The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1504: Women are the Book of Heaven

Qin Yi shook his head suddenly: “I want to know what happened to her, too? Not only forced me to accept her gift, but also forced me to call her by her name and not to call her beautiful Khan in the future. ”


Feng Yue Yue frowned shallow. She only noticed that Qin Yi already had an extra golden sword in her hand. She took the golden sword from Qin Yi's hand and looked carefully. She couldn't help but wonder: “Good sword! Such a good golden sword, she actually said to give people away, kind of interesting. ”

“Yeah, I really don't see how this beautiful Khan is not only spicy, but also so exhilarating. If you take this sword to the market, you can definitely sell a lot of money. ”

Qin Yi sighed.

“She's not so proud of everyone, she's just so proud of you in the world. ”

Feng Yue Yue looked at Qin Yi with a smile and returned the golden sword to Qin Yi: “People spoil, you really don't see it, you do have two moments. ”

“Yu, what do you mean? Every one of them is pretending to be a god in front of me. Shit, is today a goddamn day? ”

Looking at Feng Moon Yue's face, he smiled. Qin Yi was confused to the extreme.

Feng Yue Yue looked at him and suddenly shook his head with a smile: “Nothing, since she forbids you to call her Khan in the future, what's her name? ”

“Hanoua. ”

Qin Yi said: "Hanu, in the tiger wolf tribe, is the meaning of the daughter of the tiger wolf god, while Ya, is the noble meaning. ”

Fengyue nodded and paused, shifting the subject: “People, this war with the tiger wolf tribe, so far, what do you think? ”

Listening to Feng Yue Yue talk about this battle, Qin Yi rectified his face and frowned slightly. Xu Xu said: "Obviously, the current situation is still under our control. I will send a scout to Hasa City to report the situation here to Cher. First, it is useful to let Cher know about our situation and relax completely. You know, so far, Cher doesn't know, what exactly is the situation of our elite army attacking Bano City. ”

Feng Yue Yue listened carefully.

After a pause, Qin Yi continued: “Secondly, with Cher's talent, when she knew about the tiger wolf tribe's Khan, she would not confront the tiger wolf tribe's army, but would come to blackmail Dongfu for it. Thus, regardless of whether Cher's army is an opponent of the tiger wolf tribe's army, she can easily hold the tiger wolf tribe's army and force them to negotiate a young truce, so that unnecessary casualties can be avoided...”

“If I'm not mistaken, it won't be long before Cher sends a scout to tell us to go to Hassa City to negotiate with the Tiger Wolf tribe. We have their Khan. The Tiger Wolf tribe has no second option but to negotiate. ”

“In that case, we have won this battle, and the establishment of an empire is a day to come? ”

Hearing Qin Yi's words, Feng Yue Yue's delicate little face emerged with a strong delight. A pair of glassy eyes looked at Qin Yi flashing.

“Of course.”

Qin Yi nodded: “At that time, Cher will surely demand that the three major tribes unite to build an empire together. While on the road earlier, Hanoua had also mentioned to me some questions about the establishment of an empire, which she should have been prepared for, otherwise she would not have asked me about. ”

“I do think that if the Tiger Wolf tribe resisted the end, we would not have been able to conquer them so easily, their Tiger Wolf soldiers were too horrible. ”

Feng Yue Yue sighed: “Send the whole tribe out for the people in your heart. This pride of Hanuya is only afraid that under the day, no second woman will be able to make it...”

“For her beloved? ”

Qin Yi, however, was a frown. He looked at Fengyue in confusion: “What do you mean? ”

Feng Yue Yue returned to God and looked at Qin Yi. "Pfft." He shook his head with a smile. “It doesn't mean anything. What I want to say is that Hanuya can actually commit suicide completely. Thus, the Tiger Wolf tribe will no longer have any concerns, and it will be the end of our blood battle. If so, it is hard to say who wins or loses, but now that Hanuya has not committed suicide, then the Tiger Wolf tribe will be under her control. Well, I'm leaving! ”

She said she walked away and came to the entrance to the camp account. She suddenly paused again and turned to Qin Yi and held on to her pink fist: “People, come on! ”

Come on, man!

Qin Yi was stunned, standing there, blinking in confusion, his heart hid: Shit, isn't this all over? What else do I add?

Thoughtfully, Qin Yi couldn't even think about the phrase "Come on” by Feng Yue Yue. He shook his head and didn't even think about it. He exclaimed: "What day is it? How can it be that all of them seem like they have collided with evil? Paralyzed, what's wrong with pretending? You have to pretend! ”

He walked out of the camp and saw that the generals were practicing on their own, and that the tiger and the wooden mark were among them.

