The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1501: Saving Khan


Shake the mountain!

They had just swept away, and the giant elephant was stuck to their bodies, suddenly falling down on the wagon, directly smashing the wagon into pieces, and the three horses pulling the wagon were killed instantly.

The warriors of other tiger wolf tribes, such as Lu Dongfu in the distance, began to see the giant elephant smash directly into their Khan. When the soul was really gone, here they saw the warriors of the Mu tribe. In the line of life and death, a handful saved their Khan, and they still couldn't return to God. Their faces stood there in a bleak white, heartbeating madness.

How frightened are they?

Obviously, this is between life and death, the person who will sweat down beauty, is Qin Yi.

He grabbed the slim waist of the beautiful Khan, and his toes were a little bit on the ground, sweeping forward.

The beautiful Khan escaped from the ghost gate and climbed tightly into his arms. He returned to God from the shock and looked up at Qin Yi without moving.

Likewise, she felt that the warrior of the Tuanmu tribe was quite handsome, and the hint of maleness in her body made her a little confused.

“This man spoiled the Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe and rescued it from under the giant elephant...”

Fengyue Feng Feng Feng Fei, who was riding a horse, felt a shadow, suddenly swept by her side, couldn't help but shock. When he saw the shadow clearly, it was quite an attractive red mouth, suddenly stunned open, his mouth muttered to himself.

As Qin Yi embraced the beautiful Khan and swept forward at the speed of speed, an elite general, all riding on the back of a war horse, stunned with his forehead open his mouth, incredibly looking at this scene.

“Am I blind? ”

“My God, Brother Qin Yi actually brought down the tiger wolf tribe's Khan. Shouldn't she have been crushed directly by the giant elephant? ”

“Who says no? Brother Qin Yi did this, but I can't understand it. ”

“ …… ”

Behind him, Lu Dongfu and other tiger wolf tribal human generals looked at Qin Yi holding their Khan away from the shadow, all stunned there, incredibly blinking.

Behind them, they really saw the scene, and the moment the giant elephant fell, the warrior of the Tamwood tribe rushed over and saved their Khan.

They could not have imagined that this warrior of the Tamwood tribe would have done so much to save their Khan.

Qin Yi ignored the eyes of everyone around him, the qi in his body, constantly floating, toward a battle horse in front, stormed off, and came over the carriage in a blink of an eye, slowly harvesting the qi in his body, Qin Yi was holding the beautiful Khan, steadily landing on the horse's back.


At the waist level, suddenly came a severe pain, Qin Yi couldn't help screaming.

But it was the beautiful Khan in his arms. Suddenly he reached between his waists and strangled him. Qin Yi withstood the severe pain and looked down at the beautiful Khan in his arms and drank: “What are you doing, either bite me or strangle me? Are you a dog or a cat? ”

“Put me down, you haven't noticed, your generals are looking at you with strange eyes! ”

Beautiful Khan glanced at Qin Yi and shouted in the bitter Tuanmu tribal language.

“I don't care what you look at me, all I know is that if I let you go, you'll instantly be trampled into mud by horseshoes! ”

Qin Yi angrily said: “Take it with you in my arms. Don't move, paralyze, strangle me. In case I get scared, if I don't pay attention to get you down, you will die without a burial place. Do you understand? ”

In his mouth, Qin Yinao held the arm of the beautiful Khan waist limb, and his subconscious embrace was tighter.

Beautiful Khan, lying in Qin Yi's arms, looked up at him, feeling him hugging his waist and limbs, tightening his arms, the heart is unnamed to breed a sweet.

She stopped saying anything. She sat on the horse's back with her butt flanked, but her torso leaned against Qin Yi's arms, leaving him to hold himself tightly.

Behind the scene, Fengyue feathers, tigers, end wooden marks and other generals all looked at the two shadows on the back of the horse in front of them with an unusual strange gaze, and felt that this scene was really weird to the extreme, and felt that this scene was truly as unreal as a dream.

“Kill them and in any case, never take Khan away from here! ”

In the distance, Lu Dongfu on the back of the giant elephant, this moment finally came back to God, when the sword of war in his hand was about to wave, and he drank angrily.

“Boom boom! ”

Six giant elephants, running away.

Tiger Wolf soldiers and human generals in the back, immediately after that, are also elite generals rushing forward rapidly, the mountains fall into the sea, shaking the mountains for a time, and the momentum is dramatic.

