The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1538 Kowloon

Without further delay, the three men moved directly and disappeared in their places.

However, Qin Yi's powerful spirituality locked the three men to death.

Because of the opening of the grass fairy domains, all the practitioners around the area rushed here, famous sects, ancient houses, mysterious ancient tribes, etc.

As soon as these people entered the grass fairy domain, they carried out a carpeted search, hoping to find the legacy of the grass fairy. The existence of the grass fairy would definitely be a tremendous asset once they found the legacy of the fairy.

But unfortunately, these practitioners were disappointed, searching all the way through the grass fairy domain, and they didn't get anything, and finally, they came to the grass sanctuary, a sacred mountain where the grass fairy lived.

The grassy sanctuary, a vast mountain range, above the top of the mountain, reveals a hint of sanctity, air and intense ancient flavors.

At this moment, all the cultivators who entered the field of grass fairy treasure hunt stayed in front of this holy mountain and did not dare to enter the holy mountain, because no one knew whether the grass fairy had set any slaughter arrays on the holy mountain before its birth.

With the twilight of the thousand mountains and the seven killings of the Holy Lord, Qin Yi came to the front of the Holy Mountain, his eyes curled slightly, looking at the Holy Mountain in front, and his heart sighed: “Before this great fairy of grass was born, I was afraid that there was really nothing left to hide on this Holy Mountain. ”


He darkened his left hand to elicit spiritual awareness, to cover the Holy Mountain, to perceive what was on it.

“My spiritual consciousness is unable to penetrate the Holy Mountain, which is strange indeed! ”

Qin Yi was shocked. This is the first time he has encountered this situation.

Through spiritual consciousness, Qin Yi learned that the people and horses who came here, there were seventy-eight teams, all stationed in front of Sacred Mountain of Grass, did not easily reach.

Obviously, they are all constrained by this grassy sanctuary.

These treasure hunters, three of whom are very attractive, are a team of brutes led by a little girl, who is headed by a little girl around the age of fifteen or six, and an elderly man in a grey robe, who should be a grandson.

That group of barbarians had more than a dozen heads, the shape of each head was extraordinarily huge, and it was full of intense violence. At first glance, it knew it had astonishing destructive power.

“Ancient Barbarians? ”

Conscious of the group of brutes led by the grandchildren, Qin Yi made such a judgment. His heart was slightly surprised. He could feel that the fighting power of this group of brutes was much stronger than any of the floodplain beasts he had encountered before.

The great world of Xuan Huang has never been annihilated. It is also normal that there should be powerful barbarians.

The second team was very eye-catching, and there were three young women, all very beautiful, eyebrows branded with a phoenix.

“I met the Phoenix ancestors of the Ancient Phoenix in the Mausoleum before, and the three women in front of me are definitely from the Ancient Phoenix! ”

Seeing the phoenix branding between the three beautiful young women's shallow eyebrows, Qin Yi ran.

The ancient Phoenix tribe of that world outside was the last year of immortality. After that demise, it reappeared because the phoenix spirit was not extinguished, and the ancient Phoenix tribe present in this great world of Xuan Huang was an ancient tribe that appeared in the immortal age.

In other words, the three young women in front of them are much longer than the Phoenix ancestors Qin Yi met on the outside.

The Phoenix Ancient Nation to which the three young women belong is the real Phoenix Ancient Nation. The Phoenix Ancient Nation of the ancestors of the Phoenix on the outside is technically only a branch that emerged after its demise.

Looking at these three young women from the ancient Phoenix ethnic group, Qin Yi remembered for a moment that she was still in the Mausoleum Garden, and sighed: “Ancestor Phoenix, are you okay? ”

Qin Yi was not too worried about the safety of Ancestor Phoenix in the mausoleum garden. She was surrounded by Dongzhi, Nine-Tailed Green Fox, Ancestor Wan Sword and other Geshi strong people.

The third team attracted the attention of Qin Yi, then it was Lord Kowloon and them.

By this time, the Seven-Killer Holy Lord had led a thousand mountains of twilight and snow to the front of a young man in a blue robe with a white face, beside the young man in a blue robe, and a middle-aged man with a healthy figure and a naked upper body.

Don't even think about it, the young man in the blue robe is Kowloon, the son of the Nine Wastes of the Sun and Moon gods!

And the healthy middle-aged man, who should also be one of the four holy lords, there are two other holy lords, who did not appear here, should not follow Kowloon into this grassy fairy domain, but remain in the Sun and Moon Divinity.

Qin Yi will be mindful, mainly locking these people out.

“Seen Lord Kowloon! ”

Qianshan Twilight and Snow came to the front of Kowloon, and the two respectfully saluted each other.