Beautiful Khan is not far away, quietly watching the generals practise, she sits on a rock, her little hand holding the parchment, she looks very focused.

She still wears the robe of Qin Yi, but she doesn't have the half-Khan honor, giving people an English feeling.

Qin Yi didn't say anything. She came to her side and sat down on her ass. Beautiful Khan noticed his arrival and smiled shallow at her. “Are you here? ”

Looking at her, it was even more beautiful than the summer flower, Qin Yi had a few trances. She sighed: “Not long ago, we were still dead enemies, but now we are both sitting here. I can still admire your beautiful smile. Things in the world are really changing. ”

“Who says no? ”

Hanoua raised her beautiful head slowly, looking at the blue sky above her head: "However, I think all this is arranged by the tiger wolf god, I believe that the tiger wolf god also wants the tiger wolf tribe, under my leadership, to go to true riches and strength! ”

“That's right, and I firmly believe that this is the will of your tiger wolf god. ”

Qin Yi nodded with a smile.

“Really? You think so too? ”

Hanoua trembled slightly and looked at Qin Yi with surprise: "Do you also believe in our tiger wolf god, right above our heads? He really exists? ”

“Of course!”

Qin Yi nodded, but in his heart, he was thinking of another thing. In that very distant past, is there really a tiger wolf emperor in this Yulan mainland? If so, isn't he one of those Vancouver layouts?

Hanoua definitively looked at Qin Yi and suddenly put her head gently on Qin Yi's shoulder. The words that came out of her mouth were like dreams: “Qin Yi, you are so sweet! ”

Her beautiful and delicate body snuggled in gently. The two super-sized seats on her chest slowly pressed on Qin Yi's arm, slightly deformed.


Am I good?

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi was stunned, it was hard to believe this scene. This beautiful Khan actually leaned his head against his shoulder at this moment and said he was really good!

Isn't this supposed to happen between lovers?

Qin Yi was completely confused by the snuggling motion of Beautiful Khan, but he had to admit that the two hugely pressed feelings in front of Beautiful Khan's chest were quite comfortable, making him a little bit of an ape.

In the distance, the sergeants who were practicing, watching this scene, also stopped practicing, and looked stunned at Qin Yi and the beautiful Khan.

“Shit, you slap me, see if I'm dreaming? ”

“In your silly spring and autumn dream, everything you see is true. At this moment, the Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe did lean on Qin Yi's shoulder, and they snuggled together! ”

“What did they do when they were in the camp? It's not just the camp, is it? How else could it be so fast? ”

“Oh, that's totally possible! We were just practicing. Didn't you notice the tent was shocked? ”

“Tsk, this Qin Yi Big Brother is capable of picking up girls. If someone else is second, no one in the world is afraid to be first. ”

“Damn, the Khan of the Wolf Clan, it feels so good just to think about it! ”

“ …… ”

The gentlemen talked.

Fortunately, it's a little far away, and these people are quite unhealthy to talk about, and they can't get through the beautiful Khan's ears, or she'll just be ashamed to find a sew and go straight into it.

Fengyue feathers on the other side, watching this scene, also took the attractive red moist mouth, stunned slightly Zhang: “Shit, this tiger wolf tribe's Khan, actually runs more than my mother. Good thing, Qin Yi this guy is just spoiled by my people, otherwise you won't have to eat for the rest of your life, just drink jealousy. ”

Qin Yi looked at Hanuya, snuggling her hand out slowly, trying to push her head away. Only after the hand fell on Hanuya's head, the motion turned to rub her hair gently: “Hanuya, your hair smells good. ”

So he pushed Hanoua's head away, and finally he couldn't help himself.


Hanoua turned her face and looked at Qin Yi with surprise: "If you like to smell it, I'll let you smell it every day, okay? ”

“Ah, what do you mean? ”

Qin Yi stunned. He touched his nose again and smiled slightly: “Hanuya, you must be kidding me, right? I'll be back in Kyushu soon. How can I smell your hair every day? Besides, aren't we, now, the General's relationship with the prisoners? ”

Hanoua shrugged and smiled. “Yeah, I'm teasing you. Look at you. I'm not teasing you. ”

She suddenly found it tasteless, stood up, patted her ass, and turned away.

Qin Yi turned his face and looked quietly at Hanoua's departure. He frowned slightly.

He was acutely aware that this beautiful Khan seemed a little unhappy, but he couldn't figure out which nerve he was messing with.

“Women, not only a book, but also a heavenly book, such as I wait for the common man, I can't read at all! ”

Qin Yi sighed softly.