The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1505: Shameless!

After a good rest, Qin Yi let the generals continue on the road.

Two days later, more than 2,000 elite, led by Qin Yi, returned to the Tuanmu clan, the chief of the Tuanmu clan, Tuanmu Hao Tian, had already received the Jie Tian, and personally led the leaders of the Mu clan and the Fengyue clan, where they waited.

On both sides are the people, the arms cheering, the emotions are extremely exciting, in front of more than ten beautiful young girls, with songs and dancing, the whole scene is very lively and celebratory.

A soldier, all extremely excited, blushing, forgetting to wave the knife of war on their hands, this time, they captured the Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe, such a performance is enough to record in the history books.

Qin Yi sat on the back of the war horse and looked at the people on both sides. She found that no girl rushed over with a wreath and hung it around her neck, which only relieved her breath.

He remembered that time, after the war with the Feng Yue clan, the great defeated Feng Yue clan triumphantly returned, there were many girls, with wreaths made up, wrapped around their necks to express their love for themselves.

Of course, this time the situation is different, the relationship between myself and the snowflake has not yet been settled, it is normal for a girl to express her love for herself. But now, I am the fiancé of the snowflake.

“Thief! ”

A delicate cry sounded in the crowd.

Qin Yiding glanced and saw a wonderful woman in a light green robe. From the crowd in front, Xu slowly came out and stood there, looking at Qin Yi in the crowd, full of tenderness and honey.

She had a wonderful body, her skin was snowy and greasy, she blew a bullet, she had a worldly face, and she had a beautiful smile like a flower.

She must have watched the young man riding on the horseback with less than a third of his robe on his back, but still full of pride: with 20,000 elites, she attacked Bano City, the capital of the Tiger Wolf tribe, and finally captured their Khan alive, this is my man, hum!

Qin Yi naturally also noticed this wonderful woman. In her heart, she gently flowed through a warmth and slowly opened her arms to him: “Aunt Saint Xue! ”

“Mm-hmm! ”

Aunt Saint Xue answered with a smile and looked at Qin Yi's open arms. On her delicate little face, a rare appearance of shame appeared. The next moment, she was carrying herself with her hands to make up the group, moving under the dress, two sexy long legs, and rushing towards Qin Yi.

“Thief, want to die sister mine! ”

Struggled into Qin Yi's arms, two white snake-like arms, dead to embrace Qin Yi's waist and limbs, as if to integrate himself into Qin Yi's body: “It's good to see you again! Huh!”

With two super-sized seats, Saint Snow Auntie died on the thief's chest. The thief on the top was delightful and drowned and scratched Saint Snow Auntie's pretty nose: “Auntie Saint Snow, I miss you too! ”

Aunt San Xue is a famous witch who can make her look so emotional. It is rare. This is also seen during Qin Yi's departure from Bano City, where she spends every day worrying about her courage.


Hanuya next to Qin Yi, however, snorted coldly. She glanced at Qin Yi and Aunt Saint Xue, who were tightly held together, whispering: “Shameless! ”

“Hanoia, what are you talking about? ”

Qin Yi didn't hear what she was mumbling about. She asked confused.

Beautiful Khan's beautiful little face immediately emerged with a shallow smile to admire: “Nothing? Who is this? ”

“This, my fiancée, is also called Aunt Saint Snow. ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi answered honestly.


Hanoua's eyes fluttered. She glanced at Aunt Holy Snow for a few moments. She shouted a long time. She whispered: "Tsk, what a cow! ”

The irony of Hanoua's words, even fools, can be heard.

Yan Bi, she left the horse without going back.

“What the hell does this chick mean? I don't have a lot of fiancées. I have something to do with you! ”

Looking at the beautiful Khan left alone, Qin Yi frowned slightly, confused to the extreme.

Let Qin Yi go. Aunt Saint Xue's eyes were also slightly gazed. She stared quietly at Hanoua for a moment. She turned her face and looked at Qin Yi in a meaningful way: “This person, is the Khan of the Tiger Wolf tribe, what did you just call her? Hanoia? ”


Qin Yi touched his nose and said: “She told me so herself and asked me to call her that. Why? ”


Aunt Holy Snow's long voice, her eyes spinning, quite a deep look at Qin Yi: “You are a real cow! ”


Qin Yi was stunned and looked at Aunt Saint Xue quite unexpectedly. She blinked her eyes slightly: “What day is it? Why does everyone say I'm a cow? ”

“What day? ”

Aunt Holy Snow raised that beautiful little face slowly. The sharp upward corners of both sides of her mouth have already outlined a beautiful shallow smile. I just don't know why, but Qin Yi feels shallow smile, full of danger, even makes him feel creepy.


