The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1526: Impersonating the Forced Man

With the stabbing out of his sword, an extremely powerful sword, and then it swept away, and for a moment, every inch of space was filled here, so that the hearts and minds of people were unstoppable to breed a chill.

Meanwhile, the ink sword on his hand was directly one-ninety-fold, faithful, Qi Qi stabbed Qin Yi. The invisible sword power directly formed a hanging net, covering the past towards Qin Yi.

The grid of hanging formed by the sword, although the naked eye could not see clearly, Qin Yi could feel his strength, because his body suddenly burst with a sense of cross and horizontal pain, as if many invisible blades, on him, lightning stroke.

Qin Yi was not strong his sharp, his feet stamped hard on the ground, directly stamped the ground as if it were a spider web split apart, and he used this stamping force to turn the whole person into a flutter, quickly rising.

“Boom! ”

The next moment, behind you, comes a loud bang.

Qin Yi looked back and could see behind him. A tree that had to be three adults to be surrounded suddenly collapsed in inches.

“It's so strong! ”

Qin Yi was shocked and whispered.

That invisible hanging net actually directly stirred a large tree into pieces, such a power, the practitioner of Emperor Four Realms, absolutely irresistible, if it were in its net, it would definitely end up like the big tree in this lesson.

“Forced Man, after seeing my strength, tell me, is your soul trembling? ”

Angry big prince, angry drinking, no change in gesture, the whole man and Ink Sword are in a straight line, again stabbing Qin Yi at the speed. The Ink Sword in that hand is still divided into nine, nine pitch-black swords, like the demonic light coming out of hell, bursting sword, forming a hanging net, toward Qin Yi in front, covering the past.

Pretending to be Maniac?


That's a fresh word eye!

Qin Yi opened his mouth slightly stunned and couldn't help but cry. However, he had to admit that the nickname, sometimes placed on him, seemed, seemed, seemed, did fit some!

He thought so in his heart, but he dared not be slightly lazy, shaken in shape, spread the "Praise for Father" and plundered directly to the side.

“Knock! ”

Not far away, a stone was strangled by that invisible net and smashed directly into pieces.

Once again, the anger in the great prince's heart became a little more intense. You know, this is the best martial arts he practiced in the Sun and Moon Divinity.

However, some heartbreaking, even Qin Yi's coat of clothing is unoccupied, how can he not be angry?

“Didn't you send His Royal Highness to kill me? What's with all the hiding? ”

The great prince drank angrily, and the third sword came out with a stab, an invisible hanging net, formed again, killing tens of millions, cutting the air into a "whoop” sound.

Qin Yi continued to expand the "Praise Father's Step" to avoid it. He stood in the void and looked down at the great prince: “Is it not easy to kill you? I just want to see how powerful martial arts is in the so-called Sun and Moon Theology, but now it seems, but so! ”

In the talking room, Shennong Ding appeared suddenly in front of his chest. With the emergence of Shennong Ding, the space of the Quartet suddenly swept away.

Shennong Ding quickly grew bigger, and between blinking eyes, it soared to more than a dozen sights. The ancient script on the Ding wall, clearly discernable, ancient and mysterious.

“Boom boom! ”

Without hesitation, Qin Yi thought about Choi Shennong Ding with all his heart and printed it from above. He directly broke up the invisible hanging net.

At the end of the day, the great prince stabbed the hanging net and turned it into nothing!

Shennong Ding didn't stop, he headed down to the great prince, and continued printing.

Feeling the fierce pressure of the divine peasant, the great prince's handsome face with a soft smell, the original colour of anger finally quickly turned into shock and despair: “What is this? ”

“Shennong Ding! ”

Qin Yi was very frank and bluntly said: “One of the top ten artifacts of ancient times! ”

“The Ten Great Artifacts of the Old Age, what is it? ”

While shocked and desperate, the great prince was confused.

He is the native of the great world of Xuanhuang and has no knowledge of the ten great artifacts of the past.

The history of this great world, unlike that of the great world outside, there are no three emperors and five emperors, no ancient ten artifacts, not even the great war of extermination between the immortals and the heathens.

“These, you don't need to understand, you just need to know that your life will be over. ”

In Qin Yi's words, through a chill, he had no fondness for the great prince of the Hastan Empire, and there could be no compassion.


The great prince is still stunned, the Shennong Ding has been printed down, only to see a tremendous noise, the earth tortoise, like a spider web, rapidly spread in all directions.

And in the middle of those spider web-like cracks, there's a big pit in the shape of a divine peasant.

