The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1543 Mother of the Earth


As a result, Tianyue's words were not finished. Qin Yi was already shaken and turned into a shadow. He turned to the left and rapidly swept away.

This is incredible. In this grassy sacred mountain, there is the earth's milk.

What is earth milk? That is the only material that will allow the celestial soldiers to advance into the celestial armor.

Qin Yi doesn't rush over!

Seeing Qin Yi's heart rush toward the red flower, the three of them were stunned by the snow, evil, and heavenly feathers, and stood there staring at each other.


This is faster than a rabbit!

When they suddenly returned to God, they saw Tianyu yelling, "Paralyzed, Qin Yi, what do you mean? Stop right there. Didn't we agree that all the babies we met on this grassy sanctuary must be separated? Do you still want to be alone? ”

Qin Yi directly ignored Heavenly Yu's words. At this moment, his face was full of fanaticism. He only looked at the black-rock storm on the left.

Four separate?

Is that just something you encounter, like earth milk, that can upgrade the armor of heavenly soldiers, and you need to separate it? Dream on!

You know, what Qin Yi is most eager to get right now is earth milk and such materials!

A thousand long distances, Qin Yi can be reached in just a few breaths, even in the absence of a transient movement.

Qin Yi quickly came over that black rock, stood there, glanced at it, just below, a piece of red dandandandan, not to mention a thousand, the colour of these words, extremely gorgeous, like the legendary flowers on the other bank.

Around a meter above each flower, a blue bubble hangs quietly, looks incredibly magical, and every blue bubble surrounds, a hidden gust of spirituality.

Looking at the flowers of the earth's divine milk formed below, no adjective could express Qin Yi's ecstatic mood at this moment. He turned his face and looked at the three people, the snow, the evil and the heavenly feathers, which were turning into three shadows and rushing towards this place.

Seeing that the feathers were still far away, he shouted: “Qin Yi, paralyzed, don't mess around. These flowers of earth's divine milk must be divided equally! ”

Split the fuck up!

Qin Yi hey hey, don't dare be a little lazy, hurry to reach out his palms, palms towards the flowers of the earth's divine milk beneath those black rocks, at the same time, the numbing ring on his fingers, opened.

Later, he quickly pulled a hint of Xuan Qi into his body, causing the palm to suddenly surge, and on the palm, a huge suction appeared.


With the emergence of this suction, the flowers of the earth's divine milk beneath the black rock turned into a red residue. They flew fast towards Qin Yi's palm and rushed into his Na Qing.

The shape of the three men, the moment they landed next to Qin Yi, Qin Yi also happened to incorporate the last flower of the earth's divine milk into the Na Qing.

“Qin Yi, what do you mean? ”

Heavenly Yu delicately drank, her delicate little hand flipped, a red sword, appeared in her hand, she reached out, the red sword, against Qin Yi's chest.


As Heavenly Feather suddenly fluctuated, the red sword body trembled at once, burning a flame of a strand.

Seeing the red flame, the shadow of a phoenix continued to fan wide wings, as if the fire had been reborn.

The cooling nature of the evil is silent. She took out a red sword like Heavenly Feather, pointing quietly at Qin Yi. At this moment, she looked to Qin Yi's eyes, as sharp as the sword in her hand.

The elegant skies and snow did not take out the sword. However, at this moment, her face is also a bit ugly. Looking at Qin Yi coldly, she said: “Qin Yi, don't you think you need to give us an explanation? When you said it yourself, in this grassy sacred mountain, if you really encounter a fairy hiding place, it will be separated, but now you are the opposite. ”

“Sister Xue, why are you talking so much to this man? Just kill him and compete for his ring. The paralyzed, unexpected people of that world out there are so despicable! ”

On that day, feathers seemed not only to show desire, but to be stronger than the average person, seemed to have a temper, but were also a little hotter than the average person.

“Yu, don't be reckless. Listen to Qin Yi first. If she doesn't make it clear, then kill him. It is not too late to compete for the flowers of the earth's divine milk. ”

But Sky Snow looked at Sky Feather and said.

Listening to her words, she didn't mind killing Qin Yi. She just wanted Qin Yi to live a little longer and let him explain clearly, why go out and reverse?

Qin Yi did not panic, his eyes swept on the three colorful women from the ancient Phoenix ethnic group in front of him, and his heart was quickly estimating their strength.

The ancient Phoenix race here, inherited from the Immortal Age, is extremely simple. The three women in front of him, if they fight alone, nobody is his opponent, but if the three of them go together, he has no certainty of winning.

