The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1493: Khan's First Kiss

At this time, after waiting for half a dozen days to see any movement of beautiful Khan, Xu Xu opened his eyes and glanced at Qin Yi. "Are you kissing or not? ”

Oh, shit!

This is bullshit!

Qin Yi was stunned.

“Kiss, of course! ”

Qin Yi hey, smiling, without saying a word, came to the front of the beautiful Khan, holding her delicate shoulder with her hands, slightly turned her head, pointed at her rather attractive red moist mouth, and slowly kissed her.

Seeing Qin Yi kiss down slowly, Beautiful Khan quickly closed his eyes, suddenly there was an unnamed nervousness, the soft body even slightly trembled.

On Qin Yi, the faint body smell of the male emitted made her a little confused, and her heart was like that frightened deer, running around in her heart.


Qin Yi's big mouth, slowly covered on the beautiful Khan's red moist mouth, that gentle soft touch made him feel refreshed.

However, Qin Yi is not greedy, just a dragonfly touch, is to quickly move away. Although he sometimes behaves very well, he is not colorful, and his least rare is the beautiful woman.

The beautiful Khan cheeks in front of her eyes were a little red. She looked very attractive. She opened her eyes slowly and her eyebrows were slightly blushed. She always seemed to smell fine. After a pause, she smiled shallow: “This kiss feels pretty good! ”

At this moment, the heart of the beautiful Khan breeds a sweetness like never before, the whole person feels warm and roasty, quite comfortable.


Was that the first kiss of this beautiful Khan?

Qin Yi slightly flashed, feeling that all this is as unreal as dreaming. It is legendary that those queens will all have many male spouses in Quanyang for their own fun? I didn't expect this queen in front of me, but it's the first time I've ever kissed her.

This absurd and unexpected kissing incident was obviously just a small episode. Next, Qin Yi stopped delaying in the carriage, turned around and opened the curtain, and had to jump down.

“Qin Yi, where are you going? ”

Beautiful Khan asked hastily.

Qin Yi had to stop his figure and smile slightly: “Let the generals go. Could you stay here and wait for your tiger wolf soldiers from Bano City to come and destroy us? My reprimand has paid off, and your pursuit from Bano is not far from us. ”

After a pause, Qin Yi continued: “Well, don't try to escape either, it's impossible. ”

Beautiful Khan's beautiful little face, the shallow smile was still overflowing, slowly cooled down, and the warmth and sweetness in the heart, also disappeared, sitting there motionless, no more talking.

Yes, although the handsome warrior in front of him gave himself a good first kiss, he was finally his enemy and could never stand with himself.

Qin Yi glanced at the beautiful Khan, which had slowly cooled down. After sighing, she also stopped saying anything. She jumped off the carriage.

The wooden marks and several sergeants stayed close to the carriage and saw Qin Yi jump off the carriage. Several people immediately greeted him.

“Brother-in-law, what took you so long in the carriage this time? But there's no car earthquake, that's not your style. ”

Wooden marks. Hey, hey, smile.

Several of the generals beside him also had dirty smiles on their faces, and their eyes looked at Qin Yi without blinking.

“The car shook your head! ”

Qin Yi was furious and lifted his legs on his wooden buttocks. He kicked him hard: “Can you not impose that nasty thought on me? ”

Qin Yi kicked him in the ass, but he was not angry with the wooden marks. Instead, he jumped away laughing. "If it's not a car shock, what are you doing in there for so long? Has it been elevated to talk about life's ideals? ”

Qin Yi was made quite helpless by this strange young lord. He sighed in his heart. The strange height of this young lord was also lost in the world. "Talk about your shitty life ideals. That's the Khan helping Xiao Tiger heal his wounds. I'm doing her a hand! ”


Heal the wounds!

Rumor has it, the wooden marks and some of the sergeants around him all had to be stunned. He stunned there and blinked incredibly. The wooden marks shouted: “That capitalized female night fork actually healed the tiger. Am I right? ”

“Of course it's true. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “Now, the werewolf poison in Xiao Tiger's body has been essentially expelled. In less than two days, he can jump like before. ”

“But, no, Didn't you say that werewolf poison was extremely difficult to get rid of? What mix of tiger wolf blood and ghost lotus materials is needed to get rid of it completely. ”

The end of the wooden mark has not yet been opened, said a general next to him.