“What are you two doing here? ”

Kowloon eyebrows, slightly flashed, showed a sense of dissatisfaction: “Let you stay in Yingsheng Qianzhuang, just stay there, don't run around, what if something happens to Yingsheng Qianzhuang? ”

Qianshan Twilight and Snow did not show any awe on their faces. Qianshan said: "It is Anlai, the owner of Yingsheng Qianzhuang, who asked us to look for you, Prince Kowloon. We have important news for you. ”

“Something important? ”

Kowloon's gaze, gentle and bright, showed a slight interest: “Tell me, what is so important that you actually found yourself in the grass fairy domain? ”

“Back to Lord Kowloon, as such, in the palace of the Hastan Empire, a man has been sent to Insein Qianzhuang, informing him that ten years ago, the disappeared Tenth Highness suddenly returned to the palace. ”

Chiyama said.

“His Majesty the Tenth of the Hastan Empire? ”

Kowloon raised his eyebrows confused: “Never heard of this person, she suddenly returned to the palace, has anything to do with me? ”

The Sun and Moon Theocracy had always wanted to make the Hastan Empire a puppet state and plunder their resources, but Kowloon did not know much about many details. All he knew was that there was a princess in the palace of the Hastan Empire, a man of their Sun and Moon Theocracy.

“Lord Kowloon, you do not know anything. Ten years ago, the Tenth Royal Highness disappeared because of the awakening of the god warrior spirit, who took her away from the palace. Ten years later, the Tenth Royal Highness became mighty and suppressed the god warrior spirit before returning to the palace. ”

Thousand Mountains smiled slightly: “Upon returning to the palace, Princess An immediately dispatched someone to Yingsheng Qianzhuang to report the matter to the owner of Yingsheng Qianzhuang, in other words, now the 10th Royal Highness is still in the palace of the Hastan Empire. ”

“Armor of the gods? ”

Kowloon suddenly woke up suddenly, his face suddenly filled with fanaticism: “Are you saying, in the Treasure Leaderboard, the fifth ranked god armor? ”

The Seven Killers and the Wind Thunder Lord beside each other are also trembling and shocking.

“The Goddess Armor on His Highness the 10th Highness is the 5th ranked Goddess Armor on the Treasure Ranking. ”

Thousand Mountains said: "I heard the owner of the Anlai estate talk about this before. At that time, the open battle in the palace of the Hastan Empire was fierce. The King of the Hastan Empire was not reckoned with by anyone, so he put the town of the Hastan Empire on the armor of the Treasure Angel. It was only later that the King of the Hastan Empire was also unexpected. ”

“Goddess Armor, good, good! ”

Kowloon laughed furiously: "Ha ha, when God help me too! ”

Seventeen killed the Holy Lord and the Wind Thunder Lord, and naturally understood the treasure of the Angel Armor. At this time, they also burst into fanaticism on their faces.

Kowloon stopped laughing and glanced at the people in front of him and said: “To be honest, until then, I never understood why my father had given birth to a little Hastan Empire. Now, I suddenly understood that what my father wanted was the armor of the gods! ”

Is this the true purpose of the Sun Moon, which has always wanted to make the Hastan Empire a puppet state?

A hundred miles away, Qin Yi, who had been locked in by the mass graves with his spiritual knowledge, had to be stunned after hearing the words of Kowloon.

This Sun Moon God, it's really hard to get the armor of the gods!

However, this is also an illustration of the preciousness of the armor of the gods.

“But the problem is that now, I, Master Yang, Maiyuan and Dragonflame each have one heavenly soldier armor, while the heavenly soldier armor, there is completely room to upgrade into an angelic armor, in other words, it is possible that in the future, the four of us may have one of these treasures! ”

Qin Yi touched his chin and his face also became a bit fanatical.

An angel warrior, let the Sun and Moon gods work hard to get it.

Now they have four heavenly soldiers!

The world is so bloody crazy!

Qin Yi did not realize until now that His Majesty's heavenly marks in the Hastan Empire were indeed deeply attached to them!

“Earth's milk! ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi's eyes, fanaticism and perseverance halfway: “In the future, I must get enough earth milk, let our four celestial soldiers become four celestial armor! ”

The whole four armor of the gods will definitely make the whole Xuanhuang Great World boil!

Qin Yi's spiritual consciousness covers the range.

The son of Kowloon in a blue robe has been brought to the news by the snow of Thousand Mountains, it is difficult to calm down, and there he kept walking back and forth: “O Goddess Armor, damn it, I always thought the top ten treasures in the" Gem Leaderboard "were just legends, now I know that these treasures really exist, and my father, already ranked fifth Goddess Armor, how the hell did my father know that the Hastan Empire, there exists an Goddess Armor? ”

“Lord Kowloon, Lord Anlai of Yingsheng Qianzhuang means, let Lord Kowloon go to the Hastan Empire immediately, kill His Majesty the Tenth, and fight for the armor of the gods. ”

A white-haired snowflake went on to pay tribute to Kowloon, paused, and said: “One more thing, His Majesty hired several assassins to kill a saint of our Sun and Moon Divinity, the Great Prince of the Empire Palace of Hastan. ”