The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1534: Qianshan Twilight Snow

“Come on, what happened in the palace of the Hastan Empire? Even Miao can't solve it, I want to send you to this money shop to report to me. ”

Anray said softly.

There were several stone stools in front of him, but the owner of Anray didn't let Hua Du sit down, and Hua Du didn't dare to sit down. He stood there and respectfully didn't say to Anray: “The owner of the estate, the daughter of Princess Ji's bitch, was taken away ten years ago by the gods war armor. Do you remember this? ”

“Are you talking about the Tenth Majesty? Naturally, yes. ”

Amre suddenly thought of something, his eyes lit up, and suddenly the divine color became a little excited: “Are you saying that the Tenth Royal Highness, who was taken away ten years ago by the Goddess Armor, came back suddenly, is that what you mean? ”

“That's true! ”

Hua Dun nodded: “The Tenth Majesty, miraculously, returned for a whole decade. Her appearance had changed dramatically. When she returned to the palace, no one recognized her, or His Majesty the Hastan Empire, and announced in the palace that it was the Tenth Majesty, who disappeared ten years ago, that the people in the palace only knew. ”

“Thus, the Tenth Majesty, indeed, is somewhat unimpressive. In the course of this decade, she has grown up completely, suppressing the spirituality of the Armor of God and breaking the Armor of War. ”

Anray has become very enthusiastic, walking back and forth in the gazebo, his mouth constantly said: “O angel warrior, that is the town treasure of the Hastan Empire, it is only a pity that the Empire of Hastan was the unconscious monarch, I sent several times to the Tenth Royal Highness, and with Miaoli, I wanted to capture the Tenth Royal Highness, and it was unsuccessful. Later, I was trying to personally pass on the news that the Tenth Royal Highness had suddenly disappeared. For this reason, I was also annoyed for many years, and thought that in this life, I would never have the chance to compete for this treasure. If you think so, His Majesty is back again. God help me! ”

Ann Ray rubbed his hand with excitement: “As long as he gets the armor of the gods, I, Ann Ray, don't say to become the master rudder master of the Sun and Moon Divinity, even in the face of the four holy lords, I have the power of the First World War. By then, it will be easy to get the Bishop's blue. ”

In the distance, Qin Yi, affixed to the back of the false mountain, heard the words of Anlai. It was clear to me that the owner of this perpetual Qianzhuang was also a warrior of the gods for a long time.

It's just the fanaticism that Ann Lei showed in front of him, but it makes Qin Yi, quite a bit crying.

Anlaiton stopped, her face became a little red due to extreme excitement, and turned to Hua Dun who had been standing there and said: “Uncle Hua Dun, you will go back and tell Miaoer, this kind of thing, she took care of herself, no matter how she fought for the armor of the gods, I will help. Also, once she has won the Armor of the Gods, let her send someone immediately. ”

Hua Du stood there, his face was full of bitter smiles, and he said, “Master Zhuang, Princess An has indeed begun to act, and she has even informed the Great Prince to return to the palace as quickly as possible, seeking the opportunity to kill His Majesty and take the armor of the gods...”

“Great idea!”

Ann Lei's thrilled applause: “It's my daughter Ann Lei. She's certainly got some talent. The Grand Prince has been practicing Sun and Moon all these years. She should have made good progress in cultivation. Looking for an opportunity to kill Her Majesty the Tenth, the problem is not so great. Oh, wait..."

Ann Ray suddenly thought of something and turned to Hua Dun and said, “Uncle Hua Dun, isn't there a princess of the moon in the palace of the Hastan Empire? If I remember correctly, the son of the bitch, Prince Moon, is the fifth prince. Weren't the five princes sent by the bitch Moon Princess to see the bath door? That has to be it! ”

Hua Du stood there stunned, couldn't even penetrate his mouth, now Anray, has become completely fanatical, completely mad about the gods war armor.

“A treasure such as the armor of the angels, the princess of the moon can not be indifferent. Miaoer told me many years ago that the princess of the moon has also been wearing the armor of the angels. This time His Majesty suddenly returns to the palace, she will definitely move quickly. If I am correct, she will definitely let the five princes return and compete for the armor of the angels. ”

Anray asked Hua Dun, "Uncle Hua Dun, before you left here, the princess of the moon, can you do anything? ”

“The Moon Princess did act. ”

Hua Du nodded: “And as you said, Princess Moon has sent the five princes in the bathing gate back to the palace to compete for the armor of the gods. ”

“I told you, how could a goddess warrior be so treasured, a princess of the moon, be indifferent? ”

With a sneer, Anlai frowned and sighed: "No, the armor of the gods must never fall into the hands of the bitch of the Moon Princess, and we must find a way to stop the Five Princes. ”

In the talking room, in the eyes of Anlai, the color of the shadow was ruined, and he slowly passed by: “Uncle Hua Dun, why don't you go back immediately, let Miaoer send the great prince to stop the five princes, never let him go back to the palace, fight with the great prince for the angel armor, as long as it can stop the five princes, the angel armor, it is oured by us. ”

Anne rubbed her hands with excitement.

Obviously, this is a fairly perfect plan. The great prince intercepted the five princes halfway and refused to let him go back to the palace. If he had the strength, it would be best to kill the five princes directly.

As soon as the five princes die, the armor of the gods will be in their pockets!

