The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1471: Little Tiger

“Boom! Boom! ” ……

Just at this moment, a loud bang comes from the front.

Qin Yi, the end of the wooden mark and others looked at it, but saw the gate that had been tightly closed, suddenly pushed slowly.

“This is Tiger. They're driving inside. ”

The strange little lord with the wooden mark reacted extremely quickly and shouted with excitement.

Qin Yi was wondering how to open this gate. Who thought that for a moment, dozens of generals, such as Tiger Zi, Tuanmulu and Lu Tiemu, who had entered the city before, actually opened the gate from inside.

“Guys, get in there! ”

Qin Yi had a knife in his hand and slapped it hard on the horse's ass. The wind rushed past him.

Xiao Tiger, there are only a few dozen of them, but at this moment we have to confront the Tiger Wolf tribal generals in the city, and push the city gate open, let Qin Yi outside the city come in, how bad the situation is, can you imagine.

“Kill him! ”

“To plunder their wealth! ”

“Go fuck their women! ”

More than 10,000 sergeants, Qi Qi drank furiously, waved a brilliant knife, rode across the horse, the platoon went down to the city of Bano, blinking, and rushed to the gate.

The city gate was slowly pushed open, Qin Yi looked inside. Surely, only the three of them, led by dozens of generals, were struggling to pull the gate, everything in Bano City, at a glance.

Rockets, torches and corpses were found everywhere in the city, and people were already in chaos, wearing head-mouths, and a team of human soldiers and tiger wolves rushed in from afar.

“Qin Yi, quickly, lead the brothers into the city! ”

Seeing that Qin Yi led more than 10,000 sergeants, he had rushed into the city gate hundred people. That tiger was pulling hard into the city gate. He shouted and waved at Qin Yi constantly. His naive face under his helmet had not yet faded, full of excitement.

Their dozens of generals, who had apparently gone through a fierce battle with the army of the Tiger Wolf tribe, were all colored on everyone, some of whom were still badly wounded, and a dozen more, who were lying still on the ground, apparently dead.

Although there was only a brief battle in Bano City before, there was too much difference between the enemy and me, and the dozens of generals, no matter how tough they were, could have been fought by the Tiger Wolf tribal armies in Bano City.

Although the army of the Tiger Wolf tribe had basically moved to Hassa by now, their queen was still here, and there must have been considerable force left behind.

At this moment, the remaining dozens of generals, despite the wounds on their bodies, died trying to get to the gate of Lana. Such a scenario in front of them, as long as they are not fools, can imagine why opening this gate is so important for this battle. If they can't get in outside the city, these generals are useless even if they have the ability to fly.

“Tiger, you guys are amazing! ”

Qin Yi couldn't help but wave a battle knife at Tiger and others with his thumbs up: “Brothers, as long as we rush into the city, this battle will be won by half! ”

“Hey, hey! Brother Qin Yi, I've long heard that you are a heavenly soldier. Xiaofan came to save our two main tribes, the Mu clan and the Feng Yue clan. Come on, everyone, open this gate! ”

Tiger laughed excitedly.

However, his voice had just fallen, and behind him was a flash of glitter, and the sky broke, instantly stabbed behind the tiger, which was a spear.


A loud bang!

With this loud noise, Qin Yi outside the city, his body trembled on the horse's back and his consciousness, his mind suddenly burst into a feeling of unspeakable extreme crap.

He glanced at it. Indeed, the spear that flew across him pierced Tiger's body and nailed him to the gate.

Tiger's mouth corner smoked violently. Looking far away at Qin Yi, the naive little face quickly became miserable and a hint of despair appeared in his eyes: “Brother Qin Yi...”

“Tiger! ”

“Tiger! ”

The end wooden marks and other generals who slammed behind him saw this scene clearly. They all had to be stopped and shouted. Then they saw the end wooden marks waving their knives: “Kill, avenge the dead brothers! ”

“Kill him! ”

In the sound of the killing, more than 10,000 generals waved the knife of war and the tide rushed into the city. It is now night, but the torches everywhere have already daylight this ancient city of Bano.

In the city of Bano, a tall tiger wolf, under the wave of a human soldier dressed in a golden armor, wearing nearly two husbands, was also slaughtered mad towards the gate of the city, a tiger wolf with a big mouth with a blood basin, with long fangs, and a sight of human hair numbness.

Qin Yi sat on the horse's back, staring at the little tiger nailed to the gate by the tiger wolf tribe human general.

At this moment, all the swords and shadows around him, he couldn't feel them, and all he could see was Tiger's miserable white and desperate face.

In his mind, he gently emerged the day that the army had not yet left the Tuanmu tribe, Tiger's mother's house, carrying a basket of buns to chase the scene of the army.

