The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1495: Preparing to Fight

Even full retreat, the warhorses under the soldiers will not be able to run the tiger wolf soldiers of the tiger wolf tribe, a death battle. Inevitably, Qin Yi simply asked the soldiers to stop moving forward, hurry time to rest, relax, wait for the army of the tiger wolf tribe to arrive, can better spurt to kill the enemy.

In order to further the battle, Qin Yi let the less than 10,000 generals in front of him all rush to a nearby mountain, so that the less than 10,000 generals can form a high and lower position, and use the ground to push down fully to increase the killing power.

Feng Yue Yue's crossbow team was arranged by Qin Yi at the forefront. After the appearance of the tiger wolf tribe chasers, the bow and arrow should be used to serve them well.

The generals moved extremely quickly, but for a moment, they were ready to fight with all their might. A single general, all with a strange knife in his hand, held tight, in his eyes, radiated the sight of death.

Thousands of archers under Fengyue Feather, all one leg to the ground, the bow and arrow had already lit up, they held it tight in their hands, the bow and arrow, as long as Fengyue Feather gave the order, their bows and arrows would sweep away like clouds.

After arranging all this properly, Qin Yi lifted the knife in his hand slowly. He was about to perform a life and death covenant ceremony with the generals. The light in the corner of his eyes suddenly touched the carriage that quietly parked there. He had to jump slightly on his eyebrows: “On the road, that beautiful Khan is very quiet, can't there be a problem? Tiger is still in the carriage. I wonder if she did anything to Tiger? ”

With that in mind, he slowly let go of the knife he had just raised and jumped off the horse and headed straight for the carriage.

Just arrived at the end of the carriage, a hint of wonder, and the nose was pounding.

When he smelled this strange fragrance, Qin Yi couldn't help but smile slightly. For a moment, he seemed to remember something. He seemed to have caught a thread, but it was obscure and unclear.

And when he came back to God, he was angry, and he yelled, "Look, I'm not going to kill you! ”

He rushed into the carriage with a swinging knife.

In the carriage, looking at the beautiful Khan, Qin Yi was carrying the knife of war, and the fierce god rushed in like a wretch. He couldn't help but be greatly surprised: “Bastard, what are you doing? ”

Qin Yi, who had already been angry, did not say anything. The knife of war in his hand turned over and went straight to the beautiful Khan's neck to chop it off. However, this beautiful Khan did have a pretty good figure. She was just like a leopard, unusually healthy. She jumped away and let this knife of Qin Yi chop into the sky.

While avoiding Qin Yi's knife, she quickly followed her hand into her arms, lightning out the golden sword, rapidly to Qin Yi's chest, stabbing away.

However, even if Qin Yi's cultivation has been suppressed to the imperial realm, she is far from being an opponent of Qin Yi. At least, Qin Yi is a man through hundreds of wars.

Looking beautiful, Khan came with a sword stab, Qin Yi quickly pulled the knife back in his hand and suddenly stopped it in his chest.


A sharp loud noise, Qin Yi's battle knife severely chopped on the beautiful Khan gold sword, the whole arm of beautiful Khan was hemp, even the mouth of the tiger almost broke, and the gold sword, was also shocked directly to the ground.

Beautiful Khan is stunned, she has not yet waited for any reaction. Qin Yi's battle knife has been stably placed on the neck of Beautiful Khan. Her eyes stared at her. “Believe it or not, I will land your head! ”

“You crazy bastard, why are you suddenly fighting to kill? ”

Beautiful Khan is also unwilling to show weakness, blue eyes, staring hard at Qin Yi.

“You're paralyzed, you're still pretending to be me! ”

Qin Yi, who was so angry, couldn't help but burst into a rough mouth and shouted: “Young master, bring me the rope, tie me this mother-night fork and confiscate everything from her! ”

The wagon made such a big move, with wooden marks and several other generals, already rushed over to see what was going on.

They looked inside the carriage and saw the scene. They had to stand still. "Brother-in-law, what the hell is going on? Wasn't it good when you were in the Traveller tribe? Why did you look around and kill him again? ”

“Stop talking nonsense and tie this mother-night fork! ”

Qin Yi drank angrily and looked terribly blue.

With wooden marks and other generals, Qin Yi has never seen such a big fire. He also dared not ask, waving at several generals behind him with wooden marks: “What are you still standing there for? Tie the mother-night fork! ”

A few generals dared not be slightly lazy, rushed to find the rope, rushed onto the carriage, without saying anything, this beautiful Khan, tied a firm one. Beautiful Khan limbs were re-tied, curled on the hay, his eyes stared poisonously at Qin Yi. Looking at it, it was like suddenly jumping up and tearing Qin Yi apart with his mouth!

Qin Yi ignored her, rushed to the front of Little Plum, looked at his injuries, found that he was normal, and soon he was about to wake up signs, which only relieved his breath. Fortunately, this capitalized female night fork did not do anything to Little Plum.

“Brother-in-law, weren't you in harmony with this beautiful Khan? Why, all of a sudden, are you going to beat her to death, and drink like a bunch of brothers are tying him up? ”

The wooden mark did not leave, and he remained in the carriage. He looked at the beautiful Khan curled on the hay and asked Qin Yi confused.

A slight exhalation, Qin Yi's emotions slightly eased, "Young master, smell carefully, is there a smell in this carriage? ”

The wooden mark sucked his nose and found a strange scent hidden in the carriage. He nodded: "There is a smell, but this has to do with your sudden thunder. Do you want to tie her up? ”

“Young master, you are so confused. ”

Qin Yi said helplessly: “Think about it, this road came, we erased all the tracks, but the pursuits from Bano City still easily locked us in, and quickly chased us, why? ”

Rumor has it that the wooden marks were lost for a while, frowned for a moment, suddenly again suddenly realized: “Brother-in-law, you mean this strange fragrance, this beautiful Khan deliberately released, the aim is to leave a clue along the way to attract the pursuit of Bano City soldiers, is that right? ”

“Beyond that, can you find a second reason why the pursuits in Bano City can still be pursued quickly, even if we deliberately erase the trail?” Qin Yi countered.

With a wooden mark, he suddenly jumped up, lifted the knife and glanced at the beautiful Khan: “I grass your father, this vicious woman, look, I will not kill you! ”

“Forget it! ”

Qin Yi hastily stopped him and shook his head: “Now that the pursuits of Bano City have arrived, even if she was cut off, the situation cannot be reversed. Only by a single death will we be able to return to the tribe alive. ”

The wooden mark had to put down the knife of war, stared beautifully at Khan and got off the carriage with Qin Yi without further delay.

“Gentlemen of the Tamwood tribe, you cannot fight our tiger wolf tribe. We are protected by the tiger wolf god, who will leave you all here in the Hadaiwa prairie, none of you will return! ”

Beautiful Khan curled on the hay, looking at Qin Yi and the end of the wood marks disappeared behind the car curtain, roaring angrily.