“Ha ha! ”

Qin Yi sat on the horse's back and laughed. “I said," I said tiger wolf tribe plotter, now you are your Khan in our hands. How can you speak? It's in your hands, shouldn't we? In my view, we can sit down and negotiate, you tiger wolf tribes, become affiliated tribes of our two great tribes, we will not ask you to contribute to us every year, just to help us build an empire, and then we can build trade institutions, establish business dealings, promote cultural and cultural exchanges, and integrate into each other. ”

That's what he said, but anyone with a little brains could think, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

“Warriors of the Tamwood tribe, you are shameless! ”

Behind the carriage came a beautiful Khan's fury.

Qin Yi looked back at the carriage and didn't say much. Turning to Lu Dongfu, he asked confused: “By the way, haven't you received the jet at this time? It shouldn't be. ”

“What kind of newspaper? ”

Lu Dongfu frowned and asked confused.

“The Jet from Hassa City. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

“The Jet from Hassa City? ”

Lu Dongfu became more confused, but after all, he was a plotter around Khan. He was very agile in his mind. In a flash, he wanted to understand why. Then he was angry and angry: “So this time, you guys were playing soldier by soldier? Damn, you only have 20,000 elites attacking the city of Bano, and I should have thought you were playing with that. ”

For a moment, he became cold. Previously, in Bano City, he sent scouts to Hassa City to report the capture of Khan. The consequences would be unimaginable once the army of Bano City came out...

He stood on the back of a giant elephant, and the whole person lost his soul, and suddenly he drank: "Destroy all these people, save Khan, and hurry to Bano City! ”

“Woo...” “Woo...”

The trumpet horn on the six giant elephants instantly blows up and shocks people.

“Boom! Boom! ” ……

With the horn blowing, the Tiger Wolf soldiers in front, the elite soldiers rushing forward quickly, the human soldiers behind the Tiger Wolf soldiers, also burst out a shouting and killing sound, waving the long knife on their hands, followed by a fast rush.

Looking ahead, the tiger wolf soldier, Qin Yi and the soldier's temple were all suddenly jumping, holding the battle knife tight, eye-glaring, the time to finally die!

The tiger wolf soldiers in front of the ground rushed into the range of the feather arrows. Seeing the wind and moon feathers, all of a sudden the bow that had already been pulled into full moon suddenly let three feather arrows burst into the sky, and each shot into the body of the three tiger wolf soldiers. The huge impact swept the three tiger wolf soldiers out and fell to the ground.

“Show me the arrow! ”

Wind and moon feathers drank heavily, and lightning took out three feather arrows from the arrow behind them, arrow, bow and arrow.

As she gave the order, more than 3,000 archers fired their arrows, and the speed at which they took the arrows was extremely fast. For a moment, the feathers were like clouds and poured out.

A tiger wolf soldier was shot directly into a hedge, screaming for days, but at a moment, hundreds of tiger wolf soldiers died under the arrows.

It's just that under the blow of that giant horn, these tiger werewolves are not afraid to die at all. They stare at that dense leper arrow, and they rush forwards, wildly exposed, and they have a vow to tear the elite sergeant in front of them to pieces.

The human generals in the rear used these tiger werewolves as a cover and rushed wildly.

The six giant elephants, too, have already put away the huge trumpet and rushed towards this place. The trumpet is stretchable one section at a time, so it is convenient to put it away. The six giant elephants' thick elephant legs stamped on the ground, the whole meadow, blocking a violent tremor.

Tiger Wolf soldiers came very fast. Under the death sprint, Fengyue Yue's crossbowmen could not resist, and quickly rushed to the bottom of the hillside.

“Guys, kill me! ”

Qin Yi suddenly drank loudly, the long knife on the horse's ass, a sudden slap, a horse first, flushed down the hill, and between blinking eyes, he rushed into the tiger wolf soldiers. Only he saw that the war knife in his hand kept flipping, such as into the land of no one, a tiger wolf soldier on one side, was soon cut by him under the knife.

“Go! ”

“Fight them to the death! ”

The sergeants behind them, a long time ago, on horseback riding, waving a long knife, quickly slammed down, and Fengyue feathers' crossbowmen, also under the command of Fengyue feathers, jumped on the horseback, as they rushed, shooting arrows as they continued.

This battle finally sounded, Qin Yi led the elite, already had the resolve to fight the first battle, and Lu Dongfu led the pursuit of soldiers, is the only way to save their Khan, then rush to Hasa, stop the rescue from Hasa City is rushing here, then return together to Hasa City, siege inside Hasa City, the main army of the two major tribes of Tamwood and Fengyue, which is the only way for them to save the situation today.

