The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1437: The Wave Strikes the Sky

“Oh, I don't want the best, I just want the arms of my brother. ”

Cherry lay in Qin Yi's arms and looked very happy.

At this time, King Senluo has come to Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, how do you feel about this battle with Cherry? ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi shrugged slightly, showing some shame on his face: “Frankly, after the grinding of the Garden of Divine Demons, I already felt that my fighting power was good, but now that I was dealing with Cherry, I realized that I am still just a scoundrel. ”

“You're wrong. ”

King Senroh shook his head and said: “In the normal realm of practitioners, you already exist at the peak. In the middle of the Emperor's Seventh Realm, it is very rare to be able to exert your strength, but it can be said that Cherry is not a practitioner in the normal realm. ”

“Because of her past life? ”

Qin Yi asked.

“Not because of her past life, but because of the 'way’! Her swordsmanship has been incorporated into the ‘Dao', the so-called law of heaven and earth. ”

King Senroe said, "Now, have you felt the power of the Way? A practitioner of the Five Realms of the Imperial Patriarchate, as long as he is attacked and integrated into the 'Pathways’, and mended in the middle of the Seven Realms of your Imperial Pathways, will find it difficult to defeat them, which is the gap between the 'Pathways' and the lack of ‘Pathways’. Do you know what the First Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, the Emperor of Time and Space, is best at the laws of heaven and earth? That's rebellious space-time. ”

Qin Yi faintly smiled. He remembered that King Senroh had basically lost his memories of the Immortal Age in the past. Today, after so many years of his own efforts, he has completely recovered the memories he had lost.

“The Revolutionary Spacetime of Time Emperor can manipulate opponents at will and even send them past. ”

King Senroh said: "I don't have that high enlightenment for 'Dao’, I can't understand it, but Cherry can. I remember the last time you came, she mentioned 'Dao’ to you. Now that you come back, let her tell you more about 'Dao'. I hope you can do something real in the future. ”

He sighed: “Although I have stayed here all these years and never involved half a step of the world, I know that in the near future, there will be great turmoil in the whole lower realm, and if you fail to understand the 'way', even if your fix is even higher, in front of the real Gestapo strong, the same is not easy to strike, and people can beat you up with a law. ”

Qin Yi then, the great turmoil in King Senluo's mouth, naturally refers to the next World War of Destruction.

Only how can he know that, the reason is simple, don't forget, his father, that's Toyoto Ghost King!

Qin Yi believes that Fengdu Ghost King must have visited him here over the years.

And Fengdu Ghost King, most likely one of the layouts.

Qin Yi, Sen Luo Wang and Cherry have returned to Sen Luo Hall.

King Senroe.

Cherry is seriously explaining "Dao” to Qin Yi. At this moment, Cherry's whole person is covered in a faint holy glow. It looks sacred and obviously has the shadow of a past life, the Xuanzheng world dominates.

“Brother, what I have told you before is called 'Dao’, this time I will not repeat it, now I want to tell Brother about the formation of 'Dao’ and how to practice ‘Dao’. ”

Sakura's mild voice said, but the divine color is quite serious. "There are six ways between heaven and earth, six turns, it is a natural avenue, and six ways, there must rely on the existence of five rows of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, so, as long as we master the power of five rows, we can draw out six, the power of the six, is incalculable. The supreme rule of existence in heaven and earth is six turns, as long as we can sense the six turns, then you also master the 'way’, of course, as a martial artist, we naturally only need to master the power of the martial arts, you can do it. ”

Regarding “Dao”, Qin Yi actually contacted him a long time ago. He remembered that when he was at Lingyue Gate, Tianxing Province had sent a man named Lu Lecturer to the Lingyue Gate to argue that what he was talking about was martial arts. At that time, he was also recommended by the Lu Lecturer to give himself a chance to enter Tianxing Province.

Now that so many years have passed, Qin Yi is still unable to enter the threshold of martial arts. Now listening to Cherry, it is still a fog water.

“Now, for example, I use five rows of water to elicit six forces to create a law, and this is how it works ——”

Sakura's fat little hand suddenly shook: “The waves hit the sky! ”

The space in front of us suddenly surged like a giant wave, striking straight into the sky, this side of the heavens and the earth, a "clicking” sound, as if to be smashed into pieces.

What a horrible force!

Qin Yi was stunned, and his heart was stunned so hard to attach.

