The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1494: Soldiers from Bano City

And the way the march continues, as it did in the beginning, the elite squadron rushes forward, the more than 3,000 archers of Fengyue Yue are broken, the archers can launch a long-range attack, preferably after the break, the enemy army is not yet close, they can use the bow and arrow to stop the enemy's pace.

The carriage carrying the beautiful Khan and Tiger is sandwiched in the center of the generals so that the beautiful Khan does not have a chance to escape.

It was planned that the soldiers would leave their mark all the way through the march, attract the soldiers from Bano City, prevent them from rushing into the Traveller clan and kill innocents indiscriminately.

Of course, Qin Yi has not forgotten to send constant scouts, and watch out for the movement of the chasers behind him, so that he can follow all the movement of the soldiers behind him, as he knows it.

Qin Yi originally had an unusually powerful sense of spiritual power, but after being repaired and suppressed, the scope of spiritual power coverage also shrunk to more than 10,000 square circles, unable to cover the chase soldiers behind him at all.

In fact, at this moment, even if his spiritual power could cover the pursuit behind him, he would not necessarily have done so. Since this is a war between ordinary humans, he does not intend to resort to the means of a warrior, but rather to a hard war in the way of ordinary people.

After marching for a while, Qin Yi returned to the carriage to guard the Khan of the tiger wolf tribe herself. The queen had a few ways to break it. Qin Yi feared what she would do to escape.


A fast horse, from the archers behind him, rushed out, quickly came to the front of Qin Yi, kneeling on one leg: “Soldiers coming out of Bano City, we are only about 200 miles away. ”

Two hundred!

That was fast!

Qin Yi sighed in his heart and looked down at the scourge on the ground on his horse's back: “Didn't they go in the direction of those Travellers? ”


"They came all the way looking for the mark we left along the way. ”

“Very good.”

Qin Yi nodded and everything was under his control. He did not involve the Traveller tribe. He opened his voice and shouted: “Young master! ”

Brother-in-law, what can I do for you? ”

He rode the horse with a wooden mark and rushed in from the sergeant.

“You tell your brothers not to leave any more marks. This is a certain distance from the Traveller tribe. The pursuits from Bano City, even if carpeted searches are carried out, will not be able to find the Traveller tribe.” Qin Yi said.

The wooden mark answered and the commander withdrew.

Qin Yi looked back at the scourge on his knees on one leg and said: “Tell me again, what is the situation with the soldiers coming out of Bano City? About how many? ”

“There are human generals, about 40,000, tiger wolf soldiers, about 30,000, in addition to the six giant elephants that we met in Bano City before. ”

Repriminate for the truth.

Even the six giant elephants are here!

Qin Yi stunned on the horse's back and blinked slightly. The color of the god on his face became slightly ugly. If it were just those human generals, as well as tiger wolf soldiers, as long as the soldiers were 100% sharp and rushed out, there should not be much to ask.

Now, however, the six giant elephants, too, have been hunted down together, so the matter is undoubtedly unknown.

In the beginning, they thought that the army of the Tiger Wolf tribe had been stationed in Hassa, and this city of Bano, it would not leave much force, but now that they seem to have lost count, they never dreamed that the Tiger Wolf tribe would have seven giant elephants.

Qin Yi had already seen the destructive power of those seven giant elephants.

Fortunately, he has already chopped one head off, there are only six left, and if all seven giant elephants arrive, the destructive power will be even more terrifying.

“Gentlemen of the Tamwood and Fengyue tribes, you cannot escape from the Hadaiwa plains. ”

Beautiful Khan's cold voice, coming from the carriage.

Because the carriage had curtains at its entrance, it was impossible to see what she looked like at the moment.

Qin Yi sat on the back of the horse and looked back at the carriage behind him. Without making too much sense, he waved at the scouts in front of him: “Go on, keep an eye on the movement of the Bano City soldiers! ”


Then he flew on his horse and dusted away.

The soldiers continued to evacuate rapidly in the direction of the Tianmon Mountains, leaving no marks along the way, and it was no longer easy to master the actions of this elite army in pursuit of soldiers from Bano City.

And the reckoning in Qin Yi's heart is that in the Hadaweng prairie, he tried to circle with Bano City behind him, exhausting their torrid muscles, and suddenly fought back with all his might. Thus, even if those six giant elephants were terrible, he was quite sure to win.

One hour later, he returned to report: "Report! Soldiers from Barrow City, less than 150 miles from us! ”

- What? - What?

