The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1463: The Wish


Fengyue feathers, however, took the red lukewarm tempting little mouth and glanced softly: “Does the fairy have to know this question? Think about it with your toes and you can think about it. There are two lovers in Kyushu, and the last time you came to our Feng Moon tribe as a guest, so many of my sisters are crazy about you, remember? How could a man like that not have a few little lovers on the mainland? ”

“There are indeed three or four. ”

Qin Yi was quite frank, and quickly, she touched her nose, and said with some anguish: “Everything is because my wife is handsome. Yu, you don't know anything. Once a man is too handsome, all kinds of trouble, he follows. Alas, I have been worried about this problem for many years! ”

Fengyue Yuer definitely looked at Qin Yi in the evening summer, suddenly his hands covered his mouth, “Puffing” a smile, a twitch of flowers, those two seats in front of him, even in armor, can see the constant surge.

I couldn't stop laughing. Fengyue Yue's beautiful white glanced at Qin Yi and said: “Your most charming place is not handsome. Do you know what it is? ”


My most charming place, it's not handsome!

Qin Yi stood there and blinked quite unexpectedly. All along, he still thought he was handsome, so he had so many fiancées like Hana Yu. Now, Feng Yue actually told himself, that's not the reason!

“What's that? ”

Qin Yi asked very seriously.

“Because you're funny, you concentrate on these words all over you - I'm a monkey invited comedian! ”

Fengyue feathers eat and smile.


That's why!

What a surprise!

Qin Yi stood there, stunned and opened his mouth.

Fengyue continued: “These days, it's a lot of jokes, but a handsome, very good joke, it's different. He brings the three things that women want most, happiness, security and face, which is the real reason you attract women. ”

Qin Yi stood there stunned, blinking her eyes lightly, and thought to herself for a moment. She felt that Feng Yue Yue's words were very reasonable. She sighed herself in her heart: Grass, bothered her with her own problems for many years. At this moment, Feng Yue actually said something to break the sky machine! From now on, I'm going to make a happy joke!

The two people were on top of the grain warehouse, joking and laughing, the atmosphere was very relaxed, but it diluted Qin Yi's misgivings.

But he was very clear in his heart. This Feng Yue Yu was an expert. He saw himself standing here, facing the Kyushu mainland, knowing that he was thinking about his distant family, and he deliberately came up to talk to himself to defuse his misgivings.

In this regard, Qin Yi did not say anything in his mouth, but in his heart, it breeds a glimmer of gratitude for Feng Yue Yu.

The two of them joked for a while, Feng Yue Yue, this is the right face, and changed the subject: “Qin Yi, do you think that this battle between our two big tribes will win? ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi shrugged and said: “From the whole situation, the two major tribes of you must win this battle, otherwise your future situation will be very bad, and there will never be a chance to turn around again. ”

After a pause, he went on to say: "From the specific circumstances of the current battle, the key to winning this battle depends on our 10,000 + generals. If we can take down Bano, we can take the army of the Tiger Wolf tribe and hold it halfway between Bano and Hassa, making it difficult to retreat. If we fail to capture Bano, then the main army led by Cher, to defeat Hassa, also has great doubts, and this battle is completely defeated. ”

“So this time we attack Bano, only succeed, don't fail...”

Wind and moon feathers drummed the pink mumps on both sides of the drum, exhaled gently, then slowly lowered his head, shallow eyebrows slightly, standing quietly there, not knowing what he was contemplating.

When Qin Yi saw her not talking, she could only stand there quietly with her, but saw Feng Yue Yue suddenly turn her face and look at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, if I died in this war, I haven't even taken the kiss yet, as a girl's house, isn't this very unfortunate? ”

Qin Yi was stunned and couldn't stop crying. The chick just kept quiet. Turns out she was thinking about this issue.

“Theoretically, this is a real shame for a girl's family. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi answered very seriously, suddenly he felt something wrong again, because the wind and moon feathers at this moment are already looking at themselves directly, that nice corner of mouth, slightly soaring, outline a charming shallow smile.

Seeing her like this, Qin Yi subconsciously retreated a step back: “What are you going to do? You don't want me to make it up to you, do you? ”

Feng Yue Yue's eyes turned and looked down at the generals. "I've watched for a long time and found that you are the best person to make up for this regret. Although you already have several lovers to make up for my regret, some have suffered, but the loss is the loss, I don't care. ”

Oh, shit!

