The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1426: At This Time He Temporarily

Without further delay, the two men hugged the unconscious Bamboo Heart and quickly left the dojo and rushed to the house of the pitiful dreams.

Seeing their shadows, they disappeared into the battlefield, Yao Yao, which sent a secret breath, and then his eyes swept through the whole messy battlefield, his hands pressed down: “Everybody calm down! ”

His voice, also with the heroic imperial power, temporarily suppressed the noise in the battlefield, the heroic and a few old voices, echoed in the battlefield: “Now, the blood witch ancestors have appointed Zhu Xin as the chief, do you have any other opinions? ”

Rumor has it, the men on the dojo, for a moment, stood there staring at each other.

Yao Guangxu slowly and slowly looked around. After a while, he could not wait to see that no one else had spoken. He continued immediately: "Since there is no objection from everyone, then a ritual of worship will be held in 10 days, after which Bamboo Xin will serve as the Patriarch. Anyway, the ritual of worship of the Temple of the Blood Witch has not yet been carried out, so let's hold it together. ”


The house built with green bamboo is quite elegant, away from bloody killing, away from the hustle and bustle of dust, it also makes people feel sober and profound.

Static energy and intelligence, when Yao would have chosen to be in such a place, it must have a huge relationship with him to develop space-time lines.

Occasionally, a new bird swept over the lake and made a crisp cry, not only not breaking the tranquility of the place, but lining it with more serenity and depth.

In one bedroom, Bamboo sits quietly on the floor, her eyes still lighten, her cheeks are a little white, Qin Yi sits behind her, stretches out her palms, against her rather delicate spine.

A hint of Xuan Qi in the body led to the palm of the hand. As Qin Yi slightly fluctuated that Xuan Qi, through the palm of his hand, the Xuan Qi slowly injected into the flaming body to help heal his injuries.

Behind both of them, Yang Shiqi, Yanmei, Dongzhi, Yao and others stood quietly there. Yang Shiqi and others were nothing, while Yao and Yan Pity dreams were filled with anxiety.

Xin Yan Zhu is now the person appointed by the Blood Witch to appoint a sheikh, if she has any flash, then they can only really beat the heavens with stones.

After a while, the flaming face finally recovered a little red moisture. Qin Yi will also resist the palms on his spinal beam, slowly retract, exhale gently, then stand up and hug the flaming bamboo into a bed to lie down.

“Qin Yi, how's Zhu Xin doing now? ”

Yao hurried up and asked anxiously.

The flaming dreams beside him, a pair of Spirit of Water eyes, is also a fluttering look at Qin Yi, full of anxiety.

“Fine. ”

Qin Yi nodded his head and said: “Zhu Xin is just a trauma to her heart. These on her body are just on the flesh, and will not affect her in the slightest. ”

At the height of Yan Zhu Xin now, if the people of Yan clan were able to hit her again, it would really be a thousand old jokes!

Mommy Mommy's eyes swept around and looked at the flaming bamboo in the bed, sighing softly: “Before that, the fate of Bamboo Mommy was so calm, I wish she could lead you to a great life after that, as the Blood Witch said. ”


Qin Yi beside him was also deeply felt gently his head: “You don't know anything. In fact, during the Mausoleum, she was deeply unconscious once. She was unconscious for more than a month before she woke up. ”

Ah, I've been in a coma for over a month!

Rumor has it, Yang Shiqi, Dongzhi and others present all showed incredible colors. Qin Yi and Feiniang have never spoken to them about this together.

An Imperial Daoist can't believe he's been in a coma for more than a month. Think of it as a mystery!

Flaming Yao beside him, looking at the unconscious bamboo heartache on the bed, a heartache, sighed softly: “This child, what a pain in his life, has lived under the paw of fire before, entered the mausoleum of divine demons, so easily disengaged from the paw of fire, followed you, but suffered such trauma. ”

“She was injured that time in order to save Qin Yi, because the blood ghost at the time had grown to an incredible height, immortal and powerful. He came after us to kill us. It was Zhu Xin who helped Qin Yi to resist the deadly blow of the blood ghost. ”

Femme Yan truthfully came and paused, and went on to say: “In fact, what Zhu Xin really suffered was the trauma on her soul, which made her unconscious for so long. This time, she brought a disaster to the Yan clan, and her heart itself was extremely guilty. Then she was subjected to group insults and attacks, which made her feel sad, and then the blood witch appeared, which made her from the extreme sadness, instantly became extremely happy. This extreme emotional transformation, even the more powerful soul, could not withstand such a torment, which led to the trauma on her soul, and relapsed. ”


At this point, there was a noise outside.