“Snow and Sky, you yourself said that we agreed that if we encountered a fairy hide in this grassy holy mountain, we would share it evenly, but these flowers of earth's divine milk do not belong to the fairy hide, it is only an accident harvest and not to the fairy hide. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said softly.

Rumor has it, the snow, the evil, and the heavenly feathers all had to suddenly stand there and stare at each other.

Indeed, these flowers of the earth's divine milk can only be accidental harvests, and not a fairy collection here.

After a pause, Qin Yi continued: “And, not to tell you, what I need now is the flower of the earth's divine milk. For you, it is just a cultivation resource, but for me, it is of greater value. Or do you think," No, these flowers of the earth's divine milk belong to me, "and then, if we do encounter a fairy collection in this grassy holy mountain, I'll take one and not all of them to you? ”

On the weapon, he had ancient artifacts like Shennong Ding and even Kyushu Magic Knife. On the kung fu, he had "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" and "Thirteen Chapters of Kyushu Magic Knife." He believed that even if there was a real treasure in this grassy holy mountain, it would never be more precious than the treasures he owned.

Besides, whether or not there is a fairy collection in this grassy sacred mountain is an unknown number.

Hearing Qin Yi's words, Sky and Snow's eyes all had to be lit up. He looked at Qin Yi with a strange look on his face. Is this man stupid? It turns out that the next Immortal Reserve encountered in this Sacred Mountain of Grass belongs to several people.

“No problem. ”

Famous for its coolness, Evil smiled lightly at this moment, his palms flipped, and put away the red sword.

The snow and heavenly feathers swept past the thick colors of delight.

The flower of the earth's divine milk is just a cultivating resource for them, but the fairy hide is different. If they encounter a treasure inherited from a grassy fairy here, their strength can quickly soar to a new step.

“Then it's settled that you can't share with us the baby you'll meet here in the future. ”

Heavenly Yu smiled, also retracted the sword of war, and patted the delicate hand: “Oh, yes, and, if you do encounter Immortal Tibet, you must help us to compete. Don't forget, we are allies now! ”

Spiritual consciousness can spread around a certain range, everything in this range can perceive the truth, alone, they can judge, the person in front of them, quite remarkable.

“Naturally there is no problem. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

As long as the three of them do not divide the flowers of the earth's divine milk, all is well said.

When Qin Yi promised to come down, all three of Sky and Snow were delighted. They suddenly felt that the person in front of them was actually quite good. They even suddenly noticed that the appearance of this person was quite handsome. It was so handsome that his heart was beating straight.

That's it. Everybody's happy. That's a good result.


Right now.

“Boom boom...”

Underneath the black rock, it suddenly came up, and the whole black rock, it was a slight shake.

The four Qin Yi people who were about to leave had to wait for them to return to God. They saw the black rock descend and suddenly discovered that there were several cross sections with long red tentacles.

The red tentacle came at extremely fast speed. It came up like lightning under the black rock and quickly attacked the four Qin Yi people.

“Damn, this is Mother Earth, run! ”

It is also the fastest snow response, when your face changes dramatically and you drink it delicately.

In the conversation room, she had pulled the evil and heavenly feathers in her hands and swept into the sky, avoiding the attack of the great tentacles of the uncle.

Qin Yi, for his part, was in shock. He could never have imagined that under this black rock, there was still such a horrible creature hidden, and his subconscious vomit shouted: “What is Mother Earth? ”

In his gaze, a few huge tentacles rolled him up at once.

These tentacles are incredibly powerful. In an instant, Qin Yi felt the threat of death and felt that her body would be strangled to pieces.

Sky Snow, Tian Evil and Tian Yu had rushed into the air by now, and found that Qin Yi had not followed suit. Looking back, he saw that Qin Yi had been entangled by several tentacles. At once, he was greatly surprised. Sky Snow drank: “Qin Yi, hurry up and run! ”

Qin Yi was tied to death, but the qi in his body could still function. He provoked the qi in his body, and the whole person rose to the sky.

“Boom! ”

You can hear a loud noise underneath, and that black rock just bursts open.

The snow and the sky above took a glance, and suddenly it was as if the top of the five thunderbolts were stuck there, unable to move.

Turns out it was a huge thing like a hill. Qin Yi rushed it down and brought it out directly from under the black rock. The whole piece of black rock was 100 feet wide and it all burst.

That creature dragged out by Qin Yi was too horrible. The whole thing was a huge red meatball, with nothing but more than a dozen tentacles around it.

The black rock burst open a piece of masonry, fell from the air, hit the giant creature, and was bounced high again.