The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1524: Action

In this regard, the three of Qin Yi can only smile at each other helplessly.

Hearing about Long Yan, Her Royal Highness suddenly slightly rejoiced, she worried that Qin Yi and several of them would not agree. In terms of remuneration, she was the favorite Highness of the Hastan Empire, basically whatever she wanted.

“My reward to you is ten cubic meters of black earth! ”

His Royal Highness raised his beautiful little face slightly and said arrogantly.

Black sourced earth?

Qin Yi four people heard the story, but they couldn't help but stare at each other. They had never heard of the word.

“You are the people who have just entered the world from the outside, don't know what the black earth is, it is also normal. ”

His Royal Highness smiled shallow: “Black sourced earth, exists in our great world of brown yellow, an extremely precious cultivation resource, ten cubic meters of black sourced earth, enough to allow you several to cultivate, breaking through a small land. ”

Break through a little world!

Qin Yi's eyes lighted up gently. A small situation, although it sounded small, at their current height, was clearly a very welcome breakthrough.

“Fuck! ”

Dragon flame is very simple, immediately hey hey smile, although black earth may not be effective for him, as long as the three of Qin Yi are strong, it is also of self-evident benefit to him.

Qin Yi several people, also did not think much, is decisive nod.

This is a pretty good opportunity for a few of them to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang this time, in order to improve their strength, in other aspects, they don't care too much, anyway, there are some things they have to face sooner or later.


His Royal Highness was delighted. Qin Yi's four strength. She knew it. With them, the Great Prince and the Five Princes. This time, she will not be able to return to the palace.

Next, she turned her hand and took out a map, which was placed on the table, and the Fiber Jade finger, pointing up on the map: “We in the Hastan Empire, in this position, are the Sun and Moon Divinity, and here, the Bath Blood Gate, from the Sun and Moon Divinity and Bath Blood Gate to our Hastan Empire, must pass through Mount White and Mount Long Tiger, respectively. Then, you will be on these two mountains, waiting for the Great Prince and the Five Princes, and then, whether they are themselves or by their side, kill me! ”

In the eyes of His Majesty the Tenth, he gently swept past the slaughter.

It can be seen that she is also a very decisive person, of course, this personality, related to her growth, as the tenth royal highness of the Hastan Empire, how can it be that the princesses and princesses in the palace are absolutely decisive on the sofa.

The matter was settled. His Royal Highness made a deal with Qin Yi and them at the price of 10 cubic meters of black sourced soil to help her drop the Great Prince and the Five Princes, so that they would not have the opportunity to return to the palace and compete for the armor of the gods on her.

There is no doubt that the matter was carried out in secret, even His Majesty the Hastan Empire did not necessarily know, and the Princess Ann and the Princess of the Moon did not hesitate to say more.

Regarding the black earth, Qin Yi and the others do not know how effective it is yet, but they believe that His Majesty the Tenth Majesty will never dare and will not deceive them.

Moreover, it should not be difficult for Her Majesty the Tenth Highness to obtain precious materials because of her privileged identity and the love of her father.

The next day, everyone started the operation. Qin Yi and Yanmei went all the way to Baishin Mountain to stop the Great Prince, and Yang Shiqi went all the way to Changhu Mountain to stop the Five Princes.

His Majesty the Tenth, on his own, stayed in his residence and waited for news.

“Tenth Royal Highness, are the four of them really reliable? ”

After sending the four Qin Yi people out of Fulou City and seeing their figure disappear into sight, Shab said to His Highness with some concern: “I see the four of them repaired, it's very good. If the Great Prince and the Five Princes throw rugby at them, then you are really in the middle of nowhere, we have to prevent it! ”

“Don't worry, Uncle Chappie. ”

His Royal Highness shook his head slightly: “I am sure they are not such people, don't forget that on the way back, they could have killed me and fought for the armor of the gods, but they did not do so, and it can be seen that there is no problem with the character of the four of them. ”

After a pause, His Royal Highness continued: "Besides, Chapel, what is the relationship between Sun, Moon, and the Bath Gate? ”

“Nature is opposite. ”

Chappie answered without falsely thinking.

