The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1458: muddy buns

In the blink of an eye, another four days, tomorrow is the day to enter the Tiger Wolf tribe!

On this day, General Tanmuxue assembled into the palace. For this great war, he made a detailed deployment again: “Qin Yi, you led more than 10,000 elite crossing of the Tianmong Mountains, Fengyue's archer team to go with you. After you crossed the Tianmong Mountains, you will see the endless Hadawen prairie, on that prairie, there are many grassmen of the tiger wolf tribe, hope that you do not harm innocent grassmen, remember, this time, we conquer the tiger wolf tribe, not blood wash! ”

Qin Yi heard a rumor, and his heart was hidden. This end of the snow has the temperament of a leader. In general, the two armies engaged in warfare, they can kill as much as possible, plunder grass and supply the army, but now, the end of the snow proposed not to harm the innocent herders as much as possible.

“But on Hadaweng Meadow, in return for our scouts, is also an army of tiger wolf tribes, so you can't take it lightly. After crossing the Hadaube meadow, it is the capital of the Tiger Wolf tribe, Bano, you invade, occupy the capital of Bano, and die and guard! ”

Duanmuxue threw the map to Qin Yi: “From now on, Elite Army and Fengyue Yue's crossbowmen are at your disposal. ”

After taking a look at the map, Qin Yi realized that Ha Dashui meadow was very vast. He had to raise his eyebrows and sigh in secret: “In fighting on vast land, the biggest problem facing the soldiers was the supply, the horse's physical strength was limited, and it was impossible to carry enough grass at once. If it was not enough, the army had to find its own way. ”

Next, Tam Mo Xue made a detailed deployment to all parties. What exactly did he deploy? Qin Yi did not listen seriously. It was no longer his business. He was trying to think about the army's supply.

The next day, the day the army departed, this time, the tripartite army together, hundreds of thousands, all parked on the vast training field, the knife gun like Lin, a general, all riding on the horse's back, holding the breasts high, gazing straight ahead.

Qin Yi also wore a robe at this time. He rode on a horse and was in the army. He looked very attractive.

Around the training field, there were families who were traveling. According to the customs of the Tuanmu tribe, there were many beautiful young girls with flowers in their hands, where they danced with pleasure and welcomed the expeditionary army, and surprisingly, the Saint Snow Aunt joined the ranks of these young girls. The dance gesture was very moving, but her eyes never left Qin Yi in the army.

Lu Yuyuyu, previously imprisoned by the strange young master with wood marks, was also released at this time, but he fought as an ordinary general. At this time, when he was in desperate need of a soldier, he would not naturally be left idle in the prison.

“This war will be the first to change our history. If we win, the western part of the Yulan continent will soon rise a super empire. If we fail, we will be conquered by the Tiger Wolf tribe as their subordinate tribe. Every year we must give them a great deal of food, leather, steel, beauty and money, and we will forever lose the chance to turn around! ”

The chief of the Tuanmu clan, Tuanmu Hao Tian, stood there to inspire the military heart: “However, we Tuanmu clan, Fengyue clan, all of which are iron blood, will willingly become a subordinate clan of the tiger wolf clan, so we must first wage war to conquer the tiger wolf clan! ”

“Conquer the Tiger Wolf Tribe! ”

“Conquer the Tiger Wolf Tribe! ”

The soldiers drank furiously, waving wildly the long knife gun on their hands, and the scene, even a coward, would be deeply infected and boiled with blood.


Dragon snow riding the snow white horse, suddenly rushed out of the army, waved the knife in his hand: “Let's go! ”

As she gave the order, the army set out in the attention of the surrounding people, and pushed to the north, and the dance team formed by the young girl, now the dance became more and more happy. The Saint Snow Aunt who attacked the white robe suddenly stopped, staring at Qin Yi in the army: “Thief, sister wait for you to come back...”

However, the shadow of her little thief was soon submerged in the army and no trace could be found.

The army slowly moved forward, and the travelling people stood on both sides, waving at them constantly, many carrying baskets filled with food and rushing out of the crowd to hand it over to the generals.

Many of these young generals are their relatives. Once the battle is fought and the knife gun is blind, no one can guarantee that they will return alive. For many, this separation may be a farewell!

Until the army went a long way, there were still a lot of people chasing after them, wanting to take a closer look at their loved ones.

