The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1429: Customs

“It is unimaginable that those who have not been in the mausoleum of God will not be able to imagine, to be precise, that it is five continents, and that the five continents, one by one, each with a number of strong cultivators. ”

Seeing that the dreams of pity were full of curiosity about the mausoleum, Qin Yi also couldn't bear to refuse. "And all these practitioners are insane. ”


They're all crazy!

Flaming dreams were astonished, a pair of Spirit eyes, opened bigger and bigger, delicate little face, full of surprise, blinked: “Why are they mad, have they been drugged? ”

“Naturally not. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and said: “It is the whole magic mausoleum, which is a huge heavenly and earth cage. Those who enter it can only come out from the fifth floor, but every time they go up, there is a certain modification limit. If your repair is not enough, you cannot go to a higher level. So, the practitioners in it, in order to get out of that heavenly and earth cage at an early date, will compete for cultivation resources like crazy, because trapped in that heavenly and earth cage, there is no difference from being wiped out between this heavenly and earth. ”

“So that's it. ”

Pity dreamed of a tempting red mouth and suddenly realized, "Thank God you came out of that cage in heaven and earth. ”

All of a sudden, she turned her eyes. She glanced at Qin Yi and said: “Tell me the point. ”

“What's the point? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

“It's Sister Zhu Xin, how did she betray Little Flame and come with you? Especially how you got along? ”

Any girl in the world would be curious about such a problem, and pity dreams are naturally no exception.

Qin Yi smiled slightly helplessly: “Specifically, I don't remember what happened, because it has been many years of money, as if we had gone to a higher level with them, she and Yan Younde and them, were transferred to a desert, in that desert, they were attacked by the Sha Ling Beast, so they dispersed, and then Zhu Xin met us again, so he walked with us. ”

“Oh, it turns out, it's not romantic. ”

Flaming pity dreams left her mouth open, appeared slightly disappointed. Likewise, on her side of the egg-like crystalline jade cheek, she also emerged a slight shyness red, looked at Qin Yi and said: “Brother Qin Yi, did Xin Zhu ever tell you about a custom in our Yan tribe? ”

“What custom? ”

Qin Yi Meiyu revealed the color of confusion. Especially when she noticed the faint redness on the cheek of the flaming dreams, her heart was even more confused.

“Sister Zhu Xin will soon be the elder of our tribe. She is a woman. In order to show the dignity of her identity, the tribe will arrange a close slave for her, and this close slave will follow Sister Zhu Xin for the rest of her life. ”

Yan Yi dreamed a glance at Qin Yi, and put the two great seats on his chest without a trace. He was very light and tenacious. “Brother Qin Yi, what do you think if I were to become the lifelong slave of Sister Zhu Xin? ”

Qin Yi swept over the flaming dreams. His eyes were unconscious on those two large seats. He stayed for a moment and nodded seriously: “Nice! You are the granddaughter of an elder Yao, and your relationship with Zhu Xin is also good. If you are her slave for life, you are the most suitable person. However, if you do, you will only be afraid to delay your life. Would you like to? Will your grandfather agree again? ”

“How could you disagree that my grandfather would never want me to be the lifelong slave of Jasmine Takeshi? You know, Sister Zhu Xin is a patriarch, even half a blood witch ancestor, and I can be her lifelong daughter, which is a great honor. ”

Pity dreams rush to say.

In this regard, Qin Yi can only smile slightly. People have their own aspirations. The people of the Yan clan have taken the blood witch as a god. Now the body of Bamboo Heaven has eroded the brown qi of the blood witch. Therefore, in their minds, Bamboo Heaven has also become infinitely noble and able to become her slave for life. In their view, it is an immense honor, but if it were him, he would definitely not do it.

“By the way, now that you are in love with Sister Zhu Xin, and I will be her slave for life in the future, then, this... the slave follows the master, that is, I will be your lover in the future, if you are in the cave with Sister Zhu, I must also be with you...”

The pitiful dream said softly, and then drowned with shame.


Together into piston mode!

Qin Yi was stunned and opened his mouth there. He now understands why this Niko was blushing just now, it was for this reason.

Paralyzed, it's a blessing to fly!

But why don't I feel the blood of an animal?