“What's going on? ”

Yao Meiyu: “Dream, go out and take a look. ”


The flaming dreams echoed, twisting the dead ass, turned around, and didn't come in again: “Grandpa, a few little brothers in the tribe, they brought many gifts, all extremely precious medicines and pharaoh, said to apologize to Sister Zhu Xin for the gift. ”

“Having previously gone mad with insults and assaults on Bamboo Heaven, this time, he came to the door with a gift to apologize. ”

Yao Yao snorted coldly, his face appeared a dashing colour: “Dream, go and reply to them. Zhu Xin is in a coma at this time. It is not appropriate to disturb them, let them go back. Also, Zhu Xin's fix is so high now. What precious medicines and pharmacopoeia are needed? ”

“Okay, Grandpa, I'll do as you say and listen to them. ”

Pity dreams responded and turned away.

Qin Yi and others beside him saw this scene in their eyes, they all felt it was a little unexpected. With the high esteem of Yao's virtue, they should not reject these talents.

But then again, what Yao Yao said is also true. With Yan Zhu Xin's current modification, he really doesn't need any precious medicines and pharmacopoeia.

Seeing the divine colour of Qin Yi and others, Yao Yao smiled slightly: “I know what you guys are thinking, don't be surprised. I'm just helping Xinwei Bamboo. Now that the blood witch ancestors have appointed Xinxian Bamboo as their chief, then this is just plank iron, there will be no more change. At this time, Xin Bamboo should come forward with a little dignity to make the people in the tribe more subdued to her. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it that everyone's eyes cannot help but shine slightly. It is hard to see. This Yao Yao, too, turns out to be an expert and thorough reader.

However, Qin Yi knew very well that Yao was indeed a sharp side. In the past, Yan Yongde was killed by his blade of time and space, eventually turning him into a soulless blood ghost.

At this time, Flaming Dream came in panicked: “Grandpa, no, no! ”

“Dream, what's wrong? What's the rush? ”

Yao Meiyu flashed.

Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Feiniang and others will also look confused and look to the flaming dreams.

The pink mumps on both sides of the flaming dream drummed and breathed out a sigh of breath, saying: “Not only do those people not want to leave, but the rest of the tribe is also coming towards this place. Almost the entire tribe is here. Damn, it's like thousands of armies! ”

When I heard the last half of the pity dream, Qin Yi and others could not help but laugh.

Yet Yao was torn apart: "What, the whole tribe is here? Let's go out and take a look. ”

Without further delay, they all came out of the bedroom and came to the balcony in front of the bamboo house. At first glance, they were astonished. They could only see the lake surrounding them, and the density and numbness were filled with people.

In the distance, a lot of people are on their way here.

“Yao, how is Zhuxin now? ”

“Is she all right? ”

“Are you hurt badly? ”

“Yao Lao, I have ancestral psychotropic medicine here, it works very well, you always take it for Zhu Xin. ”

“Yao Lao, as you know, our ancestors have been practicing medicine for generations. The doctors dare not say how tall they are, but the usual knife wounds and so on. I will take a pill and it still works very well. ”

“ …… ”

Looking at Yao Yao and Qin Yi and others coming out, these people immediately embraced each other and looked incredibly enthusiastic.

Obviously, with the appearance of the Blood Witch, designating Yan Zhuxin as the next clan chief of the Yan clan, these people's attitude towards Yan Zhuxin immediately came a great turn of one hundred eighty degrees.

However, Yao Yao did not buy their account. He stepped forward and said: "Everyone go back. Zhu Xin is not awake in a coma yet. It is not appropriate to be disturbed. She does not need any magic medicine. ”

“Hey, Yao Lao, still looking forward to accommodating, let everyone in to see, how is Bamboo Xin's injury? ”

A man dressed in a black robe stepped forward and said with a smile: "When I was in the battlefield, it was my shout that got everyone out of control and attacked Bamboo Heaven. ”

“Yeah, let's just take a look inside, please! ”

“We have to take a look. Didn't the blood witch ancestors say that she had a bamboo bloody flag in her body? Moreover, since the Mausoleum of God, Bamboo Xin has been carrying the totem closely. The sanctity of the blood witch ancestors must have eroded into Bamboo Xin's body. In other words, now Bamboo Xin, that is half the blood witch ancestors! ”

“Exactly, the main line now is equivalent to half the blood witch ancestors, demon seniors, just let us go in for a look, just one look, and then leave these gifts at ease! ”


The flaming dreams beside me, but the pretty john nose, softly humming, the wonderful development of beautiful breasts, proud and light, quite: “Didn't you say she was a witch before? She has caused many of you to die. Do you have to tie her up and dip her in a pig cage? ”

“Hey, Dream, when we were together, didn't we know that Zhu Xin was half a blood witch ancestor? ”

The black man rubbed his hands and smiled. “Besides, the blood witch ancestors have passed. There is a certain number of things in the world. The disaster is inescapable. Even if there was no bamboo hearts at the time, there will be others in the future to bring the disaster. ”