The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1516: Entering the Great World of Xuanhuang

So that's it!

Rumor has it, the disciple Xuan and the sword have drifted away, and at the same time, the heart is full of shock, just a mirror, can become a super alchemist, but why is it so powerful?

Moreover, the true and mirrored image of the King of Childhood is still made in two completely different ways, and this scenario, just think about it, knows how powerful it is.

In fact, Chiang Ming Wang has always implicitly revealed his power, you know, this mirror, but it has always existed in the Holy See of the Kyushu, no different from the real person, and it has existed for many years without knowing.

Ask, how many people in the heavens and the earth are able to contour such a powerful image? Huang Dynasty can't do this, not even Qing Dynasty!

However, normally King Ming never discloses his origins in the Holy See, and the people of the Holy See never go in that direction.

King Tong Ming has returned to the mountain, and Zero Sword and the disciple Xuan, also with full shock and excitement, returned to the Kyushu Holy See.

The next day, the two of them left, the disciple announced to go to the Shenzhen family, asked Shenlan to help find other parts of the Hongmeng flag. On that day, Shenlan did not return to the Holy See in Kyushu, but returned directly to his family.

Zero swords, on the other hand, are all the way north to the northern wilderness, looking for the entrance to the ruined conquest path that exists in the cold land of the Arctic, through the ruined conquest path, into the wilderness world, looking for the sword.

Without a doubt, when he learns that he is the reincarnation of Emperor Xuan, the sword is in a zero mood, is excited, he must find his own Xuan Xuan Sword as soon as possible, so that he can become the strongest in the shortest time!

King Bo Ming's words were correct. Now, he and the disciple announced that the gap with Qin Yi several people seemed to be across a gap. Only by finding the sword of Xuan can we hope to catch up with them.

From the whole situation, now, Wangu Wang even confessed to the disciple Xuan and Sword Flying Zero, which is also enough to see that it is not far from the war with the opposite race. The King must have felt something before he could hope so eagerly. The disciple Xuan and Sword Flying Zero grew.

In the fairy years, the great war with the aliens, the fallen emperors, all of them, emerged, which is a very obvious sign that the next great war is coming.


Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Feiniang Yan and Long Yan four people, as soon as they rushed into that pitch-black hole, the next moment, the eyes were bright again, it seemed that the layer of pitch-black, very thin, was washed away by them.

At this moment, they are standing on a piece of earth, the ground beneath their feet, somewhat broken, in their sight, several broken buildings, silent handling there, a hint of ancient breath, surging.

“This is the legendary Great World of Xuanhuang. It's different than I thought! ”

Dragonflame blinked and said.

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Yan Meiyi and Yang Shiqi all nodded profoundly. The world in front of them looks a little broken, not like the mausoleum of God.

“It can be deduced from the ruins of this world that there is indeed a peaceful world, that there are frequent wars, and that these ruins are left behind by the powerful here. ”

Femme Yan habitually touched her forehead, her eyes spinning, looked around for a while, didn't see a person, said: “No one, this is a lucky thing for us, don't forget, this is a world of exile, maybe just jumping out of one person is enough to kill us. ”

“Makes sense! ”

Yang Shiqi nodded: “So it is imperative that we improve our strength as much as possible in order to survive here. ”

Next, the four of us spread the speed, wandering aimlessly here, and discovered that the great world of Xuanhuang, mostly the plains, was not as great as the world outside, and there were mountains everywhere.

Everyone wandered aimlessly, while Yan Mei Mai played her talent, to Qin Yi, Yan Mei Mai Mai and Yang Shiqi, according to their own deductions, to describe this great world of Xuan Huang.

They just got in here, they're unfamiliar, and everything depends on their own minds, a little extrapolation.

This great world of Xuan Huang, is a fairy year, the emperor of time and space, by all means of heaven, created with one hand, compared to the world created in heaven and earth, will certainly be different.

When the Emperor of Time and Space created this world, it was also part of the Divine Mausoleum - Part V - but it was not used to bury the fallen Immortal Emperor, whose real purpose was to create this world in order to preserve the sparks of mankind!

And in the ancient years, the righteous cultivators of the great war between the two ways of evil and evil, banished into it those who did not die in the battle.

Unlike the other four parts of the Divine Demonic Garden, the other four parts of the Divine Demonic Garden have five floors, while the Great World of the Xuan Huang has only one floor, but it is huge, and it is definitely worth the top world.

From the process of forming the Great World of Xuanhuang, it is easy to see that there are three groups of people:

The first faction, the indigenous people who exist here, who, although created by the Emperor of Time and Space, will surely emerge, undoubtedly originated from practitioners who came in from that world outside during the Immortal Age.

In fact, these practitioners, the Sparks that were preserved for mankind by the Emperor of Time and Space at the time, and then their generation reproduced, became the indigenous people here, the first people to come into the great world of Xuanhuang.

This faction has grown to this day, not much more powerful than the world outside. Don't forget, the world outside, the world that was exterminated during the immortal years, then slowly developed again, a world that was once exterminated, has developed again to the present extent, the indigenous people in this great world, the time of development, even longer, at least they, have not experienced extermination, the degree of prosperity, can imagine!

Without a doubt, these indigenous peoples are the mainstay of this great world!

And the second faction, the ancient ones who were banished into exile, is certainly not too many, but powerful, but absolutely the strongest, and this faction's people, born evil, brutal bloodthirsty, depend on life like grass mustard.

There is also a “lock of evil" inside these people that restricts them from leaving this great world.

As for the third faction, as Qin Yi and their future generations rise strong, it is clear that their faction's strength is weakest.

So overall, it can be deduced that the great world of Xuan Huang is actually a normal world, and that the cultivation world here is much stronger than the world out there!

Especially the natives, their ancestors, but the practitioners who survived the Immortal Age! Though the world outside, there are also powerful people who survived the fairy years, such as the King of Childhood Ming, the number is extremely limited.

Now, the location where Qin Yi and the four of them entered is obviously on the edge of this great world of Xuanhuang. The desert smoke is also normal.

The true prosperity of the world is the heart, where there is also an empire, and it is very strong!

That's the extrapolation that Maiden Flame made from her own thoughts about the great world in front of her.

In many details, Femme Flame certainly cannot be inferred, she is not a fairy, but it is clear that her inference, by and large, is correct, because everything is still there.

A day later, a huge tower appeared in their sight, made of gold, golden and brilliant, still far away, so that they could see the truth.

The giant golden tower, suspended directly in the air, at the lower end of the tower, with a cloud of clouds, obviously, must have some power to keep him suspended in this cloud.

The front of the golden tower is stamped with swords and other tools. The four big words “Locked Evil Lock” are engraved. The scars are extremely deep. The people with no deep power can't be engraved. The four big words, walking the dragon fly phoenix dance, the momentum is pounding, as if they were alive.

And to make Qin Yi four people, some creepy, around the gold tower, was suspended full of skeletons, white Sen's, floating and sinking there, while slowly spinning around the gold tower.

Once the wind blows through, those dense, numb skeletons make a "whoop” sound.

“The lock of evil in those too ancient exiles, it came from here, shithead, how does it look so frightening? ”

Looking at the golden tower from afar, the floating skeletons, the dragon flames blinked, and sighed: "What's going on with these skeletons hanging here? ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and thought about it. "These skeletons were supposed to be too ancient exiles before they were born. They wanted to escape here. As a result, the lock of evil in their bodies burned and burned them alive. ”

“It should be! ”

Femme nodded and agreed with Qin Yi's reasoning.

Yeung Shiqi beside him sighed: “From another angle, this lock of evil is also evil. It actually burns people alive, this end is a little evil! ”