“That is true, but Khan has already acquired both materials. ”

Qin Yi said, looking at the generals not far away, he did not find Feng Yue Yue and her crossbow team, knowing that they must still be taking a bath in the river, and have not returned yet.

“So that's it. ”

Wooden marks, a pause, another sigh: “I really don't see, the mother's heart of the night fork is still kind, but unfortunately, she is the queen of the tiger wolf tribe. Otherwise, brother-in-law, if you take her away, you can play with the car shock and talk about the ideals of life, it's also good! ”

“Don't you think my fiancée's enough? ”

Qin Yi clapped his hands and waved at the back of his head at the end of the wooden mark. “Come on, don't make any more noise. Now the soldiers from Bano City are not far from here. As the scouts said before, there is at most half a day to catch up with us. We must get on the road as soon as possible. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he heard a loud noise coming out of nowhere. Qin Yiding glanced at it and realized that it was Feng Yue Yue and her crossbow team who had returned from the shower. He hurried to greet them and greet them on the road as soon as possible.

If they stayed here and fought with the soldiers who came out of Bano City, the group of travellers in front of them would certainly have affected the pond fish.

Fengyue Yue and her crossbow team were both trained after a long period of rigorous training, hands and feet were extremely smooth, but for a moment, they all changed into jungle clothes, carried crossbows and arrows on their backs, jumped onto the horses, and assembled themselves ready to go.

At this moment, the beautiful Khan on the carriage, Xu slowly lifted the curtains, appeared at the end of the carriage, quietly looked at these elite generals in front of her, she did not know what the attitude was.

The generals have ridden the horses, held the knives, brushed them together and stood there, neatly aligned, with long knives like woods.

Not far away, tens of thousands of Travellers, also standing there, cast a curious and awe-inspiring gaze at these elite generals.

“Now that the werewolf poison in Tiger's body has been largely eliminated and no longer feared turbulence, we can accelerate the march. ”

Qin Yi glanced at this elite army in front of him, slowly sweeping, and glanced at the tens of thousands of Travellers not far away. "When we march for a while, try to leave some traces, so that those pursuing soldiers from Bano City can follow our steps all the time. ”

“Why is that? ”

Hearing Qin Yi's instructions, Feng Yue Yue immediately asked.

The wooden marks and the other generals, too, were stunned there, their faces were gorgeous, and the difference reached its extreme point.

They're on the run. Normally, shouldn't they try to hide their tracks and keep the pursuits from themselves?

But now, Qin Yi actually wants everyone to deliberately leave a trail and lead the soldiers after him.

The tens of thousands of Travellers not far away, Xu Xuyi swept away, Qin Yi said: “Now the tiger wolf soldiers in Bano City are coming in this direction. If we don't intentionally leave a trail and lead them away, they will chase them directly here. Then, at that time, these Travellers, even if there is a possibility of an extinction disaster, they are all innocent, we cannot lead a disaster to their head. ”

Hearing Qin Yi say this, all the generals present, including Fengyue Yue and End Wood Marks, for a while, were all in front of each other. I don't know what to say.

Behind him, that beautiful Khan, who stood at the end of the carriage, the moving delicate body of Nathana, more suddenly trembled, staring at the front, the young man riding on the back of the horse, the upper shoulder half-cutting robe against the wind.

“What kind of man is this guy? ”

Beautiful Khan Mumbles, Five Flavors of Miscellaneous...

“These Travellers, indeed, are innocent and should not be implicated in war. I have no problem with that decision. ”

The seemingly bright wind and moon feathers, after stunned, touched his forehead and said.

“If you all think so, I certainly don't have a problem with that. ”

The end of the wooden mark also lightens its head.

Though strange and rare, he has a great sense in his chest.

Moreover, he was able to realize that, in any case, in the Hadaweng Prairie, a death battle with the pursuits of the city of Bano was inevitable, bringing the tiger wolf soldiers from the city of Bano here, massacring them, plundering grass, eating and drinking enough, and the next battle might be even more difficult.

“Now that we have no objection, let's move on south and evacuate to our tribe. ”

Qin Yi glanced at the tens of thousands of Travellers who stood there. He saw Nakaso and was waving his little hand at them. Qin Yiyuan smiled slightly at him before waving the knife in his hand. One horse rushed out first. The half-red robe behind him sounded loud, making his whole person look more and more cluttered.

Tiger has already withstood the turbulence, the generals no longer have any estimation. Running like a dragon, they quickly evacuated in the direction of the Tianmon Mountains.