The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1478: Capturing Khan

The next moment, she instantly understood Qin Yi's intentions and suddenly almost fell off the giant elephant's back: “Oh, my God, he's going to capture that beautiful queen alive! ”

Who the hell is this guy? He's crazy enough to go to a field like this and try to catch the queen of the tiger wolf tribe alive!

Since Qin Yi's intentions were clearly seen, Feng Yue Yue dared not to be slightly lazy. Immediately, he jumped from the back of the giant elephant and jumped directly onto the back of a battle horse below.


She held a crossbow and slapped it hard on the horse's ass. It was like an arrow off a string. She rushed to the giant elephant riding towards the beautiful queen, and at the same time kept taking the arrow and shooting at the beautiful queen.

A feather arrow, with an awesome broken voice, came quickly. The tiger wolf tribe general on the back of the giant elephant, suddenly a mess, hurried to take out the long knife, rushed to the front of their queen, waved a knife to chop down a shooting feather arrow.

The beautiful queen, closely guarded by the human generals, frowned for a moment and understood the intentions of Qin Yi and Feng Moon Yu. The beautiful little face instantly emerged with a strong shock, delicately drank in her mouth: “Quick, shoot these two! ”

With that order, the archers on the other five giant elephants immediately pointed all the arrows at Qin Yi and Feng Yue Yu, the dense and numb feather arrows, and the locust herd shot at them both.

Before this gap, behind Qin Yi, that didn't have time to enter the end of the wooden mark in the shield array, which led to the discarding of a dead body that had already been shot by a range hedgehog. He jumped on a battle horse and rushed to the shield array at great speed. The shield array shouted and revealed a gap, putting the end wooden mark in.

Feather arrows of the tiger wolf tribe, at this moment, they all shot at Qin Yi and Feng Yue Yu. Elite generals in the shield array, temporarily relieved, but at the same time, they were both Qin Yi and Feng Yue Yu, deeply worried.

“Young Master, what are Qin Yi and General Yu doing out here for a while? How did you attract all the feather arrows? ”

“It's too dangerous, although they're both good, but slightly careless, they can wear arrows in an instant! ”

“ …… ”

As soon as the wooden marks rushed into the shield formation, the soldiers quickly surrounded them, and each one of the gods on the face was anxious to the extreme.

“I don't know what my brother-in-law and Yu are going to do. ”

The colour of God on his wooden face is also unusually anxious. "My brother-in-law just shouted at me. Everyone heard me. Whatever happens out there, be sure to keep this shield alive. This is a military order, offender, chop! ”

All around, the sergeant had to take a sip, and then drank together: "Yes! ”

There was nothing more to say about the wooden marks. At this time, this is less fun than the Lord. It's not funny, riding the horses, rushing back quickly. Not long ago, it came to the thousands of archers.

Thousands of archers, obviously very well trained in ordinary times, now Fengyue feathers are no longer, but they still have no cluttered feet. Behind the elite generals, they are lined up in a straight line, kneeling on one leg, holding bows and shooting arrows.

“Brothers, well done, no matter how brave the tiger wolf soldiers of the tiger wolf tribe are, you have always suppressed them to death! ”

"My brother-in-law has orders," he cried, "to keep this state at all times. Don't let the tiger werewolf soldiers in front of you rush over here with our generals, kill them together. Now, in front of the elite sergeant, there are six terrible giant elephants. Once these tiger werewolf soldiers rush over, we will be enemies on our backs. Understand? ”


Bow squad sergeant, echoing.

After a pause, someone asked, "Young master, where is Your Highness? Is everything okay with her? ”

Behind them, they kept dying to force the tiger wolf soldiers to walk, not knowing what was going on in front of them, and now behind them, a high shield wall was erected, and they could not see what was behind it.

“Rest assured, Your Highness, she is well now. ”

In fact, it is unclear what is happening to Fengyue feathers now, but in order to stabilize the military mind, he can only say that.

Listening to him, the general of the crossbowmen, all of whom were at once relieved, had been worried about her comfort since the sudden departure of Fengyue Yue, and now, finally, they could relieve themselves completely.

And in fact, the wind and moon feathers at this time, indeed, nothing has happened for the time being. Although she is caught in the thick and numb feather arrows, but her figure is unusually clever. At this time, she has ridden the horse of war and has been running and shooting arrows at the queen of the tiger wolf tribe. The thick and numb feathers swoop from her side, which means she has not been shot.

On the other side, Qin Yi, also abandoned the horse of war at this moment, carrying the unconscious tiger, used a strange knife to drop all the shooting feather arrows, the windy speed forward.