His head was full of mud and sand, Tiger's mother kissed that wrinkled face, ears, echoed the road and walked, Tiger shouted “Brother Qin Yi”.

“Tiger, I promised your mother that I would bring you back to the Tuanmu clan alive...”

Qin Yi muttered silently, his eyes rapidly moistened, in his chest, rolling up endless sadness.

“You bastard, you're still stunned. If you don't look back, our army will be destroyed. All previous efforts have been in vain! ”

Behind me came an angry drink.

The next moment, a bow, was the unwelcome “bang” sound, smoked hard on Qin Yi's back, but it was the wind and moon feather that rushed up later. Behind her, she followed the 5,000 archers.

At this moment, Fengyue Yue held the bow tightly in her hand. Her little face was a little pale. She stared at Qin Yi angrily.

The spinal beam was painful, Qin Yi returned to God, and found the tiger nailed to the city gate, his eyes had closed, his head pulled, the spinal beam through his body spear, still there constantly trembling, red blood, irresistible pouring out.

Meanwhile, more than 10,000 elite sergeants have already arrived at the entrance of the city, waving a knife in their hands and slashing the gate like crazy. In Bano city, the tiger wolf soldiers, under the command of the human sergeant, have also rushed to the entrance of the city, and are dying inside to resist.

When the two armies engaged, the dozens of elite generals who had previously entered the city fell again in an instant, leaving only seventy or eight, which had just opened to half the gate, which was slowly going back and forth again.

“Hold on, brothers. In any case, we can't let this gate go back! ”

His eyes were red, round and his mouth roared.

The dozens of sergeants who had been mixed in before have almost died so far. If the gate were to be closed again now, it would obviously not be possible to open it again.

The generals were naturally able to realize this, also a red eye like a beast, with a strong and violent atmosphere, with a strange knife and slashed to the gate.

“Die! ”

An angry drink rang from behind.

The generals were all at once. They had to look back, but when they saw Qin Yi, they had already stood directly on the horse's back. The handsome face, the divine sorrow and anger had merged, and there was madness in their eyes.

Seeing him like this, the hearts of the generals are an unstoppable burst of cold.

Qin Yi, however, had already thrown the strange knife in his hand hard into the city. The strange knife cut out a cold ray, crossed the heads of the generals, and burst in through the half-opened gate to take the human generals of the tiger wolf tribe.

Just listen to the sound, the human generals of the tiger wolf tribe, only felt a scratch in front of them, and then, a big head, it flew up, and then rolled down on the ground.

One knife and behead the human general of the Tiger Wolf tribe!

Once the human generals of this tiger wolf tribe died, there was a shout in Bano City, and Qin Yi's action, he didn't stop, he looked around and grabbed a strange knife in the hand of a soldier. He had not yet waited for the general to return to God. Qin Yi had already jumped on his horse's back, plundered out, held the swinging strange knife and slashed it hard towards the gate.


In the loud noise, a position shook the mountain.

The dense and numb tiger wolf soldier in the city, all of a sudden shocked to fly out and fell to the ground, then it was supposed to close the gate, all of a sudden open.

Qin Yi's figure, without any pause, followed a sweep in, landed on the ground and looked at the ground. The bodies of the dozens of elite sergeants glanced at him and quickly rushed to the front of the tiger.

“Tiger! ”

A palm cut off the long spear inserted on his spine, Qin Yi lifted the tiger, his hand beneath the tiger's nose to probe, suddenly relaxed his breath: OK, there was still a slight breath, the tiger did not die completely.

“The gates are open, boys. Kill them! ”

With a wooden mark, Qin Yi saw a knife and directly cut the gate open. After an incredible blink, he quickly turned back to God and waved the knife in his hand. One horse first, he rushed into the city.

The character of this wooden mark, though strange, has a rare bloodbath, don't forget, several times before, he almost cut off Lu Yuyuyu knife.

“Kill, avenge the dead brothers! ”

The gate has been opened, an elite general, all shouting, the tide flooded into the city, and Feng Moon Yu led her 5,000 archers, followed closely, rushed into the city.

In time, more than 10,000 elite generals fought the tiger wolf soldiers of the tiger wolf tribe.

Throughout the city, there was a blade of light, and the sound of death shocked the sky.

At this moment, a soldier, the blood in his body, is boiling to the extreme point, his eyes round stool, like a bloodthirsty beast, and the tiger wolf soldiers of the tiger wolf tribe are obviously also trained over the years, not only the power is unusual, the movement is also unusually healthy, then the tiger is more than 10 long, the impact is very horrible, even some soldiers who have been repaired to have broken into the imperial province, if they are hit, they are directly impacted to fly out.