The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1547: Heartbreak

“Don't be impatient! ”

But Kowloon was the big hand, caught the wind and thunder lord who had just burst into flames.

“That is, you big man, always such a reckless impulse, the whole thing is a well-developed, simple piece of shit. ”

Side by side the Seven Kills the Holy Lord, with his seductive glamorous red lips and his despicable light-handedness.

“Seven Kills the Holy Lord, you witch, what the hell are you talking about? Who's got simple limbs? ”

The Lord of Thunder stared into his eyes and shouted at the Lord of Seven Killings. He was angry at the sharp landings and landings.

“I said to you, what's wrong? ”

The Seven Killings of the Holy Lord was a slight fling of that pointy little snow and white chin, and a glorious little face appeared.

“Witch, you're looking for death, don't think you're one of the four holy lords, I won't touch you? ”

The Lord of Thunder drank furiously, and the heavenly trite turned in his hand, pointing to the Seven Killers: “Would you dare say that again? ”

“Enough? ”

But Kowloon drank a little, and glanced lightly at the wind thunder and the Seven Killers: “You two are always so dead, this time I take you into this grassy fairy domain, I just hope that you can grind together more, don't always say anything wrong, fight, call, is that interesting? Look at Silver Snow and Shura. How high up are you? That's why you two are never as good as them! ”

The Lord Thunder and the Seven Killers looked at each other with disdain and shut their mouths and stopped talking.

Kowloon glanced at the wind and thundered at the Holy Lord and said faintly: “Seven kills the Holy Lord is right, you can't be reckless when things happen, like now, you just rush over and kill this man, how boring? Besides, Lord Wind Thunder, did you ever think that this man was very sober and intentionally waiting for us here? In this world, no fool would die for himself. ”


Seven kills the Holy Lord beside him, Joan snorted softly, and looked at the Lord Wind Thunder with disdain.

Hearing the words of Kowloon, Lord Feng Lei suddenly realized: “Yes, there is definitely something wrong with this matter, Lord Kowloon, what should we do? ”

“What else can we do? Before absolute strength, any conspiracy is just a joke. ”

Prince Kowloon faintly said that at this time, the three of them had come to Qin Yi's hundred fathers, and Prince Kowloon slowly waved his hand, the three stopped and did not continue.

Looking at Qin Yi from afar, Prince Xu Xu Xu of Kowloon said: “Since this person likes to pretend to be forced, let him see the highest realm of pretending to be forced. Cats play mouse stories. Have you ever heard of them? Let's have a good time killing this man so that we can better demonstrate the seriousness of our Sun and Moon divinity. ”

“Cat playing mouse? ”

Rumor has it, Lord Feng Thunder's eyes can't help but shine: “Good idea, let's play the mouse game for this forced man, let's play the cat, slowly play him to death, I'll be the first, you two later! ”

In the talking room, the Holy Lord of Wind Thunder had already strung the sky painting trident, his tall body swayed, turned into a shadow, towards Qin Yi in front of him, and swept away.

Kowloon sighed slightly, “Alas, I was just saying, don't be impatient, don't be reckless, this thunderous lord blinked and forgot to clean, where is this like our peak master of Sun Moon divinity? As the peak masters of Sun and Moon Theism, we should pretend to push our opponents to despair a little bit and appreciate their desperate eyes, so that the fame of Sun and Moon Theism can be corrected! Forget it, let the wind thunder lord, let's have some fun with this kid. ”

Hearing the words of Lord Kowloon, the Seven Kills Princess almost “pummeled”, smiling.


“Ha ha, boy, eat my trident! ”

In a loud laugh, the tall body of Lord Feng Thunder had rushed into the distance of Qin Yi's thirty fathers, only to see him suddenly put his hands on that sky painting trite, raised high, toward Qin Yi below, tapped very directly.

Obviously, he felt that this way of doing things was more able to show his strength and hegemony. He was eager to see the look of Qin Yi running away in his own fierce attack.


Just saw Qin Yi below, suddenly his figure wandered and disappeared directly in place.

The Holy Lord of Wind Thunder slightly flashed, the attack on his hand was difficult to hold for a moment, his hands raised the square trite, the sound of "flutter” smashed the ground directly as a spider web cracked, the pounding air wave swept away, and he could hit himself upside down and fly out.

The four holy lords of the Sun and Moon God have their own specialties, while the specialties of the Lord of Wind Thunder are the natural divine powers!

Under the full blow of his hegemony, when the mountains really rocked, in fact, before shooting this side of the sky painting trite, the Holy Lord Feng Thunder did some calculation in his heart. With his own strength, this side of the sky painting trite can definitely shock Qin Yi directly out of the hundred.