“Damn, this warrior, is he a god of war fighter? ”

Looking forward, Qin Yi, the beautiful queen of the tiger wolf tribe, constantly rushing in the arrow, was shocked and angry, and suddenly she drank: “All go with me, I want to see if this man really has three heads and six arms? ”

“Khan, don't! ”

Lu Dongfu, beside him, suddenly shocked and hurriedly reached out to stop their Khan: “You rush down like this, several other giant elephant generals will surely not stop for a while and shoot you dead! ”

“Yeah, Khan, don't be impulsive! ”

Other human generals, with long knives, continuously chopped down the feathers and arrows fired by the wind and moon feathers, as they prayed bitterly.

“But do you see the intentions of the Moose warrior? He's trying to rush up here and catch me alive! ”

Beautiful Khan, uncontrollable anger, under that gorgeous robe, with two supermassive seats on his chest, a violent landing and landing: “His actions are an insult to me, you understand? ”

A hall of Khan, someone actually wants to capture her alive, such a scenario would be crazy for anyone.

“Khan, naturally I can see the intentions of that warrior of the Mu clan, but this man may not have been able to do it. ”

Lu Dongfu hurriedly saluted: “Khan, don't worry, none of them will eventually survive, all will be buried in this city of Bano. ”

It was just that his voice had just fallen, and the other human generals in the magnificent bamboo pod were all shouting, the beautiful Khan and Lu Dongfuding glanced at each other, suddenly doubled.

Only the sergeant of the Mu clan, so many feather arrows, did not resist his steps, by now he had rushed to the foot of the giant elephant, carrying a strange knife, looked up and smiled.

And the giant elephant, also very spiritual, directly lifted the thick elephant's leg, and kicked him hard towards the warrior of the Mu clan at that end, trying to kick him to fly. Only, the warrior of the Mu clan at that end, but his body suddenly jumped, one hand on the elephant's kicked elephant's leg, slapped hard, with the help of this rebounding force, his body was like a light swallow, burst out.

In the blink of an eye, he had climbed the elephant's nose with one hand, leaping all the way, and his legs had slipped on the elephant's nose.

This is the moment!

She has rushed to the wind and moon feathers not far away. She was excited to see this scene. Both cheeks were red and quite moving. She knew Qin Yi's body and hands. Once he got on the back of the giant elephant, the beautiful Khan of the tiger wolf tribe could not escape.

Especially subtle is that as soon as Qin Yi rushed into the nose of the giant elephant, the human generals of the tiger wolf tribe on the other giant elephants would not dare to shoot any more arrows at this place. Fearing to kill their Khan by mistake, he could only stand there and hurry with his eyes open.

Excited Fengyue Yue, this moment went mad shooting arrows to cover Qin Yi. The tiger wolf tribe general on the giant elephant, for a moment, was shot by her in a big mess, could not free up his hand against Qin Yi.

Therefore, Qin Yi followed the giant elephant's nose very smoothly. In between winks, he rushed to the back of the giant elephant. He stood in front of the beautiful Khan, on his back, and carried the unconscious tiger. In his hand, he grabbed the knife that had already been rolled by the blade.

“Beautiful queen, excuse me, let me have some tea! ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, walked one step forward and grabbed his big hand straight to the beautiful Khan. The action was very direct.

Seeing the general of the Dunmu clan, he actually wanted to capture Khan alive. The generals of the tiger wolf clan around him, where Kenyi, immediately Qi Qi was angry and drank, waving a swinging long knife, quickly chopping to Qin Yi.

And that beautiful Khan, naturally, can't be captured without holding hands. With his wrist up, he held the golden sword and struck Qin Yi without a head.

However, Qin Yi's movements were too fast. Her golden sword had just been raised. Qin Yi's big hand had already been detected in front of her. As soon as she grabbed her counterhand, she grabbed her jade arm, grabbed it tightly, and turned back. The knife with the blade rolled up was already erected on her jade item: “Don't resist, it's useless. ”

Qin Yi's handsome face. At this moment, a slight smile appeared, which was much more fascinating than the smile of the woman.


Beautiful Khan's golden sword, set in the air.

And the swords in the hands of the tribesmen of the surrounding Tiger Wolf tribe, they were all there. It all happened in the firestone room, and they couldn't even get a knife out of it. They had to hold the knife in their arms and blink incredibly.

Qin Yi put his arms around him, the beautiful Khan of the tiger wolf tribe. Nachana's moving delicate body fell into Qin Yi's arms. Qin Yi pushed the knife in his hand and slowly pushed it. The blade touched the delicate skin of the beautiful Khan. Although the blade had already been curled, it was easy to cut off this beautiful Khan's head.