This damned chick would come up to the roof and talk to me for so long, daring to make up for her regrets? She was ready to die?

Qin Yi was hilarious and helpless. He waved at Feng Yue Yue. “Wait, you don't care, but I care, I have a family, I can't tarnish the innocence of one of your girls..."

His voice was not set. Feng Yue Yue had already pounded up. In the absence of any protection from Qin Yi, this pounce was actually directly pounded on the roof by Feng Yue Yue. The moment his spine was affixed to the roof, two full and soft fresh lips were also crushed on his big mouth.

Qin Yi was pressed to death by Feng Yue Yue. A wonderful touch came from her lips. She blinked there. Grass, she was raped by a woman again. It was too careless. Why do all the women in the world like to kiss me?

The two of them made a huge noise, and all the busy soldiers below stopped working in their hands, looked up, and suddenly stood there, petrochemical open mouth.


This scene... is so surprising!

Feng Yue Yue had no experience of kissing at all. She pressed her little mouth against Qin Yi's big mouth. After a while, she climbed up from Qin Yi in silence, patted her ass and jumped on the ground.

All the generals on the ground stood there stunned, looking at Feng Moon Yu as if they were green giants, but Feng Moon Yu suddenly slowly turned around and glanced at them: “What are you looking at? Have you never seen a woman kiss a man? Why don't you get to work? ”

Yan Bi, she twisted her dead ass, beautiful head, raised her head high, as if she were a proud cock, without looking away.

“Tsk, what a side-effect! ”

“Needless to say, she is our Emperor of the Feng Yue clan, can you not be rude? ”

“Yeah, a strong kiss can make a strong kiss, genius, under the weather, probably nobody else! ”

“ …… ”

The gentlemen returned to God and talked and cast their admirable gaze at the Qian Shadow of the Far Wind and Moon Feather.

The voice of the discussion behind you, the beautiful head of Fengyue Yue, is taller and taller, on the delicate little face, obviously with an arrogant colour: hum, you boys, have you seen Sister's grandeur?

Qin Yi sat up from the roof and looked at Feng Moon Yue's distant figure. He wiped his lips and sighed in his heart: Surely, the most important part of this idea is comedy.

He stopped staying on the roof, he jumped lightly, on the ground, all around the general, some with an indescribable look, looking at Qin Yi, the tiger rushed forward, hey hey smile: “Brother Qin Yi, this situation... does that mean that you have sex with that Yu sister? ”


And fucked!

I can't tell, the tiger's talking is so vulgar!

Qin Yi couldn't stop crying. He lifted his leg on Tiger's ass and kicked his foot: “Fuck you, that's what I did for Feng Moon Yu, but a wish. You little boy, even the cat hasn't grown up yet, what do you care about this kind of thing? Why don't you get to work? ”

Tiger touched his ass and laughed. “Yes, work, work! Hey, what are you looking at? They're helping Yu's sister, but they want to! ”

“Damn, why didn't any girl come to me with that wish? ”

Someone whispered to himself.

Next, under the busy conditions of the generals, more than a dozen cars of grass were lifted onto the backs of more than two hundred horses before the sky completely darkened.

Due to time constraints, Qin Yi let Yuan Wu order a thousand extraordinarily strong soldiers among 20,000 sergeants that night to escort the grass out of the city and use the moonlight to depart to the previously designated location.

This thousand generals, it is not as simple as escorting grass alone. If you encounter the army of the tiger wolf tribe halfway, it is inevitable that you will have to fight, so Qin Yi will make Yuan Wu a whole thousand people, and all of them are in the elite army, their hands are very pointy. If these grass are taken back by the tiger wolf tribe people on the way, then everything is in vain.

Of course, Qin Yi is also very good at calculating. Now the troops of the Tiger Wolf tribe are all in Hasa, Yuan Wu and the others halfway. Even if they encounter the army of the Tiger Wolf tribe, the number will certainly not be large. Therefore, Yuan Wu led 1,000 elite, enough to cope with the general attacks on the road.

The next day, when the sun was bright, Qin Yi led more than 10,000 generals, abandoned the grain store and went to Bano.

The location of the grain bank here, in fact, is not too far from the old city of Bano of the Tiger Wolf tribe. If you whip quickly, you have two or three days to reach it.

It is only their elite army that will have to wait for the army to arrive in Hassa and send the Mooshino Pie back to report quickly before they can attack Bano, so there is plenty of time.