Then, he pursued himself with the momentum, while one heavenly painting trident and one heavenly painting trident waited on him, but did not attack the lethal part of Qin Yi. In this way, he could achieve the effect of cat playing with mice. He played himself comfortably, and the distant view of the Lord Kowloon and the Seven Holy Killers will also be pleased.

He just didn't think that Qin Yi would actually disappear directly in place, not his sharp.

This situation totally exceeded his expectations!

Not only did not see the scene of Qin Yi being abused, but he was photographed by his side of the sky, and the wave of energy made him a little overwhelmed.

All of a sudden, Lord Wind Thunder felt a slight heartbreak!

However, after all, he was one of the four holy masters of the Sun and Moon Divinity. He had quite a terrible strength. At the next moment, he stopped his flickering figure. He quickly turned around and saw that Qin Yi was standing not far away. He still had the long gun of smoke cloud in his hand, over his face. From the beginning to the end, that faint smile had not disappeared.

“Ha ha, boy, eat my trident! ”

Feng Thunder laughed. He held Fang Tian Drawing Trident with his hands up again and slapped him hard towards Qin Yi.

He believed it was an accident, and this time, he would never let it happen again!

So this trident is a lot faster than the last time, and of course, it's more powerful.


When he looked at Fang Tian Painting Trident and was about to capture Qin Yi's body, Qin Yi's figure suddenly disappeared again in place.


Accidents happen again!

The Holy Lord of Wind Thunder was there, slightly stunned, which should not be at all.

However, he still did not lose faith, quickly returned to God, turned around, Qin Yi stood there quietly, and looked at him faintly, silently, only that look, but seemed to be looking at a fool!

“Ha ha, boy, eat my trident! ”

Tyrannically abused Qin Yi, the Holy Lord of Wind Thunder remained confident. Once again, he held Fang Tian Painting Trident with his hands high and slapped him hard towards Qin Yi.

Obviously, this hit, a few more points faster than the last hit, on the strength, and a few more points.


At the moment when Fang Tian Painting Trident touched the collar, Qin Yi's body was again in place and disappeared directly.


Still doesn't show up, this kid is abusive!

The holy lord of wind thunder was slightly stunned.

Next moment.

Again, he put his hands on that side of the sky painting trite, raised it high, very hegemonic and pointed directly at Qin Yi, and slapped him: “Kid, eat my side of the sky painting trite! ”

This time, he finally couldn't laugh, repeatedly shot empty, had already annoyed him, as one of the four Holy Fathers of the Sun and Moon, appeared in such a picture, he felt quite disgraced.


It is perfectly conceivable that the Holy Lord of Thunder struck with all his might, without any accidents, once again taking an empty shot, shooting the ground again, ripping it apart like a web of spiders.

Qin Yi had already made a breakthrough in speed. If he was trying to escape, there were not many people in the world who could hit him.

“Kid, eat my trident! ”

The Lord of Thunder roared, and he had been utterly angry, his heart broken into pieces.

The next scenario, it can already be imagined, no matter how crazy he attacks, no matter how fast the attack is, Qin Yi is always able to touch the flaps of Fang Tian Painting, disappear directly in place, the next moment, appeared directly on the other end empty-handed.


The Holy Lord of Wind Thunder was directly exhaled with blood. Such a blow was too great for him to bear.

Originally, thinking about playing like a cat playing with a mouse, playing hard in front of you, who thinks, turns out to be so heartbreaking.

The distant Lord Kowloon and the Seven Killings of the Holy Lord, watching such a fight scene, all shook their heads irresistibly and appeared very disappointed.

However, through this confrontation between Lord Feng Lei and Qin Yi, they also have a new understanding of the strength of Qin Yi. This disguised as a forced man, indeed, has a little more disguised capital.

Further afield, hiding behind the tree, watching this battle between the three of us, the snow, the evil, and the heavenly feathers, is a little face red, obviously a stomach smile holding there, but dare not laugh out loud, so not hard.

“This Qin Yi seems to be more powerful than we thought! ”

Always laughing carefully, the evil famous for its coolness, can't help but eat and smile: “The wind thundering saint rushed in with confidence, but the result is this situation, his heart is so stubborn, you can totally imagine. ”

“Hee-hee, who says no? It's so much fun! ”

Heavenly feathers dying to hold their laughter, the two well-developed seats in the chest, trembling unrestrained, a wave of extremely tempting ripples: “Paralyzed, I'm dying to hold it, woo...”

She quickly covered her mouth to death, lest a loud laugh be heard and discovered by the Kowloon Prince.