The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1490: Bathing

“Such an amazing story is true. ”

Looking away at the little bag, the beautiful Khan blue eyes, slightly moist, sighed: “It's so cruel, how can you break up such a lover? ”

“Beautiful Khan, what exactly is Castle talking to you about? ”

From the beginning to the end, all I could hear was Kasso roaring in his mouth. Qin Yi didn't understand a word. At this moment, he looked at the beautiful Khan's eyes, but he was still a little wet. He couldn't help but wonder.

“Nothing, Castle is just telling me a love story about this river. ”

Beautiful Khan said, spinning, even told Qin Yi that amazing love story.

Listen, Qin Yi was also stunned. He gazed down at Jianzhen River. For a moment, there was also some emotion in his heart. I don't know whether this beautiful love story is real or not, anyway, there is one.

“So the Tiger Wolf tribe has been in business with the Tamwood tribe a long time ago? ”

After a moment of silence, Qin Yi looked at the beautiful Khan.

Beautiful Khan shook the beautiful head: “On the big side, our two tribes have no business dealings, only some private folk deals, which are not known, should exist. ”

Yet again, her cheeks were slightly red without a trace. She remembered something and glanced at Qin Yi: “Where's my golden sword? Give it back."


Qin Yi refused quite simply: “You are now our prisoner, how can a prisoner carry a weapon? What if something happens? ”


Beautiful Khan will have a pretty nose. He hummed softly and glanced at Qin Yi: “Aren't you afraid I'll use the golden sword to hold the tiger? ”

She stopped saying so much, stood up, bounced the grass on her ass, and walked down to Jianzhen River.

“What are you going to do? ”

Qin Yi screamed hastily.

“Go take a bath. ”

Beautiful Khan stood still, turned around and looked at Qin Yi with some disdain: "If you are afraid of me slipping away, you can stand on the riverbank and watch me take a bath. ”

Watching her take a bath?

Qin Yi sniffed words, he had to shout in his heart: grass, this is embarrassing, this beautiful Khan, is really cunning, if he really stood on the riverbank, look at a beautiful woman bath, what is her system? He can't do this nasty thing either.

But if he doesn't stand here watching her take a bath, he's really worried about this beautiful Khan and will take the opportunity to slip away.

This damned chick must have grabbed it and deliberately put herself in trouble!

At this moment, just seeing that beautiful Khan, has come to the river, there really is no taboo at all, standing there directly to unbelt the wide clothes.

“Wait a minute! ”

Seeing her like this, Qin Yi screamed.

Castle beside him, also staring at the beautiful Khan, who slowly unbelted his wide clothes, blinked incredibly.

Fortunately, he does not know the true identity of the beautiful Khan, and if so, he does not know how he will react.

Beautiful Khan stopped the action of undressing the wide strip, and stood there slowly turning around, looking far away at Qin Yi, the beautiful corners of her mouth on both sides, slightly soaring, hanging a derisive slight smile: Humph, this warrior of the end wood tribe, turns out to be a coward, not even a woman has the courage to take a bath.

“Castle, you go get Yu and her crossbow team to come and take a bath, and they just want to take a bath. ”

Qin Yi said to the surrounding Caso.

A grown man who can't stand directly on the riverbank and watch a woman take a bath, but Feng Yue Yu, they can all be women, let them take a bath with this beautiful Khan, she is also a wing-plugger.

Castle couldn't understand what Qin Yi was saying. He just stood there blindly and looked at Qin Yi innocently.

“Bath, Castle, can you understand what I'm saying? Just like that sister, take a bath down the river. ”

Qin Yi patiently said to Castle: “Go over there and let all the beautiful sisters come over and take a bath in the river like that sister. ”

But unfortunately, Castle couldn't understand a word Qin Yi was saying. He always looked at him blindly and shook his head.

Qin Yi suddenly had a big head, and he was paralyzed. This is the typical chicken talking to the duck. He was doing a rubbing motion while screaming: “White wash, you know? Wash white like this. ”

This time, Castle nodded.

Qin Yiyi was happy and shouted in a hurry: “That's right. Now, you used to call all the beautiful sisters to come and wash the white. ”

Castle didn't understand again. He stood there and shook his head at Qin Yi.

Paralyzed, what's going on?

Qin Yi is going to faint. He is in a hurry. How do we explain this to him?