“Uncle Hua Dun, didn't you hear what I said? Go back to the palace now, it will be late when Prince Five returns. ”

You can see that Dusty's hands are always standing there, motionless, and Ann Lei's eyes stared.

“Master Zhuang, the five princes can no longer return to the palace. ”

Hua Du's face is bitter.

“It turns out Hermione made this arrangement a long time ago. That's great! ”

Ann Ray laughed happily: "So the armor of the gods is already in our bags, hahahaha! ”

The long exhalation, the divine color on Hua Du's face, became more bitter. “Master Zhuang, it's just that the great prince can't go back to the palace..."


Anorena laughed with great pleasure and stopped, his tall body, trembling, stunned there.

Hua Du took a step forward and said with respect to the back of Anlai: “Master Zhuang, everything that started, as you said, whether Princess An or Princess Moon, as soon as he learned that His Royal Highness had returned to the palace, he immediately acted to inform the Great Prince and the Five Princes to return quickly to the palace. However, next, Princess An and the Moon Princess were waiting in the palace, but they could not wait for the news of their return to the palace. Later, he learned that the Great Prince and the Five Princes could never return. ”

“Pfft, pfft! ”

The sound of Anray grabbing out the palm bones is clear and audible.

Anray's face behind Hua Dun has been turned white by a red spot before, and his chest has landed and landed violently: "Uncle Hua Dun, do you mean that the Great Prince and the Five Princes have returned together on the road? ”

“No, someone killed him. ”

Uncle Hua Dun shook his head bitterly. He definitely looked at Ann Lei. He felt only the shadow of Ann Lei. In an instant, he was ten years old.

“Who did it? ”

Without a sign, Anray suddenly growled, his tall body, a pound of imperial power, instantly swept away, the air around him, all shocked “flutter” and burst apart.

Looking at Anlai suddenly jumped like Thunder, Hua Du was scared to go out even to the atmosphere: “Go back to the villager, it's His Majesty the 10th! ”

“Ten, Your Highness! ”

Anray slowly turned his face, Hua Dun, which found that the corner of Anray's mouth, had already been bitten out of blood, in his eyes, burning a fierce rage.

His mood, when it really came from heaven, suddenly went to hell.

He began to see the dust not far from here and told him that His Majesty the Tenth was back. He had already seen the armor of the gods and was flying towards his own helmet.

But now Hua Dun tells him that five princes have been killed by His Majesty the Tenth.

The news, for Anray, was nothing less than a sunny thunderbolt, making it difficult for him to accept.

“This 10th Royal Highness, this time back in the palace, suddenly became so powerful, you really underestimate her! ”

The colour of the god on Anlai's face, anger, shock and confusion are all: “I just don't understand. It's only been 10 years. How did His Royal Highness suddenly grow to such a height that he killed both the Great Prince and the Five Princes together? ”

“Back to the master! ”

"The matter has been thoroughly investigated by Princess An and Princess Moon," Huadun said, respectfully. "The Great Prince and the Fifth Prince were not killed by Her Majesty himself. It was she who invited four friends. The soldiers split the two ways, killing the Great Prince and the Fifth Prince halfway along the way, while the names of the four friends of Her Majesty's Tenth Royal Highness were called Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Yanmei Mai and Long Yan respectively. ”

After a pause, Hua Dun continued: “Princess An sent me to report to you the death of the Great Prince and to use the power of the Sun and Moon Divinity to avenge the Great Prince. ”

The eldest prince, who was Ann Lei's own nephew, was now killed by Qin Yi and he was reluctant to tear Qin Yi apart with his bare hands.

“The Great Prince is a man of the Sun and Moon Divinity. Now that he is dead, it is impossible for the Sun and Moon Divinity to ignore him. I will send someone to report the news to him, and have the four Holy Lord of the Divinity come quickly with me to the Empire of the Empire of the Contestant, and take the heads of His Majesty the Tenth and her friends directly. ”

Anlai's face was horrible, the iron was green, and his nose hummed heavily: “For a long time, the divine religion wanted to make the Hastan Empire into a puppet country. Now, the Hastan Empire proactively provoked the majesty of the divine religion and killed the Muslims, and they were looking for death. ”

He slapped several times and immediately appeared a man and a woman, two young men, both dressed in white robes, in a long shape, standing quietly in front of Anray, without a hint of breath.

These two are the top killers of this Eternal Seed estate and naturally saints of the Sun and Moon Divinity. The combination of the two is called "Twilight and Snow in the Thousand Mountains”.

In the cultivation world, not many people know “Thousand Mountains Twilight Snow”, but when it comes to Yin and Yang Sha, there is a feeling like a thunder.

Yin Yang Sha, is another name for "Qianshan Twilight Snow”. In fact, Qianshan and Twilight Snow are only the names of these two people. This can only be understood by Saints with certain status in the Sun and Moon Divinity.

The handsome young man, Chiyama, another beautiful young woman, is called Twilight Snow.

What they practiced was a kind of martial arts, practiced together since childhood, and the degree of cooperation between the two had long been perfect, without any blemishes.

Qianshan Twilight and Snow, the highest level of Sun Moon Theocracy control directly under the Great Magic, resides only here in Eternal Segment Money Estate, and the purpose is twofold, one of which is to serve as a watchdog over Eternal Segment Money Estate and to prevent them from turning a blind eye.

Second: When Yingsheng Qianzhuang is in crisis, it can stand up and protect, while reporting to the highest ecclesiastical level of the Great Magic.