“Son, wait, take these buns and eat them on the way! ”

A big lady ran behind the army with a basket full of head, suddenly moved, a basket full of head fell to the ground, the big lady hurriedly climbed up, fell and collided to pick up the mud and sand on the ground.

Qin Yi led the elite march at the end, saw this scene as real and tangible. For a moment, all the generals were silenced down. Qin Yi's heart was not a flavor. This scene of separation was most unbearable to him, so every time he separated from poetry and others, he used to deliberately hip-hop.

“Tiger, isn't that your mother? Your father's, why didn't he move? ”

The end wood marks around Qin Yi suddenly screamed.

Qin Yiding glanced and found a little general who looked only about seventeen or eighteen years old, riding on his horse and walking silently. He lowered his head and trembled slightly. Apparently, he was crying.

Hearing the wooden scream, the tiger rushed to wipe his eyes and turned his face and said: “Young master, we are marching, marching with discipline, do not make contact with relatives, otherwise the marching time will be delayed. ”

“Discipline, what's the point of calling this battle if you don't even look at your mother? Aren't we fighting for a better life for our family? ”

Qin Yi sat on the horse's back and shouted at the tiger: “Tiger, go, bring over the basket of buns your mother made. I want to taste some! ”

“I want to try it too! ”

“Grass, how can you lose my share with a bun? ”

“ …… ”

Some of the generals around, they were all screaming, hey, laughing, even someone kicked Tiger's ass: “Tiger, what are you still doing standing there? Hurry up! ”

This little tiger has no reason not to want to go past. He has just been worried about discipline before. He hasn't bothered his own mother. Even Qin Yi asked him to go now. His tears were already exciting. He was delighted: “Okay, I'll go over there and bring my mother's handmade buns and give them to the brothers to taste! ”

He rode the horse and rushed over. He came to his mother's eyes and picked up the full bun head together. His mother grabbed her hand and gave her a thousand orders. The scene was touching. Qin Yi and other generals were all dark and broken, but they were warm and roasty.

Tiger took a basket of muddy buns and jumped on the horse and came back: "Brothers, eat the buns! ”

“Ha ha, one! ”

As soon as the generals hugged each other, they blinked and grabbed a basket of buns. After they grabbed the buns, they wiped the dirt on them and ate them.

Qin Yi sat on the back of the horse and watched the generals chew on the bun with mud and sand. His heart was filled with emotion.

This purely sincere emotion is the most inspiring.

“General Qin Yi, the buns were all robbed by the brothers. I didn't know they all loved buns with mud and sand. ”

Xiao Tiger came to Qin Yi and said with embarrassment.

“Eat dirt sand, you asshole. Everybody eats it. It's emotion, you know? ”

Qin Yi scolded him with a smile: “Give me half of the bun you bite in the mouth. ”

The tiger snapped and opened his mouth again. Hey, hey, smile: “Lord Qin Yi is right, everyone is eating emotions, not buns with mud and sand. ”

He dared not be lazy at all. He hurried to take down the bun that was eating in his mouth and bypass it to Qin Yi in half. Qin Yi took a bite from the past, and found it extremely sweet. He couldn't help but smile: “Yum! Delicious!”

Looking at Qin Yi's taste, the tiger also rejoiced: “Hey, General Qin Yi, you are from Kyushu Mainland. I thought you couldn't get used to our Yulan Mainland. What about these foods?

“How? In terms of food, Kyushu and Yulan are actually similar. ”

Qin Yi put half a bun in his mouth and chewed it several times. “Tiger, what did your mother say to you? ”

Listen to him, who wants the tiger's cheek to actually be red, some strange words: “My mother said that I must come back alive, all these years she has saved me a lot of money, all pressed under the pillow, when I come back, get me a daughter-in-law. ”

When Qin Yi suddenly laughed, “Your mother is so kind, Tiger, listen carefully. This time, you will come back alive and let your mother marry you a daughter-in-law. ”

“Yes! General Qin Yi, I will return alive! ”

Tiger held his chest up, and although he was still a little shy on his face, he instantly became hot and bloody.

Qin Yi glanced at the general around him: “Listen carefully. If you don't marry your daughter-in-law, come back alive to get your daughter-in-law. If you marry your daughter-in-law, come back alive to see your wives and children! ”