From this scenario, the tiger should be a chronic poison. As long as it doesn't turbulence sharply, for a moment and a half, the venom won't erode into the heart so quickly. This relieves Qin Yi slightly. If the tiger is a memory poison, then this time, he can only really watch him die in front of himself.

Once again, he took out a five-pin nine-spin soul dan and put it into the belly of Xiao Tiger. Qin Yi corrected him and used his inner strength to heal his wounds for a while before saying to Tian Wooden Mark: “In Xiao Tiger, it is a strange poison of anesthesia. At this time, his whole body is anesthetized. Ask the generals if they understand medicine, bring him in to show Xiao Tiger. ”


The wooden mark answered and jumped off the carriage.

Qin Yi sat beside Tiger and waited quietly. He looked at Tiger who had been unconscious in front of him. For the first time, he felt so powerless and had experienced so much. He was all the rage, and most of his opponents were still some martial arts men with terror cultivation. In the end, he could not.

But now, in this ordinary human war, in the face of the poisonous tiger, he finds himself unable to do anything!

Around the corner of the carriage, at this moment, the beautiful Khan fell asleep, but quietly opened a pair of blue eyes, while her nose still sounded slightly even.

That's enough to show that she pretended to be asleep. In fact, she woke up long ago!

She stared at Qin Yi's back without moving. She frowned slightly, and no one knew what she was thinking.

She stared at Qin Yi's back for a while, and the beautiful Khan slowly moved her gaze away. She turned to look not far away. That golden sword scattered in the hay. As soon as she had one stroke, she had confidence to bite the golden sword in her mouth, and then quickly knocked Qin Yi aside, biting the golden sword with her mouth, lightning stroke on Qin Yi's neck. Then, it was all over...

Beautiful Khan's eyes, staring dead at the golden sword quietly lying there, followed by staring dead at Qin Yi's back shadow, biting his teeth, his body couldn't help but move gently.

Hearing the movement behind him, Qin Yi slowly turned around. Beautiful Khan quickly closed his eyes.

“Sasha! ”

Immediately afterwards, Qin Yi stepped on the hay and quickly stopped ringing. Beautiful Khan's heart almost jumped out of her chest at this time. She could clearly feel it. At this moment, Qin Yi stood in front of herself. All he had to do was bend over and pick up the gold sword, make a random stab, and his identity and how noble it was, was all his life.

“Damn, I shouldn't have hesitated earlier, I should have bitten the golden sword with my mouth, and one sword brought this man to fruition. ”

Beautiful Khan felt Qin Yi's eyes. He was staring at himself without moving. Even his intestines regretted it. Because of his hesitation, he missed an opportunity to kill him forever.

He didn't kill him, but now he's dead. He just made a conscious move. He must have figured out that he was pretending to sleep. He even saw his intention to kill him. Next, he was going to take the golden sword and kill himself.

Who thinks, next, she can hear Qin Yi sigh softly: “It's morning time, the sun has risen, the cold air on this prairie, why hasn't it dispersed? ”

Then, a armor, slowly dressed on herself, the beautiful Khan in the hectare, stood still, the armor that struck her, although made of steel, she was able to feel clearly, with warm body temperature still on it.

“This armor, it was the man who took it off himself and put it on me. ”

Beautiful Khan stunned there, for a moment, with a delicate taste in his heart.

Now she realized that it was only because she had thought too much. The warrior of the Tuanmu clan in front of her did not even realize her intention to kill him, but she was unconscious. He understood that he felt cold in his sleep and his subconscious retracted.

Feeling the silk body temperature coming from the armor, at this moment, the heart of beautiful Khan breeds an unknown warmth.

At this time, the wooden mark was led by a middle-aged general, pulled the curtain, entered the carriage, and saw Qin Yi actually put his armor on that beautiful Khan. The wooden mark was astonished: “Brother-in-law, how did you chop this armor on this mother night fork? Armor, but a soldier's glory, you're wearing it on the queen of the tiger wolf tribe, you haven't lost your mind, have you? ”

The general, who came in with him, also said with surprise: “General Qin Yi, it is indeed inappropriate to do this. It does not bode well for us to carry the armor of the Mu clan on this tiger wolf clan Khan. ”

Qin Yi shrugged her shoulders without any reason: “It's okay, our war, with strength, is unstoppable sharpness, we are all iron men, let's not be superstitious, I think this grassland morning some chill attack, put armor on her. ”

Waving his hand, Qin Yiwang said to the middle-aged general: “What's your name, you know medicine? ”

“The end will be called Tamwood. ”

The middle-aged general hurriedly arched his hand and said: “Grandpa's hand, he was a medical practitioner, and later passed it on to my father. When I was a child, I would often follow my father up the mountain to collect medicine. When I went to see the patient, I was helped by the medicine box, I saw a lot, and I understood a little bit. ”

Next, without further delay, the wooden sky came to Tiger's side, grabbed Tiger's arm and pulsed it up.

