The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1508: Huang Emperor Angry

This is absolutely astonishing news, and all the people in the Holy See of Kyushu, including even the third generation of the Pope, have always known that the present King of the Child Ming, merely a mirror, did not know where he was going.

Turns out that the true body of King Tong Ming has been with the Qing Emperor for endless years, to investigate Qin Yi's previous life. The Qing Emperor appeared several times before in the Holy See of Kyushu, but the true body of King Tong Ming did not appear. Obviously, his true body did not come with the Qing Emperor at the time, and still remained in the Xuan Sect world.

“In the ancient years, the great war between the two ways, I did not participate, but was ordered by the Qing Emperor to go to the world of Xuanzheng. ”

Xiaoming Wang Xu Xu said.

The Emperor remembered that he was about to say something, but the light in the corner of his eyes touched a silver light and suddenly appeared in the sky not far away.

She turned her head slightly towards the silver ray and saw an unusually tall middle-aged man, who appeared there empty-handed.

A tall middle-aged man, wearing a silver robe, the face of the word "country", skin like jade, Huo Lan is the third pope of the Holy See of Kyushu - the Emperor Huang.

At this moment, the other high ecclesiastical ecclesiastics, also of the idea of the coming of the Yellow Emperor, all cast their awe on him.

“Shit, who the fuck is this? It felt a little powerful, and more importantly, I felt a little bad about him. ”

Below, full of silver hair, also wearing the silver robe dragon flame, looked up at the yellow emperor suddenly appeared on the mountain, frowned.

He had not seen the Huang Emperor before, so as soon as he felt the slightest unkindness of the Huang Emperor, the phrase "bird man” came out of his mouth.

In fact, in his arrogant nature, even if he knew the identity of the Huang Emperor, he would not necessarily be seen in his eyes.

Qin Yi, Yan Meiyi and Yang Shiqi all surrounded by the third generation of Pope “Birdman” who heard Dragon Flame curse the Holy See of Kyushu, were all surprised to almost fall out of the air.

Yang Shiqi quickly pulled the dragon flare: “Dragonflame, speak carefully, look at the eyes of the high ecclesiastics of the Holy See to determine the identity of this person. If I am correct, this person should be the current pope of the Holy See of Kyushu. ”

Qin Yi and Yanmei, beside her, also nodded.

“Ah, this man is the Pope of Kyushu! ”

Dragonflame opened his eyes and his chin broke to pieces, but the next moment, he returned to God and again surveyed the Yellow Emperor far away, skipping his lips with disdain: "So what? As long as he doesn't mean anything to us, then he's a bird man! ”

Qin Yi had carefully analyzed his situation with several of them before in Shenming Garden. In fact, he really wanted to die, which is the Huang Emperor, the middle-aged man in the silver robe on Shen Shan now, Qianqiu Shui, but only one of his eagle claws.

So, if Dragon Flame is to treat him nicely, that's simply impossible.

Each of the top ecclesiastics of the Kyushu Holy See in the deep mountains possesses a fairly good modus operandi. Although the words of the dragon flame genius are not loud, they still hear the truth. Including the memory of the Emperor and the King of the Child Ming, each face shows a strange colour, and looks at the Emperor Huang from afar.

Huang Emperor himself, naturally also the "bird man” who will dragon flame, listened truly, he stood there, his face was like water, that tall body, already unconscious, implicitly emitted an extremely fierce emperor, the air around him, all pressed floating.

The Yellow Emperor is already angry!

Feeling the anger of the Huang Emperor, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Yanmei and Dragon Flame below, all had to jump their eyebrows, but they still stood in the air, and their faces did not show any color of fear.

Though the Huang Emperor was eager to remove Qin Yi, now all the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See are present. There are also many Tingwei of the Holy See below. They do not believe that the Huang Emperor dared to take them in front of so many people.

If it had been so obvious, Huang Di would have shot Qin Yi directly, and there would have been no previous series of assassinations.

On the vast mountain, the top ecclesiastics of the Kyushu Holy See all focused their eyes on the Yellow Emperor, but nothing was said.

“Your name is... Dragon Flame? ”

Huang Dynasty's extremely tall body, standing on the top of the mountain of divinity, high above the dragon flame below, passing down the voice like Hong Zhong Dalu, shaking the heart, at the same time unusually cold, the blood in the human body, almost frozen in that room.


Dragonflame looked up at the Yellow Emperor, not only without any fear, but he even subconsciously licked his lips, in his eyes, and swapped away.

This Huang Emperor wholeheartedly wanted to put Qin Yi to death. At this point, Dragon Flame became hostile to him, not to mention, his own body flowed with belligerent blood. Faced with the first person in the Holy See of Kyushu, he subconsciously created an impulse to fight one.

“Very good. Afterlife, indeed! The four of you have grown to such heights in such a short period of time, which is the blessing of our Kyushu Holy See! ”

Huang Dixue said slowly, spinning, and speaking abruptly: “However, the four of you are proud of yourselves, facing so many high echelons of the Holy See without showing any respect. This is not allowed in the Holy See, so you should be punished! ”

His voice had just fallen, and he suddenly shot his hand. His palm rapidly rose to dozens of feet wide and his arm was stretched out indefinitely to the four of them, slapping him hard.