I can't believe we're within 150 miles!

Qin Yi and the generals were all at once. The speed of this pursuit was a little too fast. It was just directly towards their elite army and came at full speed.

“Young master! ”

Qin Yi turned his face and looked at the end of the wooden mark beside him: “Didn't you tell your brothers not to leave any more marks along the way? What the hell is going on? ”

You know with your butt, the pursuit from Barrow City is simply locking this elite army in all directions, otherwise the speed will never be so fast!

The strange young lord with the wooden marks shouted, “Brother-in-law, you have wronged me. I totally told you to go on. The sergeants did not leave any marks on the journey behind. ”

“Yeah, Qin Yi, the Young Master said that he didn't lie, the generals really didn't leave any more marks. We're not tired of living. The distance between the two armies is so close, they will still leave marks along the way, deliberately letting them attack us. ”

“That's true, and we've all deliberately handled the horseshoe prints along the way. ”

“ …… ”

The surrounding generals, too, said.

That's weird!

Qin Yi Meiyu, slightly stirred up.

He himself believed that what the generals had said was true, but why, in the vast Hadaiwa Prairie, the pursuit of soldiers from Bano City, could easily lock this elite army and rush to rescue their queen?

“There must be something that we ignore to get them to lock us up easily. ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi glanced, and slowly became a little sharp. On the faces of the generals around him, Xu Xu Xu swept: “Have any of you been raped? ”

He is a martial arts man. Although the present modification has suppressed the imperial realm of Dao II, his eyes have been scratched, and now he is like a blade, causing the sergeant's cheek to suffer hidden pain.

“Brother-in-law, this is absolutely impossible. These are life and death brothers. How could there be betrayal? ”

Wooden marks screamed instantly.

At this moment, he has been in charge of the wind and moon feathers after the break. He also rushed over on his horse. He swept his eyes around the general and asked Qin Yi: “What's going on? Why did you stop? ”

“Yu, the current situation, a little strange, the generals obviously did not leave any mark or even deliberately concealed the trace, but the pursuit from Bano City still easily locked us in, the speed of fire came, and now they are less than 150 miles away from us. ”

Qin Yi looked at Fengyue Yue.

Rumor has it, Feng Yue Yue also showed surprise. "There's no reason! Something must have gone wrong. ”

“I also know what went wrong. Otherwise, how could Barrow City's pursuits have locked us out so easily? They don't have a thousand eyes in the team. ”

Qin Yi's face gradually grew heavier. He also knew that among these generals, it was impossible to appear sly. So, what was the problem?

After a moment of painful thought, Qin Yi thought no one out, so he had to instruct everyone to continue his journey, and the fire quickly withdrew towards the Tianmong Mountains. As long as he went up to the Tianmong Mountains and came out of Bano City in pursuit of soldiers, he could not do anything about them.

But unfortunately, the soldiers who came out of Bano City naturally also realized this, as if they were vowing to leave them on this prairie so that they could never return to their own tribe. Another time or so passed and the scouts returned to report: the soldiers from Bano City are within a hundred miles!

“This elite army must have asked! Otherwise, the Barrow City Pursuit would never have arrived so fast! ”

Qin Yi's face was as heavy as water. He sat on the back of his horse and frowned bitterly. However, he was always unable to think about what the problem was.

Within a hundred miles, this distance was already very close, at this time, the generals were silent, rushing at full speed, one face was tight.

Next, the frequency of returns is increasing.

“Report, the pursuit of the city of Bano is within eighty miles! ”

“Report, the pursuit of the city of Bano is within 50 miles! ”

“Report, the pursuit of the city of Bano is within thirty miles! ”

“Report, the pursuit of the city of Bano is within 20 miles! ”

“Report, the pursuit of the city of Bano is within ten miles! ”

Ten miles!

Qin Yi's heart, suddenly sinking, this distance, extremely strong fighting horse, a sprint, almost!

Qin Yi jumped off the horse's back, lay down on the ground, and put his ears on the ground. Indeed, he could hear the sound of drenching as if it were spring thunder.

He stood up, jumped on the horses, drank: "Brothers, the pursuits from Bano City are within ten miles, obviously we can't get rid of them anymore, ready to fight them to the death! ”


Knowing that there was no way out, the generals were all booming in morale, shaking the knife in their hands and shouting loudly. The situation was obvious. Only by fighting a war could they hope to survive.