“That's it. ”

His Royal Highness 10 smiled shallow: “The relationship between Qin Yi, Yanmei Mai Mai and Yanmei Mai Mai are lovers, while Long Yi and Qin Yi are brothers of life and death. If they accept the enlistment of the Great Prince and the Five Princes respectively, what will happen to the four of them? ”

Rumor has it, Sherby's gaze lights up gently: "Conflict! ”

“Exactly! So, in any case, they will not accept the enlistment of the Great Prince and the Five Princes, they will only kill them. ”

Her Royal Highness's mood became somewhat cheerful, and a crisis that was about to come upon her was solved by her with 10 cubic meters of black soil.

Killing the Great Prince and the Five Princes, Princess Ann and the Moon Princess will take a certain amount of time to get the news, during which time she can be fully prepared to cope.

In the palace, many times, that's it, if you don't have a hard heart and a careless heart, you will be murdered by others.

Especially in situations like His Highness's current situation, Princess An and the Moon Princess, as well as all the princesses, all look down on him. Behind her, only her father, without a little thunder, it is extremely easy to die without burial place!

“According to the current situation, the Great Prince and the Five Princes are definitely going to die. Only His Majesty, ten cubic meters of black sourced earth, dealing with Qin Yi and them, is there too much? You know, the whole palace, that's only 50 cubic meters of black earth. ”

Sherby said.

“Not much. ”

His Royal Highness shook his head: "Shab, you should think so. Ten cubic meters of black earth is precious, but which is more precious than my life and the armor of the gods? ”

Rumor has it that Shab had to look at His Majesty the Tenth, and has become somewhat different.

Until now, he truly realized that His Highness, the Tenth Majesty, had really grown up and was no longer that pink girl, not only decisive, but also able to measure.

Shab is naturally very pleased with this!


In the wild mountains and mountains, Qin Yi and Feiniang's body were transformed into two shadows and constantly ravaged. In order to get as familiar as possible with this great world of Xuanhuang, they did not carry out a transient movement.

In the case of direct transients, the time required is about half the time.

Three days later, Qin Yi and Yanmei have arrived at their destination - Baishin Mountain!

As for the situation of Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, let alone talk about it.

In front, there is a road that leads all the way to the distance.

Qin Yi and Yanmei are in the middle of the road. The tray legs sat down and practiced while waiting.

The current situation made them cry a little, they could not dream, as soon as they entered the great world of Xuanhuang, they became killers, and also killed the two princes of the Hastan Empire!

Of course, they don't mind being killers as long as they have access to training resources, and this may be a breakthrough for them to truly enter the great world of Xuanhuang.

Fully waiting for two days, only a team of horses appeared, about 20 people, and one was well-equipped, wearing armor, wearing a knife, at first glance, the Grand Internal Guard who came out of the palace.

At the same time, from these people, the implicitly emitted ambitious strength, can only be seen, these great domestic guards, all have quite a good manipulation.

There is no great inner guard in this world, and he will be a scoundrel. That is to protect His Majesty, the prince, and the role of the chief minister of the dynasty. He is a scoundrel. He cannot serve as a great inner guard.

The twenty guards in front, clustered in a luxurious carriage, drove fast here.

“The great prince went to practice in the Sun and Moon Divinity and brought so many close guards. ”

Hearing the movement ahead, Qin Yi and Yanmei, all slowly opened their eyes, Yanmei said faintly.

“Don't even think about it. In that luxury car, sitting right now, is the Grand Prince. ”

Qin Yi's eyes, slightly gazed, annihilated, slowly passed.

Regarding the great prince, Qin Yi and he did not meet each other, but did not have any fondness for him. He was happy to kill his great prince for a whole ten cubic meters of black soil!

At this time, the large inner guards in front also found Qin Yi and Feiniang. When they saw the guard headed by him, they had to wave, indicating that the carriage had stopped. The eyebrows slightly raised and his face showed vigilance.

“If the good dog doesn't get in the way and sees the great prince of the Hastan Empire, why don't you step aside? ”

A guard nearby suddenly screamed.

“Bad people! ”

The chief guard of the inner city pulled the screamer, then slowly pulled out the knife between his waist and held it in his hand.


The other inner guards also pulled out the knife between their waists and looked forward with vigilance, the handsome men and women.

“What is it?”

An extremely indifferent voice, coming from the luxurious carriage, slowly.

The next moment, he saw a slender, white finger, well-nourished hand, grabbed the car curtain linked with beads, slowly pulled open, a handsome face like a girl, appeared behind the car curtain.

This person has silver hair, floating slowly, eyes of vultures, skin is white, hidden in the feminine tenderness of a strand.