“Oh, brother, before all of our consultations, when I confronted your Seven Devils, my sword of war contained the ‘Surge Strikes the Sky' rule, otherwise, with my current modification, I would certainly not be able to resist your Seven Devils. ”

Sakura laughed happily: "I counteracted your Seven Kinds of Power with the power of a surge, didn't it work well? ”

So that's it!

Qin Yiran.

You know, when I challenged the White Tiger on the second floor of the Shen Dynasty Garden in the past, I shot the White Tiger all tortoised, but in front of Cherry, even a few scars did not leave on her. How powerful is the power of the "wave to strike the sky”? You can imagine.

Moreover, at present, Cherry cultivation, only Emperor Dao Five Realms, if she is cultivated to a higher level, the power of this law will certainly be stronger.

“Laws, which cannot be cultivated, can only rely on the enlightenment of the individual, to slowly become aware of the heavens and the earth, the five lines that exist, to fully understand the power of the five lines, and then to pry into the six lines behind them, to convert the power of the six lines into the power of the attack, is the law. ”

One seat down, Qin Yi still listens to the fog in the cloud, but there is only so much Cherry can say, law is no more than kung fu, can teach, it can only lead the martial arts into the door, whether or not it can understand, depends on itself.

Next, Qin Yi lived in the Senluo Palace for a few days, because he was about to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang. No one knew what would happen if he was waiting there for himself. The only thing to be sure was that there must have been very few murders on this trip.

So many too ancient strong people exiled inside, let alone Qianqishui, the dead enemy, after entering, an careless person, even if he is the future of the Kyushu king, could die.

Yes, Qin Yi wants to spend more time with Cherry in this Senluo Palace.

A few days later, Qin Yi sat on his legs all day long, conscientiously aware of the power of the five lines that exist in the heavens and the earth, but unfortunately, he was still unable to claim them, had no gain whatsoever, and had never been able to pry into the true gate of the five lines.

Of course, he himself was clear that he understood the five lines, definitely not overnight, could do it, had to take it slowly.

On the fifth day, Qin Yi resigned to Cherry and King Senroe.

After coming out of the underworld, Qin Yi unfolded at a very fast speed, all the way north, to the super great empire that existed with the North Desert - the Great Beam!

Daliang Empire, has always had a stake in him. Speaking of, of all his fiancées, he feels the greatest debt is poetry!

Once upon a time, poetry was consumed for him and even put into heaven by His Majesty Daliang.

Under his constant transients, a day, the magnificent Imperial City of Liang, appeared in his sight.

After all these years, Daliang Imperial City has not changed at all. It is still heavily guarded. The walls of the city are full of city guards and an arrow car.

A team of Imperial City guards, collected at the entrance of the city, all those entering the Imperial City must be questioned to ascertain that there is no suspicion before releasing.

Standing behind the long team, as the team moved forward little by little, looking forward to the magnificent Imperial City, Qin Yi smiled slightly: “Poetry, I'm here, now after so many years, are you okay? ”

“Name, where's the family? What are you doing in Daliang Imperial City? ”

Qin Yi has come to the gate of the city, two soldiers on both sides, shouting, two long knives, crossed in front of him.

After a slight hesitation, Qin Yi still flipped his hand and took out his identity card in the Holy See of Kyushu and gave it to the guardian chief: “Qin Yi, the people of the Holy See of Kyushu, came to the Imperial City to visit a friend. ”

“Kyushu Holy See? ”

The guards and the rest of the people behind them, on their faces, immediately appeared a thick color of fanaticism and looked at Qin Yi with amazement.

The Holy See of Kyushu, these four words, whenever and wherever, give a sense of thunder.

Fortunately, now that so many years have passed, Qin Yi's events of that year have been forgotten by the residents here, and have not caused any sensation.

“Friends of the Holy See of Kyushu, welcome to our Imperial City of Daliang! ”

The leader of the guard returned the white jade to Qin Yi, respectfully said.

After accepting the identity card, Qin Yi walked into Daliang Imperial City, his gaze slowly swept away. This Daliang Imperial City remained essentially unchanged, or, as many years ago, a spacious and tidy street, with all kinds of shops, pharmacies, weapons shops, tailoring shops and tea houses on both sides, everything should be.

Walking along the street, after a fragrant hour, Qin Yi had arrived in front of a mansion. On the big red door, there was a plaque with the word "Shifu” on the plaque.

Looking at the "Shifu" on the plaque, Qin Yi smiled slightly and jumped straight into the mansion.

To avoid unnecessary shock, Qin Yi did not enter the palace to find poetry, but chose to stay in her residence until she returned.

This time, he came to say goodbye to poetry, just to take a good look at poetry is enough.