Obviously, the battle is now nearing its end and negotiations are about to follow. The Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe is in their hands and Lu Dongfu has to accept the negotiations.

Qin Yi came to Yulan Mainland this time, the delay was indeed long enough. Femme Yang and Siqi Yang were at Lingyue Gate. He was afraid to wait too long. As soon as he returned to the Tuanmu clan, he intends to leave to return to Kyushu Mainland, and then enter the Xuanhuang World with Femme Yang, Siqi Yang and Long Yan several people.

Negotiations are left to Tamyuki and them to proceed.

The vast Hadatwilight prairie, more than 2,000 elite generals, flew here towards the Tianmon Mountains.

Beautiful Khan was always lying in Qin Yi's arms bent, her head was still moving and measuring Qin Yi. The male smell from the man's hidden breath made her a little lost.

“Have you seen enough, it's almost to the Tianmon Mountains, you still can't move. Look at me. I know I'm handsome, but you're tired of looking at me like that all the time? ”

Qin Yi looked down at the beautiful Khan in his arms and said somewhat helplessly.

“Pfft! ”

Who wants to hear him say this, the beautiful Khan in his arms, but he smiled and glanced at him: “I only know now, your bravery is beyond reach, and your smell is beyond reach! ”

In this regard, Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders without any reason. His heart was hidden: “If I could, I would like to look less handsome, so that I wouldn't get into so much trouble. ”

But the beautiful Khan in his arms looked at him and suddenly asked, "What's your name, warrior of the Tamwood tribe? ”

“Qin Yi. ”

There is nothing to hide. Qin Yi told the truth and said, “Actually, I am not from the Tuanmu tribe or the Fengyue tribe. I come from the distant Kyushu mainland. ”


Kyushu mainland!

Beautiful Khan's blue eyes, quite unexpectedly, blinked slightly, some incredibly looking at Qin Yi: “I've heard that it's going to cross the vast infinity of the West Sea, there are many advanced beasts in the West Sea, people who can't be repaired enough, can't cross it at all. ”

From the Kyushu mainland to here, it crosses the East Sea, and from here back to the Kyushu mainland, the East Sea naturally becomes the West Sea.

“There are many high beasts in the West Sea, which are obviously just rumors. I have traveled several times and have not seen any high beasts. ”

Qin Yi was on his way to talk to this beautiful Khan in his arms. Although they were enemies, they were actually very familiar with each other. It was no big deal to have some normal conversations.

“So that's it! ”

Beautiful Khan nodded and paused, “I'm confused. As a person from Kyushu, why did you come to Yulan to help the Tamchi and Fengyue tribes fight our tiger wolf tribes? ”

“It was purely an accident. ”

Qin Yi said: “In fact, the general of the Mu clan is my fiancée. This time, I came to visit her from Kyushu Mainland. Anyone who wants to coincide with this war, so I stayed. I don't want my fiancée to have anything to do with this war. ”

Beautiful Khan lay in Qin Yi's arms bent, set his back and looked at Qin Yi. He said softly: “You are so handsome and so good, you must have a lot of lovers? ”

“Not much, just four or five. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

“Big radish! ”

Beautiful Khan leaves that seductive little red mouth undisciplined.

Qin Yi suddenly laughed helplessly, “It's hard to say about this, I'm too handsome together, too good to cause trouble, I've already deeply realized that once a man is too handsome and too good, it's a serious mistake! ”

“Pfft! ”

Hearing Qin Yi, coupled with the anguished look on his face, beautiful Khan couldn't help but smile again, his eyes turned, and glanced at him: “I just found out that you smell so shameless. ”

“What stinks so shamelessly that I'm telling the truth, okay? ”

Qin Yi suddenly became unhappy and glanced at the beautiful Khan and said.

Seeing his authentic and stinking appearance, beautiful Khan suddenly began to laugh more and more joyfully. That was Qin Yi's tight building in her arms, both of them trembled, driving the two huge, constant surge in the chest, swinging a beautiful wave, tempting.

Normally, this beautiful Khan does not know whether it is bathed directly with goat's milk. The skin that is exposed outside the collar is unusually tender than coagulation.

She has just discovered that this young man from Kyushu mainland, not only handsome, brave, in bones, is actually a comedian, just hanging out with him for a while, she has some unknown joy and relaxation in her heart.