Qin Yi breathed out a deep breath. Qin Yi returned to God in dismay and shook his head: “This is not right. In fact, you should have your own ideals, not be tied to Bamboo Xin for life. The rules are set by people, and you can change them. I think that after Bamboo Xin sits at the chief's table, you can use no slavery at all. I know her very well, she has no noble heart at all. ”

“What did you say? ”

Yet the pity dream suddenly raised its head, a pair of water spirits eyes, staring dead at Qin Yi: “Brother Qin Yi, are you disgusting me? ”

She stood up again, “You think I'm not pretty enough? Isn't this big enough? Legs not long enough or white enough? Or is it not good enough to get rid of my ass? ”


What a mess, this flame tribal girl, it's so auspicious, so straightforward!

Qin Yi suddenly got big for a while and hurried to say: “No, you're pretty enough, you're big enough there, your legs are long enough to be white, and your butt is skinny enough. It's just, I...”

“It's just bullshit, you're just disgusting me, whoops... Brother Qin Yi, you hate it! ”

Flaming dreams twisted that dying ass, the wind ran forward like a wind, a turn, disappeared into Qin Yi's gaze.

Qin Yi stunned there, his mouth was stunned and he could not speak for half a day.

Paralyzed. What the hell is this?

Obviously, this suddenly came out, completely crushing Qin Yi. Until then, he never thought that the Yan tribe still had such a broken custom. He was in a relationship with Yan Zhuxin as a lover. After she sat in the elder position, her slave for life, too, had to be with her when entering the piston mode. What kind of ghost is this?

But then again, this custom of the Yan tribe is not completely unreasonable. He has been a bamboo slave for life. Naturally, his homecoming is what he wants, so he can only marry with his master.

“Custom is right, but I... I'm really unblessed. I already have so many fiancées. Now, there's another one out there. ”

Qin Yi sighed.


What a... unspeakable affliction!

“But then again, the three of us go into piston mode together, it should feel pretty good...”

Far back, Qin Yi's thinking turned to this aspect. In his mind, too, with the emergence of some very unhealthy images, and above his belly, a shameful evil fire followed, unknowingly, slowly burned.

And fiercely he came back to God, and he couldn't help but slap himself: "Beast! ”

“Never mind, when I get back, I will advise Bamboo Xin not to be a slave for life. With Bamboo Xin's personality, he will promise me. ”

After the decision was made, Qin Yi made such a decision.

Now that I have so many fiancées, I'll have one. Are you kidding me? Even with all the rain, there has to be so much rain!

Shaking his head, he threw away these messy thoughts. After Qin Yi set his mind to the divine, he began again to gently flutter the bass gas in Dantian, and the seeds of the five elements from Dantian were also burned up again. The five different colors of flames gathered together to release energy.

Soon, the magic knife of Jiuzhou magic knife reappeared in earnest, only about three inches long, above the five element seeds, slowly spinning, emitting a good deal of killing.

This time, Qin Yi condensed for eight days.

In eight days, he had sincerely condensed the Jiuzhou Demon Knife to about five inches long, and the killing intent emanated from it, he went on for another minute.

“The knife of the Kyushu Magic Knife is genuine. In battle, it is suspended above the head, and with each slice, the area grows geometrically. ”

Looking at the true meaning of Dantian's knife, Qin Yi touched his nose and thought: “I don't know exactly how much to condense in order to fight? ”

Now that he has figured out the first three of the thirteen stories of the Knife, he can sacrifice it to fight as long as the Knife truly reaches the point of being able to fight.

As long as this Jiuzhou Demon Knife can be truly sacrificed, then his combat power will instantly take its place in a brand new class.

“If the magic knife of the foundational Kyushu Demonic Knife is sincere in my present modification, and I fight with Qianqishui, there is obviously no chance of winning at all, because after all, I have mastered only three hearts and minds, and I can only split three swords, and as the culminating guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, there will certainly be no problem in resisting these three swords. ”

Qin Yi made this assumption.

And there's another problem, and the fact that a few of Kyushu's magic knives are a real war knife is actually a very dangerous thing.

During that very distant fairy years, the madman of Kyushu Wang created thirteen magic knives. In fact, it is the reversal of Xuan Qi, so that the magic knife truly has unparalleled killing power. In the process of Xuan Qi reversal, his soul will also be impacted by the reversal of Xuan Qi, even the whole person will fade away.