Both armies are determined to fight to the death, how fierce this battle is, it is perfectly conceivable, one time, the sword and the shadow of the sword, the sound of the slaughter.

Shortly after the exchange of fire between the two armies, the deaths and injuries on both sides were very serious. Gentlemen on Qin Yi's side, less than 10,000, one less dead.

And Lu Dongfu led the pursuit, nearly ten times the number with elite generals, Lu Dongfu commanded their tiger wolf soldiers and human generals, and surrounded them directly, the intention was obvious, even if consumed, to consume this elite general here.

Fortunately, their Khan is still in the hands of elite generals, causing them to attack, or somewhat of a concern. Otherwise, these thousands of generals, even capable of flying, cannot resist the pursuit of soldiers from Bano City.

Qin Yi was trapped in a tiger wolf soldier. He chopped off a tiger with one knife and looked back. He only saw the tiger closely behind him. The naive face was already covered in blood. It looked a little frightening.

Looking back at Qin Yi, Tiger raised his hand and wiped the blood on his face. "Brother Qin Yi, killing enemies with you is an addiction. It's fucking addictive! ”

Then he suddenly screamed, “Young Master, how many tiger wolves have you killed? I already killed 13 heads. Hey, hey! ”

But I heard the sound of a slaughter, and the sound of a wooden mark rang from the other side: “Tiger, paralyzed, how can you kill so fast? So far, I've only killed nine heads! ”

“Ha ha, young lord, I said, you don't believe it, now you see? ”

Xiao Tiger laughed, riding the battle horse rushing towards a blue-haired giant wolf not far away, the blue-haired giant wolf was also tough, saw him rush over, immediately howl, thick back leg pushed hard, high jump, open the blood basin big mouth, watched the tiger on the horse's back bite.

Tiger dared not be slightly lazy, his upper body suddenly leaned back, the whole man lay on his horse's back, while the knife of war on his hand was suddenly erected.


The blue-haired giant wolf was extremely powerful and halfway through the sky. Even if he could tell the battle knife clearly, he could not hold the thrust. The battle knife suddenly drew a long one on his belly, and even his gut fell off.

The giant wave of green hair “Putong” fell in front of the horses, and there were no more moves.

Tiger jumped from the horse's back and rubbed a piece of wolf blood on his face with his hands up. “Young master, I killed another one, fourteen heads! ”

“Damn, how did that happen? ”

Blood was spitting from the wooden marks, and suddenly he waved his sword like crazy and rushed forward to the tiger wolf soldiers.

Seeing the two of them compete in the frantic slaughter of Tiger Wolf soldiers, it was kind of funny in his heart. He took a blood-dropping battle knife and looked around and found that it was just a moment of kung fu, and there were hundreds of soldiers who died under the sharp fangs of Tiger Wolf soldiers, while the casualties of Tiger Wolf soldiers were even worse, and the casualties had to be calculated in thousands.

The battle was terrible. There were corpses everywhere on the ground, elite generals, tiger wolf soldiers, tiger wolf tribes, human generals.

The grass on the ground has been dyed red, the blood mist is flourishing, and there is intense blood in the air.

The soldiers and horses of the Tiger Wolf tribe, under the command of Lu Dongfu, had already besieged thousands of elite regiments of sergeants, the layers propelled, the surrounding circle shrunk constantly, those six giant elephants, tall and dozens of lengths, in six positions constantly forced to come, like six small mountains.

“The warriors of the Tuanmu tribe, give up your senseless resistance. If you insist on fighting to the end, you will all die here, none of you will be able to return alive! ”

Dongfu stood on the back of a giant elephant and drank in his mouth.

As a result, his voice just fell, he saw three feather arrows, with a sharp, broken voice, and burst towards him. In the blink of an eye, he shot ahead. Lu Dongfu was terrified, and his eyes were closed for a moment. Good thing that several generals around him reacted quickly, hurriedly waving the long knife, and shooting down the three feather arrows. Only the tremendous impact of the feather arrows, but the arms of the generals were all shaken and numb.

The arrow shooter, Horan is Feng Moon Yu!

Just as she rode on the horse of war, the wind rushed towards the giant elephant on which Lu Dongfu was riding, the red robe behind her, and the windward curtain of the raging, like a flame burning by a bear, as she rushed, shooting arrows at the bamboo canopy on the back of the giant elephant, a human sergeant, the arrows fell.

Lu Dongfu was terrified, hurried to climb directly onto the back of the giant elephant, a feather arrow, whistled over his head, frightened him with a pale face, yelled in his mouth: “All commanders, hang this elite army here, save Khan, do not leave any alive! ”