There are only more than 3,000 elite sergeants ahead, who want to escape from their hands without a door. They must destroy the more than 3,000 sergeants as soon as possible, save Khan, and then hurry to Hassa City.

So that's the only way they're going to turn it upside down.

However, just at this point, the more than 3,000 elite sergeants in front suddenly came with a beautiful Khan delicacy: “Lu Dongfu, stop chasing, you lead the tiger wolf soldiers to Hassa City! ”

Rumor has it, the road behind the giant elephant, Dongfu, suddenly, bewildered, "Why? What if we go to Hassa City like this? I cannot watch you captured to the Tamwood tribe. You are the purest of the Tiger Wolf gods and the leader of our Tiger Wolf tribe! ”

“Now is not the time to say these things, you lead the tiger werewolf soldiers to Hassa City, at this time, the army of Hassa City is definitely on its way here, then the army of the Moose and Feng Moon tribes will not be able to imagine the casualties if it comes from behind. ”

Beautiful Khan climbed into Qin Yi's arms and shouted: “When you arrived in Hasa City, you told the general there not to confront the troops of those two tribes head-on to minimize casualties. ”

“Khan, what the hell is this? ”

Lu Dongfu screamed, very unhappy.

“Don't ask why? Do as I tell you! ”

Beautiful Khan drink cold.

Though the beasts are running and deaf, both of them have good manipulation, especially the sweat of the tiger wolf tribe. The manipulation has obviously broken into the imperial path. The voice contains the heroic imperial strength, and in the deafening running sound, it can still be heard truly.

Lu Dongfu stood on the back of the giant elephant, his face turned a little iron blue, he bit his teeth, and put the sword in his hand for a moment: “The whole army listens, go to Hassa City immediately! ”

The entire army did not dare to delay for a moment, stopping the pursuit and rushing in the direction of Hassa City.

“They're gone! ”

Looking at the shadows of the tiger wolf soldiers who went very fast, including Qin Yi, Feng Yue Yue, End Wood Marks, Xiao Tiger and others, the elite generals all stopped and their faces were puzzled.

At the same time, they all breathed out a long breath. They are more than 3,000 elite. It is almost impossible to resist this tiger wolf soldier. It is extremely difficult to cope with those six giant elephants alone.

Of course, tiger wolves would never be cheap if they really stood to the end.

Qin Yi sat on the back of the horse and saw six giant elephants, tiger wolf soldiers and human generals. Under Lu Dongfu's leadership, he quickly disappeared into the blue sky. His face also showed confusion. He looked down at the beautiful Khan in his arms and said: “What did you just say to your plotter? ”

Just now, the beautiful Khan and Lu Dongfu spoke the language of the Tiger Wolf tribe. Qin Yi did not understand a word.

“Why should I tell you? ”

But the beautiful Khan was in his arms. He lifted up the near-transparent curtain and stared at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was stunned and slightly embarrassed to touch his nose. In fact, the beautiful Khan even if he didn't tell him, he guessed. Lu Dongfu's direction of their evacuation was exactly the direction of Hasa City, so obviously they were on their way to Hasa City.

“It is unlikely that even if their two armies converge in such a long journey to Hassa City, where the city's original garrison is already on its way here, and their Khan's safety is at the same time at stake. ”

Qin Yi made a careful calculation in his heart: “Besides, we still have the beautiful Khan card. With her in hand, this has the capital to negotiate. The army of the Tiger Wolf tribe doesn't dare to do anything about it. ”

By such a reckoning, Qin Yi is completely relieved of his heart. In this battle with the Tiger Wolf tribe, it can be said that they have won completely, and the Tiger Wolf tribe will not have any chance to turn over.

“Guys, let's go home! ”

Qin Yi sat on his horse's back and waved at the generals.

“Ha ha, go home! ”

“This hellish battle is over, hey, go home! ”

The generals were all excited and excited to wave the knife in their hands.

Tiger Wolf soldiers have gone to Hassa, this time they can really go home.

Their elite army, when it came to attack the city of Bano, was more than 20,000, and now there are only more than 2,000 left, with extremely heavy casualties, many young lives left forever in the city of Bano and in this Hadaube prairie.

But in any case, their elite army, which played a key role in this battle with the Tiger Wolf tribe, would not have been able to attack the Tiger Wolf tribe if it had not been for their surprise attack on the city of Bano, which led to the dominant army of the Tiger Wolf tribe, and now their Khan prisoners, Tamchi and Fung Moon tribes, even if they had doubled their strength.