Indeed, without eye-catching, Shennong Ding directly imprinted the great prince into the earth.

As Qin Yi's heart moved, the more than ten masters saw the divine Nong Ding, which came out of the sky and came over Qin Yi's head, and hung quietly there. Its volume has been reduced to a masterful view.

However, the pressure emanating from the walls still floats around the air.

Qin Yi's head was topped by the god Nong Ding. He stood still in the air and frowned slightly. He looked down at the big pit below.



A blood flash washed up from the pit.

Qin Yiding glanced, Horan was the great prince. He had to blink his eyes lightly: “This great prince was not killed by Shennong Ding. This should be a great miracle! ”

However, at this moment, the great prince, the appearance has reached the extreme point, his body is full of tortoises, the blood of the lane, sprayed out, even that flowing silver hair, at this moment, is dyed into blood, the blood is dripping down the answer.

The original ink sword in the hands of the great prince is also missing. I think it must have been directly crushed by Shennong Ding. His original face of Jun-soo has long become scary and yells at Qin Yi: “You dare to kill me! Let me tell you, if you truly slaughter me here today, the Sun, Moon and God will kill you even if they chase you to the corner of the earth! ”

The great prince didn't know what Qin Yi's name was, so he could only pretend to be the Forced Man.

“Pfft! ”

A voice of delight, but not far from here.

Qin Yiding glanced at it before realizing that Yanmei had slaughtered more than twenty of the Great Inner Guards. Obviously, he could not help but laugh when he heard the Great Prince's name Qin Yi pretending to be the Forced Man.

She stopped smiling, slightly fluttered, rose to the side of Qin Yi, and stood with him looking down, which had become a great prince of blood, softening her rather tempting red moist mouth: “How so fierce? ”

“Mai Ma, the great prince has just said that if we truly cut him to death today, then even if the Sun Moon God chases him to the corner of the sky, he will kill us. What do you think? ”

Qin Yi turned his face and asked Feiniang Yan.

Femme Femme frowned slightly and shrugged. “Obviously, he's stating a fact, not threatening us. Let us not forget that the Sun and Moon Divinity was intended to use this great prince to take direct control of Hastan's mumbling, plunder the resources of the Hastan Empire, strengthen itself as much as possible, and eventually confront the Everlasting Pilgrimage. ”

“That's true! ”

Qin Yi nodded.

Hearing the conversation between them, the great prince below suddenly laughed out loud: “What do you think? Are you frightened by the Sun Moon? Now, are you aware of your situation? I tell you, whoever violates me will eventually die without a burial place! ”

The Grand Prince's mood suddenly became incredibly happy. He leaned back on his bloody face and looked at the divine Nong Ding on top of Qin Yi's head. His eyes were filled with enthusiasm. "Now, as long as you give me this divine Nong Ding and make yourselves proud in front of me, maybe I will consider leaving you a corpse! ”

The power of Shennong Ding, he has just taught, is a horrible pervert, if you can get it, it will undoubtedly be a wonderful thing.


You want to take it in front of him?

And give him Shennong Ding?

In the air, Qin Yi and Feiniang heard the words of the great prince, all of them were almost stunned and directly planted.

“Damn, how can you be so funny these days? ”

Femme, who never spoke dirty words, couldn't help but burst into a coarse mouth, lifted her hands and touched her forehead.

“Well, Sun and Moon Theism, indeed, is quite a horrible existence, even with ambition to confront the Everlasting Pilgrimage. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly, slowly said, and then his mind moved again.


Shennong Ding, above his head, suddenly printed toward the great prince below, and that one burst again to more than ten places of sight, toward the great prince below, did not hesitate to lead him down.

“What are you going to do, pretend to be Forced Man? ”

He raised his head and looked at the divine peasant prince who had been printed quickly from the air. The great prince was shocked and angry, and he drank aloud and shouted.

“Didn't you want to get my god? Here you go! ”

Qin Yi stood at a high altitude, staring cold at the great prince below, said indifferently.

“Damn, how dare you kill me? ”

The great prince was unquenchable. He thought that his words had completely protected the man who pretended to be the one above him. Now, however, his heartbreaking discovery that he pretended to be the one who didn't take those words seriously.

“You'll regret pretending to be a forced man...”

This is the last word the great prince left in the world.

His voice was not set, and the more than ten masters of the divine nongding, had been printed, directly splitting him up, and the scene was so bitter.

The life of the great prince of the Hastan Empire is over. It will never be possible to return to the palace, kill His Majesty the Tenth, and fight for the armor of the gods!