Huang Emperor's hand, too suddenly, the high levels on Shenshan, including the Emperor Fushang's memory and the King of Children Ming, have not returned to God. Huang Emperor's huge palm was the wind with the wind. In the blink of an eye, the pressure emitted on Qin Yi's four people was photographed. The giant palm was all surrounded by air, the compression was not broken, forming an airflow vortex.

With this huge clap, Qin Yi four people immediately felt the clap, like a huge wave, rushing towards them, almost crushing their bodies directly to tear apart.

Huang Dynasty, the first expert in the Kyushu Holy See today, how terrifying his strength is, imaginable! Of course, the Qing Emperor is now a person who does not belong to the Holy See of Kyushu, so it is not very conclusive.

“Stand back, let me do it! ”

Feeling the tremendous pressure from Huang Di, Qin Yi drank loudly, one arm, put Yang Shiqi, Feiniang Yan and Long Yan behind him, then he stepped forward and suddenly greeted the huge clap that Huang Di had slapped.

At the same time as stepping forward, Qin Yi's ruling on the Seven Types of Celestial Demons also surged suddenly.

“Pfft, pfft...”

On his left palm, a sound of bone transformation ensued, and his palm followed him, soaring as wide as he could, with a strong dark and dark demon, haunting him.

With the appearance of the Heavenly Demon's left hand, Qin Yi's rhythm also changed dramatically. The whole person became waveless, giving people a powerful and mysterious feeling. There was a wave of magic all over him, as if he were a Wangu Demon King, and suddenly came here.

“This Qin Yi...”

The top ecclesiastics of the Holy See on Shenshan have basically not seen Qin Yi perform the Seven Types of Celestial Demons. Seeing his current rhythm, he was forced to hold on, his heart, the irrepressible breeding of a chill.

In the face of Qin Yi's instant rhythm changed greatly, Huang Emperor was also slightly stunned, his eyebrows slightly flashed, and his heart was horrified: “This boy, there are some doorways. ”

For a moment, he seemed to understand why Qianqiu Shui had not been able to kill him before. However, the palm of his hand was slapped, but it did not linger at all, still quickly toward Qin Yi.


A big shock!

Qin Yi's celestial demon's left hand hit hard with Huang Emperor's palm.

Between the two chapters, the pounding energy waves swept away, pressing the surrounding space as if it were a surface, violently distorted, as if it were about to break apart.

That pound of pressure impacted Qin Yi's chest, slightly puffing his chest, and he suddenly protruded a few big steps backwards. However, the yellow emperor on the mountain of the gods, the tattoo is still intact, just black hair dancing wildly, silver robes on his body, hunting sounds.

Exactly, Qin Yi is really strong now, but compared to the Huang Emperor, there are still a lot of gaps. If he can surpass the Huang Emperor in such a short time, then he is truly a god.

Nevertheless, in Huang Emperor's heart, there was a terrible wave, slightly disoriented there: “I didn't fan him out directly with one hand, as I expected...”

Although he didn't do all he could, the effect of just fanning Qin Yi backwards a few steps greatly exceeded his expectations.

And then something even more unexpected happened...

Only Qin Yi below could be seen. After a slap, the attack did not stop. The whole person rushed in at great speed. It was like a flash of Hell's door. His left hand was black, and he shot straight at him. It was very straightforward.

“Goddamn it, this kid, he even took the initiative to attack me! ”

Huang Emperor's anger was unstoppable, even his lungs were about to explode. Qin Yi's actions were disrespectful to him and really challenged his dignity.

But how did he know that once the Seven Types of Celestial Demons were shot first, they couldn't stop halfway, and all seven of them had to be shot. This is also the ancient martial arts of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, the true domination.

The other high ecclesiastical guards of the Holy See, as well as the Tingwei below, were also stunned and their chins shattered: this Qin Yi, when he really ate leopards, dared to attack the Pope on his own initiative!

That Qin Yi's master honored Huang Fushang's memory, and his face was even more bleak. In his narrow eyes, a strong fear emerged.

“Kid, you want to die! ”

Huang Di, whose majesty was challenged, suddenly became extremely angry, had a cold drink, slapped towards Qin Yi, and clapped his hands. At this time, Qin Yi had rushed to just about 100 meters from Shenshan.


In the loud noise, Qin Yi's "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" type 2 struck out, that pitch-black celestial demon's left hand, with Huang Emperor's giant palm, hit hard again.

The moment the palms collided, Huang Emperor's heart was horrified. Qin Yi's palm strength was actually a lot greater than its first palm. The pounding energy wave suddenly knocked him out of several major strides.

This time, Qin Yi was finally swept away by the air waves for more than a dozen years.

Only in the next moment, Qin Yi instantly rushed back again, and the whole person turned into a shadow, heading towards the mountain of the gods, storming away, rolling up a magic.