At this moment, she abandoned Khan's identity, that is, an ordinary woman, lying quietly in Qin Yi's arms. She felt that such a time could not be said of beauty, the grassland sky, over her head, the walnut blue, occasionally floating a cloud or two of snow and white, making her body and mind, kind of comfortable as never before.

By Qin Yi's side, Xiao Tiger, End Wood Marks, Feng Yue Yue and other generals, looking at the two people who said they were laughing, all stunned and opened their mouths, staring at each other inside, each person's face appeared an incredible color.


Do they look like generals and prisoners? Whatever you think, it's like a romantic lover on this prairie!

“My brother-in-law is my brother-in-law. The skill of picking up chicks is no longer available. Even the tiger wolf tribe, the capital mother and night fork, can tame the post, and lie in his arms like a kitten gently! ”

The end wooden marks darkly raised thumbs towards Qin Yi.

The little tiger next to him and other generals nodded profoundly.

Even the wind and moon feathers who had always been against him. This time, it was all rugged and unrebutted. She looked at Qin Yi slightly, looking far away and whispered to herself: “I have to say, this man's pet is actually quite charming, unfortunately, he can only be my pet! ”

Beautiful Khan lay in Qin Yi's arms, stared at the sky for a while, retracted his gaze, and said positively: "Qin Yi, I ask you, how can an empire be managed to make it prosperous and strong as soon as possible? ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi couldn't help but answer such a question. Grass, he is only a fighter. How can he answer such a question? But he still frowned and pondered seriously.

The beautiful Khan in his arms is silent, just staring at him, waiting for his answer.

After a moment of reflection, Qin Yi said: “In fact, in our Kyushu mainland, there are many prosperous empires. As far as my outsider is concerned, developing a perfect system and loving the people is fundamental to the founding of the nation. Otherwise, it is difficult to make the people live, and every day they are in the heat of the water, and one day they will not be allowed to raise their troops to rebel. That's one of them. ”

“It makes sense and loves the people, which is the very foundation of statehood. ”

Beautiful Khan's blue eyes couldn't help but shine slightly: “You go on. ”

“Secondly, it is necessary to put the economy together, open the trading market to the outside world, promote economic exchanges between countries, and of course, there is culture, learn some essence of other countries, and make good use of it, so that the economy of the Empire can go up...”

“Thirdly, the establishment of a stronger army is also very necessary, with a strong army, in order to be able to resist foreign enemies…”

Qin Yi talked.

Of course, he didn't open his mouth, he had spent some time in the Great Leung Empire before, and he still had a certain understanding of some of the basic patterns of that empire.

Daliang, that is a super empire in the northern wilderness of Kyushu, very strong. If this negotiation with the tiger wolf tribe succeeds, they will gradually develop into a super empire like Daliang after the establishment of the empire, it will be quite good.

Beautiful Khan definitely looked at him, his eyes grew brighter and brighter, as if he had known Qin Yi for the first time, suddenly and slowly said: "As a tiger wolf tribe Khan, I have always wanted to make our tribe more powerful, now listen to your words, suddenly I realize that I have a lot of places to do not do enough. ”

She lay in Qin Yi's arms and stretched her waist hard. She hit a huge debt in her mouth: “I'm sleepy and want to sleep. ”

She patted her hand on the armor in front of Qin Yi's chest. However, she gently pillowed on her cheek. Her eyes slowly closed, and a slight snoring sounded. It was from that pretty nose, and it sent out.

Sleeping so fast?

Qin Yi lowered his head and looked at the beautiful Khan who had fallen asleep. He blinked incredibly and couldn't help but sigh: “In this case, he can still say that he fell asleep. This woman is not only a cat, she seems to be a pig! ”

Woman, this is a magical animal. It's impossible to speculate with common sense!

He shook his head, ignored the beautiful Khan who slept in his arms, waved to the generals and greeted them on their way as soon as possible.

The wagon in which the beautiful Khan was riding had been crushed into pieces by giant elephants. Qin Yi could only arrange another horse for her to ride. It was impossible to carry herself back so far away.

Tiger is always around the beautiful Khan. He takes care of the horse before and after the saddle. Qin Yi sees it all in his eyes. He can't help but nod his head to Tiger. This Tiger is indeed good. Beautiful Khan saved his life before. Now, he takes care of her in such a way as to repay her.

Qin Yi even has a hunch. If he orders the killing of beautiful Khan at this time, only Xiao Tiger won't say yes.

Two days later, the Tianmon Mountains reappeared in the sight of the generals. The generals were very excited, a quick magic whip, and went fast. This time, they really came home!