The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1453: Goodbye Aunt St. Snow

Qin Yi heard words, his heart was horrified and very uneasy. He could not have dreamed of it. The Tuanmu and Fengyue tribes had such ambitions.

However, it is clear that their ambition, unlike the flames of the northern wilderness of Kyushu in the past, was to become only a ruler of the northern wilderness. To be honest, it was for his own desire, but now the Tuanmu and Fengyue tribes are for the tribe to become stronger.

And the way they did it, they were much less intelligent than the flames, they fought alone, they were strong themselves, they dragged wood snow, but they took the form of alliances between the first tribes and the tribes.

“Qin Yi, think about it. As long as we defeat the Tiger Wolf tribe, we have basically completely stood up in all the major tribes in the west, and by then we will march to the army and try not to kill innocents. We are a conquest, not an annexation. ”

In the eyes of the tree snow, at this moment, there was a gleam of glow: “After conquering the tiger wolf tribe, we can begin to build the Imperial City, formulate a new system, a preliminary model of an empire, and it will be formed. By then, as long as we show a better system, the people will have a more prosperous and peaceful life, and some of the surrounding small tribes, will automatically come forward, and within a hundred years, our empire will be very strong. ”

Step-by-step actions have been planned in detail. Qin Yiding looked at the end of the snow around him and sighed in his heart: I really didn't see it. This mother's night fork in front of me is so male.

Obviously, if the current battle with the Tiger Wolf tribe can succeed, in less than a hundred years, she will be a generation queen of western Yulan.

Next, the two chatted for a while, then got up and said goodbye. She knew that Qin Yi was practicing here and didn't want to delay him too much time.

Eyed at Qian Shadow, completely leaving this place, Qin Yi exhaled lightly, settled his mind, and provoked the seeds of the five elements at Dantian.

At Dantian, the five-element seeds are slowly spinning as they burn, and the five different colors of flames converge above.


With a slight sound, a dark magic knife shadow emerged slowly over the five element seeds, slowly spinning as the five element seeds below.

After so long of cultivation, this magic knife is now about half a length long, dark, and hidden in a terrible sense of killing.

“Don't know to what extent to condense this magic knife to rush it out of the Dantian to kill its enemies? ”

Looking at the magic knife fiction in Dantian, Qin Yi smiled slightly and a glimmer of anticipation grew in his heart.

Now, the magic knife shadow did not rush out of Qin Yi's body, and the intent to kill was also separated by his body, which the outside world could not feel, but when the magic knife shadow condensed strong enough, it was hard to say.

With the appearance of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow, the Heart of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Heart of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Heart of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow,

“The remaining ten articles should only be unblocked and brought to my mind once the magic knife has been completely condensed. ”

Qin Yi made this assumption.

Simply condensing the demonic knife shadow to succeed is useless. You must master the 13 articles of the demonic knife. As he does now, even condensing the demonic knife shadow to succeed can only break three knives.

Next, Qin Yi, the whole person, like the old monk, sat on the ground, silently refined the Jiuzhou magic knife.

It wasn't until five days later that his eyes opened slowly.

Five days later, the illusion of the Jiuzhou Demonic Knife grew a little longer, but it didn't grow much. To fully condense it into success, it was not a one-night thing, and it had to be slowed down.

After Qin Yi grew up on the ground and bounced the grass on his butt, he walked to the capital of the Tuanmu clan without further delay.

Still far away, he saw a cavalry in silver armor, armed with a long gun, standing in the big square in front of the city hall.

This Silver Armor cavalry has only about twenty people, but one is strong and powerful, a good hand at first glance, and an elite among the elites.

“What do you mean, what's this mother-night fork doing? ”

Looking far away at the silver armor cavalry, Qin Yi did not remember for a while. He blinked confused and walked forward. He came to the front of the sergeant who looked like the chief and asked: "What are you doing? ”


Anyone who thinks that his voice has just fallen, two silver sergeants rushed over at once. The long gun in his hand was placed in front of Qin Yi: “The idle man, etc., cannot enter! ”

What's going on? When did I become an idler?

Qin Yi stunned, stood there stunned open mouth, by the scene in front of him, completely stunned. This silver armor cavalry does not seem to be this Mu clan army, who are they?

Just at this moment...

“Thief! ”

A scream of delicacy suddenly rang behind her.


Paralyzed, when did I become a thief?

Hearing this call, Qin Yi is even more confused, but there is a hidden feeling that this name, how can you be familiar with it?