“Just... pinch your day! ”

On Aunt Holy Snow's delicate little face, the beautiful smile remained, her voice had just fallen, Qin Yi's waist, a sharp pain came from the fierce.


Qin Yi screamed painfully, grinning his teeth.

However, Aunt Holy Snow had already turned her dead ass, suddenly twisting, and left only Qin Yi a wonderful shadow: “Hip, it feels so good to pinch! ”

Paralysis, this time girl, why do you like to strangle me when everything's fine?

Qin Yi rubbed her waist vigorously and was strangled by Aunt Saint Xue. She looked at her twisted, happy, delicate buttocks and thought hard in her heart. This dead chick, she was strangled so hard. When there is a chance, she must be roughly arched and compensated back. Hmm, back into style, arched to death!

“Brother Qin Yi, why did she strangle you? ”

On the scene of the hustle and bustle, Tiger noticed this scene, came to Qin Yi's side, looked at the figure of Aunt Saint Xue who had gone away, and asked confused.

Qin Yi returned to God from his obscene yy and shook his head blindly: “I don't know. ”

“My mother used to tell me that women were tigers, especially beautiful women, and floodbeasts. Now it looks like my mother is telling the truth. ”

Tiger sighed and turned to Qin Yi: “Brother Qin Yi, this time we came home triumphantly, my mother must be helping me say daughter-in-law, then say, is this a yes? Or not? Isn't that like marrying a tiger and going home? ”

Xiao Tiger's naive face still faded, gently appeared worried color.

“Of course you must marry! ”

Qin Yi said: “Yes, this woman is a tiger sometimes. Sometimes, she is a kitten again. She is very attractive. Anyway, a woman is a heavenly book, and a man cannot read it, but, because it is a heavenly book, it attracts men to read it. Think about it. If it is a children's book, who will read it? ”


Xiao Tiger answered, but obviously did not understand what Qin Yi was saying, his face was blind.

Not far away, Feng Yue Yue heard Qin Yi's words. He had to pause slightly. He glanced back at Qin Yi and put up his thumb: “I really don't see the classics. You spoiled him, you can still say such classic words. ”

“That's natural. Don't you see who I am? ”

Qin Yi was not humble at all. He gently stretched his breasts. He looked handsome on his face and appeared softly in an arrogant color.

Seeing him like this, Feng Yue Yu couldn't help but sigh at Guan 'er: Until now, this person does not understand why Aunt San Xue should strangle him, is he a hero or a comedian?

Aunt Holy Snow's pinch was just a small song. Tam Mo Hao Tian let Qin Yi, Feng Yue Yue and others into the palace. After making a good praise, he tried to retain Qin Yi to stay in Tam Mo's tribe for a while. He was very cheerful, but Qin Yi had to cancel his original plan to leave immediately to return to Kyushu mainland.

Naturally, Aunt Snow has not returned to the Snow and Wind Empire. She brings 80,000 elites from the Snow and Wind Empire and is still in Hassa City.

Hanoua, on the other hand, has not been jailed. In this festive eye, Temu Hao Nature is a warm hospitality to her, showing as much friendship and sincerity as possible. Hanoua is enjoying herself every day. However, she is extremely comfortable. Without the supremacy of the previous Khan, there is another kind of relaxation and comfort.

Besides, Qin Yi would come to accompany her every day to tell her about the new things in the Kyushu mainland. From Qin Yi's mouth, she realized that he was the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See. The Kyushu Holy See was famous. Hanoua, though a man of the Yulan mainland, had also heard the four words “Kyushu Holy See”.

Everything was as Qin Yi predicted. More than 20 days later, Tatemu Snow did send a fast horse from Hasa City to go to Qin Yi, Tatemu Hao Tian and others to take Hanuya and go to Hasa City to negotiate.

Qin Yi and others left at night to lead Hanoua to Hassa City.

Negotiations went very smoothly, and Hanoua, at the negotiating table, despite the opposition of Lu Dongfu, promised with pleasure to build an empire together in the western part of the Yulan continent.

However, her claim was that the Tiger Wolf tribe could not become an affiliate of the Tamwood and Fengyue tribes. Instead, the three major tribes merged, fully opening up trade markets to each other, establishing business dealings, cultural and religious beliefs, and slowly integrating into each other.

It was Qin Yi who wanted to see the outcome of such negotiations, so he was delighted.

In addition, she also made a request that Qin Yi should visit her in the Kyushu mainland as soon as she had time.

Qin Yi didn't really understand this request of Hanoua, but she still answered it with pleasure. Anyway, there are two fiancées, Yuzu and Aunt Holy Snow, who should have more time to visit them.