Qin Yi and Tianjin Mark did not speak, but looked quietly at Tianjin Sky. After a while, Tianzi's arm was put down: “The pulse of the elephant was messy and very weak, it was poisoned indeed. That's supposed to be werewolf poison. ”

“Werewolf poison? ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and the two people with wooden marks are both standing there staring at each other. Both of them are medically blank. “Werewolf poison” is something they have not even heard of before.

“What is Werewolf Poison? ”

Qin Yiyi frowned and asked. The end wooden marks beside him are also the eyes that will be asked, looking at the end of the tree.

Takemura sighed, "Werewolf poison, it's wolf fluid plus a leaf juice called ghost lotus, formulated. This ghost lotus is an anesthetic that can anesthetize people's nerves, but when it's formulated with wolf fluid, it becomes a poison that not only anesthetizes people's nerves, but spreads a little bit in the body. Once it spreads to people's heart, you'll never get rid of her again. So the intoxicated person, all the nerves in the body, will be anesthetized permanently and will never wake up again. ”

Ghost Lotus?

Qin Yi slightly frowned. Although he did not understand medicine, he was an alchemist. He basically had some understanding of the medicinal materials in the villages in the heavens and the earth. He turned his memory and found that there was indeed a medicinal material called ghost lotus in the heavens and the earth, and its characteristics were the same as described by this tree and the sky.

“Is there a cure for this wolf poison? ”

Qin Yi asked.

“Of course it can be lifted, it is only this medicine, but it is difficult to find, it must be made with the blood of the tiger wolf, plus the green lotus, in order to be able to lift it. ”

"The blood of a tiger wolf can suppress werewolf venom, and the green lotus can eliminate the narcotic properties of the ghost lotus, but where are we going to find both materials here? ”

Hearing him say this, Qin Yi and the end wood marks looked at each other. Both faces appeared bitter, green lotus, impossible to grow on this prairie, had to be bought in the pharmacy, and the blood of the tiger wolf, much less know where to look?

“Tatsuya, then Tiger has no choice but to watch him sleep like this forever? But his mother kept the money for her private room. When she got back, she went to help her daughter-in-law. ”

Qin Yi screamed. If he really could only watch Xiao Tiger fall asleep for so long, he could not convince himself to accept this fact. Now, all he had to do was close his eyes and a muddy clay head would appear in his head.

“Don't rush. ”

"Although we can't get these two materials here to help Tiger get rid of the venom from his body, we can find a way to dilute the venom from his body and get him to our tribe, so we have a glimmer of hope to get rid of the venom from his body. ”

Hearing him say this, Qin Yi and the eyes of End Wood Mark suddenly had to shine, and the card saw a glimmer of hope. Yeah, as long as Tiger can persist to End Wood's tribe, he doesn't believe in a tribe that big, he won't even be able to find both materials.

“Tianjin, tell me, what do we do to dilute the venom in Tiger? ”

The end wooden marks grabbed the end woody arms, excited to ask.

“This is simple, just use a lot of fresh water, then throw the tiger directly into the fresh water to soak, the fresh water will pass through his pores and slowly penetrate into the tiger, so that the venom in his body can be diluted. ”

Said Tamwood.


Lots of fresh water!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi also bears wooden marks, and he has to stand still. Where do you get plenty of fresh water to soak the tiger in this vast grassland?


A lot of fresh water, this would have been a very uncommon thing, but for Qin Yi and the others, it is still a problem!

The soldiers carry fresh water with them, but it is all for drinking and must not be used.

By the way, isn't there a lot of Travellers from the Tiger Wolf tribe on the Hadatwilight prairie?

At a certain moment, Qin Yi's eyes suddenly lit up. With this in mind, he suddenly became ecstatic. He waved his hand hastily, letting the end wooden marks and the end wooden sky descend from the carriage. He said his thoughts. The end wooden marks and the end wooden sky both heard the words, and they were ecstatic.