And all of a sudden he came back to God. Isn't that what Aunt Snow called herself?

He quickly turned around and saw the Holy Snow Aunt in a green robe, standing at the entrance of the temple, raw, pavilion jade, a pair of foxy eyes, staring at herself, full of pulsating emotions.

And the end of the snow, the end of the wooden marks, the end of the wooden sky, and the elders of the tribe, are there to accompany them.

After all these years, the years did not leave a trace on her face, still so beautiful, white skin, creamy snow, transparent like egg yolk, blowable.

Her nose was quite brilliant, her lips flashed like dots, her eyes flashed, she looked forward to Shenghui, her eyebrows like Yuandai, as if she were someone who came down from the painting.

Seeing this witch again, Qin Yi's heart also instantly flowed a little warmth, shook his head and sighed: “You really deserve to be the first beautiful woman in the wind and snow empire. After all these years, the wind is still strong enough to make all the males in the world go mad for it, willing to fall beneath his pomegranate dress. ”


Looking at the look of Qin Yi's sluggish bag, Aunt Saint Xue smashed her mouth slightly: “After all these years, is the thief's mouth still so sweet? I couldn't help but tease you. ”

Under her robe, she slimmed her legs with a clear silhouette. The style came down the stone steps and came to Qin Yi's face. A faint fragrance followed, so Qin Yi couldn't help but suck her nose.

However, Aunt Saint Xue has stretched out a white onion palm and gently held Qin Yi's chin. She must have looked at Qin Yi's eyes. It seemed like a long hook. She wanted to hook up Qin Yi's soul. She smiled. “Thief, would you like to molest your sister? It's just in the sun, it's exciting. ”

She even slowly patched the delicate body onto Qin Yi's body. The size of the two seats in front of Qin Yi's chest was bigger than that of Yin Fei's. On Qin Yi's chest, she swept gently.


That wonderful touch suddenly made Qin Yi beat a spiritual spirit.

Aunt San Xueben is a witch, the sex is a little evil, Sulai is all my own self, what the world, in her eyes is all bullshit.

Aren't you messing with me right now? More exciting than that, is it... crack?

Qin Yi thought so and couldn't bear to cry out at once. This witch is such a coward!

Think about it. None of your two lovers on the mainland are normal. One is a mother's night fork and one is a witch. This is enough for one side of the water and soil.

“Goddamn it, in broad daylight, they're all so flirtatious, these dogs and men are so shameless! I'm blind. ”

The strange little lord with the wooden marks, immediately called up.

Others beside her are also unable to cry, while the end of the tree snow is shy and envious, her cheeks faint. Although she is also Qin Yi's lover, she must play with Qin Yi in broad daylight like Aunt Holy Snow, she can't let go of this face.

However, Aunt Saint Xue ignored the scream behind her. She lay down in Qin Yi's arms and looked at Qin Yi with a slight look on her beautiful face.

“Witch, tell me, how many more masters have you sacrificed over the years? ”

He scratched Aunt Holy Snow's nose and asked softly. He still remembered clearly that he had almost been sacrificed by his soul.

All these years in the Garden of the Divine Demon, he also missed the witch, and now he sees her again, warm and roasty in his heart, once with her scene, also appeared in his mind.

Speaking of which, between myself and this witch, there was an incredible fate. When I came to rescue Xuanlan, Naran Qiushui, through my talent, deduced that Xuanlan had been captured by this witch and would soon be sacrificed by the Soul. So a few of me went to Windy Snow City, the Empire City of Windy Snow, to prepare to rescue Xuanlan at the Soul Festival ceremony.

Who thinks he ended up screwing Aunt Holy Snow, the witch.

Knowing that now, Qin Yi still doesn't really understand how he got along with the Holy Snow Aunt, but since God arranged this, he has come, then he is an angel, a woman, naturally more beneficial, especially the other party or the first beautiful woman of the wind and snow empire, waiting for the time to be too peaceful, he will get a rear palace, night and night rainfall stained, and live that fairy life.

The mission is to be accomplished, but the rear palace, too, must be slowly set up, one heart, two hands ready!

Aunt Holy Snow ignored Qin Yi's question, but only looked at him. In that foxy show's eyes, a mist of water appeared: “Thief...”

She lifted her delicate little hand and straddled Qin Yi's hair in front of her forehead gently until after that, as if she were a well-behaved bridesmaid.