Beautiful Khan below, looking at Qin Yi, this will be like a monkey in a hurry, already smiled, the two seats with super size on their chests, both laughed up and down, shaking a tempting and wonderful corrugation.

I finally stopped smiling. Beautiful Khan shouted at Kassou Qili. Kassouton suddenly realized. He patted Qin Yi on his little breasts, shouted two sentences in the tribal frontal language of the tiger wolf and ran away.

Finally, the problem was solved. Qin Yichang breathed out a sigh of breath and cast an appreciative look at the beautiful Khan from afar.

Beautiful Khan didn't appreciate it. He looked up at the beautiful little face and left it behind.

Not long later, Fengyue Yue came with her crossbow team. She could see the river like a jade belt under her feet. A young girl's face was filled with excitement.

A bath, for a woman, is like a child's New Year's Eve, which a man cannot understand.

Feng Yue Yue even put two large buckets on his hand, obviously ready to fill the water back and soak the tiger.

So many girls took a bath here, Qin Yi a big master, naturally it was not convenient to stay here anymore, so he fought with Caso to return home.

Returning to the carriage, Qin Yi glanced and found that the tiger was still lying quietly on the hay, not saving personnel. He examined the tiger's wound. Under the effect of the previous two five pints and nine turns back to Soul Dan, it had basically healed, but the black around the wound was a little thicker.

Also, you can see the little tiger's body hidden, with several black lines, spreading a little bit towards its heart position.

Xiao Tiger's life is not in danger, but the situation is obviously also very disappointing.

“If it is not possible to dilute the venom inside the tiger properly, even if it is not turbulent, it will not take long, and the venom will spread completely to the tiger's heart, then the tiger will never wake up. ”

Qin Yi sighed herself.

Fortunately, they've found a lot of water, and soon they can help Tiger, dilute the venom in the body, dilute the venom in the body, and see if they can get rid of it, depending on Tiger's own creation.

At this time, the curtains were lifted, only to see the strange young master with wooden marks. He drilled in with excitement. "Brother-in-law, at the time you went looking for the water, there was another scourge to report back to the military. The army of the tiger wolf tribe based in Hassa City had already received the newsletter last night. They left for the night. As soon as they left, Ma Shan led the army and attacked the past. By this time, Hassa City should have been attacked. ”

Qin Yi heard the words and nodded his head: “Good, so far everything is still developing according to our original expectations. The army of the tiger wolf tribe must be on its way here at this moment. It won't take long, but they will soon receive the jet news that Hasa city has been occupied. Then, they will instantly fall into a dilemma of retreat. When Yu's army takes advantage of the momentum, they will soon be in disarray and suffer heavy casualties. Thus, it is already easy to conquer the entire tiger wolf tribe. ”

“Hey, I think so, too. ”

Rubbing his hands excitedly with wood marks: "The tiger wolf tribe is strong, so what? Eventually we didn't break it, and now, even in the western part of the mainland, I see a super empire, and I stand up. ”

Qin Yi, however, did not continue on this issue, said at a pause: "What about the pursuit of soldiers on the side of Bano City, reprimand whether there has been any news. ”

On this road, Qin Yi sent scouts, while keeping an eye on the news on the side of Hasa city, while paying attention to the chase soldiers sent by Bano city, these scouts are all good horses, so that they can fly very fast, so that the information can be transmitted back in the first time.

“The reprimands from the city of Bano have not yet returned. ”

Saying that the pursuit of soldiers on the other side of Bano City, with wooden marks, became a little heavy, “Even if the scouts have not yet returned, it is estimated that the pursuit of soldiers on the other side of Bano City will soon appear. We have delayed the journey a lot. ”

Qin Yi nodded profoundly and said: “A fierce battle is about to strike here in Hadawen Prairie. For a while, you go and get your brothers ready. Also, from here to Bano City, it's a lot closer than from here to Hassa City. According to logic, scouts should have come back long ago, but they haven't come back yet. There is only one situation, which is that the scouts we sent out have been chased and killed by the soldiers from Bano City! ”

Rumor has it that the wooden marks shocked his body and made his face look a little worse: “Even our scourge has been killed, so the pursuit of the city of Bano is certainly not far from us! ”

“Bullshit! ”

Qin Yi verbally said, “Young master, send a few more scouts out, pay attention to the situation of the Bano City soldiers, and instruct them to come back as soon as they find the Bano City soldiers. ”