thousand ancient sinners of our Yan clan. A thousand ancient sinners also want to lead our Yan clan. It's a great joke. Where are the top ten players in the list of sealed gods? Do you want a thousand ancient sinners to show off here? ”

A bright voice suddenly rang at this time, echoing in a huge battlefield.


That bright voice had just fallen, there were ten streams of light, from different directions around the stone steps, came rampantly, between the blinks, came to the center of the dojo, surrounded by a group of bamboo hearts.

Ten people, five men and five women, each with an unusually ambitious imperial force, each surrounding the air, pressed floating.

The battlefield of the Yan clan has always existed a sealed list. Qin Yi and Yan Meiniang knew about this.

To be in the sealed list is not easy, you must defeat countless challengers. It can be said that the top ten players on the sealed list exist at the peak of this Yan clan.

Xinshu Yanzhu's eyes slowly swept on the faces of the ten people around him. He couldn't help but sigh: “Time has passed, I can't believe that in all the years we entered the mausoleum of the Divine Demons, the top ten masters on the Shen Shen list have all changed their faces. ”

In the past, before entering the Divine Demon Mausoleum, the number one spot on the Feng Shen list was Few Flames, while she herself was ranked fourth on the Feng Shen list.

I don't know any of the ten people on the list.


Ten people simultaneously doubled their palms, took out their respective weapons, and the movement was neat, and the weapons of these ten people were all colorful blood knives.

The use of blood knives by males is nothing, but the use of such weapons by females has a different kind of superiority.

“Zhu Xin, the ten people who currently seal the divine list, are the ten brothers and sisters, cultivated, I have taught Qin Yi and Feiniang's Yin and Yang Killing Array, five men and five women, just in balance of Yin and Yang, is the best person to cultivate Yin and Yang Array. ”

Yao Yao said on the stone steps to Xin Xu, the bamboo in the center of the dojo.

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yan Meiwen are both microscopic faces. They know more about the Yin Yang Killing Formation, but once it is deployed, there will be five spaces, one person divided into five, and there will be quite a horrible battle.

Now coming to the center of the battlefield are the ten men on the list of gods, then once they have done the Yin Yang Killing Formation, they will be fifty men.

However, at the current height of Yan Zhuxin, Qin Yi and Yan Meiniang are not worried about losing to these ten people. After all, these ten people are only so tall in cultivation. Even if cultivation is so powerful, the killing power is limited.

Qin Yi and Feiniang were worried about the situation afterwards. What exactly did Yan Zhixin use to convince the Yan clan that she was willing to make her elder?

I don't know why, at this moment, Qin Yi and Feiniang's heart, hidden a bad feeling.

The center of the dojo.

The top ten players on the list of sealed gods began to swim slowly up, walking slowly and fast, while the bamboo hearts were always standing there quietly, on a beautiful little face, with a charming light smile, even her blue half-moon curved knife, were not consecrated.


The sound of a sudden burst, the space seemed to be bursting apart.

As this burst sounded, a huge yin and yang map emerged suddenly from the center of the battlefield. The position beneath the hearty feet of the bamboo was the center of the yin and yang map, with the yin and yang map, slowly spinning.

It wasn't just her, it was the whole dojo, it was slowly spinning along with the Yin and Yang map.

What a powerful yin and yang map!

Looking at the slowly spinning battlefield, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Dongzhi, Yanmei and others were shocked and difficult to attach.

“Senior Yao Yao, over the years, you have built on the Yin and Yang maps, Jane, until the peak of the land you created! ”

Qin Yiwang looked at the flaming yao around him, his face was gorgeous, shocked and admired, and the scene in front of him was twice as powerful as the Yin and Yang Killing Formation he practiced with Femme.

“Hip-hop, this old guy has been pounding on the study of space-time lines and yin and yang killing arrays all day long. If he can't achieve a bit, does he enjoy living in the world? ”

The flaming dreams around Yao said with a smile. Although the speech was unpleasant, the delicate little face was obviously arrogant.

With such an awesome grandfather, she felt quite generous and quite bright on her face.

“Qin Yi, you are so proud to be able to study the current Yin and Yang Killing Formation, it is pure luck. ”

Yao Yao was very modest, looking at Qin Yi with a faint smile.

As the whole dojo slowly spins around, shouting around, all of them, shocked to the extreme, feeling like they were falling into a dream.

“My God, is Yao Lao a god? How dare you make such a magical killing scene! ”

“In my heart, the word ’God’, used in Yao Lao's body, is pale and powerless! ”

“ …… ”

Everyone on the field was admired by Yao.

They naturally know that this Yin Yang Killing Formation was developed by Yao Yao, but only to teach him to the top ten players in the list of the Feng God.

In fact, Yao Yao taught this Yin Yang Killing Formation to the top ten players in the Feng Shen Shen list, but with deeper intentions.

That is: the totem of the Yan tribe was brought into the Divine Mausoleum, it was too late to be brought out, Yao was not proactive, afraid that it would bring disaster to the Yan tribe again, so the production of abandoned sleep forgetting made such a stunning yin and yang killing array, then found ten brothers and sisters in the tribe, teach them this yin and yang killing array, let them practice day and night, hope that the ten brothers and sisters, with extraordinary fighting power, can resist the disaster.

Those 10 brothers and sisters, under the circumstances of day and night practice Yin and Yang Killing Formation, the strength surged, soon to rank the original top 10 masters, and become the new top 10 masters of the seal list.

In the center of the battlefield, that giant Yin and Yang killed 10 people on the side of the battlefield, the faster they walked, the shadow was divided into two parts, two parts were divided into four parts and four parts were divided into eight parts...

In the blink of an eye, ten people are divided into fifty pieces, each with a blood sword in his hand.